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Pre-primary PackageAMITYUNIVERSITY PRESSArt & Craft SeriesEnglish Language Teaching SeriesEnglish Grammar SeriesVocabulary SeriesCursive Strokes SeriesESHAPPYHOURRISEGraded Handwriting SeriesMaths SeriesEnvironmental Series EVS SST G. ScienceAbout Happy Hour BooksThere is nothing more precious in this world than our children, and nothingmore enjoyable than happy children. We, at Amity, understand. Having nurturedthousands of children over the last decade, we know exactly what excites themand how they learn best. This, perhaps our greatest strength, is reflected in allAmity Happy Hour Books.Amrit Hindi Pathmala SeriesJagriti Sulekhmala SeriesJagriti Hindi Vyakaran SeriesSemester SeriesGeneral Knowledge SeriesValue Education SeriesWe have developed the Happy Hour Books based upon years of research onlearning processes and the synergy between the teacher, child and parent. Weare sure you will enjoy teaching from our Happy Hour Books and children willlove the experience.NewPre-PrimarySeriesToddler Trot SeriesNewICSESeriesStory BooksAUP WorksheetsWe are passionate about young children. Happy children. Surely, you too, are.So, let's work together and fulfil your dreams. Our dreams.For our children.For enquiry please contact:Tel: 91-11-41888000; Fax: 91-120-4392592Email: porate Office:E-27, Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024Tel: 91-11-41888000 (EPBX)General BooksNewArt & CraftSeriesSchool BooksPrice List2018 - 19Effective from 1st Nov 2018AMITYAMITYUNIVERSITYPRESSUNIVERSITYPRESSPrice List covers 18-19 optFriday, September 14, 2018 10:39:27 AMNewStoryBooks

The AMITY Universe1,50,000 students, 32 campuses, 300 programmes — Leaders inEducationOver a decade ago, an enormously successful industrialist of Europe,Dr Ashok K. Chauhan, embarked upon a mission to provide world-class education inIndia. The result was the formation of the non-profit Ritnand Balved EducationFoundation and various Amity Institutions.The first Amity International School was started at Saket, New Delhi in 1991. Otherschools followed in quick succession at Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon,Lucknow, Jagdishpur, Gwalior, Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Pretoria (South Africa). Usingthe most modern educational techniques and resources, the students areencouraged to respect values and sanskars and imbibe the spirit of passionatepatriotism for the country. This has always been the foundation of all AmityInstitutions.In the field of higher academic education, Amity is at the forefront of innovation,with achievements like setting up of the first private university in the country, thefirst wireless campus in India and Distance Learning Schools. Among otherprominent achievements, Amity Institute of Biotechnology is ranked No. 1, AmitySchool of Engineering and Technology is ranked 4th and Amity Law School ranked asone of the top ten schools. Amity is always at the cutting edge of knowledge, offeringcourses in areas like Nanotechnology, Forensic Sciences, Biotechnology andTelecom, amongst the 300 plus programmes offered from graduate to PhD level.Amity University Press (AUP) leverages the advantage of being a part of Amity,India’s leading education group with over 20 years of experience in offering worldclass education to 1,50,000 students across 25 Schools and Pre-schools acrossIndia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, South Africa besides 10 Universities and campuses in10 countries.Amity, as the foremost educational institution of India, has a dream: to groomleaders who will benefit the society and prove to be an asset to the nation, and makeus proud Indians.Price List covers 18-19 optFriday, September 14, 2018 10:39:34 AM

Price List 2018-19S. No.ISBNNAMEPRICEPre-primary PackgePhonics Series18180110818The Phonic Reader - A170.0028180110826The Phonic Reader - B175.0038180110818The Phonic Reader - A with Audio CD200.0048180110826The Phonic Reader - B with Audio CD200.0059788180112263Phonic Activity Workbook120.0069788180110917Phonic Sound - A165.0079788180110931Phonic Sound - B165.0089788180112249Step-by-Step to Phonics95.00Activity Series98180110079Activity Book - A210.00108180110060Activity Book - B215.00118180110087Activity Book - C230.00Cursive Strokes Series128180110737Cursive Storkes - A120.00138180110745Cursive Storkes - B145.00148180110753Cursive Storkes - C130.00Graded Handwriting Series159788180110627Graded Handwriting series - A125.00169788180110559Graded Handwriting series - B140.00179788180110566Graded Handwriting series - C120.00Hindi Series189788180110641Hindi Tarang - Akshar Pahchan110.00199788180110788Hindi Lahar120.00209788180112256Hindi Matra Gyan120.00219788180111990Jagriti Sulekh Mala - Ka95.00229788180112003Jagriti Sulekh Mala - Kha100.00239788180110658Amrit Hindi Pathmala - Ka (Praveshika)240.00Rhymes Series249788180110481Come Sing with Me - Rhymes for Pre Nursery*135.00259788180110498Come Sing with Me - Rhymes for Nursery*140.00269788180110504Come Sing with Me - Rhymes for KG*145.00279788180110870Ayo Geet Gayin Hindi Pre Nursery125.00289788180110887Ayo Geet Gayin Hindi Nursery125.00299788180110894Ayo Geet Gayin Hindi KG125.00308180110109Number Fun - A225.00318180110117Number Fun - B220.00329788180112294Wonderful Numbers - A195.00339788180112300Wonderful Numbers - B200.00349788180112317Wonderful Numbers - C205.00Maths Series* On demand Audio CD available @30/- per CD1Cat Price List-18-19 for print.indd 19/14/2018 5:57:30 PM

Price List 2018-19S. No.ISBNNAMEPRICEBaby Steps.359788180112133Good Manners and Habits110.00369789386762016Write Right Alphabet Book96.00379789386762085Our Helpers65.00389789386762122My Family399789386762252Our Festivals45110Art & Craft Series408180110680Fun with colours - A135.00418180110699Fun with colours - B100.00428180110702Fun with colours - C100.00439788180111105Crafty Kids - A130.00449788180111112Crafty Kids - B135.00459788180111129Crafty Kids - C140.00Toddler Trot Series (Based on latest ICSE curriculum)469789386762160Toddler Trot: Reading Skills - Nursery140.00479789386762177Toddler Trot: Reading Skills - KG-1195.00489789386762184Toddler Trot: Reading Skills - KG-2195.00499789386762191Toddler Trot: Writing Skills - Nursery185.00509789386762207Toddler Trot: Writing Skills - KG-1210.00519789386762214Toddler Trot: Writing Skills - KG-2220.00529789386762238Toddler Trot: Listening & Speaking Skills - Nursery140.00539789386762245Toddler Trot: Listening & Speaking Skills - KG-1195.00549789386762269Toddler Trot: Listening & Speaking Skills - KG-2190.00559789386762092Toddler Trot: Creative Skills - Nursery110.00569789386762108Toddler Trot: Creative Skills - KG-1115.00579789386762115Toddler Trot: Creative Skills - KG-2120.00Primary PackgeArt & Craft Series589788180111136Crafty Kids - 1140.00599788180111143Crafty Kids - 2145.00609788180111150Crafty Kids - 3145.00619788180111167Crafty Kids - 4150.00629788180111174Crafty Kids - 5150.00638180110710Joyful World - 1145.00648180110729Joyful World - 2155.00659788180110528Joyful World - 3165.00669788180110535Joyful World - 4170.00679788180110542Joyful World - 5170.00689788180111877Kreative Kids - 1190.00699788180111884Kreative Kids - 2180.00709788180111891Kreative Kids - 3210.002Cat Price List-18-19 for print.indd 29/14/2018 5:57:30 PM

Price List 2018-19S. No.ISBNNAMEPRICE71729788180110948Kreative Kids - 4215.009788180111662Kreative Kids - 5225.00739788180111716Wonderful Words Coursebook - 1245.00749788180111723Wonderful Words Coursebook - 2250.00759788180111730Wonderful Words Coursebook - 3260.00769788180111747Wonderful Words Coursebook - 4265.00779788180111754Wonderful Words Coursebook - 5275.00789788180112324Wonderful Words Workbook - 1135.00799788180112331Wonderful Words Workbook - 2145.00809788180112348Wonderful Words Workbook - 3145.00819788180112355Wonderful Words Workbook - 4155.00829788180112362Wonderful Words Workbook - 5160.00839788180112065Wonderful Words Worksheet - 171.00849788180112072Wonderful Words Worksheet - 281.00859788180112089Wonderful Words Worksheet - 385.00869788180112096Wonderful Words Worksheet - 491.00879788180112102Wonderful Words Worksheet - 591.00889788180110795Grow With Words Coursebook - 1290.00899788180110801Grow With Words Coursebook - 2295.00909788180110818Grow With Words Coursebook - 3300.00919788180110825Grow With Words Coursebook - 4325.00929788180110832Grow With Words Coursebook - 5335.00939788180110849Grow With Words Coursebook - 6325.00949788180110856Grow With Words Coursebook - 7330.00959788180110863Grow With Words Coursebook - 8335.00969788180111204Grow With Words Workbook - 1180.00979788180111211Grow With Words Workbook - 2185.00989788180111228Grow With Words Workbook - 3200.00ELT Series: Wonderful WordsELT Series: Grow with Words999788180111235Grow With Words Workbook - 4200.001009788180111242Grow With Words Workbook - 5220.001019788180111907Grow With Words Workbook - 6180.001029788180111914Grow With Words Workbook - 7185.001039788180111921Grow With Words Workbook - 8195.00ELT Series: Grammar & Vocabulary1049788180111495English Grammar Skills with Thrills - 1235.001059788180111501English Grammar Skills with Thrills - 2245.001069788180111518English Grammar Skills with Thrills - 3260.001079788180111525English Grammar Skills with Thrills - 4270.001089788180111532English Grammar Skills with Thrills - 5280.001099788180112430English Grammar Skills with Thrills - 6290.003Cat Price List-18-19 for print.indd 39/14/2018 5:57:30 PM

Price List 2018-19S. No.ISBNNAMEPRICE1101119788180112447English Grammar Skills with Thrills - 7295.009788180112454English Grammar Skills with Thrills - 8295.001129788180111815Word Power Vocabulary - 1170.001139788180111822Word Power Vocabulary - 2175.001149788180112478Word Power Vocabulary - 3180.00115Word Power Vocabulary - 4 (under development)116Word Power Vocabulary - 5 (under development)Cursive Strokes & Graded Handwriting Series1178180110761Cursive Storkes - 1155.00118818011077XCursive Storkes - 2160.001198180110788Cursive Storkes - 3165.001208180110796Cursive Storkes - 4165.00121818011080XCursive Storkes - 5170.001229788180110573Graded Handwriting - 1150.001239788180110580Graded Handwriting - 2155.001249788180110597Graded Handwriting - 3155.001259788180110603Graded Handwriting - 4160.001269788180110610Graded Handwriting - 5160.001279788180111761Wonderful Numbers - 1315.001289788180111778Wonderful Numbers - 2325.001299788180111785Wonderful Numbers - 3335.001309788180111792Wonderful Numbers - 4345.001319788180112157Wonderful Numbers - 5350.00Maths Series: Wonderful NumbersMaths Series: Grow with Numbers1328180110125Grow With Number - 1335.001338180110133Grow With Number - 2340.001348180110141Grow With Number - 3345.00135818011015XGrow With Number - 4360.001368180110168Grow With Number - 5375.001378180110176Mathematics Class - 6365.001388180110184Mathematics Class - 7370.001398180110192Mathematics Class - 8375.00Maths Series: Mental Maths1408180110508Mental Maths - 1180.001418180110516Mental Maths - 2185.001428180110524Mental Maths - 3190.001438180110532Mental Maths - 4190.001448180110540Mental Maths - 5195.001459788180111068Mental Maths - 6250.001469788180111549Mental Maths - 7275.001479788180111556Mental Maths - 8290.004Cat Price List-18-19 for print.indd 49/14/2018 5:57:30 PM

Price List 2018-19S. No.ISBNNAMEPRICEEnvironmental Series: EVS, SST and G. Science1488108110257My Vibrant planet (EVS) - 1300.001498108110265My Vibrant planet (EVS) - 2305.001508180110273My Vibrant planet (EVS) - 3310.001519789386762030Wonderful World (EVS) - 1 (Based on latest ICSE curriculum)207.001529789386762047Wonderful World (EVS) - 2 (Based on latest ICSE curriculum)216.001539788180110740My Vibrant planet (SST) - 4315.001549788180110757My Vibrant planet (SST) - 5320.001559788180112010My Vibrant planet (G. Science) - 1220.001569788180112027My Vibrant planet (G. Science) - 2235.001579788180112034My Vibrant planet (G. Science) - 3245.001589788180110764My Vibrant planet (G. Science) - 4310.001599788180110771My Vibrant planet (G. Science) - 5320.001609789386762054Science Trek (G. Science) - 3 (Based on latest ICSE curriculum)195.001619789386762061Science Trek (G. Science) - 4 (Based on latest ICSE curriculum)171.001629789386762078Science Trek (G. Science) - 5 (Based on latest ICSE curriculum)168.00General Knowledge Series1639788180112386Get Set to Know - 1170.001649788180112393Get Set to Know - 2175.001659788180112409Get Set to Know - 3180.001669788180112416Get Set to Know - 4185.001679788180112423Get Set to Know - 5190.00Value Education Series1689788180111310Live and Let Live - 1175.001699788180111327Live and Let Live - 2180.001709788180111334Live and Let Live - 3185.001719788180111341Live and Let Live - 4190.001729788180111358Live and Let Live - 5195.001738180110451Grow with Values - 6200.00174818011046XGrow with Values - 7200.001758180110478Grow with Values - 8210.00Semester Series1769788180112164Spectrum - 1 Sem - 1315.001779788180112171Spectrum - 1 Sem - 2315.001789788180112188Spectrum - 2 Sem - 1320.001799788180112195Spectrum - 2 Sem - 2320.001809788180112201Spectrum - 3 Sem - 1330.001819788180112218Spectrum - 3 Sem - 2330.001829789386762276Spectrum - 4 Sem - 1360.001839789386762283Spectrum - 4 Sem - 2360.001849789386762290Spectrum - 5 Sem - 1 (under development)370.001859789386762306Spectrum - 5 Sem - 2 (under development)372.005Cat Price List-18-19 for print.indd 59/14/2018 5:57:30 PM

Price List 2018-19S. No.ISBNNAMEPRICEHindi Series: Amrit Hindi Pathmala1869788180110665Amrit Hindi Pathmala - 1250.001879788180110672Amrit Hindi Pathmala - 2260.001889788180110689Amrit Hindi Pathmala - 3260.001899788180110696Amrit Hindi Pathmala - 4270.001909788180110702Amrit Hindi Pathmala - 5275.001919788180110719Amrit Hindi Pathmala - 6280.001929788180110726Amrit Hindi Pathmala - 7285.001939788180110733Amrit Hindi Pathmala - 8290.001949788180111013Amrit Hindi Pathmala Abhyas Pustika - 1140.001959788180111020Amrit Hindi Pathmala Abhyas Pustika - 2140.001969788180111037Amrit Hindi Pathmala Abhyas

Amrit Hindi Pathmala Series Jagriti Sulekhmala Series Jagriti Hindi Vyakaran Series Semester Series General Knowledge Series Value Education Series Toddler Trot Series Story Books AUP Worksheets General Books Effective from 1st Nov 2018 School Books Price List About Happy Hour Books There is nothing more precious in this world than our children, and nothing more enjoyable than happy children .

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