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MAINTENANCE Inpatient Obstetric Nursing (RNC-OB )Low Risk Neonatal Intensive CareNursing (RNC-LRN )Maternal Newborn Nursing (RNC-MNN )Neonatal Intensive CareNursing (RNC-NIC )Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP-BC )Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner(WHNP-BC )

NCCwebsite.org 2COREMAINTENANCECATALOGRecognition, Value, Expertise.It is what certification is all about!ABOUT CERTIFICATIONWhat makes a certified nurse or nurse practitioner different?Essentially, it is the willingness of the nurse or nurse practitioner to beaccountable for his/her knowledge and the willingness to take therisk of undergoing a third party review of their knowledge. Certified nursesand nurse practitioners make a difference to their patients and to theirinstitutions. They are unique professionals who have made the commitmentto life-long learning, patient advocacy and professional practice.Certification is more than an initial after your name.The NCC Maintenance Program provides an opportunity to continue withcertified status. The RNC or NP-BC credential validates expertise and givestangible recognition of an ongoing commitment to the profession of nursing.TABLEOFCONTENTSNotices to RNCsand NP-BCsNCC makes every effort toapprise individuals that theircertification maintenance iscoming due. NCC does thisout of courtesy, not as amatter of obligation. It is upCORE Maintenance.3 - 4How to Submit Your Maintenance Application.5 - 6Fees. 7About Continuing Education Credits.8 - 9Other Recognized Educational Activities.10 - 11to the individual certifiedSpecialty Content and Coding. 12to know when it is timeNCC Maintenance Pre-Approval. 12to maintain. During thecourse of the year prior tothe maintenance due dateContinuing Competency Initiative.13 - 14and based on informationApproval of Your Maintenance. 15submitted by the certifiedAdministrative Policies.16 - 20individual, NCC makes aneffort to alert those affectedof their maintenance duedate via email. It is yourresponsibility to insure yourGeneral Policies. 21Checklist for Maintenance.22 - 23About NCC. 24email is up-to-date atall times. 2021 The National Certification Corporation (NCC) All Rights Reserved.NCC certification programs are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). NCC nursepractitioner certification programs are accredited by both the Accreditation Board for Specialty NursingCertification (ABSNC) and the NCCA.National Certification Corporation 676 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3600 Chicago, IL 60611-2832

NCCwebsite.org 3COREMAINTENANCECATALOGCertification must bemaintained every three yearsby continuing education.MAINTENANCEPROGRAMREQUIREMENTSNCC WEBSITEACCOUNTYour NCC account must be setup at NCCwebsite.org withyour personal information.This includes your address,phone, email and NCC IDnumber. It is important tokeep your account updatedwhenever there havebeen any changes in yourinformation.LICENSUREThe current license number,licensing state or provinceand expiration date for yourcurrent/active/unencumberedRN or advanced nursingpractice licensure asapplicable in the U.S. orCanada will need tobe provided.Trackcompletedandneeded CE CONTINUINGCOMPETENCYASSESSMENTEach nurse or nursepractitioner certified in oneor more of the above listedspecialties MUST completea continuing competencyassessment (CCA) developedfor their specialty area ofcertification at the beginningof each maintenance cycle.The CCA evaluates knowledgein the core competencycontent areas and provides anew individualized educationplan outlining what CE needsto be earned during the newmaintenance cycle.To complete your CCA andobtain your education planat the beginning of eachmaintenance cycle, log intoNCCwebsite.org, go to “Youraccount” and click “Takeassessment now” in themaintenance section. TheCCA is FREE and provides5 CE upon completion.Inpatient Obstetric Nursing (RNC-OB )Low Risk Neonatal Intensive CareNursing (RNC-LRN )Maternal Newborn Nursing (RNC-MNN )Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing (RNC-NIC )Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP-BC )Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner (WHNP-BC )EDUCATION PLANThe individualized educationplan will identify thosespecialty “core” competencyareas on which the individualwill need to focus theircontinuing education.Individuals may also have abaseline requirement for CEwhich can be done in anycore competency area. Eacheducation plan outlines theCE (per specialty code) neededto maintain NCC certification.From the home page youcan click on “Add/track orsubmit your CE” on the purplemaintenance tab. Whenlogged in on the accountpage under CertificationMaintenance you can “add/track CE” or view availableNCC modules specific to yourcertification. The applicationcan be updated throughoutthe maintenance cycle.CONTINUINGEDUCATIONYou must earn CE asspecified by your educationplan. Both the amountand the content of the CEhours needed to maintainyour NCC certification willbe reflected in your educationplan and in your maintenanceapplication. All CE mustbe earned after you takeyour continued competencyassessment and within yourcurrent maintenance cycle.Coding books to codeany non-NCC CE you takecan be found by clicking“learn more” in the purple“Maintain your Certification”section on the home page ofthe NCC website.Access and update the online maintenance application in your NCC website account throughout themaintenance cycle. Enter CE as it is earned on an ongoing basis. CE can be entered into the maintenanceapplication throughout the maintenance cycle. It is important to save the CE certificate and a descriptionof the CE offering in case of audit. CE earned from successful completion of any NCC CE module willautomatically be coded and entered into the maintenance application. Only CE earned after the CCA iscompleted can be used to maintain.National Certification Corporation 676 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3600 Chicago, IL 60611-2832

NCCwebsite.org 4COREMAINTENANCECATALOGABOUT CERTIFICATIONMAINTENANCEThe certification maintenance program of the National Certification Corporation(NCC) is designed to provide its core and subspecialty certificants with a mechanismto demonstrate their continued specialty competence and professional developmentduring each 3-year maintenance cycle. Core and subspecialty maintenance processesare structured to ensure that certificants are exposed to evolving scientificdevelopments and evidence-based practice in the clinical aspects of their respectivespecialties. A key element in NCC’s maintenance approach is a focus on the corecompetency knowledge content as it is represented in the certification examinationfor each specialty or subspecialty with established updating timelines based oncontent validation and task analysis study data.Ongoing maintenance of certification demonstrates to the public and to theprofession that the NCC-certified professional delivers a high standard of patient carewithin their chosen specialty area of neonatal, obstetric, gynecologic and/or women’shealth. A certification maintenance approach of this nature not only validatesknowledge, expertise and dedication to a specialty area of practice, but it alsoaffords each certificant with a tangible recognition of their professional commitment.Maintenance is required for everyone certified by NCC, and the maintenanceprocedure is part of the certification program that certificants must meet to maintaintheir certification.As an accredited certifying body, The National Certification Corporation (NCC) mustmeet the Standards for Accreditation of Certification Programs established by theAccreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification, Inc. (ABSNC) and the NationalCommission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). As certification accrediting bodies,ABSNC and NCCA have definitions for recertification and continuing competence.NCC’s definitions are in line with these for both continuing competence andmaintenance of certification to include: C ontinuing Competence: “Demonstrating specified levels ofknowledge, skills, or ability not only at the time of initial certificationbut throughout an individual’s professional career demonstrating theongoing ability to practice safely, effectively and ethically in a designatedspecialty.” (Adapted from the NCCA Standard 22, Nov. 2014) M aintenance of Certification: “The requirements and proceduresestablished as part of a certification program that certificants must meetto maintain current knowledge, skills and abilities, renew certificationand provide safe, competent care.” (Adapted from NCCA Standard 22,Nov. 2014)Rationale for Maintenance of CertificationTo review, please aintenance-of-certification-and-rationaleNational Certification Corporation 676 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3600 Chicago, IL 60611-2832

NCCwebsite.org 5COREMAINTENANCECATALOGHOW TO SUBMIT YOURMAINTENANCE APPLICATION Determine if you meet the maintenance requirements to maintain. A current,unencumbered license is required for all maintenance applications. Both thenumber and nature of CE required for maintenance is determined by yourindividualized education plan. Please see page 3 for maintenance requirementdetails and page 12 for information on your education plan.Submitting your application Complete, submit and pay your maintenance application online at NCCwebsite.org.Applications can only be submitted online. You cannot submit an applicationby mail, telephone or fax. Payment can be made by credit card or check. Youmay access your online maintenance application any time and enter your CEinto the application as it is earned on an ongoing basis. CE can be enteredinto the maintenance application throughout the maintenance cycle. It isimportant to save the CE certificate and a description of the CE offering incase of an audit.3When is your maintenance deadline? The maintenance application must be submitted no later than 12 MidnightCentral Standard Time on the maintenance due date. Specific maintenance duedates can be found in your NCC website account. Sign in with your email andpassword and go to your account.STEP Once you have met all CE requirements you may submit your application up to12 months before your due date. Applications can be submitted early - up to(but not more than) one year prior to your due date. Early submission does notchange your current or next maintenance cycle dates or when you can startearning CE for your next maintenance cycle.STEP{It can takeup to twoweeks toapprove anapplication.STEPSTEPSTEP12What are the maintenance requirements?45What information does the application require? o get prepared to complete the application - see the application check list onTpages 21 & 22. It is a handy listing of all the information you will need to supply.Email confirmation of your application efore submitting your application, make sure that your email address is correct.BAfter completing and submitting the application, you will receive confirmation viaemail. This will be the ONLY confirmation notice you will receive. If you donot receive, check your application to make sure you clicked the submit button.(continued on next page)National Certification Corporation 676 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3600 Chicago, IL 60611-2832

NCCwebsite.org 6COREMAINTENANCECATALOG(continued from previous page)STEPHOW TO SUBMIT YOURMAINTENANCE APPLICATION6Notification of successful maintenance Notification of maintenance will be sent via email. The progress of themaintenance application can be tracked by checking your NCCwebsite.orgaccount for a new maintenance due date. After your maintenance has beenapproved, official certification documentation will appear in yourNCCwebsite.org account.STEP You can download the official documentation of your certification 24/7, freeof charge from your account in both card and certificate format. NCC nolonger issues maintenance cards. Notices are sent by email, it is important tomake sure both email and mailing addresses are kept up to date in your profile.7Notification of audit CC randomly selects maintenance applications for audit. If selected you willNneed to submit your CE certificates along with the CE offering or ConferenceAgenda that includes the lecture description(s) for all non-NCC CE activitieslisted in the maintenance application. You will be required to upload thesedocuments. Instructions for audit will be included in the audit notificationemail. If you are unable to upload the CE certificates and course/lecturedescriptions required or if the CE does not meet the required core competencyyou would have to be able to submit additional CE earned in the maintenancedue date time frame for the maintenance application to be considered. All CEaudit materials are due within 2 weeks of the application submission andaudit request. Failure to submit the required audit documents by the deadline will result indenial of the maintenance application. Once the maintenance due date passesyou are considered lapsed and your only option would be to reinstate.National Certification Corporation 676 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3600 Chicago, IL 60611-2832

NCCwebsite.org 7COREMAINTENANCECATALOGFEESMAINTENANCE FEESThe maintenance fee is 100.Discounts are afforded to those who use NCCcontinuing education online modules and/or takeNCC pretests that apply to their maintenancerequirements. NCC CE is not audited since alldocumentation is in the individuals’ account.NCC CE Discount Program:All fees are non-refundable Use of 15 hours NCC CE to maintain. 80 Use of 30 hours NCC CE to maintain. 70Maintenance Fees Use of 45 hours NCC CE to maintain. 60 All fees are nonrefundable exceptwhere otherwise notedDiscounts do not apply to alternativemaintenance or reinstatement.Other Payment Related FeesIncompleteApplicationFeeReturnedChecks andCredit CardChargeback All incomplete applications are subject to a 10reprocessing fee (not refundable) A 30 fee will be assessed for any check or e-checkreturned or a credit card payment disputed forany reason. Remittance thereafter of all fees must bein the form requested by NCC. Payments can be madeby credit card (Visa,American Express andMasterCard only) Payments can be madeby check: bank routingnumber and accountnumber required For payments made bythird parties, any refundreimbursement will beissued to the third partyand not to the applicant All payments must bein US funds NCC does not acceptdebit cards or splitpayments (part check andpart credit card) Maintenance fees can besubmitted only onlineat the NCC website.Applications will not beaccepted by mail, phoneor fax.National Certification Corporation 676 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3600 Chicago, IL 60611-2832

NCCwebsite.org 8COREMAINTENANCECATALOGABOUT CONTINUINGEDUCATION CREDITSTime Frames when CE Needs to be EarnedOnly CE earned after taking the assessment can be used to maintain certification. Itmust meet the CE needed in the education plan and have been earned after takingthe assessment and during your current three year period of certification.The assessment is used to develop each individualized education plan. Once theeducation plan is developed CE can be earned to meet the educational needs. OnlyCE earned after the assessment and within the three year maintenance cycle can beused to maintain. Your specific dates are in your maintenance application. The totalcycle is three years but it is amended when you take the assessment.NCC Continuing Education Module UserYou can use NCC continuing education modules to earn CE in your specialty area.There are topics that relate to all specialty areas. Modules can earn 2 to 15 hoursof CE. In addition, the use of NCC modules may also reduce the cost of themaintenance fee.Other Continuing Education OptionsNCC modules are just one option for earning CE. Earning CE at conferences, onlineor at work are just a few examples for other continuing education options.NCC coding books have been developed for each core certification. These codingbooks will assist you in coding all CE earned from sources outside of NCC. The codingbooks can be found under the “Learn More” link in the Maintenance section on thehome page of the NCC website and are provided by certification specialty. All CEmust be accredited. See pages 9-11 for additional details.National Certification Corporation 676 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3600 Chicago, IL 60611-2832

NCCwebsite.org 9COREMAINTENANCECATALOGABOUT CONTINUINGEDUCATION CREDITSConversionFormulasfor Hours ofContinuingEducationAccrediting Agencies for Continuing Education Credit NCC Colleges or universitiesAcademic Credit(U.S. and Canadianinstitutions only) State boards of nursing For profit or not-for-profit continuingeducation organizations such asContemporary Forums, WesternSchools, Professional Education Centers,Perifacts, etc., provided that programssponsored by such organizationshave been accredited for continuingeducation.Academic and CME credit are accepted. For continuing education credit to beaccepted for the purpose of maintenance, the continuing education activity must beaccredited by one of the agencies below.1 quarter hour 10 hoursof continuing education1 semester hour 15 hoursof continuing education State nursing associations Nursing, medical or health careorganizations (this would include,for example, such organizations as:AWHONN, NPWH, NANN, ACOG,AMA etc.)Other1 CE 1 hour ofcontinuing education1 CEU 10 hours ofcontinuing education1 AMA Category 1 hour of continuingeducation1 CME 1 hour ofcontinuing educationCEARP 1 hour ofcontinuing educationACOG cognate 1 hourof continuing educationFor other designations,contact the CE provider forconversion translation.Most of the for-profit organizations have achieved accreditation for their offeringthrough a state board of nursing or health care organization. Review accreditationdetails in the registration brochure or other information received when registeringfor the particular continuing education activity.All continuing education programs must be accredited and provide evidenceof such in the form of a certificate of completion issued to participants.NCC Continuing Education Reviewer or Author10 hours of continuing education will be awarded to those RNCs or certified NPswho serve as reviewers or writers of a continuing education module or monograph.A maximum of 10 hours of continuing education can be used as a NCC ContinuingEducation reviewer or monograph author per certification maintenance cycle.CE is awarded in the same specialty code as the NCC CE module written or reviewed.Listing ExampleACADEMIC CREDITProgram /Activity name: Course 301 Pathophysiology of the NewbornDate of program: 9/14/20 (list the date you finished the program,must be after your took your CCA)Number of hours: List in CE hours, see conversion formulaSponsor or accrediting agency/organization: University of ChicagoSelect the code thatmatches content of thecourse or lecture from thespecialty list. Rememberall content must beas specifie

Notification of successful maintenance Notification of maintenance will be sent via email. The progress of the maintenance application can be tracked by checking your NCCwebsite.org account for a new maintenance due date. After your maintenance has been approved, official certification documentation wil