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EVER-POPULAR PIESWith year-over-year growth, pies continue to be a staple among bakery department dessert purchases.Our full range of offerings will help you capitalize on the demand.PIE BAKERY SALESARE GROWING2018 2019201720162015Your trusted partner,dedicated tomaking life's momentsa little sweeter.TOP PIE PURCHASEOCCASIONS247% Holiday gathering46% Treat/snack for family41% D essert as part of a meal(not as a special occasion) 16%BAKING IS OUR HEART & SOUL Sara Lee Frozen Bakery is committed to equipping you with a fullannualcompoundedunit growth1portfolio of quality, culinary-inspired baked goods today's consumers demand. Day after day we bakeour very best to help you deliver great-tasting, authentic consumer favorites.QUALITY PIES ENHANCE YOUR IMAGE Our baker-inspired offerings make it easy for you to offer55%quality-crafted pies you can be proud to label as your own. What’s more, these Chef Pierre brandeddesserts are the category leader among foodservice pies so you canTOP PIE ATTRIBUTES CONSUMERSSEEK AT IN-STORE BAKERIES2feel confident you’re offering only the very best to satisfy shoppers.TASTE FRESHNESS QUALITYVARIETY MEETSANY OCCASIONCOMMITTED TOYOUR SUCCESSLet us help you build your pie business with easethrough a variety of options that appeal toany customer taste, all year round.When you choose to partner with Sara Lee FrozenBakery, you get the support you expect from anindustry leader. We’re committed to helping you offeronly the very best to your customers.SIZED TO SATISFY 8 " Pies – Perfectly portioned for everydayoccasions and smaller households 9" Gourmet Pies – Creates a more premiumeating experience 10" Pies – Great for family or group events Merchandise in halves or slices to gainincremental appeal41% of consumers are willing to paymore for a better-quality bakery item 3TOP 5IN-STORE BAKERYPIE FLAVORS1 Industry trends and consumer insights to ensureyour offerings meet demand Back-of-house support Turnkey programs Customer service hotlineAPPLE PUMPKIN PECANCHERRY BLUEBERRYABUNDANT OPTIONS Gourmet and traditional varieties for every price point Ready-to-bake or thaw-and-sell to fit your operations Willing to customize (minimum run and lead time required)38% Treat/snack for individualNielsen Perishables Group FreshFacts – 52 weeks ending March 2, 2019Sara Lee Frozen Bakery – ISB A&U Study December – 20183Mintel In-Store Bakeries, US – June 201712OF PIE PURCHASESARE PLANNED2Drive incremental impulse sales throughvariety, quality and increased occasions.

GREAT VARIETY TO CHOOSE FROMQUALITY &CONSISTENCYYOU CAN RELY ONOur wide variety of pies in the most popular flavors will addyear-round appeal to your bakery shelves. We create themso you can make them all your own.Each day, our team of professional bakers takes care to craft the highest quality pies for your In-StoreBakery. From crust to crimp and the sweetness in between, our pies are scratch-made in batches atour SQF Level 3 Traverse City, Michigan plant.BALANCEDFLAVORS(crust vs. filling)STRONG, FLUTEDCRUST PREVENTSDAMAGELOCALLYSOURCED FARMFRESH FRUITIDEAL SIZEDFRUIT PIECESFILL EVERY INCHSPECIALDOUGH RECIPEYIELDS FLAKYCRUSTPERFORATEDPIE TINS CREATECONSISTENTBAKETHAW & SELLFRUIT OPEN FACE GOURMET MERINGUEA convenient format that offers high-quality pies withoutthe added labor of baking. Premium, fresh-baked appearance Retail-ready packagingREADY-TO-BAKEGOURMET FRUIT HI-PIE TRADITIONAL FRUITOPEN FACE PIE SHELLSBake off in-store to create fresh-baked appeal. Ability to customize at store level Place into your branded packagingCLEAN LABELMany of our Chef Pierre fruit andopen face pies are made with cleaningredients so you can feel goodabout the pies you label as your own.89%of consumers would“Definitely” or “Probably” purchaseCUSTOMIZABLEa pie with these claims4LET US DEVELOP YOURUNIQUE FLAVOR72%(minimum run and lead time)of consumers say food thatALL CLEAN LABEL FRUIT AND OPEN FACEPIES WILL BE IN DISTRIBUTION BY 2020.has no artificial sweetenersis healthier545Proprietary Research 2015Technomic Healthy Eating Trend Report 2017

SKUDESCRIPTIONSIZEUNITS/CASEBAKED LABELWT. (OZ) reated to mimic homemade, Hi-Pies are filled with only the highest-quality fruit surrounded by our belovedUnbaked Gourmet Hi-Pie – CDESCRIPTION5122Apple Double Crust Pie335139Blueberry Double Crust Pie6335149Cherry Double Crust Pie9"6315173Dutch Apple PiePeach Hi-Pie 9"6335184Lemon Krunch PieStrawberry Rhubarb Hi-Pie 9"6335308Peach Double Crust Pie9"6385352Strawberry Rhubarb Double Crust Pie5817Apple Hi-Pie 9"6335819Blueberry Hi-Pie 9"65820Cherry Hi-Pie 9"5821Dutch Apple Hi-Pie 58225823Caramel Apple Hi-Pie made to order; volume requirements*UNITS/CASEBAKED LABELWT. 8"62310"638SIZEUnbaked Traditional Fruit Pies – Juicy fruit picked at the peak of freshness make these pies a patron favorite.signature crust, resulting in a delightfully simple, delicious pie, bite after joyful bite.68585SKU*******Unbaked Open Face Pies – Deliver appeal year-round with seasonal favorites ready to bake fresh.6034Fruits of the Forest Hi-Pie 9"6335302Pumpkin Pie (shelf stable)Gourmet Meringue Pies – D elightfully silky, smooth and creamy with a homemade peaked appearance to please every pie lover.5527Chocolate Meringue Pie10"4465804Pumpkin Pie (shelf stable)5528Coconut Meringue Pie10"4465827Sweet Potato Pie (shelf stable)5529Lemon Meringue Pie10"4465890Sweet Potato Pie (shelf stable)CLEAN LABELmade to order; volume requirements***** CLEAN LABEL RECIPE CONVERSION BY 2020

SKUDESCRIPTIONSIZEUNITS/CASEBAKED LABELWT. (OZ)Pre-Baked Fruit Pies – Patron-favorite fruit pies baked and pre-packaged in kraft cartons for fresh-baked appeal.5825Apple Lattice Pie8"6225828Peach Lattice Pie8"6225829Cherry Lattice Pie8"6225830Blueberry Lattice Pie8"6225831Peachberry Lattice Pie8"622Pre-Baked Open Face Pies – The most popular seasonal flavors crafted by our skilled bakers and baked to take in kraft cartons.5303Pumpkin Pie (shelf stable)5304Sweet Potato Pie (shelf stable)5326Pecan Pie5824Pumpkin Pie (shelf stable)5863Pecan Pie*****8"6248"6248"62410"64010"636Unbaked Pie Shells – Perfectly flaky pie shells make your signature desserts or savory quiche stand out while saving you valuable prep time.5052Vegetable Shortening Pie Crust (deep dish)9"2089272Vegetable Shortening Pie Crust10"208PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SALES REPRESENTATIVE OR CALL 855.524.7876 FOR MORE INFORMATION 2019 Sara Lee Frozen Bakery LLC05191M1722025199-19CLEAN LABEL* CLEAN LABEL RECIPE CONVERSION BY 2020

5303 Pumpkin Pie (shelf stable) 8" 6 24 5304 Sweet Potato Pie (shelf stable) 8" 6 24 5326 Pecan Pie 8" 6 24 5824 Pumpkin Pie (shelf stable) 10" 6 40 5863 Pecan Pie 10" 6 36 Unbaked Pie Shells – Perfectly flaky pie shells make your signature desserts or savory quiche stand out while saving you valuable prep time.

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Altitud (máxima) De –15,2 m a 3048 m (de –50 pies a 10 000 pies) De –15,2 m a 10 668 m (de –50 pies a 35 000 pies) * Utilizando un espectro de vibración aleatoria que simula el entorno del usuario. † Medido usando un pulso de media on

279 1. Prepare pie doughs. 2. Roll pie doughs, and assemble and bake single-crust pies, double-crust pies, lattice-topped pies, and unbaked pies.

Sistema Distancia de seguridad laboral 100 W/m2 Distancia de seguridad para personal externo 10 W/m2 Radar Halo20 0,0 m (0,0 pies) 0,0 m (0,0 pies) Radar Halo20 0,1 m (0,33 pies) Radar Halo24 0,1 m (0,33 pies) Distancias de seguridad medidas por un laboratorio independiente. Marcas registradas Navico es una marca registrada de Navico Holding AS.