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FITNESSPROGRAMREGISTRATIONNOW OPENFree trial classes week of Jan. 13Buy one, get one half off forselect fitness IONSStudent staff jobs include:Spring Programs, Summer Camps, Cage,Welcome Desk, Zone, Instructors, CMP,Aquatics Lifeguards and InstructorsApplications available Dec. 1, 2019Due by Jan. 30,

TABLE OF CONTENTSIntramuralsRegistration. 2-5Officials’ clinics (Intramurals).4Tournaments.4Programs & CoursesAquatics. 7-8, 15Aquatic Leadership. 14Cake Decorating. 12Child/Youth. 15Dance. 12Drop-in Recreation. 8Essential Oils. 12Fencing. 10First Aid/CPR. 13Fitness. 7-8High Five. 15Japanese Swordsmanship. 10Kickbox. 8MMA for Self-Defense. 10Painting. 12Personal Training. 9-10Pilates.11Sports injury/Athletic training. 10Swimming Lessons.8, 15Weng Chun. 10Yoga.11Memberships/PassesFees. 19Member information. 16-18InformationAccessibility. 17, 20Contacts.20Hours of operation.1Jobs .Inside front coverParking .20Refund policy.20Registration information.20Safety. 17FacilitiesGyms. 18Indoor track. 18Sauna/whirlpool. 18Squash/tennis courts. 18Swimming pool. 18The Zone (fitness centre). 18905 688 5550 x 4060Register online!If you haven’t set up an account, you will need to create a new login. for instructions on how to register.2-5Have FUN! Get active!Make new friends!Register for Winter Intramuralsstarting on Monday, January 20.7-8FITNESS CLASSESExpressFit and Aquafit classes startMonday, January 6 (free for Brockstudents).11YOGAEnjoy as many yoga and yogalatesclasses as you want! There are severaloptions to choose from.HOURS OF OPERATIONWinter (January 6-April 24, 2020)Monday to Friday.6:30 am-11 pmSaturday.8 am-8 pmSunday.8 am-9 pmTuesday-Friday, February 18-21 (Winter Reading Week).6:30 am-9 pmSaturday, February 22.8 am-5 pmSunday, February 23.8 am-9 pmHours are subject to change with notice.For holiday hours, changes to regularly scheduled hours of operation, and servicearea hours, please visit for details.Note: No check-ins will be allowed within one-half hour of closing time. You will be required to clear activity areas 10 minutes prior to closing to allowtime to shower and retrieve personal belongings.Special eventsApril 8-23, 2020 (Exams).(Beddis/Davis)The Walker Sports Complex facilities are used by multiple groups for academicclasses, university events, varsity sports, tournaments, Intramurals and otheractivities. Please check facility schedules posted online at ordownload the Brock Recreation app.1

INTRAMURALSWho can participate?ID at intramural gamesHow to enter (two ways)Entry feeFull-time and part-time students witha valid Brock University ID card andnon-students who purchase a BrockUniversity Intramural membership or aWalker Sports Complex membership.As a team1. Register your team on the datesindicated for the sport at theWalker Sports Complex WelcomeDesk or online at If a league fills, you will be placed ona waiting list and no fee is requiredat that time. If a spot becomesavailable, you will be notified andgiven 24 hours to pay the fee at theWalker Sports Complex WelcomeDesk.3. After you’ve paid your fee, registeryour team on our online schedulingsystem at Following registration closing,check the web page at or the bulletin boardlocated outside the Intramural office(WC215) for your scheduled games.5. Get all team members to join yourteam on IMLeagues.As a free agent (individual)Sign up at the Walker Sports ComplexWelcome Desk or online at and pay the individualregistration fee. We will do our bestto place you on a team or form a newteam. You must sign up before theregistration deadline for your league.After registering at the Walker SportsComplex Welcome Desk, make anaccount with IMLeagues at and join the “individuals”team.2You must show your current BrockUniversity ID card or Brock Universitymembership card with photo ID to theofficial at each intramural game you play.Remember, no ID, no play!Your team’s entry fee helps to offsetsome of the costs to administer theleague. These costs include equipmentpurchase and replacement, facility costs(in some cases), officials, convenors, andpromotional costs. All teams entering aleague must pay a non-refundable entryfee plus a refundable bond fee. Ice hockeyfees are higher due to the cost of icerental.Note:1. All fees must be paid when registering.2. All fees are non-refundable unless theleague does not run.3. If you do not make an account withIMLeagues, you will not be able toview the schedule or be elibile to play.Performance bondEach team participating in an intramuralleague must pay a performance bond.WHY? Defaults cause frustrations foreveryone involved, especially for theteam that misses their scheduled gamesbecause the opposition failed to fieldenough players. The officials and theconvenor must be paid even though nogame is played. As well, space is wastedthat could have been used for anothergame.What happens with the bond? If your team defaults one game, youwill lose one-half of the bond. If your team defaults a second game,you will lose the full bond, and will beremoved from the league.Behaviour bondSome leagues require a behaviourbond. The bond is meant to preventunacceptable behaviour during theintramural sports season. If yourteam competes fairly with respect foryour opponents, officials and staff, thebond will be returned to your team infull. If your team, a member of yourteam, coach/manager, or spectatorswith your team, display unacceptablebehaviour, your team will lose part orall of the behaviour bond. Decisionsregarding the bond and the team’sstatus in the league will be handled bythe Intramural Coordinator on a caseby-case basis.Bond refundsBond refunds will be credited toyour team captain’s student accountthrough the Finance Office (or to theperson listed on your team sign-upsheet who paid the bond). Captainswill be notified when the bonds havebeen credited to their account. Ifthe funds are required to reimburseyour teammates, please request thisthrough the Finance Office (SchmonTower 12th floor) or online NamePlayers choose their ownteam name. Please makesure it contributes to theinclusive, respectful andpositive environment that theintramural program provides. Ifyour team name is found to beinappropriate, you will be askedto change

INTRAMURALSCaptain’s responsibilitiesEvery team must have a captain or arepresentative who will be responsiblefor the following:1. Register your team at the WalkerSports Complex Welcome Desk oronline at Make an account with IMLeaguesAND create your team Ensure the eligibility of your teamplayers. Every team member mustjoin the team on IMLeagues.4. Inform your team of eligibility,conduct and activity rules andensure that team members abide bythe rules.5. Read the Captains’ informationlocated at Relay any schedule changes to yourteam members.7. Sign the score sheet at the end ofevery game to verify the score andwinning team.8. Assign a Spirit of Competition gradeto your opponent at the end of eachgame.9. Make sure your team’s first priorityis to have fun through healthycompetition.Number of gamesWe try our very best to schedulean equal number of regular seasongames for each team; however, dueto the number of entries, byes mayoccur. Games may be cancelled dueto circumstances beyond our control(weather, holidays, etc.). We will makean effort to reschedule; however, somegames may be cancelled.905 688 5550 x 4060Captains/coaches.must act as team leaders andencourage, motivate and assist indeveloping players to achieve theirmaximum potential. All coaches/captains will: teach players to play fairly andrespect the rules, officials, spectatorsand players. work in co-operation with theofficials for the benefit of the game. recognize and respect the differencesin your players. not ridicule or degrade players forany reason. encourage and reward effort, fairplay, participation and commitment.Officials.will make sure that every player has areasonable opportunity to perform tothe best of his or her ability, within thelimits of the rules. All officials will: apply rules of the game withconsistency, courtesy, intelligenceand firmness without provokingantagonism. maintain a healthy atmosphere andenvironment for safe competition. not tolerate unacceptable conducttoward themselves, other officials,players, coaches/captains andspectators. maintain impartiality at all times. avoid or terminate any situation thatthreatens the safety of the players,coaches/captains, spectators or otherofficials.FAIR PLAY is for everyoneFailure to abide by our FAIR PLAY CODEwill result in a review of the incidentand possibly the removal of individualsand privileges. Each team will providea spirit of competition (SOC) scoreat the end of each game. For moreinformation, please visit compete to the best of theirability within the limits of the rules. Allplayers will: participate for the love andenjoyment of the game. respect the efforts andaccomplishments of opponents. respect teammates and strive to be atrue team player. respect all players, coaches/captains, officials, spectators andadministrators. respect and play by the rules of thegame.Spectators.should maintain a supportiveatmosphere that positively motivatesplayers, coaches/captains, officials andother spectators. All spectators will: encourage players to play accordingto the rules. refrain from negative communicationwith players, officials, administratorsand other spectators. show respect for a team’s opponentsbecause without them there wouldbe no game. never influence the outcome ofan event or game and never posea distraction to players, coaches/captains and officials. remain in the spectator section andrefrain from entering the playing areaat all times.FREE AGENTS (Individuals)Free agents, who are not part of ateam, may register at the Walker SportsComplex Welcome Desk or onlineand you will be placed with other freeagents on a team. Free agent fees are 15/sport. Exceptions: Ice Hockey 100; Co-ed Hockey - 503

INTRAMURALSOFFICIALS’ CLINICSSportIn-class and PracticalLocation (subject to change)Coed Ice HockeyThu Jan 23 @ 7 pmIntramural office (WC 215)Indoor SoccerThu Jan 30 @ 7 pmGym 26’s VolleyballThu Jan 30 @ 7 pmGym 2Dodge BallThu Jan 30 @ 7 pmGym 2Soccer BaseballThu Jan 30 @ 7 pmGym 2Aqua IntramuralsThu Jan 30 @ 7 pmGym 2Make some extra If you play and understand any of the sports offered, why not become an official?You will learn the skill of officiating through clinics and evaluations and gainessential skills including active listening, teamwork, confidence and assertiveness.More information on becoming an official can be found online or by stopping by the Walker Sports ComplexWelcome Desk.Pay rates for officials 14- 16.15/hour. Payment occursbi-weekly once you submit all requiredinformation, complete required trainingand input/submit your timesheet.TOURNAMENTS4DateRegistration OpensSnow Flag FootballTeam Fee: 40/teamSaturday, January 18Fri Jan 10 @ 8:30 amMarch Madness 3-on-3 BasketballTeam Fee: 30/teamMonth of MarchFri Feb 7 @ 8:30 amSpikeballTeam Fee: 40/teamDate TBAWed Mar 4 & 8:30 amRegistrations ClosesWed Jan 15 @ 8:30 pmWed Feb 26 @ 8:30 pmTue Mar 10 @ 8:30

INTRAMURALS - WINTERGames begin the week of Sunday, February 2TermDayTimeCoed Ice HockeyWinterSun-ThuLateRegistration OpensRegistrations ClosesCaptain’s Meeting (WC215)Team Fee: 525 (entry fee 490 performance bond 35)Mon Jan 20 @ 8:30 amWed Jan 22 @ 6 pmFri Jan 24, 10am-4pm (drop in)Registrations Closes*Captain’s Meeting (WC215)Games begin the week of Sunday, February 9TermDayTimeAqua IntramuralsRegistration OpensTeam Fee: 125 (entry fee 95 performance bond 30)WinterThu8-10 pmFri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amThu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmFri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)The Aqua Intramurals will consist of different sports played in the pool each week. Sports will include inner tube water polo, underwaterhockey, water volleyball and more!Coed Inner Tube Water PoloTeam Fee: 125 (entry fee 95 performance bond 30)WinterTue8-10 pmFri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amThu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmFri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)Men’s Indoor SoccerTeam Fee: 230 (entry fee 100 performance bond 30 behaviour bond 100)WinterSun9 am-9 pmFri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amThu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmFri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)WinterTue7-11 pmFri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amThu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmFri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)WinterThu7-11 pmFri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amThu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmFri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)Women’s Indoor SoccerTeam Fee: 130 (entry fee 100 performance bond 30)WinterMon7-11 pmFri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amThu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmFri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)WinterWed7-11 pmFri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amThu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmFri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)Coed DodgeballTeam Fee: 130 (entry fee 100 performance bond 30)WinterFri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amTue5-11 pmThu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmMen’s Doubles BadmintonTeam Fee: 50 (entry fee 30 performance bond 20)WinterFri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amTue5-11 pmThu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmWomen’s Doubles BadmintonTeam Fee: 50 (entry fee 30 performance bond 20)WinterFri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amTue5-11 pmThu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmMixed Doubles BadmintonTeam Fee: 50 (entry fee 30 performance bond 20)WinterFri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amTue5-11 pmCoed 6’s VolleyballThu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmFri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)Fri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)Fri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)Fri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)Team Fee: 130 (entry fee 100 performance bond 30)WinterSun10 am-9 pm Fri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amThu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmFri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)WinterMon5-11 pmFri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amThu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmFri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)WinterWed5-11 pmFri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amThu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmFri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)Men’s 6’s VolleyballWinterSun10 am-9 pm Fri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amWomen’s 6’s VolleyballWinterSunTeam Fee: 130 (entry fee 100 performance bond 30)Thu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmFri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)Team Fee: 130 (entry fee 100 performance bond 30)10 am-9 pm Fri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amThu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmFri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)Coed Soccer BaseballTeam Fee: 130 (entry fee 100 performance bond 30)WinterFri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amThu5-11 pmThu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmSingle’s Table TennisCost: 35 (entry fee 15 performance bond 20)WinterFri Jan 24 @ 8:30 amTue5-11 pmThu Jan 30 @ 8:30 pmFri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)Fri Jan 31, 10am-4pm (drop in)*If you have been a captain and played Intramurals before and already created your team on IM Leagues, you do not need toattend the captain’s meeting.FREE AGENTS (Individuals)Free agents, who are not part of a team, may register at the Walker Sports Complex Welcome Desk or online and you will beplaced with other free agents on a team. Free agent fees are 15/sport. Exceptions: Ice Hockey - 100; Co-ed Hockey -

905 688 5550 x 40606

FITNESSExpressFit classes for Brock University students and membersExpressfit classes will help make fitness fit into your life. 40-minute classes will get you moving, regardless of your currentfitness level. Check out a full list of ExpressFit classes, and an up-to-date schedule by visiting, ordownloading the Brock Recreation mobile app!8-Week Fitness & Wellness Program ScheduleFREE Trial week is January 13-17!REGISTER ONLINE at or at the Walker Sports Complex Welcome Desk.MONDAYTUESDAYWEDNESDAYTHURSDAYFRIDAY10-10:55 amBeginner Yoga11-11:55 amYogalates11-11:55 amYoga: Hatha11-11:55 amMMA for Self Defense11-11:55 amYoga: Yin1-1:55 pmKicstart to Kickboxing1-1:55 pmSweat Session1-1:55 pmYoga for Performance& Recovery1-1:55 pmYoga: Beginner/Intermediate Flow2-2:55 pmAfro-Brazillian Dance2-2:55 pmWeng Chun Kung Fu2-2:55 pmFitness Kickboxing5-5:55 pmYoga: Intermediate/Advanced Flow1-1:55 pmSweat Session3-3:55 pmZumba5-5:55 pmBoxFit: Boxing Fitness5-5:55 pmYoga: Hatha5-5:55 pmYogalates6-6:55 pmPilates6-6:55 pmFItness Kickboxing6-6:55 pmKickstart to Kickboxing8-8:55 pmDance Pak NoviceProgram: Hip Hop8-8:55 pmIaido: JapaneseSwordsmanship8-8:55 pmDance Pak NoviceProgram: Jazz Fusion7-7:55 pmDance Pak NoviceProgram: Contemporary8:30-9:25 pmFencing (Dance Studio)All classes are located in the WSC Fitness Studio. No sign-up necessary. Full 8-week session begins the week of January 20.Aquatic Fitness Weekly Schedule (starts January 6)MONDAY11:40 am-12:20 pm7:10-7:50 pmTUESDAYAqua SpinWEDNESDAYTHURSDAYAquafitAquatic Boot Camp(no class Jan 7)FRIDAYAqua StepAqua DanceAquatic Fitness Classes (Free for Brock students)Aquafit: A fun and upbeat introduction to the world of aquafit with a full body workout adaptable to all body strengths,focusing on cardio-vascular and muscular strength along with agility.Aquatic Boot Camp: This high-energy aqua aerobic class focuses on improving cardio-vascular endurance along with strengthand flexibility.Aqua Step: A cardio-vascular based class adaptable to all body types and strengths that focuses on self-improvement andendurance while targeting various leg muscles.Aqua Spin: With a focus on cardio-vascular and core strength, in water bikes are used to target various leg muscles.Aqua Dance: Have fun using upbeat dance moves to music in this high impact resistance

FITNESS, RECREATION, SWIMFitness Kickboxing 1: KickstartLearn and improve technique and put itinto ac

4 Sport In-class and Practical Location (subject to change) Coed Ice Hockey Thu Jan 23 @ 7 pm Intramural office (WC 215) Indoor Soccer Thu Jan 30 @ 7 pm Gym 2 6’s Volleyball Thu Jan 30 @ 7 pm Gym 2 Dodge Ball Thu Jan 30 @ 7 pm Gym 2 Soccer Baseball Thu Jan 30 @ 7 pm Gym 2 Aqua

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F Learn more about our program options and admission criteria at F Apply to Brock at You will receive an email with step-by-step instructions on setting up your new portal and Brock email. Your my.brocku. Please submit your questions during the webinar and we will answer . a student. CareerZone Portal to access over 300 on-campus jobs every year. Recreation Over 450 students are involved in various Recreation program

Tim Fletcher Déirdre Ní Chróinín Mary O’Sullivan Caitlin Price . Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, 71 (5), 19-25. Kretchmar, R. S. 2001. Duty, Habit, and Meaning: Different Faces

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The Standards of Practice for Recreation Therapists and Recreation Therapy Assistants are designed to serve as a foundation for the practice of therapeutic recreation regardless of setting. This document has been created using the original Standards of Practice for Therapeutic Recreation(TRO, 2003) document as a foundation.

the transactions are difficult to discern. This makes it difficult to determine the overall size of activity and to know what the fair price is for a particular technology. And, of course, in highly inefficient markets a good deal of potentially valuable trade in innovation does not occur. The costs are so high and the potential value so difficult to perceive that innovation often sits “on .