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10TH ANNUAL PERFORMANCE REPORT oF The National Pro Bono Aspirational TargetNAT IONAL PRO BONO ASPI RATI O NAL TARGETCelebrating10 YEARS2007-2017This year the Centre celebrates the 10th anniversary of the launch of the National Pro Bono AspirationalTarget. Over the last decade, the Target has done much to drive the growth of pro bono legal work inAustralia, as the chart below illustrates:TARGET SIGNATORIES: 2007-2017FTE LAWYERS COVERED BY TARGET / TOTAL PRO BONO 0112012FTE lawyers covered by Target(figures in black)201320142017Total pro bono hours(figures in brown)The ten-year anniversary is a time to celebrate these achievements and provides an opportunity to reflect,consolidate, and consult, to ensure that the Target remains relevant as a benchmark of performanceand a catalyst for further growth. Together with this Report, the Centre has released a Public DiscussionPaper1 which asks six questions about the Target’s operation. The Paper is one of several opportunities toengage in the Target review process and we encourage you to -bono/aspirational-target/

10TH annual PERFORMANCE REPORT oF The National Pro Bono Aspirational TargetPERFORMANCE OF TARGET SIGNATORIES420,195.2 hoursof “pro bono legal services”35.7pro bono hoursper lawyer Up by 17,978.9 pro bonohours (4.5%) from FY2016 Equivalent to 233.4lawyers working fullAT L E ASTtime for one year2across Target Signatories3.35 HOURS11,795.76fte lawyersO F “ PRO BO N OL E G AL S E RV I C ES ”P E R L AW Y E RPE R YE AR Down from 36.0pro bono hours perlawyer in FY201648.6%of Signatories met orexceeded the Target(up from 47.1% in FY2016)covered by the Target23Calculated on the basis of a 37.5 hour working weekover 48 weeks.Throughout this report, “lawyer” refers to Full TimeEquivalent (FTE) lawyer.WHAT IS THE NATIONAL PRO BONO ASPIRATIONAL TARGET?The National Pro Bono Aspirational Target (Target) is a voluntary target that law firms, incorporated legalpractices, solicitors and barristers can adopt by signing a ‘Statement of Principles.’ Signatories to theTarget agree to use their best efforts to provide at least 35 hours of “pro bono legal services” per lawyerper year. Signatories report annually to the Australian Pro Bono Centre on their performance against theTarget.3

10TH ANNUAL PERFORMANCE REPORT oF The National Pro Bono Aspirational TargetLarge Law Firms (50 or more FTE lawyers):Pro bono Hours per Lawyer per Year - Firm by Firm73.6Firm 168.3Firm 2Firm 352.4Firm 452.348.8Firm 548.3Firm 644.1Firm 742.9Firm 841.7Firm 941.4Firm 1039.4Firm 11Firm 1238.7Firm 1338.4Firm 1438.4Firm 1537.937.3Firm 16Firm 1736.1Firm 1836.135.3Firm 1935 HOURS34.0Firm 21Firm 2231.9Firm 2331.5P E R L AW Y E RP E R Y E AR31.0Firm 2427.7Firm 2524.8Firm 2622.6Firm 27Firm 2815.6Firm 2915.6Firm 3014.8Firm 3114.6Firms with 450 or moreFTE lawyers13.0Firm 32Firms with 201-449FTE lawyers12.1Firm 33Firm 347.8Firm 357.6Firms with 50-200FTE lawyers7.6Firm 363.3Firm 372.7Firm 380.3Firm 3904TA R G E T34.1Firm 2010203040Pro bono hours per lawyer per year506070

10TH ANNUAL PERFORMANCE REPORT oF The National Pro Bono Aspirational TargetLARGE LAW FIRMS(50 OR MORE FTE LAWYERS) 39 Large Law Firms and IncorporatedLegal Practices reported on thepro bono hours of 11,297 FTE lawyers(543 more than in FY2016)Reported an average of 35.6 pro bonohours per lawyer (down from 36.4 inFY2016) (see chart on page 2)20 large firms (51.3%) met or exceededthe Target (up from 18 in FY2016)25 expect to meet the Target in FY2018(up from 22 in FY2016)55.6% average participation rate (downfrom 57.8% in FY2016)INDIVIDUALS(SOLICITORS, BARRISTERS ANDSOLE PRACTITIONERS) 31 Individuals reported in FY2017(down from 36)3650.20 pro bono hours werereported (down from 4050.4 inFY2016)Reported on average 117.75 probono hours (up from 112.5 in FY2016)20 individuals met or exceeded theTarget (down from 22 in FY2016)16 expect to meet the Target inFY2018 (down from 25 in FY2016)SMALL LAW FIRMS(FEWER THAN 50 LAWYERS) PARALEGALS Since FY2015, Signatories have had theoption to report the hours of “pro bonowork of a legal nature” undertaken byparalegals614 Signatories reported that 118.5 FTEparalegals engaged in this work (upfrom 114.8 in FY2016)These paralegals completed a totalof 8,194.2 hours (up from 6,704.2 inFY2016)On average 75.23 hours of pro bonowork of a legal nature were undertakenper FTE paralegal (up from 58.4 inFY2016)Figures throughout the report exclude the significant pro bono contribution of Salvos Legal and Salvos Legal Humanitarian, exceptfor the number of Target signatories and the number of FTE lawyers covered by the Target. This is due to the significant distortingeffect of these numbers in other calculations.5For the first time, sole practitioners are included in the Individual analysis, rather than in Small Law Firms.6Hours of “pro bono work of a legal nature” undertaken by paralegals are not included when calculating total pro bono hours or probono hours per lawyer.4536 Small Law Firms4 reported the probono hours of 450 FTE lawyers (up from31 in FY2016)Reported an average of 33.0 pro bonohours per lawyer (up from 16.3 hours inFY2016)511 small firms (31.4%) met or exceededthe Target (up from 9 firms in FY2016)14 expect to meet the Target in FY2018(up from 12 in FY2016)73.9% average participation rate (upfrom 68% in FY2016)

10TH ANNUAL PERFORMANCE REPORT oF The National Pro Bono Aspirational TargetTarget SignatoriesAs at 30 June 2017, the Target had 136 signatoriesLaw firms, sole practitioners & ILPsACA Lawyers (formerly Allygroup)Allen & OveryAllens *Aneesa Parker Pty LtdArnold Bloch Leibler*Ashurst Australia*Australian Business Lawyers andAdvisorsAustralian Government SolicitorBainbridge LegalBaker & McKenzieBeaumont LawBeckham LawyersBilbehryBird & BirdBowden McCormack, Lawyers AdvisersBT LawyersChamberlains Law FirmClayton Utz*Colin Biggers & PaisleyCorrs Chambers WestgarthCurwoods LawyersDentons (formerly Gadens Sydney& Perth)David & Co Lawyers (David Vlahos)Devenish LawDLA PiperDoyles Construction LawyersEakin McCaffery CoxFOI SolutionsFoodLegalFranklin Athanasellis CullenGadens Lawyers, MelbourneGilbert Tobin*Hall & Wilcox LawyersHallett LegalHalliday SolicitorsHarmers Workplace LawyersHarris Carlson LawyersHenry Davis YorkHerbert Smith FreehillsHHG Legal GroupHicksons LawyersHolding RedlichHolman Webb LawyersHopgoodGanimHunt & Hunt (Melbourne)Hunt & Hunt (Sydney)HWL Ebsworth6Jackson McDonaldJones Harley TooleJucha Legal Pty Ltd*K & L GatesKemp & CoKemp StrangKennedysKing & Wood MallesonsLander & RogersLittles LawyersLLGOLDLogical Legal Solicitors*Macpherson Kelley LawyersMaddocksMakinson & d’ApiceMaurice BlackburnMcCullough RobertsonMcDonnell Schroder Solicitors*McInnes Wilson Lawyers(Brisbane)McInnes Wilson Lawyers(Canberra)McPhee Lawyers*Meyer Vandenberg LawyersMills OakleyMinter Ellison GroupMoray & AgnewMoulis LegalMSP LegalNorton Rose Fulbright AustraliaParke LawyersPragma LegalProximity LegalRoberts Nehmer McKeeRostron Carlyle LawyersRussell KennedySabelberg Morcos LawyersSachs Gerace Lawyers*Salvos LegalSalvos Legal HumanitarianSharah & Associates*Shelston IPSiracusa LegalSlattery Thompson*Sparke Helmore LawyersSRB LegalStirling Henry Legal Solutions PtyLtdStuthridge LegalSwitch LegalTressCoxTriple BL LegalWaratah Partners LawyersConsultantsWilson/Ryan/Grose LawyersWinn Legal Solicitors*Withers SBL*SolicitorsKerrin AndersonAshlee BriffaRichard Clarke*Gaby JaksaNicola JohnsonGraham Jones*Elizabeth KolliasNicholas LinkeAlexandra LongbottomElena MastyukHelen McGowanMary NagleDavid PetersBernadette RaymentStephen Rees*Alexandra RoseMichael RyanSharon SanghaMichael SimmonsMichael TucakNerida J WallaceGene WatersKatherine WhittemoreGai WinnBarristersStephen ColditzNick EastmanSimon Freitag*Philip Greenwood*Ashok KumarJulia Lonergan SC**Craig McIntosh*Fiona McLeod SCF.J. Purnell SCJohn SelimiRichard Thomas*Justin Zeeman* Foundation Signatory** appointed a judge of the SupremeCourt of NSW in March 2017.

10TH ANNUAL PERFORMANCE REPORT oF The National Pro Bono Aspirational TargetThe Australian Pro Bono Centre is an independent, non-profit organisation that supports and promotes pro bonolegal services. The Centre receives financial assistance from the Federal Attorney-General’s Department and from theDepartments of the Attorney-General in the States and Territories. Accommodation and other support is generouslyprovided by the Faculty of Law at the University of New South Wales. For more information visit the Centre’s website atprobonocentre.org.au.Australian Pro Bono CentreLaw Centres PrecinctLevel 1The Law BuildingUniversity of New South Wales7T 61 2 9385 7381F 61 2 9385 7375info@probonocentre.org.auFollow us on Twitter @AusPBCJoin us on LinkedInwww.probonocentre.org.au

Target. 10TH annual PERFORMANCE REPORT oF The National Pro Bono Aspirational Target PERFORMANCE OF TARGET SIGNATORIES AT LEAST 35 HOURS OF “PRO BONO LEGA L SERVICE S” PER LAWYER PER YEAR 48.6% 35.7 pro bono hours per lawyer across Target Signatories3. Down from 36.0 pro bono hours per lawyer in FY2016 of Signatories met or exceeded the .

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