Intro Model Grant Agreement & Consortium Agreement

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Intro Model Grant Agreement &Consortium AgreementHorizon 2020 Legal and Finance Training to all NCPs19-20 March 2018



Grant Agreement Contract between Beneficiariesand the funding agency Establishes Beneficiaries Rights andObligations Standard Model Grant Agreement Includes Description of the Action Coordinator rest of Beneficiaries Online signature4

H2020 Model Grant AgreementSpecific modelsERC MGAsMarieSklodowskaCurie MGAsGeneralModel GrantAgreementSMEinstrumentMGAsCo-fund MGAs5

Horizon 2020 model Grant Agreement:A single document with all provisionsCore textSpecialclausesGeneralconditionsAnnex IISpecificprovisionsAnnexes IIIFP7Disclaimer: Information not legally binding6

Grant Agreement StructureTERMS AND CONDITIONSAnnex I:Description of the actionAnnex II:Estimated budgetAnnex III:Accession FormsAnnex IV:Model Financial statementsAnnex V:Model Certificate on thefinancial statementsModel Certificate on themethodologyAnnex VI:7

From the Proposal to the GAA-1Title, Acronym, CoCo,Duration, A-2PaCo’s,% Funding rate,Info for access formsA-3Annex 2: EstimatedBudgetProposal Part BAnnex 1: Descriptionof the Action8


Amendments are possible10

Amendments are possible11

Amendment needed Changes involving beneficiaries &linked third parties Change involving thecoordinator/principal beneficiary Changes affecting the project or itsimplementation Changes involving the financialaspects of the grant12

Amendment NOT needed Amendments are for certain budgettransfers if the name or address of a beneficiary,linked third party or coordinator changes if a universal takeover results in a changeof beneficiary Changes in the Coordinator’s bankinformation13

Amendments Procedure Before the end of the ProjectRequested by any of the Parties (EC/Beneficiaries)Submitted through Electronic Exchange SystemReason must be providedSupporting documentsEntry into force: when signed by the receiving partyEffect on the day agreed by the Parties14


Consortium Agreement Private Agreement (partners of the Consortium) Provides the legal tools necessary to carry outthe project, to organise the consortium and tomanage the results Mandatory unless otherwise established Flexibility Supplements the GA16

Consortium Agreement Basics Independence to set the CA under the umbrella of theprovisions and options of the Grant Agreement CA cannot contravene GA. In case of discrepancybetween CA & GA, GA clauses prevail. Flexible document. In force throughout the duration ofthe project. It must be updated / modified as needed. Amendments are possible Before the start of the project17

CA Structure Definitions, Purpose, entry into force,duration, liabilities, responsabilities Governance Structure: bodies,decision making, meetings Financial provisions: fundingprinciples, Payments Intellectual property Rights: Results,Access rights, dissemination rules Settlement of disputes18

Useful tools Consortium Agreement models available EC guidance for Consortium Agreements Ipr helpdesk

Do not forget!!!!GA & CA Different Actors, Different Goals: GA contains Beneficiarie’s rights and obligations CA, private agreement that complements GAprovisions GA & CA should be aligned In case of conflict GA always prevails20

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon2020 research and innovation programme21

Horizon 2020 Legal and Finance Training to all NCPs 19-20 March 2018 . Project Grant Agreement Consortium Agreement 2 . . SME instrument MGAs Co-fund MGAs Marie-Sklodowska Curie MGAs .

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1.11. "Intellectual Property Management Plan" or "IPMP" refers to Appendix A in which the Consortium Members have agreed upon management of intellectual property rights. 1.12. "Inventing Consortium Member" means the Consortium Member whose Participating Researcher is an inventor or creator of NAWI IP. 1.13.

Oct 30, 2015 · 4 The ‘. IMPORTANT NOTICE AGA —Annotated Model Grant Agreement’ is a user guide that aims to explain to applicants and beneficiaries the General Model Grant Agreement (‘General MGA’) and the different specific Model Grant Agreements (‘Specific MGAs’) for the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for 2014-2020. The p

5 . IMPORTANT NOTICE The AGA — Annotated Model Grant Agreement is a user guide that aims to explain to applicants and beneficiaries the General Model Grant Agreement (General MGA) and the different specific Model Grant Agreements (‘Specific MGAs’) for the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for 2014-2020

EU Grants: Guidance — How to draw up your consortium agreement: V2.2 – 07.01.2020 3 and obligations amongst themselves. IMPORTANT NOTICE This document aims to assist applicants/beneficiaries in drawing up a consortium agreement for Horizon 2020 projects (— mandatory for all multi-beneficiary projects, unless the call/work programme provides otherwise).

Publication 1398-5.2 – PDF 1997 Table of Contents IntroTable of Contents Table of Contents Intro-3 List of Figures Intro-9 List of Tables Intro-13 Preface Intro-17 Who Should Use this Manual.Intro-17 ULTRA 100 Series Product Receiving and Storage Responsibility. .

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