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VISIONEvery Student is a passionate learner, leader andchampion, the most decorated citizen of Indiaand the lamp of the world.MISSIONDiscover the multifaceted talents of the learners;cultivate in them a mind set of lifelong learning,strengths of character and service to others thatare consistent with school values.LET THY LAMP SHINE.MOTTOOBJECTIVES OF EDUCATION AT ST.JOHN’SEducation is a process of the Child’s holistic development. It is a process by which a child is nurtured, enrichedand empowered with knowledge and skill which enable him/her to develop optimally in all domains - physical,mental, psychological, creative and linguistic. By providing a vibrant learning environment, St. John’s schoolempower its student to inteact with the outside world and face challenges there-in with ease and confidence.

INTRODUCTIONSt.John's School, Anchal was founded by His Grace theMost Rev Dr. Benedict Mar Gregorios, the lateArchbishop of Trivandrum. At present the school ismanaged by the Malankara Catholic EducationalSociety of the Major Archdiocese of Trivandrum headedby His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselios Cardinal ClemisCatholicos. The School is affiliated to the Central Boardof Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi. Classes fromLKG to XII are offered here.LOCATIONThe school is ideally located at the heart of Anchal townin the Kollam Kulathupuzha state highway. A group ofeducational institutions like St.John's College, MarBaselios Institute of Technology, St.Joseph's College ofNursing & School of Nursing are situated adjacent tothe school. The very look of the institution will create agood impression in the mind of the beholder. Thecampus is rich in scenic beauty.MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTIONSt. John’s is an English Medium School. HoweverMalayalam and Hindi are given their dueimportance. Campus language is English.THE ESPONSIBILITYEMPATHYTEAM WORKRESPECTCOURAGEEXCELLENCECURRICULUMThe curriculum followed in this school is purelythat of CBSE, at par with the National CurriculumFramework-2005.

CLASSESThe school conducts the following classesPRE - PRIMARYLKG & UKGPRIMARYI - IVSECONDARYIX & XMIDDLEV - VIIISR. SECONDARYXI & XIILANGUAGES & SUBJECTS sMIDDLE (V - VIII)StoriesHand CraftI.C.TEnglishMalayalamHindiMathematicsGeneral ScienceSocial ScienceMusicPhysical EducationGeneral KnowledgeValue EducationComputer ScienceSECONDARY (IX & X)PRIMARY (I - Malayalam/HindiMathematicsGeneral ScienceSocial ScienceArtificial IntelligenceComputer ScienceComputer ScienceGeneral KnowledgeArtMusicValue EducationPhysical EducationArtMusicValue EducationPhysical EducationHealth EducationSR. SECONDARY (XI & XII)Group iGroup IIEnglishPhysicsChemistryBiologyMal/HindiGroup oup IVEnglishPhysicsChemistryBiologyCSMal/HindiGroup VEnglishAccountancyB. StudiesEconomicsCSMal/HindiGroup al/Hindi

ADMISSIONa. The School admits boys and girls on the basis of merit.b. Application forms and prospectus can be collected from the school office. Newadmission will close before 31st May of every year. Closure of LKG and Plus I admissionwill be notified in the school notice board.c. Candidates for the Senior Secondary course must have passed the AISSE/ICSE/SSLC.They should produce eligibility, migration certificates etc. from the authoritiesconcerned.d. Candidates must be accompanied by his/her parents for interview and shouldproduce the following documents.1. Original Certificates of qualifying examination including mark list.2. Transfer Certificate, Certificate of Conduct and Character from the institution lastattended.Certificate proving Date of Birth.3. SC / ST / OBC students should submit their community certificate.(Item No. 1 and 2 above are not applicable to K.G. students)Parents who are prepared to co-operate with the school management with regard to discipline, rules and regulations of the school only need to admit their children in the school.SCHOOL TIMINGAcademic year of the school is from June toMarch. School functions from 9.00 am to 3.40 pmfor students up to Class VIII and till 4.20 pm forSecondary and Senior Secondary students.School office functions from 8.30 am to 4.30 pmon all working days.SPORTS & GAMESSpecial care has been taken to provide Sportsand Games facilities to students. Facilities for thefollowing games are provided.Basket BallVolley BallFoot BallBadmintonKho KhouKabadiAll necessary facilities are there for sports eventslike, Sprint, Jumps and throws.

FACILITIESANGELS’ PARKAngles’ park is a very attractive zone meant for small kids. It’s a leisure cum pleasure area for the kids. Theyalways have a wonderful experience while playing and moving in this area.LABORATORIESPhysics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer and Mathematics department are provided with separate wellequipped laboratories for practical classes.ROBOTIC LAB2020-21 onwards Robotic Lab & Hightech Computer lab facilities will be available for our studentsLANGUAGE LABLanguage lab will be made available for the students to have more practice in Communicative EnglishLIBRARYSt. John’s has a superb library with more than 12,500 books. These books include different genre of Literature, Art, Education, Science and Technology, Biography, Social Science, Computer Science etc. An excellentreading room is attached to the library.SMART CLASSSt. John’s class rooms are techno savvy. At present 45 class rooms are equipped with Smart Class facilities.TEACHING STAFFSt.John’s has a team of highly qualifiedtrained and well experienced and dedicatedteachers who create a warm and friendlylearningatmospherewithmoderntechniques of education.CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIESSt. John’s aims at the full-fledged development ofthe child keeping in mind the multiple nctioning in the school. Every student should bea member of one club or the other.SCHOOL PARLIAMENTSt. John’s provides opportunities to get lessons ofParliamentary Democracy through the schoolparliament. The school parliament consists ofstudents’ representatives from each class. Therepresentatives elect/select School Prefect, VicePrefect,Speaker,SportsCaptainandVice-Captain and various other Ministers.HOUSE SYSTEMThe students are divided into four housesDiamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire.Each house will have a captain and a vicecaptain. There is a house master/mistress foreach house. He/she will be supported by afew assistants. All competitions areconducted on inter house basis. Studentsnoted for leadership qualities and properbehaviour will be chosen as leaders.STUDY TOURAnnual study tours are conducted to variousplaces of historical, educational andecologicalsignificanceprovidingopportunities to students to widen theirknowledge and experience.COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONSVarious regional, national and internationalcompetitive exams will be held in this school.Students get an opportunity to show theircaliber through these exams.

ATTENDANCEAttendance is compulsory in St.John’s. A student with lessthan 85% attendance is not eligible to appear for the finalexamination. Shortage up to 15% may be condoned onmedical grounds by the principal.PAYMENT OF FEESInstallmentMonthDue DateIJune - JulyBefore TextBook DistributionIIAug - SeptAug 56 - 30 AugPromotion to higher classes will be purely on merit. Norecommendation will be entertained in this matter.IIIOct - NovOct 56 - 30 OctVACATIONIVDec - JanDec 56 - 31 DecVFeb - MarFeb 51 - 15 FebPROMOTIONThere are three vacations in an academic year. The summervacation is from the first week of April to the last week of Mayand two short term holidays lasting one week each forOnam and Christmas. There will be vacation classes for IX, Xand XII students in the month of April / May.With fineFEES CHARTCOUNSELINGSt. John’s keeps a Counseling centre for the students. Stresscontrol measures and confidence building methods arefocussed here. Counseling is free for all students and staff.ClassesMonthly Tuition FeesLKG1500UKG1500STD I1550STD II1550STD III1600STD IV1600STD V1700STD VI1700STD VII1750STD VIII1750STD IX1800STD X1800STD XI2500STD XII2500MEDICAL FACILITIESFirst Aid is given to the students in the school itself. Sickstudents will be kept in the infirmary and serious cases willbe referred to the hospital and in such cases treatment billshave to be settled separately by parents.CONVEYANCESt.John's provides conveyance facilities to all the needy.School Buses ply in different directions/routes. Conveyancefee is to be remitted in advance every month.ONLINE SERVICESSt.John’s is providing online service facilities to the parentsthrough a Parent’s App.Messages, fee payment, Report cards and so many othersservices are also available here.CANTEENCanteen facility is available in the school. Students can haverefreshments, tea, snacks, ice cream etc. from the canteen atreasonable rates.Note: If more infrastructural facilities are added the feewill be hiked accordingly. Tuition fee will be increased@ Rs.50 per month biennially

ohn’s SchoolKulathupuzhaST. JOHN'S SCHOOLMAR GREGORIOS CAMPUS, ANCHAL, KOLLAM, KERALA - 691 306AFFILIATED TO C.B.S.E, NEW DELHI AFFILIATION NO:930151ESTD. 1984shapes and sharpens the progeny0475-2272357SCHOOL CODE:

UKG 1500 1500 STD I STD II 1550 1550 STD III STD IV 1600 1600 STD V STD VI 1700 1700 STD VII STD VIII 1750 1750 STD IX STD X 1800 1800 STD XI STD XII 2500 2500 Installment Month Due Date With fine I II III IV V June - July Aug - Sept Oct - Nov Dec - Jan Feb - Mar Before Text Book Distribution

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