Liturgy For The Third Sunday In Lent

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Liturgy for the Third Sunday in LentZion United Church of Christ, LowdenMarch 7th, 2021BOLD PRINT congregation9:30 a.m.*Indicates those who are able may stand.WELCOME TO ALL WHO WORSHIP WITH USPreparing ourselves for WorshipCreate a place where you can be still, & let go ofeverything else. Silence anything that might distract you& set it aside.We pause to light candles in the sanctuary and in ourhomes, to remind us that the Light of Christ is with usalways – whether we are together or apart.RINGING OF THE BELLFAITH IN ACTION – Announcements, Joys & ConcernsPRELUDE"Cwm Rhondda"by Charles Callahan* CALL TO WORSHIPfrom 1 Corinthians 1:18-25Come follow Christ.Who bids us empty ourselves, so we might know the fullness of His love.Come walk the way of the cross.The message of the cross is foolishness to the world, but power to those being saved.God’s foolishness is wiser than human wisdom,God’s weakness is stronger than human strength.ALL: COME, LET US WORSHIP THE LORD OUR GOD!*HYMNLift High the Cross*EXAMINATION OF CONSCIENCETeach me, O Lord, the way of your statutes,Grant your servants understanding, and we shall keep Your law:Bulletin p. 5

March 7, 2021Third Sunday in Lent2I am the Lord Your God. You shall have no other gods before me.You shall not make for yourself an idol.You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God.Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.Honor your father and your mother.You shall not kill.You shall not commit adultery.You shall not steal.You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.You shall not covet your neighbor’s house, or spouse, or anything that belongs to yourneighbor.Silence for personal reflection.Jesus said the first and greatest commandment is this: The Lord our God, the Lord is one; andyou shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, andwith all your strength. The second commandment is like it: you shall love your neighbor asyourself. No other commandment is greater than these.Silence for personal reflection.Let us pray:You, O merciful God, are the source of all holy desires and all just works.Open our hearts to treasure Your Word,so that in all things we may love and serve You. Amen.*PASSING OF THE PEACEThe peace of Christ be with you!And also with you!WELCOME THE CHILDRENChildren are excused to go to their Christian Education classes.EPISTLE (Letter to the Church)1 Corinthians 1:18-25GOSPELJohn 2:13-22REFLECTION OF FAITHNRSV

March 7, 2021Third Sunday in LentHYMNLord I Lift Your Name on High3Rick Founds, 1989Lord, I lift Your name on high, Lord, I love to sing Your praises!I’m so glad You’re in my life, I’m so glad You came to save us.You came from heaven to earth to show the Way;From the earth to the cross, my debt to payFrom the cross to the grave, from the grave to the skies,Lord, I lift Your name on high!PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLEBRINGING OUR TITHES & OUR OFFERINGSOFFERTORY"Woodworth"by Charles Callahan*DOXOLOGYPraise God from whom all blessings flow; Praise God all creatures here belowPraise God above ye heavenly host; Creator, Christ and Holy Ghost!SACRAMENT OF HOLYCOMMUNION*INVITATIONJesus said: "I am the bread of life. You who come tome shall not hunger; you who believe in me shall never thirst.In company with all who hunger for spiritual food, we come to this table with joy andthanksgiving to know the risen Christ in the sharing of this life-giving bread.*THE GREAT THANKSGIVINGThe Lord be with youand also with you.Lift up your hearts.We lift them to the Lord.Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.It is right to give thanks and praise.Almighty God, Creator of us all, your face is turned towards your world. In love you gave us Jesusyour Son to rescue us from sin and death. Your Word goes out to call us home to the city whereangels sing your praise. We join with them in heaven’s song:

March 7, 2021Third Sunday in Lent4*SANCTUS (spoken):Holy, holy, holy God of mercy, giver of life;earth and sea and sky and all that lives,Declare Your presence and your glory!Hosanna in the highest!Congregation may be seated.PRAYER OF CONSECRATION*THE LORD'S PRAYEROur Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done onearth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts as we forgiveour debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the kingdom,and the power, and the glory forever and ever. Amen.SHARING THE BREAD & THE CUPAll those wishing to know the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ are welcome at His table. Wereceive the bread and the cup together in the sanctuary or across the miles. The distance we keep forthe health and safety of each other is dissolved in the unity given by our Lord. Please wait until all havebeen served, and we will receive the elements together.*PRAYER AFTER COMMUNION (unison)by Erin Cox-HolmesChrist Jesus, you stretched out your arms of love on the hard wood of the cross so thateveryone might come within the reach of Your saving embrace: So clothe us in Your Spirit thatwe may reach out our hands in love. Give us grace to befriend the lost, to serve the poor, toreconcile our enemies, and to love our neighbors so we may honor Your name. Amen.*HYMNGod of Grace and God of GloryBulletin p. 6*BENEDICTION. . . Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.Thanks be to God. AMEN!*POSTLUDE Fanfare in C by Henry Purcell

March 7, 2021Third Sunday in Lent5Songs & Scriptures forthe Third Sunday in LentLift High the Crossvss. 1 – 3Refrain: Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim;Let all adore His sacred name.1 Come, Christians, followwhere our Savior trod,the Lamb victorious, Christ,the Son of God. [Refrain]Each newborn servant of the Crucifiedbears on the browthe seal of Christ who died. [Refrain]O Lord, once lifted on the glorious tree,your death has broughtus life eternally. [Refrain]Author: George William Kitchin, 1827-1912(revised: Michael Robert Newbolt)

March 7, 2021Third Sunday in LentGod of Grace and God of Glory, vss. 1 – 3, 51 God of grace and God of glory,on thy people pour thy power;crown thine ancient church’s story;bring its bud to glorious flower.Grant us wisdom, grant us courage,for the facing of this hour,for the facing of this hour.2 Lo! the hosts of evil round usscorn thy Christ, assail thy ways!From the fears that long have bound usfree our hearts to faith and praise.Grant us wisdom, grant us courage,for the living of these days,for the living of these days.3 Cure thy children’s warring madness,bend our pride to thy control;shame our wanton, selfish gladness,rich in things and poor in soul.Grant us wisdom, grant us courage,lest we miss thy righteous goal,lest we miss thy righteous goal.5 Save us from weak resignationto the evils we deplore;let the search for thy salvationbe our glory evermore.Grant us wisdom, grant us courage,serving thee whom we adore,serving thee whom we adore.6

March 7, 2021EPISTLE (“Letter to the Church”)Third Sunday in Lent71 Corinthians 1:18-25For the message about the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing,but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.For it is written,“I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and the discernment of the discerning I will thwart.”Where is the one who is wise?Where is the scribe?Where is the debater of this age?Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?For since, in the wisdom of God, the world did not know God through wisdom, God decided,through the foolishness of our proclamation, to save those who believe.For Jews demand signsand Greeks desire wisdom,but we proclaim Christ crucified, a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles,but to those who are the called, both Jews and Greeks,Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.For God’s foolishness is wiser than human wisdom,and God’s weakness is stronger than human strength.GOSPELJohn 2:13-22NRSVThe Passover of the Jews was near, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. In the temple he foundpeople selling cattle, sheep, and doves, and the money changers seated at their tables. Making awhip of cords, he drove all of them out of the temple, both the sheep and the cattle. He alsopoured out the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables. He told those who wereselling the doves, “Take these things out of here! Stop making my Father’s house a marketplace!”His disciples remembered that it was written, “Zeal for your house will consume me.” The Jewsthen said to him, “What sign can you show us for doing this?” Jesus answered them, “Destroy thistemple, and in three days I will raise it up.” The Jews then said, “This temple has been underconstruction for forty-six years, and will you raise it up in three days?” But he was speaking of thetemple of his body. After he was raised from the dead, his disciples remembered that he had saidthis; and they believed the scripture and the word that Jesus had spoken.

March 7, 2021Third Sunday in Lent8HEBREW SCRIPTUREExodus 20: 1-4, 7-17Then God spoke all these words: I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, outof the house of slavery;You shall have no other gods before me.You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, orthat is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. . . You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not acquitanyone who misuses his name.Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy.Six days you shall labor and do all your work. But the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God;you shall not do any work—you, your son or your daughter, your male or female slave, your livestock,or the alien resident in your towns. For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and allthat is in them, but rested the seventh day; therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day andconsecrated it.Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God isgiving you.You shall not murder.You shall not commit adultery.You shall not steal.You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or male or femaleslave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.Thank you to our Worship LeadersOrganist:Liturgist:Videographer:Power Point:Council Ushers:Acolytes:Ministers:Pastor:Carter HormanTerry LasackJulie HoffmeierDiane EsbaumJanice Strackbein / Diane EsbaumTucker and Ellie CoppessAll believersRev. Susan Schneider-Adams

Weekly Zion News UpdateMarch 5, 2021Join us for worship at Zion this Sunday at 9:30 am.THIRD SUNDAY IN SUNDAYCOMING UP AT ZIONSUNDAY, MARCH 7Holy CommunionThird Sunday in LentWorship at 9:30 am In-Person and OnlineChristian Education at 9:30 am (begin in the sanctuary)NOTE: Sunday School classes will be held this SundayVIEW THE WORSHIP BULLETIN FOR MARCH 7Worship & Music Committee Meeting at 10:45 am TENTATIVE- 1-

Weekly Zion News UpdateMarch 5, 2021TUESDAY, MARCH 9HACAP Mobile Food Pantry at Bennett Ambulance Building from 3:30 to4:30 pmChurch Council Meeting at 6 pmWEDNESDAY, MARCH 10SHF Easter Sunrise Planning Meeting at 4:30 pmConversations about the Main Meal: Blessed, Broken, & SharedLenten Worship and Study at 7 pm ONLINE ONLYSee below for more informationSUNDAY, MARCH 14Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 am – Set your clocks ahead!Fourth Sunday in LentWorship at 9:30 am In-Person and OnlineChristian Education at 9:30 am (begin in the sanctuary)Transition Team Meeting at 10:45 amVIEW THE ZION CALENDAR FOR ADDITIONAL EVENTSFACEBOOK LIVE STREAM WORSHIP LINKWorship is livestreamed on FACEBOOK and posted toour YOUTUBE channel later in the day and later in the week on localcable channels. The livestream video begins about 9:20 am.- 2-

Weekly Zion News UpdateMarch 5, 2021MID-WEEK LENTEN WORSHIPHoly Communion is the center of our life as the church – but why? Whatdifference does it make in our lives here and now? Join us online eachWednesday in Lent from 7 to 8 pm for conversations about theMeal that draws us in, defines us, feeds us and sends us out into theworld as the Body of Christ. Pastors Matt and Susan Schneider-Adamswill lead us in a simple, short time of worship and then engage us inthought-provoking dialogue using scripture, bread-baking, the disciplinesof Lent and everyday life as resources. We hope you'll join us on Zoom tobe part of the conversation or you can be a silent participant (andcomment) on Facebook.Session 3 (March 10): Yeast – Letting it RestTheme: We can't rush the bread – it must be kneaded and then it needstime to allow the yeast to do its work. We must allow time for solitude ifwe would truly understand what it means to be in community.Scripture: Matthew 26:26-29, Mark 14: 22-25, Luke 22: 19-24 (Quiet ofLast Supper – Quiet before the storm!)Activity: REST – prayer. Challenge: To take time for quiet and prayereach day.- 3-

Weekly Zion News UpdateMarch 5, 2021FAREWELL TO HERALD NEWSLETTERThe March 2021 issue of the monthly Herald newsletter will be the last.The weekly Zion News will officially replace the Herald as the primarycommunication tool for the church. Over the course of the last year, ZionNews has evolved to contain much of the same content (and more) as theHerald and it allows for more affordable and timely distribution ofinformation. While Zion News is primarily shared by e-mail, printed copiesof Zion News will be distributed to members each week who do not haveInternet access. If you would like a printed copy of Zion News each week,please contact the church office. The weekly Zion News e-newsletter issent on Fridays and as needed for special announcements.For nearly a century (94 years to be exact), the Herald has shared thegood news of Zion. We know that this may be a difficult change for some;however, we believe the weekly frequency of Zion News better serves ourmembers as we move into future. We welcome your feedback and hopeyou will let us know what we can do to make Zion News an even betterpublication.TEACHER SUPPLY DRIVEPlease help the Missions Committee Sprinkle our Teachers withSupplies. North Cedar teachers work hard and deserve a little “sprinkle”of appreciation. Consider donating a supply or two for their classroom asa small “thank you” for all they do! Pick up a tag hanging on the coat rackin the Main Entrance, purchase the item on the tag, attach the tag to theitem and place it on the shelf above by March 21. The Committee willdistribute these supplies to teachers the week of March 22.- 4-

Weekly Zion News UpdateMarch 5, 2021ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARINGWater is life. Water is love. Let love flow. Access to clean fresh wateris vital for all of humanity, but for women in particular, water accessmeans the difference between life and death for them and their families.The United Nations International Observance of World WaterDay (March 22) reflects on the importance of water in our daily lives andremembers those who lack access to adequate drinking water supplies.For women and girls around the world, it can be a 12 hour walk to thenearest water source to collect water to maintain basic needs and crucialhygiene practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. With your support,100families will benefit from the Water Well project, sponsored by the UnitedChurch of Christ in Mozambique (UCCM). When you give to One GreatHour of Sharing, you invest in the hopeful future of women and girlsaround the world and serve as co-workers with God to build a just worldfor all.Zion will collect the One Great Hour of Sharing offering on March 14;however, you may make your gift anytime during the month of March.Please be sure to mark your gift "OGHS" when you place it in the offeringplate, mail it, drop it off at church or give online.- 5-

Weekly Zion News UpdateMarch 5, 2021MISSIONS MEETING HIGHLIGHTSThe Missions Committee met Feb. 21. Here are highlights of theirmeeting: The Food Pantry was open to the public on Feb. 20 from 10 am toNoon. One family was served. The next scheduled open Food Pantry date is Saturday,March 20 from 10 am to Noon. Food Pantry signage and advertising was discussed. Another school supply drive for teachers is taking place. Membersof the congregation are being asked for supply donations. Supplylists will be available for pick up at church on Feb. 28. Thedeadline for donated supplies is March 21.THE UPPER ROOM DEVOTIONALSThe March/April edition of The Upper Room devotionals are nowavailable. Pick up a copy for yourself and one for a friend. Booklets are onthe table in the Main Entrance.PASSION NARRATIVE READERS NEEDEDA dramatic reading of the Passion Narrative is being planned forPalm/Passion Sunday, March 28. If you are interested in participating,please contact Pastor Susan. There would likely be at least one rehearsalon March 21.- 6-

Weekly Zion News UpdateMarch 5, 2021COVID-19 SAFETY MEASURESDue to COVID-19, it is REQUIRED that face coverings be worn at all timeinside the church building for worship services, meetings, and otherchurch functions. Also, please practice social distancing throughout thechurch. In-person meetings are currently limited to less than 10 peopleand serving food is not permitted. Thank you for your cooperation inhelping to prevent the spread of the virus.BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIESBIRTHDAYSMarch 5: Lonnie LuepkerMarch 8: Tanya StewartMarch 9: Jalynn O’HowellMarch 11: Annette Behrens, KodyKlahn, Seth Hamilton, Gene HormanMarch 12: Dennis Mostaert, LisaHormanMarch 13: Megan HormanMarch 14: Lisa GottschalkMarch 15: Anna Dohmen, AaronHormanMarch 18: Addison LuepkerANNIVERSARIESMarch 14, 1992: Scott and CarmenFieldsCONTACT ZIONPASTORRev. Susan Schneider-Adamsemail: zionpastor@fbcom.netphone: (563) 941-7726PASTOR'S OFFICE HOURS:Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from10 am to 2 pm (or by appointment).CHURCH OFFICEemail: zionucc@fbcom.netphone: (563) 941-7726CHURCH OFFICE HOURS:Monday and Wednesday from 10 am to 3pm, Thursday from 2 to 5 pmIf you have church news or information to share in the weekly ZionNews, please e-mail 7-

Mar 07, 2021 · March 7, 2021 Third Sunday in Lent 5 Songs & Scriptures for the Third Sunday in Lent Lift High the Cross vss. 1 – 3 Author: George William Kitchin, 1827-1912 (revised: Michael Robert Newbolt) Refrain: Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim; Let all adore His sacred name. 1 Come, C

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The Liturgy of Saint Gregory The Preliminary Rubrics of The Liturgy The Divine Liturgy of the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, according to the restored Orthodox Western Rite, is ordinarily celebrated as a Solemn Liturgy, that is, with the assistance of a Deacon and Subdeacon. When these assisting ministers are not