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Products U.S. Price ListEffective December 13, 2010

About Synertech Brand ProductsOldcastle Precast Enclosure Solutions Synertech Duo Molded Underground Enclosures areused as splice boxes, pull boxes, equipment enclosures, meter boxes, and valve boxes orwhenever underground access is required.Oldcastle Precast Enclosure Solutions has combined the exceptional strength and durabilityof High Density Polymer Concrete (HDPC) with the tough and lightweight qualities of SheetMolding Compound (SMC) to meet your most important requirements for undergroundenclosures. Utilizing the two patented materials with our patented manufacturing process,Synertech manufactures a monolithic straight walled enclosure that is not only the toughestand lightest polymer composite enclosure on the market today.Features & Benefits of the Duo Mold SeriesSynertech Duo Mold Enclosures.Are lightweight and easy to handle.Conform to OSHA Section VII Chapter 1 up to 17x30 in size – Allowable handling weight.Use Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) for exceptional toughness and reduced weight.With Tier 15 load rating standard.Meet ANSI/SCTE 77-2002 as referenced in the NEC 314.30.Straight wall design for stackable applications.Are unaffected by custom holes drilled into body sidewall like fiberglass construction.Uses 20,000 psi polymer concrete for higher strength.Uses stainless steel hardware.Have exceptional resistance to sunlight and chemicals.Are unaffected by freeze/thaw.Are non conductive and do not require grounding for safety.Are available with special markings and logos.Approved and conforms to DOT standards.Approved and conforms to RUS standards

SynertechDUO MOLDJunction Box 1118Box1118DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 810132112101321161013211710132118101Box, SYN1118 T 12" DuoBox, SYN1118 T 18" DuoBox, SYN1118 T 24" (2)Box, SYN1118 T 30" (2)Box, SYN1118 T 36" Duo (2)SYN1118TBOX12SYN1118TBOX18SYN1118T 2 STKDBXSSYN1118T 2 STKDBXSSYN1118T 2 STKDBXS1118DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 162131059921Lid, SYN1118 T - No MarkLid, SYN1118 T - ElectricLid, SYN1118 T - TelephoneLid, SYN1118 T - Fiber OpticsLid, SYN1118 T - WaterLid, SYN1118 T - GroundLid, SYN1118 T - GASLid, SYN1118 T - LightingLid, SYN1118 T - Street LightingLid, SYN1118 T - TrafficLid, SYN1118 T - Traffic SignalLid, SYN1118 T - Non-Potable WaterLid, SYN1118 T - CommunicationLid, SYN1118 T - YN1118T099ItemWeight2530495560List price Line itemDiscount 92.25OC10 102.70OC10 198.05OC10 228.22OC10 st price Line itemDiscount 53.49OC10 53.49OC10 53.49OC10 53.49OC10 53.49OC10 53.49OC10 53.49OC10 53.49OC10 53.49OC10 53.49OC10 53.49OC10 53.49OC10 53.49OC10 53.49OC10ItemWeight1620333640List price Line itemDiscount 87.46OC10 99.86OC10 196.48OC10 214.52OC10 15List price Line itemDiscount 38.89OC10 38.89OC10 38.89OC10 38.89OC10 38.89OC10 38.89OC10 38.89OC10 38.89OC10 38.89OC10 38.89OC10 38.89OC10 38.89OC10 38.89OC10 38.89OC10 38.89OC10 38.89OC10Lid 1118Junction Box 1212Box1212DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 010132124101321281013212910132130101Box, SYN1212 T 12" DuoBox, SYN1212 T 18" DuoBox, SYN1212 T 24" Duo (2)Box, SYN1212 T 30" Duo (2)Box, SYN1212 T 36" Duo (2)SYN1212TBOX12SYN1212TBOX18SYN1212T 2 STKDBXSSYN1212T 2 STKDBXSSYN1212T 2 STKDBXS1212DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 213110132131101421311016213110172131109921Lid, SYN1212 T - No MarkLid, SYN1212 T - ElectricLid, SYN1212 T - TelephoneLid, SYN1212 T - Fiber OpticsLid, SYN1212 T - WaterLid, SYN1212 T - CatvLid, SYN1212 T - GroundLid, SYN1212 T - GASLid, SYN1212 T - LightingLid, SYN1212 T - Street LightingLid, SYN1212 T - TrafficLid, SYN1212 T - Traffic SignalLid, SYN1212 T - Non-Potable WaterLid, SYN1212 T - CommunicationsLid, SYN1212 T - IrrigationLid, SYN1212 T - YN1212T041SYN1212T005SYN1212T099Lid 12123Customer Service Department at tions

SynertechDUO MOLDJunction Box 1324Box1324DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 210132136101321401013214110132142101Box, SYN1324 T 12" DuoBox, SYN1324 T 18"DuoBox, SYN1324 T 24" DuoBox, SYN1324 T 30"Duo (2)Box, SYN1324 T 36"Duo (2)SYN1324TBOX12SYN1324TBOX18SYN1324TBOX24SYN1324T 2 STKDBXSSYN1324T 2 STKDBXS1324DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 213115132131151421311516213115172131159921Lid, SYN1324 T - No MarkLid, SYN1324 T - ElectricLid, SYN1324 T - TelephoneLid, SYN1324 T - Fiber OpticsLid, SYN1324 T - WaterLid, SYN1324 T - CatvLid, SYN1324 T - GroundLid, SYN1324 T - GASLid, SYN1324 T - LightingLid, SYN1324 T - Street LightingLid, SYN1324 T - TrafficLid, SYN1324 T - Traffic SignalLid, SYN1324 T - Non-Potable WaterLid, SYN1324 T- CommunicationsLid, SYN1324 T - IrrigationLid, SYN1324 T - 74List price Line itemDiscount 111.78OC10 122.53OC10 143.96OC10 260.45OC10 38List price Line itemDiscount 75.92OC10 75.92OC10 75.92OC10 75.92OC10 75.92OC10 75.92OC10 75.92OC10 75.92OC10 75.92OC10 75.92OC10 75.92OC10 75.92OC10 75.92OC10 75.92OC10 75.92OC10 75.92OC10ItemWeight4249549198103List price Line itemDiscount 140.04OC10 160.72OC10 192.51OC10 324.36OC10 334.74OC10 73List price Line itemDiscount 119.39OC10 119.39OC10 119.39OC10 119.39OC10 119.39OC10 119.39OC10 119.39OC10 119.39OC10 119.39OC10 119.39OC10 119.39OC10 119.39OC10 119.39OC10 119.39OC10 119.39OC10 119.39OC10Lid 1324Junction Box 1730Box1730DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 101Box, SYN1730 T 12" DuoBox, SYN1730 T 18" DuoBox, SYN1730 T 24" DuoBox, SYN1730 T 30" Duo (2)Box, SYN1730 T 36" Duo (2)Box, SYN1730 T 42" Duo (2)SYN1730TBOX12SYN1730TBOX18SYN1730TBOX24SYN1730T 2 STKDBXSSYN1730T 2 STKDBXSSYN1730T 2 STKDBXS1730DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 213120132131201421312016213120172131209921Lid, SYN1730 T - No MarkLid, SYN1730 T - ElectricLid, SYN1730 T - TelephoneLid, SYN1730 T - Fiber OpticsLid, SYN1730 T - WaterLid, SYN1730 T - Cable TVLid, SYN1730 T - GroundLid, SYN1730 T - GASLid, SYN1730 T - Lighting (Short)Lid, SYN1730 T - Street LightingLid, SYN1730 T - TrafficLid, SYN1730 T - Traffic SignalLid, SYN1730 T - Non-Potable WaterLid, SYN1730 T - CommunicationsLid, SYN1730 T - IrrigationLid, SYN1730 T - YN1730T041SYN1730T005SYN1730T099Lid 17304Customer Service Department at tions

SynertechDUO MOLDJunction Box 2436Box2436DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 7310132174101321751013217610132177101Box, SYN2436 T 18" DuoBox, SYN2436 T 24" DuoBox, SYN2436 T 36" DuoBox, SYN2436 T 42" Duo (2)Box, SYN2436 T 48" Duo (2)Box, SYN2436 T 54" Duo (2)Box, SYN2436 T 60" Duo (2)Box, SYN2436 T 72" Duo (2)SYN2436TBOX18SYN2436TBOX24SYN2436TBOX36SYN2436T 2 STKDBXSSYN2436T 2 STKDBXSSYN2436T 2 STKDBXSSYN2436T 2 STKDBXSSYN2436T 2 STKDBXS2436DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 213125132131251421312516213125172131259921Lid, SYN2436 T - No MarkLid, SYN2436 T - ElectricLid, SYN2436 T - TelephoneLid, SYN2436 T - Fiber OpticsLid, SYN2436 T - WaterLid, SYN2436 T - CatvLid, SYN2436 T - GroundLid, SYN2436 T - GASLid, SYN2436 T - LightingLid, SYN2436 T - Street LightingLid, SYN2436 T - TrafficLid, SYN2436 T - "Traffic Signal"Lid, SYN2436 T - Non-Potable WaterLid, SYN2436 T - CommunicationLid, SYN2436 T - IrrigationLid, SYN2436T - 71181240262320List price Line itemDiscount 248.88OC10 279.74OC10 364.21OC10 589.00OC10 621.16OC10 664.00OC10 688.62OC10 147147147147147147List price Line itemDiscount 225.26OC10 225.26OC10 225.26OC10 225.26OC10 225.26OC10 225.26OC10 225.26OC10 225.26OC10 225.26OC10 225.26OC10 225.26OC10 225.26OC10 225.26OC10 225.26OC10 225.26OC10 225.26OC10ItemWeight119133160252265293320List price Line itemDiscount 379.44OC10 427.48OC10 567.40OC10 821.37OC10 867.91OC10 993.74OC10 1,119.98 OC10Lid 2436Junction Box 3048Box3048DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 71013217810132179101Box, SYN3048 T 18" DuoBox, SYN3048 T 24"Box, SYN3048 T 36" DuoBox, SYN3048 T 42" Duo (2)Box, SYN3048 T 48" Duo (2)Box, SYN3048 T 60" Duo (2)Box, SYN3048 T 72" Duo (2)SYN3048TBOX18SYN3048TBOX24SYN3048TBOX36SYN3048T 2 STKDBXSSYN3048T 2 STKDBXSSYN3048T 2 STKDBXSSYN3048T 2 STKDBXS5Customer Service Department at tions

SynertechDUO MOLDLid 30483048DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 213130132131301421313016213130172131309921Lid, SYN3048 T - No MarkLid, SYN3048 T - ElectricLid, SYN3048 T - TelephoneLid, SYN3048 T - Fiber OpticsLid, SYN3048 T - WaterLid, SYN3048 T - CATVLid, SYN3048 T - GroundLid, SYN3048 T - GASLid, SYN3048 T - LightingLid, SYN3048 T - Street LightingLid, SYN3048 T - TrafficLid, SYN3048 T - Traffic Sign.Lid, SYN3048 T - Non-Potable WaterLid, SYN3048 T - CommunicationLid, SYN3048 T - IrrigationLid, SYN3048 T - 3213213213213213213213213213213213213213List price Line itemDiscount 345.75OC10 345.75OC10 345.75OC10 345.75OC10 345.75OC10 345.75OC10 345.75OC10 345.75OC10 345.75OC10 345.75OC10 345.75OC10 345.75OC10 345.75OC10 345.75OC10 345.75OC10 345.75OC10ItemWeight188226376413451List price Line itemDiscount 549.56OC10 679.95OC10 1,145.03 OC10 1,264.50 OC10 1,362.08 357357357357List price Line itemDiscount 632.64OC10 632.64OC10 632.64OC10 632.64OC10 632.64OC10 632.64OC10 632.64OC10 632.64OC10 632.64OC10 632.64OC10 632.64OC10 632.64OC10 632.64OC10 632.64OC10 632.64OC10 632.64OC10Junction Box 3660Box3660DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 110132192101321951013219610132197101Box, SYN3660 T 24" DuoBox, SYN3660 T 36" DuoBox, SYN3660 T 48" Duo (2)Box, SYN3660 T 60" Duo (2)Box, SYN3660 T 72" Duo (2)SYN3660TBOX24SYN3660TBOX36SYN3660T 2 STKDBXSSYN3660T 2 STKDBXSSYN3660T 2 STKDBXS3660DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 213135132131351421313516213135172131359921Lid, SYN3660 T - No MarkLid, SYN3660 T - ElectricLid, SYN3660 T - TelephoneLid, SYN3660 T - Fiber OpticsLid, SYN3660 T - WaterLid, SYN3660 T - CATVLid, SYN3660 T - GroundLid, SYN3660 T - GasLid, SYN3660 T - LightingLid, SYN3660 T - Street LightingLid, SYN3660 T - TrafficLid, SYN3660 T - Traffic SignalLid, SYN3660 T - Non-Potable WaterLid, SYN3660 T - CommunicationsLid, SYN3660 T - IrrigationLid, SYN3660 T - YN3660T041SYN3660T005SYN3660T099Lid 36606Customer Service Department at tions

SynertechHardwareHardware ItemsDepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 000205480002033800020298000203480002030SYN Terminators-3"SYN Terminators-4"SYN Terminators-5"SYN Terminators-6"SYN Pulling Eye/B. Oeil 3/8-16 SSSYN J Hook/Crochet en J, ZincSYN Hook cov. HB/Crochet couv. BHSYN Terminators-2"SYN EMS Mini-MarkerCable Rack Hook 7 1/2" #10A36Cable Rack Hook 10" #10A372x Hex Bolt 2x Washer SST2x Lg Penta Bolt 2x Washer SST2x Hexbolt 2x Wash SST2x Hexbolt 2x Wash SST2x LgPnta 2x Washer SST2x LgPnta 2x Washer SST1/2" 13 x 1-1/4"1/2" 13 x 1-1/4"1/2" 13 x 2-1/2"1/2" 13 x 3-1/2"1/2" 13 x 2-1/2"1/2" 13 x 3-1/2"ItemWeight-List price 3.36 4.66 8.79 13.68 34.20 3.72 30.99 3.06 7.58 8.22 8.40 3.63 6.28 8.00 16.30 9.65 20.12Synertech Duo Mold BoxKit Number1212-XX1118, 1324, 17308000205280002033HEX 1/2-13 x 1 ¼”HEX 1/2-13 x 2 ½”2436, 3048, 366080002029HEX 1/2-13 x3 ½”Line 212-XX1118, 1324, 17308000205480002034PENTA 1/2-13 x 1 ¼”PENTA 1/2-13 x 2 ½”2436, 3048, 366080002030PENTA 1/2-13 x 3 ½”Marking Plate SystemMarking PlatesDepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 03190106031901061319010703190108031901090Marking Plate-BlankMarking Plate-ElectricMarking Plate-CommunicationsMarking Plate-Traffic SignalMarking Plate-Street LightingMarking Plate-High VoltageMarking Plate-CATVMarking Plate-Fiber OpticsMarking Plate-LightingMarking Plate-WaterMarking Plate-"Marked" 8"4"x8"4"x8"7Customer Service Department at 800-735-5566ItemWeight-List price 7.40 7.40 7.40 7.40 7.40 7.40 7.40 7.40 7.40 7.40 7.40Line

SynertechAdhesiveSealantDepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 2--3190010031900110Dow Corning 732 Sealant 300 mlDow Corning 732 Sealant 90 mlDow 732Dow 732List priceItemWeight 13.99 7.99Line itemDiscountOC10OC10Marking Plate SystemLid 11181118DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 2Lid-Gray31059821Lid, SYN1118 T-Marking PlateRequiredSYN1118T1212DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 2Lid-Gray31109821Lid, SYN1212 T -Marking PlateRequiredSYN1212T1324DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 2Lid-Gray31159821Lid, SYN1324 T -Marking PlateRequiredSYN1324T1730DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 2Lid-Gray31209821Lid, SYN1730 T -Marking PlateRequiredSYN1730T2436DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 2Lid-Gray31259821Lid, SYN2436 T -Marking PlateRequiredSYN2436T3048DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 2Lid-Gray31309821Lid, SYN3048 T -Marking PlateRequiredSYN3048T3660DepthColorSKU NumberDescription 1Description 2Lid-Gray31359821Lid, SYN3660 T -Marking PlateRequiredSYN3660TItem List price Line itemWeightDiscount26 53.49OC10Lid 1212Item List price Line itemWeightDiscount15 38.89OC10Lid 1324Item List price Line itemWeightDiscount38 75.92OC10Lid 1730Item List price Line itemWeightDiscount73 119.39OC10Lid 2436Item List price Line itemWeightDiscount147 225.26OC10Lid 3048Item List price Line itemWeightDiscount213 345.75OC10Lid 36608Customer Service Department at 800-735-5566Item List price Line itemWeightDiscount357 ons

Terms & Conditions - Communications Products Prices subject to change without notice F.O.B. Oldcastle Facilities Freight Pre-Paid on orders larger than 5,000 Credit Terms: Net 30 days to approved customers MINIMUM ORDER SIZE 100.00 NET Special requirements for color, materials, or hardware will be quoted upon request Other sizes or type of bolt heads will be quoted upon request Products being requested for return must have prior authorization and are subject to 25% restockingfee for standard products returned within 180 days of purchase. Products must be in saleable condition Special order products cannot be returnedOldcastle Precast has united the people and products ofCarson, Christy and Synertech to form Oldcastle Precast Enclosure SolutionsProduct details can be found at Precast Enclosure SolutionsToll Free: 800-735-5566 Fax: tions

(800) 735-5566Delivering Oldcastle Precast Enclosure SolutionsOldcastle Precast has combined the products of Carson, Christyand Synertech to form Oldcastle Precast Enclosure Solutions,one of the largest, most innovative manufacturers in the world ofenclosure products made from concrete, polymers and plastics. Witha nationwide network of facilities, our products are always close athand. Oldcastle Precast Enclosure Solutions is the global leader withthe strongest, most durable materials using leading-edge technologiesfor designing, manufacturing and supplying enclosure products for theprotection of municipal water, irrigation, electric, telecommunications,cable and transportation infrastructures.Revision 4/2011 2010 Oldcastle Precast, Inc.

List price Line item Discount Box 12 Gray 32120101 Box, SYN1212 T 12" Duo SYN1212TBOX12 16 87.46 OC10 Box 18 Gray 32124101 Box, SYN1212 T 18" Duo SYN1212TBOX18 20 99.86 OC10 Box 24 Gray 32128101 Box, SYN1212 T 24" Duo (2) SYN1212T 2 STKDBXS 33 196.48 OC10 Box 30 Gray 32129101 Box,

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COPING (Detail required): - L cut 47.24 list price each - U cut 94.48 list price each RETURN ENDS 204.67 added to total list price threshold MITER 10.65 list each RIPPING 13.27 list per foot SPOT WELD 19.20 list per foot BEVELING 13.27 list per foot