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eWCAT (ELECTRONIC WELL CONTROLASSURANCE TOOL) AND PROCESS SAFETYUSEPA HF Technica l Workshop,April 2013Insert aMa rco O p De WeeghWell Control & Design Integrity Tea m Lea dCopyright of Shell Explora tion & Production Compa ny, 2013April 20131

DEFINITIONS AND CAUTIONARY NOTEThe compa nies in which Roya l Dutch Shell plc directly a nd indirectly owns investments a re sepa ra te entities. In this presenta tion “Shell”, “Shell group” a nd “Roya l Dutch Shell” a resometimes used for convenience where references a re ma de to Roya l Dutch Shell plc a nd its subsidia ries in genera l. Likewise, the words “we”, “us” a nd “our” a re a lso used to refer tosubsidia ries in genera l or to those who work for them. These expressions a re a lso used where no useful purpose is served by identifying the pa rticula r compa ny or compa nies.‘‘Subsidia ries’’, “Shell subsidia ries” a nd “Shell compa nies” a s used in this presenta tion refer to compa nies over which Roya l Dutch Shell plc either directly or indirectly ha s control.Compa nies over which Shell ha s joint control a re genera lly referred to “joint ventures” a nd compa nies over which Shell ha s significa nt influence but neither control nor joint control a rereferred to a s “a ssocia tes”. In this presenta tion, joint ventures a nd a ssocia tes ma y a lso be referred to a s “equity-a ccounted investments”. The term “Shell interest” is used for convenience toindica te the direct a nd/ or indirect (for exa mple, through our 23% sha reholding in Woodside Petroleum Ltd.) ownership interest held by Shell in a venture, pa rtnership or compa ny, a fterexclusion of a ll third-pa rty interest.This presenta tion conta ins forwa rd-looking sta tements concerning the fina ncia l condition, results of opera tions a nd businesses of Roya l Dutch Shell. All sta tements other tha n sta tements ofhistorica l fa ct a re, or ma y be deemed to be, forwa rd-looking sta tements. Forwa rd-looking sta tements a re sta tements of future expecta tions tha t a re ba sed on ma na gement’s currentexpecta tions a nd a ssumptions a nd involve known a nd unknown risks a nd uncerta inties tha t could ca use a ctua l results, performa nce or events to differ ma teria lly from those expressed orimplied in these sta tements. Forwa rd-looking sta tements include, a mong other things, sta tements concerning the potentia l exposure of Roya l Dutch Shell to ma rket risks a nd sta tementsexpressing ma na gement’s expecta tions, beliefs, estima tes, foreca sts, projections a nd a ssumptions. These forwa rd-looking sta tements a re identified by their use of terms a nd phra ses sucha s ‘‘a nticipa te’’, ‘‘believe’’, ‘‘could’’, ‘‘estima te’’, ‘‘expect’’, ‘‘goa ls’’, ‘‘intend’’, ‘‘ma y’’, ‘‘objectives’’, ‘‘outlook’’, ‘‘pla n’’, ‘‘proba bly’’, ‘‘project’’, ‘‘risks’’, “schedule”, ‘‘seek’’, ‘‘should’’,‘‘ta rget’’, ‘‘will’’ a nd simila r terms a nd phra ses. There a re a number of fa ctors tha t could a ffect the future opera tions of Roya l Dutch Shell a nd could ca use those results to differ ma teria llyfrom those expressed in the forwa rd-looking sta tements included in this presenta tion, including (without limita tion): (a ) price fluctua tions in crude oil a nd na tura l ga s; (b) cha nges indema nd for Shell’s products; (c) currency fluctua tions; (d) drilling a nd production results; (e) reserves estima tes; (f) loss of ma rket sha re a nd industry competition; (g) environmenta l a ndphysica l risks; (h) risks a ssocia ted with the identifica tion of suita ble potentia l a cquisition properties a nd ta rgets, a nd successful negotia tion a nd completion of such tra nsa ctions; (i) the riskof doing business in developing countries a nd countries subject to interna tiona l sa nctions; (j) legisla tive, fisca l a nd regula tory developments including regula tory mea sures a ddressingclima te cha nge; (k) economic a nd fina ncia l ma rket conditions in va rious countries a nd regions; (l) politica l risks, including the risks of expropria tion a nd renegotia tion of the terms ofcontra cts with governmenta l entities, dela ys or a dva ncements in the a pprova l of projects a nd dela ys in the reimbursement for sha red costs; a nd (m) cha nges in tra ding conditions. Allforwa rd-looking sta tements conta ined in this presenta tion a re expressly qua lified in their entirety by the ca utiona ry sta tements conta ined or referred to in this section. Rea ders should notpla ce undue relia nce on forwa rd-looking sta tements. Additiona l risk fa ctors tha t ma y a ffect future results a re conta ined in Roya l Dutch Shell’s 20-F for the yea r ended December 31, 2012(a va ila ble a t www.shell.com/ investor a nd www.sec.gov ). These risk fa ctors a lso expressly qua lify a ll forwa rd looking sta tements conta ined in this presenta tion a nd should be consideredby the rea der. Ea ch forwa rd-looking sta tement spea ks only a s of the da te of this presenta tion, 16 th & 17 th of April, 2013. Neither Roya l Dutch Shell plc nor a ny of its subsidia riesunderta ke a ny obliga tion to publicly upda te or revise a ny forwa rd-looking sta tement a s a result of new informa tion, future events or other informa tion. In light of these risks, results coulddiffer ma teria lly from those sta ted, implied or inferred from the forwa rd-looking sta tements conta ined in this presenta tion.We ma y ha ve used certa in terms, such a s resources, in this presenta tion tha t United Sta tes Securities a nd Excha nge Commission (SEC) strictly prohibits us from including in our filings withthe SEC. U.S. Investors a re urged to consider closely the disclosure in our Form 20-F, File No 1-32575, a va ila ble on the SEC website www.sec.gov. You ca n a lso obta in these forms fromthe SEC by ca lling 1-800-SEC-0330.Copyright of Shell Exploration & Production Company, 20132

AGENDAHSSE & SP CF, Process & Persona l Sa fety . . 1 minProcess Sa fety, Wells Sta nda rds – Dem 1 & 2 . 2 minWell Delivery Process & Bow-tie methodology (well life cycle) 2 minPCM – eWCAT . 2 minP&ID’s .1 minEquipment, Personnel & Ba rrier Verifica tion Pla ns (BVP) . 2 minCO C & CO S 3 minComplia nce in eWCAT 2 minQ uestions . ?Total: 15 minCopyright of Shell Exploration & Production Company, 2013April 20133

HSSE & SP CONTROL FRAMEWORK, PROCESS SAFETY &PERSONAL SAFETYAddressing Wellbore Integrity in Pra cticeShell Control Fra meworkCopyright of Shell Exploration & Production Company, 2013April 20134

PROCESS SAFETY IN WELLS Prevention of potentia l ma jor industria l incidentsca used by unintended relea se of energy orha za rdous substa ncesWell Process Sa fetyProcess Sa fety Pyra mid Potentia l ha za rds a ssocia ted with well control,wellbore integrity & conta inment Potentia l incidents rela ting to well control & loss ofwell integrity Loss of prima ry well control Design loa d ca se exceeded Single ba rrier fa ilures Unintended relea se of well effluents O ther releva nt incidents Incidents sha ll be RAM-cla ssified & followed-upa ccordinglyCopyright of Shell Exploration & Production Company, 2013April 20135

PROCESS & PERSONAL SAFETYDEM 2 : Process safety basicrequirement to prevent re-occurrenceof incident.Process Safety Basic Requirements (PSBR)Currently 11 PSBR’s:PSBR 1Safe siting of occupied portable buildingsPSBR 2ESD valves on platform risersPSBR’s (Process Safety BasicRequirements) , “SHALL” sta tement[PS]PSBR 3Temporary refugesPSBR 4Permit To WorkPSBR 5Management Of ChangeDEM 1 & WS’s: Wells Sta nda rds (WS),DEP’s (Shell Design a nd EngineeringPra ctices),PSBR 6Avoid liquid release relief to atmospherePSBR 7Avoid tank overfill followed by vapour cloudreleasePSBR 8Avoid brittle fracture of metallic materialsPSBR 9Alarm management- Exa mple: PCM (Pressure ControlMa nua l) & CTDM (Ca sing TubingDesign Ma nua l), “sha ll”, ma nda toryCopyright of Shell Exploration & Production Company, 2013PSBR 10 Sour Gas (H2S)PSBR 11 Deepwater Well Design and ConstructionApril 20136

WELL DELIVERY PROCESS & BOW-TIE METHODOLOGY(WELL LIFE CYCLE)Well Delivery Process:Bowties:Copyright of Shell Exploration & Production Company, 2013April 20137

eWCAT (PROCESS SAFETY)CTDM (Casing Tubing Design Manual):Process Sa fety requirements: Ba rrier Policy Design Process Ma teria l, pipe body, connection (selection) Design loa d scena rio’s; conditions for ca sing & tubing. Design Check equa tions (Ca sing / tubula r limita tions vs. conditions) Design Fa ctors (a ddressing uncerta inty loa d vs. ca pa city) for: Running-Tension Running – Compression Colla pse Tri-a xia l BurstSupplementa ry & Specific well design requirementsCopyright of Shell Exploration & Production Company, 2013eWCAT is Shell’s electronic Well ControlAssura nce ToolApril 20138

eWCAT (PROCESS SAFETY)PCM (Pressure Control Manual):Process sa fety requirements: Policy, Procedures & Pra ctices for well control (well construction pha se) eWCAT Implementa tion: Uploa d templa te (s) Equipment (“wa lk the line”) Personnel (contra ctor & Shell personnel WC certifica tion) Ba rrier dia gra m(s) / Verifica tion pla n, (prima ry & seconda ry ba rriers) Well Control Model (Min. equipment, tests frequency & scope)Copyright of Shell Exploration & Production Company, 2013eWCAT is Shell’s electronic Well ControlAssura nce ToolApril 20139

eWCAT APPLIES TO ALL RESERVOIR HYDROCARBONWETTED PRESSURE CONTAINING SYSTEMSPCM (Pressure Control Manual):WCM: Ba rrier Dia gra ms / Verifica tion Pla ns Well Control ModelPCMNon-Prima rySta ndpipema nifoldEquipmentscope(Drilling)Flow WettedKellyhose top drive/ kellyEquipmentMGSMudpumpC&Kma nifoldWCMMin.equipmentscopeControlUnit (s)Prima ry Flow WettedEquipmentBO P Copyright of Shell Exploration & Production Company, 2013Note: These examples are for illustrative purposes only,and areApril 2013not intended to cover all equipment, sites or situations.10

eWCAT / P&IDsImplementation:P&ID Dia gra msCopyright of Shell Exploration & Production Company, 2013Note: This example is for illustrative purposes only, and is notintended to cover all equipment, sites or situationsApril 201311

eWCAT / BARRIER VERIFICATION PLANSImplementation:Ba rrier dia gra m / verifica tion pla n(s), (prima ry &seconda ry ba rriers for opera tiona l scopes, Norsok D010-rev.3)Ba rrier verifica tion test(s)Copyright of Shell Exploration & Production Company, 2013Note: This example is for illustrative purposes only, and is notintended to cover all equipment, sites or situationsApril 20 1312

EWCAT / COC & COS Certifica te of Compa tibility Certifica te of Complia nce Certifica te of Conforma nce (CO C) Certifica te of Service (CO S)Copyright of Shell Exploration & Production Company, 2013April 201313

COMPLIANCE IN EWCATWell ControlEquipment Inventory Work Unit EquipmentConfigura tionEquipment certifica tioncomplia nce Test reportsWell Control Testcomplia nce Role a ssignments Personnel tra iningcertifica tionPersonnel certifica tioncomplia nce Ba rrier verifica tion pla ns(well design / well control) Ba rrier verifica tion tests(cement, ca sing, lea k-off etc)Copyright of Shell Exploration & Production Company, 2013Ba rrier Verifica tioncomplia nceComplia nce toWell Control Model

Q &ACopyright of Shell Exploration & Production Company, 2013April 201315

KEY MESSAGES Process Sa fety Well life cycle Well bore integrity, ba rriers & verifica tion eWCAT (electronic Well Control Assura nce Tool)Copyright of Shell Exploration & Production Company, 2013April 201316

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eWCAT / COC & COSCertificate of Compatibility: Document in which a Manufacturer, Repairer, Remanufacturer, orrecognized technical authority certifies that the part or system is compatible with the OriginalProduct Definition, including design changes resulting from a malfunction or failure history ofdrill-through equipment manufactured, remanufactured and/ or repaired to the appropriateInternational Standard/ Specification and is fully compatible a nd/ or ca n be integra ted intoother systems gua ra nteeing the opera tions envelope a s defined by the O EM.Certificate of Compliance: Document in which the O EM or recognized technica l a uthoritycertifies tha t the equipment a nd/ or system meets the required sta nda rds or rules a s depictedin the releva nt a rea of opera tions regula tory requirement.Certificate of Conformance (COC): Document in which the O EM or O EM-licensed fa cilitycertifies tha t the a ssembly or pa rt ha s been ma nufa ctured/ rema nufa ctured in conforma nce tothe mentioned sta nda rd(s), specifica tions a nd guidelines in accordance with the O rigina lProduct Definition, including design cha nges resulting from a ma lfunction or fa ilure history ofdrill-through equipment ma nufa ctured, rema nufa ctured a nd/ or repa ired to the a ppropria teInterna tiona l Sta nda rd/ Specifica tion.Certificate of Service (COS): Document in which the equipment O EM, O EM-licensed fa cility,recognized technica l a uthority/ O wner or O pera tor certifies tha t the equipment ha s beeninspected, properly ma inta ined a nd tested in accordance with O rigina l EquipmentMa nufa cturer (O EM) specifica tions.Copy right of Shell Explora tion & Production Compa ny, 2013

EPA's Study of Hydraulic Fracturing and Its Potential Impact on Drinking Water Resources, April 16-17, 2013, Research Triangle Park, NC, Process Safety, Well life cycle, Well bore integrity, barriers & verification, eWCAT

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Well Control Equipment Inventory Work Unit Equipment Configura tion Test reports Role a ssignments Personnel training certifica tion Ba rrier verifica tion pla ns (we ll d e sig n / we ll control) Ba rrier verifica tion tests (cement, casing, leak-off etc) Equipment certifica tion complia nce Well Control Test complia nce

Well Control Model . PCM . Equipment scope (Drilling) WCM . Min. equipment scope . C&K manifold . MG S . Standpipe manifold . Control Unit (s) BO P Mud pump . Kelly hose top drive / kelly . Non-Primary Flow Wetted Equipment . Primary Flow Wetted Equipment . Note: These examples are for illustrative purposes only, and are

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