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NUTRITIONAL INFORMATIONAt Cotton Patch Cafe, we are not only passionate about our food, we are also committed to the health of our customers. We have many differenthealthy options to choose from, whether it’s a fresh, mixed greens salad, grilled tilapia, or grilled chicken and veggies-we have the delicious items youare looking for!Please look carefully at our nutritional information, as sides and toppings are listed separately from entrees. This allows our customers some flexibilityin creating the healthy meal you are craving. Variations may occur due to portioning at individual restaurants, kitchen procedures and the homemadenature in which the majority of our menu items are created. The nutritional analysis was done using nutrition software versus testing in a laboratory;therefore some element of human error may occur. *Nutritional values may not be available for products in test.Updated 2/1/18Page 1

APPETIZERSBacon Cheese FriesRanch dressing (3 fl. oz.)Bacon Cheese Fries - halfRanch dressing (2 fl. oz.)CaloriesFat(g)Sat Fat(g) Trans Fat(g) 7515278450180601194592.50.526Marinara Sauce (2 fl. oz.)281.50002294.6000.5Ranch dressing (2 fl. oz.)2202440244600000565213001552815411Cheese Sticks (8)Cheese Sticks (4)Chips and Salsa (4 fl. oz.)Fried Pickles73022200195343.56110Ranch dressing (3 fl. oz.)3303660366900000Fried Green Tomatoes (8)Fried Green Tomatoes 2111122511420002108344410612571000105417225Honey Mustard dressing (3 fl. oz.)501486030384120.9120.9Ranch dressing (3 fl. cado Ranch dressing (2 fl. oz.)Jumbo Crispy 'ShroomsJumbo Crispy 'Shrooms - halfOnion StringsRanch dressing (3 fl. oz.)Queso (6 fl. oz.)Queso w/chips and salsaSalsa (4 fl. oz.)SOUPS*Chicken Tortilla Soup – CupChicken Tortilla Soup – BowlChicken Tortilla Soup Garnish SetCPC Potato Cheese Soup – CupCPC Potato Cheese Soup – BowlChicken & Dumplings - CupChicken & Dumplings-BowlCrackersSat Fat(g) Trans Fat(g) Cholesterol(mg)Sod(mg)Page 2

SALADS *Dressing & Protein not includedDinner SaladCaesar Salad-dinner sizeChicken Fried Patch Salad (no protein)Cobb Salad (no protein)1/2 Cobb Salad (no protein)Crispy BBQ Chicken Salad (no protein)Grilled Caesar Salad (no protein)Strawberry Pecan Salad (no protein)1/2 Strawberry Pecan Salad (no protein)Tex Mex Saladadd Grilled Chickenadd Bayou Shrimpadd Grilled Salmonadd Fried Chicken BreastDRESSINGS, GRAVY, CONDIMENTSAvocado Ranch (1 FL oz.)Bacon Mayo (1 Tbsp)Baja Sauce (2 oz)Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing (1 FL oz.)Blue Cheese Dressing (1 FL oz.)Brown Gravy (1 FL oz.)Caesar Dressing (1 FL oz.)Chipotle Mayonnaise (2oz)Cocktail Sauce (2 FL oz.)Cream Gravy (2 FL oz.)French Dressing (1.5 FL oz.)Honey Mustard Dressing (1 FL oz.)Light Olive Oil Vinaigrette Dressing (1 FL oz.)Low Fat Ranch (1 FL oz.)Marinara Sauce (2 FL. oz.)Mayonnaise (1 Tbsp)Ranch Dressing (1 FL oz.)Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette (1 FL oz.)Salsa (2 Tbsp)Spicy Ketchup (1 oz)Tartar Sauce (1 FL oz.)Thousand Island Dressing (1 FL oz.)CaloriesFat(g)Sat Fat(g) Trans Fat(g) 340132109365376268135333138152001120704600 00016231022511140003227213209069721 g)0.40.5100157101000.3000.50000000.3Sat Fat(g) Trans Fat(g) 2100003582.50152501 Page 3081868057 05726

BAKED POTATO TOPPINGS:Butter (1 oz.)Cheddar Cheese (1/2 oz.)Chopped bacon (1/2 oz.)Sour Cream (1 oz.)GRILLED FAVORITES*Served with choice of 2 sidesGrilled Cajun Duo (8 shrimp)Grilled Cajun Duo (4 shrimp)Seasoned RiceCPC Special Sirloin Steak (6 oz.)CPC Special Sirloin Steak (9 oz.)Steak and Shrimp (6 oz./grilled shrimp)Steak and Shrimp (6oz/garlic herb shrimp)Steak and Shrimp (6 oz./fried shrimp)Steak and Shrimp (9 oz./grilled shrimp)Steak and Shrimp (9oz./garlic herb shrimp)Steak and Shrimp (9 oz./fried shrimp)Bayou t Fat(g) Trans Fat(g) at Fat(g)Trans Fat(g) 96132061240132020035000026Seasoned Rice214411013628004Garlic Herb Shrimp69056196225208020030Seasoned 00043Blackened TilapiaBlackened Tilapia - Right Size PlateSeasoned RiceGrilled Chicken BreastGrilled Chicken Breast – Right Size PlateSeasoned RiceGrilled Pork ChopsGrilled Pork Chops - Right Size PlateCinnamon Apples (3.5 oz.)Ribeye- 10 ouncesNY Strip – 10 31063Page 4

STEAKHOUSE .55704919400173BURGER TOPPINGSAmerican Cheese (1 slice)Avocado (half)Bacon (2 slices)BBQ Sauce (2 oz.)Cheddar Cheese (1 slice)Grilled OnionsJalapenos (1 oz.)Pepper Jack Cheese (1 slice)Sautéed Mushrooms (4 oz.)Swiss Cheese (1 2172246BASKETS *served with french friesChicken Tenders Basket*Served with French friesThree Cheese Bacon CheeseburgerClassic BurgerTexas Fire BurgerSingle 7oz Patty*French FriesSat Fat(g) Trans Fat(g) 14041284418384000604403000020300000502244020Sat Fat(g) Trans 8221401021713388035Tartar Sauce (1 FL oz.)190192.50152502020Cocktail Sauce (2 FL oz.)600000690150111Hushpuppies 502020Cream Gravy (2 FL oz.)Chicken Tenders Basket- Tuesday Special (3)Cream Gravy (2 FL oz.)Fried Catfish BasketCajun Fried Catfish BasketTartar Sauce (1 FL oz.)Sat Fat(g) Trans Fat(g) Cholesterol(mg)Sod(mg)Cocktail Sauce (2 FL oz.)600000690150111Hushpuppies (2)218181001847011"Shiner" Fish & Chips83960110991473221042Tartar Sauce (1 FL oz.)190192.501525020204173050851290211013Cocktail Sauce (2 FL oz.)600000690150111Hushpuppies (2)218181 Page 5001847011Fried Shrimp Basket

BASKETS *served with french friesCajun Fried Shrimp BasketCaloriesFat(g)Sat Fat(g) Trans Fat(g) (g)5374470851530211013Cocktail Sauce (2 FL oz.)600000690150111Hushpuppies (2)218181001847011Steak Fingers 1455606Cream Gravy (2 FL oz.)*French FriesPage 6

SANDWICHESAvocado Chicken SandwichBLTBLT - 1/2 sandwichChicken Fried Chicken SandwichChicken Fried 70849Sat Fat(g) Trans Fat(g) 44114613608220012535801068943Chips (1.5 oz.)157.56.3100475231.503.3Queso (3 fl oz)100850253031. (2 fl oz)20036004202020Chicken Fried Tacos-Taco Thursday (2)90655130832384715629Chips (1.5 oz.)1586100475231.503.3Queso (3 fl oz)100850253031. (2 fl oz)20036004202020810371801633021622852Sour Cream (1 Tbsp)262.61.60560.500.4Salsa (2 Tbsp)10000021010103861790721467311423Sour Cream (1 Tbsp)262.61.60560.500.4Salsa (2 Tbsp)1000002101010Turkey ClubTurkey Club-HalfBaja Fish 1.551043113902920103425Chips (1.5 oz.)157.56.3100475231.503.3Queso (3 fl oz)100850253031. (2 fl 5606Chicken QuesadillaChicken Quesadilla - halfTriple Grilled Cheese*French FriesPage 7

TRADITIONAL FAVORITES*"Super Combo" Fish & Shrimp 979901873003489048French Fries4001730091455606Hushpuppies (2)218181001847011Tartar Sauce (1 FL oz.)190192.50152502020Cocktail Sauce (2 FL oz.)600000690150111"Super Combo" Fish & Shrimp (4)Sat Fat(g) Trans Fat(g) Cholesterol(mg)Sod(mg)69136601452358499042French Fries4001730091455606Hushpuppies (2)218181001847011Tartar Sauce (1 FL oz.)190192.50152502020Cocktail Sauce (2 FL oz.)600000690150111Cajun "Super Combo" Fish & Shrimp (8)1019931101873243489048French Fries4001730091455606Hushpuppies (2)218181001847011Tartar Sauce (1 FL oz.)190192.50152502020Cocktail Sauce (2 FL oz.)60000069015011181150801452598499042French Fries4001730091455606Hushpuppies (2)218181001847011Tartar Sauce (1 FL oz.)190192.50152502020Cocktail Sauce (2 FL oz.)600000690150111Fried Shrimp4173050851290211013French Fries4001730091455606Hushpuppies (2)218181001847011Tartar Sauce (1 FL oz.)190192.50152502020Cajun "Super Combo" Fish & Shrimp (4)Cocktail Sauce (2 FL oz.)6000006901501115374470851530211013French Fries4001730091455606Hushpuppies (2)218181001847011Tartar Sauce (1 FL oz.)190192.50152502020Cajun Fried ShrimpCocktail Sauce (2 FL oz.)600000690150111MeatloafMeatloaf - Right Size PlateCrispy Fried 8221401021713388035Tartar Sauce (1 FL oz.)190192.50152502020French Fries4001730091455606Hushpuppies (2)218181 Page 8001847011

TRADITIONAL FAVORITES*Cajun Crispy Fried CatfishCaloriesFat(g)Sat Fat(g) Trans Fat(g) (g)60235601021953388035Tartar Sauce (1 FL oz.)190192.50152502020French Fries4001730091455606Hushpuppies (2)218181001847011Chicken Fried Chicken54921401791380365052Cream Gravy (4 FL 028Chicken Fried Chicken - Right Size PlateCream Gravy (2 FL oz.)Chicken Fried SteakCream Gravy (4 FL oz.)Chicken Fried Steak - Right Size PlateCream Gravy (2 FL oz.)4020.5103205020Chicken Tenders Plate5021730881586427143Cream Gravy (2 FL oz.)4020.5103205020Vegetable PlateTrailblazerChicken & GHTER PLATE ITEMSGrilled TilapiaGrilled SalmonGrilled ChickenSeasoned riceSkinny Steamed ot(g)SPECIALS OF THE DAY*Beef Tips & RiceSmothered Chopped SteakChicken SpaghettiKing Ranch ChickenRoasted TurkeySat Fat(g) Trans Fat(g)Cholesterol(mg)Sod(mg)1586205480031 00202227213209069721 0037353067201577020 00057 057214411013628 0004 044100004381 day Dressing (4 oz)239123332312351126Turkey Gravy (2 oz)11692223926001Cranberry Sauce (1 oz)5500005130110Sat Fat(g) Trans Fat(g) Cholesterol(mg)Sod(mg)*See SidesPage 9

KIDS MENUBanana SundaeCheeseburgerCheesy BroccoliChicken Strip DinnerCorn DogGarlic Mashed PotatoesGrilled CheeseGrilled Chicken TendersHamburgerHamburger SteakMacaroni & CheeseOreos (2)Salad – kid size (no dressing)Silly StringSteak Finger DinnerCaloriesFat(g)Sat Fat(g) Trans 032188246174024454100010Page 10

SIDESBaked Potato (no toppings)Baked Squash/Squash CasseroleBlack-Eyed PeasBroccoli Rice CasseroleCorn MuffinDinner Roll (1 roll per serving)French FriesFried OkraFruit cup (3.5 oz.)Garlic Mashed Potatoes (4 oz.)Green BeansHot Cinnamon ApplesHushpuppies (2)Loaded Baked PotatoLoaded Mashed PotatoesMacaroni and CheeseRice for SpecialsSautéed MushroomsSeasoned RiceSkillet Cornbread (whole)Honey Butter (0.5 oz)Skinny Steamed VegetablesSteamed BroccoliSteamed VegetablesSweet Potato FriesSweet Potato CasseroleWhole Kernel CornDESSERTS(nutritional information does not include ice cream)Peach CobblerBlackberry CobblerDr. Pepper Chocolate CakeMama's Special Butter CakeChocolate Cream PieVanilla Ice CreamCaloriesFat(g)Sat Fat(g) Trans Fat(g) 42302503309236891608603570200194Sat Fat(g) Trans Fat(g) Cholesterol(mg)Sod(mg)Page 11

BEVERAGESRoot Beer (12 FL oz.)Coke (12 FL oz.)Diet Coke (12 FL oz.)Dr. Pepper (12 FL oz.)Flavored Iced Tea (12 oz)Flavored Sweet Tea (12 oz)Handcrafted LemonadeHandcrafted Strawberry LemonadeJuicy Juice Apple Juice (1 carton)Lemonade (12 FL oz.)Luzianne Tea (12 FL oz.)Nesquick Chocolate Milk (12 FL oz.)Root Beer FloatSprite (12 FL oz.)Sweet Tea (12 oz.)Whole Milk (12 FL 600Sat Fat(g) Trans Fat(g) 0.512.156.903614719.5019.512Page 12

SALADS *Dressing & Protein not included Calories Fat(g) Sat Fat(g) Trans Fat(g) Cholesterol(mg)Sod(mg) Carbs(g) Fiber(g) Sugar(g) Prot(g) Dinner Salad 111 6 3 0 15 185 11 2 4 6 Caesar Salad-dinner size 55 2 0 0 2 114 8 2 1 3 Chicken Fried Patch Salad (no protein) 458 36 12 0 361 557 17 8 7 26 Cobb Salad (no protein) 510