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Fundraising ToolkitHear and SayHear and Say child, Evelyn

WelcomeThank you for taking this first step! Did youknow you can change a child’s life just byfollowing the simple steps in this booklet?It really is that easy.Perhaps you have a goal to undertake apersonal challenge, or to host your ownevent? Whatever it is, sometimes you justneed the motivation and a little structure toget you started. And that’s where we can helpyou, to help more children just like Koby.Giving the gift of sound to KobyArriving home with a newborn baby is an excitingand special time, as you begin to settle into theroutine of your new family life.After speaking with the Hear and Say Sunshine CoastCentre, we knew without a doubt that this was thefuture we wanted for Koby,” said Ali.But for Ali and Daniel, these moments of joy were cutshort, when at just three months of age, their babyboy, Koby, contracted bacterial meningitis.At 15 months of age, Koby took his first steps on hisjourney towards a listening and speaking future, andsix months later was ‘switched on’ to sound.“We nearly lost our baby boy when he was 14 weeks oldbut we were lucky and he was a fighter. After we broughthim home from the hospital, we thought that would bethe end of any bad news,” said Ali.Eight months on, Koby plays and explores like anyinquisitive toddler. He understands twice as manywords as he did six months ago and is now joiningtwo words together!But, ten months into Koby’s recovery, doctorsperformed follow up tests and found Koby hadsevere hearing loss in both ears.Ali said “The changes we are seeing in Koby’s languageand comprehension are so reassuring.“The results from this test shocked us, overwhelmed us,and sent us into a state of denial that he could possiblyhave such an extreme hearing loss. Days after Koby’sdiagnosis we were inundated with calls and received anenormous amount of brochures, but we immediately feltdrawn to Hear and Say.“In a scary new world of the unknown Hear andSay guided us through every step with knowledge,experience and support, making a challengingand confronting time for our family much moremanageable.“Hear and Say have been our angels.”What services does Hear and Say provide?Audiology Technology support Auditory-Verbal Therapy Home visitsSocial skills program School visits Occupational Therapy Parent Training

Hear and Say Listening and Spoken Language specialist Matt, with AishiHear and SayAt Hear and Say we know every child canreach their full potential. We work withfamilies and other medical professionalsto achieve the best outcomes for deafchildren through a combination of earlydiagnosis, the most advanced hearingtechnology and Auditory-Verbal Therapy.Donations to Hear and Say allow babiesto hear their very first sounds and withongoing support, these children learn tolisten and speak.Hear and Say donors and fundraiserstruly give a gift for life. Whether you area family or friend of a child affected byhearing loss, you’ve been through one ofHear and Say’s programs yourself, or if youthink we’re a great charity to support – wewould love for you to become a part ofthis miracle!

Where does our funding come ice DeliveryIncome14%(25% State 15% Federal)ParentCo-contribution4%Example of where the funding goesAverage cost of first year of intense early intervention followingthe introduction of hearing technology 22,750per childAudiologyListening and SpokenLanguage Therapy10%84%ProgramReporting2%WE STARTED WITH SIX CHILDREN IN1992 AND HAVE GROWN TO OVER900TODAY6,000Administration4%32BABIES AND CHILDRENRECEIVED NEW IMPLANTABLETECHNOLOGY IN QUEENSLANDIN 2017/18LISTENING AND SPOKEN LANGUAGESESSIONS PER YEAR3,000AUDIOLOGY SESSIONSPER YEAR

Meet other fundraisers just like you“I love supporting and giving back to our local community. Making adifference to the lives of deaf and hearing impaired kids is really special.”Billy Gibney, owner Meat at Billy’s Ashgrove and Paddington“Meat at Billy’s is proud to partner with Hear and Say as we’ve seen first-hand, the incredible work they do.We had a lot of fun working with Hear and Say in2017. We donated a great auction prize to the 25year Gala Ball. In addition, we raised money at ourAnnual BBQ Masterclass both from ticket sales and atour event auction.Finally, all our butchers dressed LOUD for Loud ShirtDay (any excuse to dress up!) while we hosted Billy’ssausage sizzle fundraisers and donated a percentageof our stores’ takings from the day.”

Examples of your money at work 500 1,000 5,000 10,000 will pay for an IndividualisedEducation Plan to guide a child’sentry into mainstream schoolcontributes towards one year ofspecialised Auditory-Verbal Therapypays for the programming ofa child’s cochlear implanttwice a yearcontributes towards all aspects of one child’sEarly Intervention Program for one yearListening and Spoken Language specialist Roxanne, with Zuri

Fundraising IdeasThe sky is the limit when it comes to ways you can assist Hear and Say with fundraising events andinitiatives. Here are some suggestions to get you on your way!Host a Loud Shirt Day at school, work or yourcommunity groupHost a bake sale or sausage sizzle. Perhaps at your local hardware store?Commit to a fun run, marathon or cycle ride andget sponsored for every kilometreHost a dinner party and ask friends to donate the amountthey would spend at a fancy restaurantHold a charity auction, trivia night, benefit concertor talent showforSet yourself a personal challenge like giving up coffee or chocolatea month, and ask people to help motivate you through donationshday,Request donations in lieu of gifts at your birtwedding or baby showerHave a garage sale or sell items onlinell sellerBecome a Hear and Say Christmas beTalk to the Fundraising Team at Hear and Say on (07) 3850 2111 or at

Tips to boost your fundraisingSell tickets toyour eventCreate an onlinefundraising page(refer below)Share and promote viaFacebook, Twitter, Instagram,LinkedIn and emailsSource prize donationsto sell, raffle or auctionCreate a team for aphysical challenge fromyour gym, sports clubor workplaceFind out if yourworkplace will matchyour efforts for What are the benefits of fundraising online?Fundraising online provides many benefits. You can create your own ‘fundraising page’ through theeverydayhero platform to keep track of funds raised. What’s more, the Hear and Say fundraising team will bethere to support you every step of the way.Other benefits include: Low overheads – Online fundraising removesthe cost of paper, printing and stamps Time savings – Donor receipts, notificationsand thank-you emails are automated througheverydayhero Two-way conversations – Online fundraisingprovides the opportunity to engage quickly andeffectively with your supporters Speed – Technology allows you to reach peoplequickly through mediums they are already usingdaily Reach – Online campaigns surpass geographicallocations. Anyone can donate, at any time andfrom anywhere Creating a narrative – Telling a story will bringyour supporters along for the journey. This canbe supported with compelling images and video,and updated as your campaign progresses Transparency – As the organiser of a fundraiser,you want everything to be as easy andtransparent as possible for the people giving youtheir hard-earned money. Fundraising onlinemeans the entire process can be out in the openContact (07) 3850 2111 or at

YOUR STEP-BY-STEP FUNDRAISING GUIDE1Choose an event, location and dateChoose from our fundraising ideas page or decide on yourown exciting event/activity.2Read the guidelinesFamiliarise yourself with our Fundraising Guidelines andcomplete and return the Application to Fundraise form.3Set a target and aim highYou’ll be surprised by people’s generosity! Plan your incomeand expenditure using our Event Budget template.4Make it official and spread the wordLock it in and share, share, share!5Sell tickets, collect sponsorshipsor donations of items and prizes.Keep a record of your donors’ details so we can provide taxdeductible receipts where possible.6Keep in touchOur team is here to provide support and advice throughoutyour fundraising journey.7Provide feedbackYour feedback will be valuable to improve the fundraisingexperience for others just like you.

Application to FundraiseYou must obtain prior approval to fundraise for Hear and Say. Please return this completed and signedform to the Hear and Say Fundraising Team via email to INFORMATIONName of Organiser / Main ContactAddressSuburbStateTelephone (M)(W)PostcodeEmailABOUT YOUR EVENTFunction or Activity NameHave you hosted this event before (if yes, how much was raised)?Event TypePublicPrivate (by invite only)Date of EventTime StartTime EndStatePostcodeLocation of Event / AddressSuburbHow many guests do you anticipate will attend?Fundraising Target: How do you intend to reach your fundraising target?TicketsI request the following:Fundraising kitOnline fundraising pageRaffleAuctionRaffle bookDonationsOther Donation receipt bookIf you are running a raffle, do you expect to raise more than 50,000?YesNoI request a Hear and Say representative to attend my event (subject to availability)YesNoMEDIA AND SOCIAL MEDIAWill your event be posted/advertised in the media or on social media? (please tick)Facebook Event (for publicity/advertising)Print mediaRadioTVFacebook postsInstagram postsTwitter postsOther (please specify)Add your social media handles so we can tag and follow your campaign Please list details of your media plan or provide a quote about why you support Hear and Say so that we can use to promote your event:I will provide a photo/copy of invitation/copy of creative so Hear and Say can share via social media(please email to, (insert name) agree to conduct my event in a manner which upholds Hear and Say’s integrity,professionalism and values. I agree to inform Hear and Say if the details of my event deviate from those stated in this Application toFundraise. I understand that by signing this Application to Fundraise, I accept the Terms and Conditions attached to this form.SignedDate

Fundraising Guidelines(Terms and Conditions)Hear and Say values and appreciates the generosityand support offered through fundraising endeavours.There are some rules that we all must abide to, soplease read through the following to familiariseyourself with our Fundraising Guidelines.Any person, organisation or group wishing tofundraise for Hear and Say is required to registerand gain Hear and Say approval for their event orfundraising activity by contacting the fundraisingteam and completing our Application to Fundraise.A letter of Authority to Fundraise on our behalf will beprovided once approved.The fundraising activity must align with Hear and Say’smission and values as detailed on our event organiser must keep accurate financialrecords of the event or fundraising activity i.e. anaccurate account of expenses and income sources(ticketing, raffles, auctions, etc).The fundraising activity must be self-funding. Hearand Say will not be held liable for any losses orexpenses incurred by the event, including cancellationof the event for any reason.The event organiser must take all reasonable stepsto ensure that the expenses do not exceed a fair andreasonable proportion of the gross proceeds obtainedfrom the event.Financial, public liability and public safety are all theresponsibility of the event organiser.Receipting DonationsA donation is defined as an unencumbered gift. Taxdeductible receipts cannot be issued for receipt ofadmission, raffles, auction items, services or goods(unless the goods are donated as a gift in kind). Hearand Say can issue letters of acknowledgement fordonations of goods.All donations of 2 and over may be claimed as a taxdeduction. Fundraisers may request a donation receiptbook or provide gift details and contact details of thedonor.Fundraisers agree to send the proceeds of thefundraising activity, together with any relevantcorrespondence to Hear and Say within seven days ofthe conclusion of the fundraising activity.What we can do to help youOffer information on event planning; providetemplates, videos and resources; provide localisedcase studies where available; provide a Letter ofAuthority confirming the event has been registeredand approved by Hear and Say (a registered DGR1and DGR2 charity); list your event on our websiteand Facebook page; provide receipts, certificates ofappreciation and thank you letters to donors andsupporters; provide on-site support at your eventdepending on the location, availability and fundraisinggoal; arrange a formal cheque presentation.Unfortunately we are unable toExtend our tax exemption to you; provide insurancecoverage; provide funding or reimbursementof expenses; guarantee celebrity ambassadors’attendance/promotion; guarantee publicity,newspaper, radio, TV coverage; provide contactinformation of our donors, employees, families orvolunteers.Media, Public Relations and use of theHear and Say logoUpon receiving your Authority to Fundraise, weencourage you to include the Hear and Say logo onpromotional material and/or issue information viamarketing channels to help promote your event. Forany and all publicity, we do ask that you first submityour item for prompt approval by our Fundraising andMarketing team, e.g.: use of the Hear and Say logo onany of your digital materials, collateral printed withHear and Say’s logo and name, or media releases.Your fundraising activity cannot be advertised as aHear and Say event; however it can be referred to as afundraising event ‘in support of Hear and Say’.Social MediaBy submitting this form you consent to Hear and Saysharing details of your event and names of attendeesvia our social media and printed publications. Whencreating an event page on Facebook, please be sure tostipulate that the event is ‘in support of Hear and Say’(not hosted by).To the best of your ability, ensure inappropriateimages, statements, comments, etc. are not posted orare removed from a Facebook event page, Instagrampost or Tweet (Twitter).Don’t forget to use #hearandsay #openingworldsand always tag @HearAndSay on social media.

Fundraising Ideas The sky is the limit when it comes to ways you can assist Hear and Say with fundraising events and . Talk to the Fundraising Team at Hear and Say on (07) 3850 2111 or at ecome a ell seller. Tips to boost your fundraising Sell tickets to

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