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Thank you for choosing to raise funds for patient care at Western Health.We appreciate your efforts and want you to know that your support is critical in ensuring we cancontinue to provide vital care for the people of Melbourne’s west.The Western Health Foundation is the official fundraising body for Western Health. We were established byWestern Health in 2012 to increase philanthropic support, engage our regional and wider communities, andincrease awareness of our medical research programs and the world class healthcare provided across ourhealth service.We have developed this toolkit to make your fundraising easier, so please have a read through itbefore you begin.The toolkit covers: Fundraising Guidelines Agreement to Fundraise Form Fundraising Ideas Third Party Fundraising Events1. FUNDRAISING GUIDELINESIn Victoria, fundraising activities are governed by the Fundraising Act 1998 (Vic). Anyone wishing toraise money for charitable purposes must meet the requirements of the Fundraising Act and holdan authority to fundraise issued by The Western Health Foundation.So before you get started in your fundraising for The Western Health Foundation, we will need toauthorise your fundraising activity. All individuals, groups or organisations who wish to fundraisemust register with us, whatever the size of the event or the donation (cash or in kind).These Fundraising Guidelines are designed to assist you in planning your fundraising activities insupport of The Western Health Foundation. We need you to read these guidelines then complete,sign and send back the Agreement to Fundraise Form to us before your event or activitycommences.Thanks again for your support! It’s wonderful that you have chosen to fundraise for the WesternHealth Foundation to help us care for the people of Melbourne’s west. Your support will assist us todrive innovation and research and to develop new treatments and care that will benefit thisgeneration and the next.

FUNDRAISING FOR THE WESTERN HEALTH FOUNDATIONDue to limited resources, the Western Health Foundation is not able to take a direct coordinationrole in your event, such as assistance with ticket sales, soliciting prizes or organising celebrities.However, we are happy to support your fundraising with expertise, branding, organising guestspeakers, providing letters of authority, promotion on our social media channels, and wherepossible, providing collateral.The fundraising arrangements for the event must be planned with the approval of The WesternHealth Foundation and we look forward to hearing all about the upcoming event.Any changes made from the original details on the Agreement to Fundraise Form need to bereported to The Western Health Foundation and a new Agreement to Fundraise Form may need tobe completedTHE USE OF THE WESTERN HEALTH FOUNDATION’S NAME AND LOGOAs a fundraiser, you may be granted the use of certain materials provided by The Western HealthFoundation for the fundraising event that contains the company logo or any branding, and theFoundation will provide you with instructions on the way you may use this material. The fundraiserneeds to adhere to any requirements specified by a site or authority offering a permit or use oftheir space.MEDIA AND PUBLIC RELATIONSAll media materials and press releases must be approved by The Western Health Foundation priorto circulation. Please allow five days for approval and we are happy to discuss any ideas you mayhave.PERMITSAny raffles, bingo, lotteries and other gaming activities must also meet the requirements under theGambling Regulation Act 2003 (Vic), including permit requirements, e.g. a permit will be requiredfor raffles where the total prize pool is over a certain amount. Permits are also required by councilsand shopping centres for outdoor events. The Agreement to Fundraise Form must be signed byboth The Western Health Foundation and the site authority or the event will not be consideredsanctioned by The Western Health Foundation.

2. PLANNING YOUR OWN FUNDRAISING EVENTWhat type of event are you going to have?It’s easy to have big ideas that spiral out of control, so if you’ve never organised a fundraising eventbefore, start with something small. You can always HOLD a larger scale event next time. You mayalready know what you want to do, but if you’re stuck for ideas think about what you’re good at, orwhat your friends and family are likely to be interested in.Getting your idea off the ground: Create a plan. Then stick to it. Pick a realistic date, making sure you give yourself enough time to do everything. Check your date doesn’t clash with any major events, like the AFL grand final! Alternatively, youmay wish to use these events as your inspiration for a themed event. Lighten the load by recruiting a team of helpers. Pick reliable friends and family and delegatetasks. Please ensure that you informThe Western Health Foundation of the name, address, age andtelephone number of all helpers for your fundraiser, so that appropriate authorisation and thanks isgiven to them too.Here are some suggestions to inspire you: Trivia or quiz nights are great fundraisers and are fun and easy to organise. Get rid of your old wares by holding a garage sale. Do you work in an office? If so, you could have an afternoon tea. Ask colleagues to help with thebaking and tempt people with some delicious treats! Organise your own sponsored walk – whether it’s a stroll around your local park or a challenginghike in the countryside.Location, Location, LocationIf you’re hiring a venue for your event, visit it first and talk through your requirements with thevenue manager. Check exactly what facilities they have. Think about things like parking, disabledaccess and capacity. Discuss insurance liability and risk assessment.Beg or borrowFind ways to keep costs down. Avoid paying for the venue hire or staff costs where possible, or askthe venue manager if they will give you a charity discount. If your guests will be spending at the bar,the venue will still be making money. If you’re holding a raffle or a quiz, ask local business to donateprizes. They may even be willing to sponsor your event. Don’t be disheartened if the first companyyou ask says no. The more you ask, the more you’ll get!Create a budget for your event and keep track of your finances. There’s no point putting in lots ofeffort only to break even.

Let everyone know Once you’ve made your plans, get the word out. Tell people early and remind them at least once. We can help you with collateral where applicable to help you promote your event. If your event is open to the public, contact your local newspaper or radio station to see if they’llspread the word.After your event It’s not over yet! You will no doubt have had plenty of support to make your event a success. Letpeople know how grateful you and The Western Health Foundation are for their support. Tell themhow much you’ve raised – they’ll be very pleased to hear about your success. Plus, they might feelinspired to get involved next time. If you are happy for us to share how things went with your event, please send an email aboutyour event and any photos of your event to We may feature you in ournewsletter or on our website or Facebook page.3. GET ONLINESetting up an online fundraising page will help you maximise what you can raise. If you’ve never setone up before, don’t worry – it’s easy.Here’s why we recommend it:You can reach lots of people – even friends who live on the other side of the world. It’s hassle free – your supporters donate via a secure site and we receive the sponsorship withoutyou having to collect it. You can set up an automatic reply so that your supporters are thanked instantly. You can view your sponsorship page, read messages posted by your supporters and see howmuch they’ve sponsored you.Setting up your page: We work with Everyday Hero (, which is easy to use. Just follow thestep by step instructions and you’ll be on your way to having your very own fundraising web page.

Creating the perfect page: Make it personal. Write about what you’re doing and why. Your story could be an importantmotivation for people to give. Let people know how their money can help. There are some examples in this pack of howfundraising for The Western Health Foundation can assist Western Health and the people ofMelbourne's west. Add your photo. If you’re training for a challenge, post a photo of yourself in action. Keep your page current. Update it with news of how your preparations are going. When you’vecompleted your event, add something about how well you didGet the word out: Email the link of your web page to everyone in your contact list. Add the address of your web page to your email signature – everyone you contact could becomea sponsor. If you’re on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, use them too. Well done and thank youfor raising funds for The Western Health Foundation.4. SENDING US THE FUNDS RAISEDThere are a couple of options for sending us your funds: If you are in the area, feel free to drop in to see us on level 4 at Footscray Hospital. Send us a cheque or money order made payable to The Western Health Foundation. Transfer the funds electronically. Here are our bank details:BSB: 083 170ACC: 12-443-1443Please send us your fundraising dollars and contact information within 14 days of holding theevent. A tax-deductible receipt will be issued upon receipt.Danny CrabbCommunity Fundraising ManagerThe Western Health FoundationFootscray Hospital160 Gordon StreetFootscrayVIC 3011

5. KEEPING IT LEGALThe following conditions apply where you are, or intend to, conduct a fundraising activity to benefitThe Western Health Foundation:1. The term ‘Community Fundraiser’ refers to you where you are conducting a fundraisingactivity as an individual, or the organisation or community group holding the fundraisingactivity.2. Before commencing any fundraising activity, the Community Fundraiser must gain approvaland authorisation from The Western Health Foundation.3. Approval will be granted if The Western Health Foundation is satisfied that the activity fitswith the aims and values of the organisation.4. The Western Health Foundation reserves the right to decline fundraising applications thatdo not meet the above conditions or are deemed ‘high risk’. It also reserves the right towithdraw its approval for the activity at any time.5. It is the Community Fundraiser’s responsibility to ensure their fundraising activity meetsrelevant State legislation, such as the Fundraising Act 1998 (Vic) (including any registrationrequirements) and the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 (Vic) (including any permitrequirements).6. The Community Fundraiser must fundraise in strict accordance with all applicable childprotection laws.7. The Community Fundraiser is solely responsible for the event, including all organisationalaspects of the activity. The Western Health Foundation cannot assist in providing goods andservices or soliciting prizes.8. The Community Fundraiser must provide The Western Health Foundation with accuratefinancial records associated with the activity and copies of receipts or invoices for allexpenses within 30 days of the activity.9. The Western Health Foundation cannot pay expenses incurred by the CommunityFundraiser. Reasonable expenses incurred in conducting the fundraising activity can bededucted out of the proceeds, providing they are properly documented.Promotion & Sponsorship10. Permission must be obtained by the Community Fundraiser from The Western HealthFoundation for the use of The Western Health Foundation’s logo on any printed material,products and/or signage including invitations, posters, flyers and media releases.11. All printed material or media releases that make reference to the Western HealthFoundation name and/or logo must be approved before you go to print.12. The Community Fundraiser must ensure The Western Health Foundation is promoted in away that upholds our integrity, principles and values.

Note: Our fundraising team are available to speak to about planning and how we can help withpromotion. The Western Health Foundation have partnerships with a number of corporate organisations. Assuch if you wish to approach a corporate organisation for sponsorship or donations, please checkwith us first.Insurance13. The Community Fundraiser is responsible for obtaining adequate public liability insurancefor any fundraising activities they undertake.Disclaimer14. While The Western Health Foundation does offer advice and support for communityfundraising events, The Western Health Foundation is not to be recognised as the organiser.All issues involving financial and public liability and public safety are the total responsibilityof the Community Fundraiser. The Western Health Foundation will not be liable for anyexpenses incurred in running or promoting an event.15. Community Fundraisers are not employees of The Western Health Foundation. As such,they undertake fundraising activities at their own risk and responsibility for insurance restswith the Community Fundraiser.16. The Community Fundraiser must also comply with the conditions of the attachedAgreement to Fundraise Form.6. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCEThe Western Health Foundation is dedicated to raising funds to assist Western Health and thepeople of Melbourne's west. Western Health provides health services to a population of more than800,000 people across the western region of Melbourne.Western Health manages three acute public hospitals: Footscray Hospital; Sunshine Hospital; andthe Williamstown Hospital. It also operates the Sunbury Day Hospital, and a Transition CareProgram at Hazeldean in Williamstown.A wide range of community based services are also managed by Western Health, along with a largeDrug and Alcohol Service.Western Health provides a comprehensive, integrated range of services from its various sites;ranging from acute tertiary services in areas of emergency medicine, intensive care, medical andsurgical services, through to subacute care and specialist ambulatory clinics. Western Healthprovides a combination of hospital and community-based services to aged, adult and paediatricpatients and newborn babies.

Our fundraisers are able to direct their money to a specific campus or a specific need. There arenumerous options but here are a few listed below:Donate by Campus Footscray Hospital Sunshine Hospital Williamstown Hospital Sunbury Day HospitalDonate by Service Aged Care BreastWest - Our Breast Cancer Service Cardiac Care Cancer Care Emergency Department Intensive Care Men’s Health Orthopaedics Palliative Care Rehabilitation Research Surgical Care Women’s and ChildrenThank you so much for your generous support of Western Health.

Fundraising Ideas Third Party Fundraising Events 1. FUNDRAISING GUIDELINES In Victoria, fundraising activities are governed by the Fundraising Act 1998 (Vic). Anyone wishing to raise money for charitable purposes must meet the requirements of the Fundraising Act and hold an author

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.