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WE LC OME TOTEAM U NIC E FUN I CE F’ SWOR KH O W YO UC A N H E LPF U N D RA I SI N GSPREADINGT H E WO RDFAQST H ANK YO UUNICEF/ City2SurfWE L C O ME T O T E A M UNI C EFThank you for joining Team UNICEF and supporting uswith your fundraising. Together we can make a lastingdifference for vulnerable children around the world.The following pages will give you tips and adviceon how to make the most of your fundraising. Everydollar you, your friends, colleagues and family membersraise for UNICEF will make a huge difference to the lifeof a child.Remember to join Team UNICEF on Strava and followus on Facebook.We hope you enjoy your experience of fundraising forUNICEF. If you need any further information orsupport please do not hesitate to contact us on1300 884 233 or teamunicef@unicef.org.au.On behalf of us all at UNICEF and the childrenwhose lives you change, thank you.HOMEUNICEF’S WORK

WELC OME TOTEAM U NIC EFUN I CE F’ SWOR KH O W YO UC A N H E LPF U N D RA I SI N GSPREADINGT H E WO RDFAQST H ANK YO UKE E P I NG C H IL DR EN S A FEUNICEF is the world’s leading organisation for children. Wework in over 190 countries. We supply life-saving food,medicine and clean water. We provide children with safeplaces to learn and play.Rojina's StoryRojina was lying in the delivery room of a remote Nepalesevillage when the unthinkable happened: a 7.8 magnitutdeearthquake struck.She and her newborn Himal survived the quakes, but whentheir health post was reduced to rubble, UNICEF set up amedical tent so it's lifesaving work could continue - soHimal could get the care he needed to survive his fragilefirst months of life.WELCOME TO TEAM UNICEF Unicef/PandayUNICEF is there when children need us most.HOW YOU CAN HELP

WELC OME TOTEAM U NIC EFUN I CE F’ SWOR KH O W YO UC A N H E LPF U N D RA I SI N GSPREADINGT H E WO RDFAQST H ANK YO UHOW Y O U C A N H E LPEvery dollar you raise really will make adifference to vulnerable children aroundthe world, so please set your target high. 68 could provide 126 sachets of life-saving"peanut butter" to help bring a child back fromsevere malnutrition. 150 could protect 750 children with life-savingpolio vaccines. 300 could buy a ‘School in a Box' kitcontaining learning equipment and materials forstudents. 656 could install 1 water pump and provideclean and safe water for a whole village.UNICEF’S WORK Unicef/Noorani 930 could provide 25 babies with a set ofwinter clothes to help keep them warm in aharsh winter.FUNDRAISING

WELC OME TOTEAM U NIC EFUN I CE F’ SWOR KH O W YO UC A N H E LPF U N D RA I SI N GSPREADINGT H E WO RDFAQST H ANK YO U Unicef/MawaON L I N E F U N DR A IS I NGThe simplest way to ask friends,family or colleagues to sponsor youis to set up an online fundraisingpage.1234Go to our approved fundraisingwebsite, EverdayHero.Set up your page, add a photo andchoose a fundraising target (thehigher it is, the more children wecan help)Lead by example and make the firstdonation. The first donation often setsthe tone, so donate the amount youwould like others to give.HOW YOU CAN HELP5Once you are happy with yourpage, email the link to yourfriends, family and colleagues, linkto your Facebook page and tweetabout it. It’s also a good idea toask those likely to sponsor youwith a larger amount first toencourage other sponsors to bejust as generous with their gifts.Tell people why you arefundraising for UNICEF Australiaand how their donation can makea difference to the lives of children.A tangible outcome demonstratesthe impact a donation can make.Online fundraising saves time as youdon’t have to collect donations. It alsoreduces our costs so we can spendmore money on helping children.Offline donationsIf you are collecting donations offline,please complete and return our'Proposal to Fundraise' form. Oncereceived and approved, we will sendyour 'Authority to Fundraise.'Email teamunicef@unicef.org.au forfurther information on how to payyour funds in.FUNDRAISING

WELC OME TOTEAM U NIC EFUN I CE F’ SWOR KH O W YO UC A N H E LPF U N D RA I SI N GSPREADINGT H E WO RDFAQST H ANK YO U Unice/fInspiredAdventures/DellaVedovaOT H E R WAYS T OF U N D RA IS EThere are lots of fantastic ways to hit your fundraisingtotal. Here are a few ideas:Bake sale - Make everyone's life sweet by hosting acoffee morning at work/school/church or yourcommunity center. Who can say no to cake?Fancy dressevening - Everybody knows these are themost fun parties to attend! Invite friends and charge forentry - the 80's, 20's, Gangster or Hollywood glamour.the choice is yours!Trivia night - The best bit? You get to write all thequestions!Raffles - Why not ask local businesses for raffle prizedonations, then draw the winner at your chosenevent?Inter-office soccer tournament - Which departmentwill win the golden cup? You can charge per teamand run it over a few weeks.Need more inspiration? Check out our FundraisingIdeas resource.FUNDRA ISINGSPREADING THE WORD

UN I CE F’ SWOR KH O W YO UC A N H E LPF U N D RA I SI N GSPREADINGT H E WO RDFAQST H ANK YO USPR E AD IN G T H E W O R DFundraising to help give every child a fair chance in life is a pretty amazing thing to do.Tweet it, Facebook it and share likecrazy! Be proud of what you are apart of and remember, the more you share, the more people will donate.Contact your local newspaper/radio:Use social media:nn Write a press release and send to the news deskof your local paper or radio.nn Include key information such as detail about yourplanned fundraising activity and target.nn Include fun and engaging photos!nn Share photographs and videos capturing yourjourney and explain why you’re supporting UNICEF.nn Include @unicefaustralia in your Instagram postsand #TeamUnicef on Twitter.nn Include a link to www.unicef.org.au.nn Tag other people.nMake sure the news desk have received yourpress release.FUNDRA ISINGDon’t forget that you are fundraising for the world’s leadingorganisation for children, so make sure that what you aresaying is accurate and up to date.FAQS Unicef/ShresthaWELC OME TOTEAM U NIC EF

UN I CE F’ SWOR KH O W YO UC A N H E LPF U N D RA I SI N GFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSQ: Can I use the UNICEF logo?A: As a fundraiser, you can use our 'in aid of UNICEF' or'Team UNICEF' logo to help promote your event or challenge.Q. When will I receive my UNICEF top?A: All fundraisers who raise over 100 are eligible to receive aUNICEF t-shirt or running vest. Just let us know your size andaddress and we will send one out to you!Q. Does UNICEF have fundraising merchandise available?A: Unfortunately, we do not provide collateral like stickers,posters or coin collection boxes as we try to keep ouroperating costs down to ensure that the maximum amount ofmoney can go towards helping children.FAQSSPREADINGT H E WO RDFAQST H ANK YO UQ: Are donations tax deductible?A: All donations over 2 are tax deductible. EverydayHero willautomatically issue each sponsor with a receipt and will senda reminder at the end of the financial year. Donations are nottax deductible if the supporter receives goods or services inreturn for their donation.Q. Can I ask my company to sponsor me?A: Yes definitely! 70% of companies in Australia offer‘matched funding’ as part of their employee benefits. It's agreat way to increase funds quickly and all you need to do isask. Speak to your HR department and ask them for theirsupport.If you have any questions that are not covered here, pleasesee our website or contact teamunicef@unicef.org.auTHANK YOU UNICEFCharlieBartlettWELC OME TOTEAM U NIC EF

THANK YOUThank you for supporting ourwork. You play a vital part in ourplan for creating a world in whichevery child is safe, protected andhas the opportunity to learn.If you have any further questionsplease email us or call us on 1300884 233UNICEF Australia receives no funding from theUnited Nations. It is only through the dedicationof supporters, just like you, that we can continueto make a lasting difference to the lives ofchildren.Australian Charity Number: 060 581 437 Unicef/MahbashiFAQSTHANK YO U

HOW YOU CAN HELP FUNDRAISING ONLINE FUNDRAISING The simplest way to ask friends, family or colleagues to sponsor you is to set up an online fundraising page. Go to our approved fundraising website, EverdayHero. Set up your page, add a photo and choose a fundraising