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Voter Guide forLos Angeles CountyLEAGUE OFWOMEN VOTERS STATEWIDE DIRECT PRIMARY ELECTIONTUESDAY, JUNE 5, 2018Polls open 7 AM – 8 PMIMPORTANTDATESMAY 7:MAY 21:MAY 29:First day to request a Vote-By-Mail ballotLast day to register or re-register to voteLast day to request a Vote-By-Mail ballotJUNE 5: ELECTION DAYPolls open 7 AM – 8 PMThis Voter Guide contains information about:STATE BALLOT PROPOSITIONSand about the following non-partisan Los Angeles County Offices:LOS ANGELES COUNTY SHERIFFLOS ANGELES COUNTY ASSESSORLOS ANGELES COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT JUDGESLOS ANGELES COUNTY SUPERVISOR, DISTRICTS 1 AND 3On June 5, 2018, voters will also be voting for:Candidates for statewide office—Governor, Lieutenant Governor,Secretary of State, Treasurer, Controller, Attorney General,Insurance Commissioner, and Superintendent of Public InstructionBoard of Equalization candidatesFederal Congressional and Senate candidatesState Assembly and State Senate candidatesFor more information about candidates, issues, and voting, go the Voter GuideVOTE!This Voter Guide is provided by the League of Women Voters’ Education Fund.The Education Fund encourages active and informed participation in governmentand increased understanding of public policy through education.Esta guía también está disponible en español. Para más información, llame (213) 368-1616.J U N E 5 , 2 0 1 8 S TAT E W I D E D I R E C T P R I M A R Y E L E C T I O NLeague of Women Voters 1

California Primary Election H June 5, 2018This election is a county, state, and federal primary election.California voters will choose among all candidates for stateand congressional elective offices, regardless of party preference, and the two candidates in each race who receive themost votes will advance to the November general election,regardless of party preference. California voters will alsodecide on the state propositions beginning on page 11 ofthis guide.All Los Angeles County Voters will choose among the candidates for Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge and forAssessor and Sheriff of Los Angeles County. Some Los AngelesCounty voters will be selecting their representative to theCounty Board of Supervisors.Visit to see everything on your ballot,find your polling place, and get information about your votingchoices. Candidates provide information about themselvesin their own words.Voters registered in Los Angeles County will receive a sampleballot at the address on record after May 7. This sample ballotshows the candidates and measures that will be on your ballot.Go to in Los Angeles county to:H Check your registration status—includingyour party choiceH Register to vote if you have moved or changedyour nameH Register to vote if you want to change yourpolitical partyFind your path at the Los Angeles Public LibraryLos Angeles Public Library offers a variety of free in-person and online educational opportunities including: Education andLifelong LearningMoney MattersHealth WellnessCultural Enrichmentand ExplorationONLINE COURSESTO SUPPORT YOURCAREER AND LIFE GOALS.LEARN HOW TO MAKE YOURMONEY WORK FOR YOU.KNOW MORE, MAKE MORE.WORKSHOPS ANDRESOURCES ON AN ARRAYOF HEALTH TOPICSYOUR COMMUNITYDESTINATION TO STIMULATECREATIVITY & to start on your path?Visit one of our 73 libraries, call, or visit us online.213.228.7272 www.lapl.org2 Voter Guide for Los Angeles CountyLOS ANGELE S COUNTY

Los Angeles CountySuperior CourtJudgeterm: 6 yearsterm begins: January 2019salary: 190,219 per yearElections for Superior Court Judges in Los Angeles County are held in even numbered yearsat the scheduled Primary Election. The California Constitution requires that a candidate forSuperior Court Judge be a member of the StateBar for ten years or serve on a court of record. Avacancy in a Superior Court office is to be filledby appointment by the governor. The appointed judge must stand for election at the nextgeneral election.There are 483 judicial offices in 12 judicial districts in Los Angeles County. When a judgeruns for re-election and there is no other candidate for the same office, his/her name doesnot appear on the ballot. In cases where morethan two candidates are running and no onecandidate receives more than 50% of the votes,a run-off is held at the November General Election. In the June 2018 election, eleven SuperiorCourt offices are being contested.Each candidate for Superior Court Judge was asked to submit a statement of qualifications and respond to the following questionusing no more than 50 words.Most defendants are held in County jail before trial because they are not able, due to low income or homelessness, to secure bail imposed bythe Court at their arraignment. Does California’s system of imposing bail on defendants need reform? If so, what would you recommend?Superior Court Judge Office 4CANDIDATEAlfred A.Colettaoccupation:Deputy DistrictAttorney,Los �nicaSaucedaoccupation:Superior CourtCommissioner,Los AngelesCountyMatthewSchonbrunoccupation:Deputy CityAttorney III,City of LosAngelesQUALIFICATIONSANSWERu LA Judge, Roy Paul has endorsedThe judicial code of ethics precludes mefrom expressing an opinion regarding controversies that may come before me. I amaware the legislature has drafted SenateBill 10 to reform bail. As a judge I will respect any new bail law and apply the lawfairly, objectively and with integrity.uuuume for his Seat #4.31 years criminal and civil trialexperience120 felony jury trials to verdict43 murder jury trials to verdictProsecuted police officers and lawyersu Superior Court Commissioner,Los Angeles County (2015- present)u Non-profit attorney (2002-2015);helped clients assert rights; removedbarriers and helped them access justicewebsite:u J.D. UCLA School of Law, 2001www.saucedafor- u B.A. Political Science and Chicana/ojudge.comStudies, UCLA 1997No response provided as of the press deadline.Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye convened acommittee of judges to explore the currentmoney bail system. The committee madevarious recommendations, including a newsystem based on pretrial assessments of adefendant’s flight risk and danger to publicsafety. The committee raised valid concerns on how the system can be improved.No response provided as of the press deadline.e-mail:matthew4judge@gmail.comSuperior Court Judge Office 16Patricia“Patti”Hunteroccupation:Deputy CityAttorney, City ofLos Angelesu Over 30 years experienceu Prosecuted thousands of criminal casesu Jury trials include: domestic violence,child endangerment, driving under thewebsite:influence, firearm crimes and morewww.pattihunteruCriminal and civil background4judge.comBail reform is happening in California. A recent ruling in the Humphrey case requiresjudges to consider a defendant’s financialsituation when setting bail. Courts may onlyset unaffordable bail for those who are toodangerous to be released before trial.u Extensive trial experienceHerbertS. Yunoccupation:Deputy DistrictAttorney, Countyof Los Angelesu Gang Murder Prosecutoru Deputy District Attorney, HardcoreGang Divisionu Supported by Judges, Lawwebsite:Enforcement and Attorneyswww.yunforjudge.uCivil litigation experiencecomu Graduate of Loyola Law SchoolJ U N E 5 , 2 0 1 8 S TAT E W I D E D I R E C T P R I M A R Y E L E C T I O NA hybrid system may be appropriate. Forviolent and/or serious offenses, the currentsystem will keep most offenders, rich or poor,in custody while awaiting trial, ensuring public safety. For all other crimes, an individualized assessment of the offender, includingcriminal history and finances should be undertaken before setting bail.League of Women Voters 3

Superior Court Judge Office 16 or DeputyCity Prosecutor,City of TIONSANSWERu Senior deputy city prosecutorThe bail system in California needs reform.The Constitution allows for reasonable bail.Courts should consider personal factors of adefendant in deciding on conditions of pretrial release and make use of non-monetaryconditions, if possible, to ensure that the defendant returns to court and does not endanger the community.u Prosecuted complex criminal cases,including serious violent crimesu Partner in premiere internationalcivil law firmu Endorsed by Hon. Steve Cooley, formerdistrict attorney for Los Angeles County,numerous Superior Court judgesSuperior Court Judge Office 20Mary AnnEscalanteoccupation:u 30 years of experience as a deputyDeputy Districtdistrict attorneyAttorney, Countyu Gang homicide and child molester prosecutorof Los AngelesWendySegalloccupation:u I am a 28 year attorney with extensiveDeputy Districtlegal experience in civil, criminal defenseAttorney, Countyand prosecutionof Los AngelesThere needs to be a balance between publicsafety and the rights of the accused. Although destitute defendants can end upu Tried over 100 jury trials including 34 murders spending more time in custody than thosewebsite:defendants of means, abandoning the sysu Endorsed by the presiding and assistantwww.escalantefortem may put victims in jeopardy. The dule is put in place to assure court atCourtstendance and for public safety.*u I am a career public prosecutor withwebsite:23 years of servicewww.wendysegallu I am endorsed by over 100 Superiorforjudge.comCourt judges, labor unions and lawenforcement* Complete information at:California’s system of imposing bail on defendants was in dire need of reform. Today,that bail system has fundamentally changed; ifa court finds a defendant does not have thefinancial ability to pay the bail, the court isobligated to consider less restrictive alternatives to continued confinement in /69/contests/contest/16407?&county los%20angeles%20county&election authority id 19Superior Court Judge Office 60HollyHancockoccupation:Attorney at LawBenColellaoccupation:u Deputy district attorney, over 28 yearsDeputy Districtof extensive experienceAttorney, Countyu Seasoned in alternative justice includingof Los Angelesof clientsu Tried to verdict 55 cases; 34 felonies; acquite-mail:skyspeak1@gmail. tals in 29 felonies and 18 misdemeanorscomu Straight not guilty verdicts on thelast 11 trialsu Flight attendant for United and unionrepresentative for AFA trialse-mail:colella4judge@icloud.comTony C.Chou 12-year defense counsel to thousandsjuvenile mental health and drug courtsu Efficient, thousands of cases yearly inthe busiest juvenile court in Los Angelesu Skilled trial prosecutor, 50 jury casesoccupation:u Over 17 years of legal experience inDeputy Districtboth civil and criminal lawAttorney, Countyu 13 years as a LA County deputy districtof Los Angeleswebsite:www.cho4judge.comattorney, with 68 jury trialsu Specialized in elder abuse prosecutionfor the past 5 yearsu 8 years as a military lawyer with theCA State Military Reserve* Complete information at:Yes, the system of securing bail has beenmade unaffordable by all but the wealthy. Iwould venture to say that in Los AngelesCounty the middle class struggle to put upsecured property sufficient for a bond release.Remember that this is pretrial detention.*California’s bail system is broken, and reformis needed. The right to remain free shouldnot depend upon the size of one’s wallet. Apretrial release assessment must occur usinga series of risk factors which need to includehistory and character, probability of returning to court, and victim impact.The Judicial Ethics Canon 5B(1) prohibits acandidate in a judicial election from makingstatements that would commit the candidate with respect to issues that could comebefore the courts. I would note, however, thatthe Chief Justice of the California SupremeCourt has publicly stated that the bail systemis in need of reform /contests/contest/16408?&county los%20angeles%20county&election authority id 194 Voter Guide for Los Angeles CountyLOS ANGELE S COUNTY

Superior Court Judge Office 63CANDIDATEMalcolmH.Mackeyoccupation:Judge,L.A. wisQUALIFICATIONSANSWERu Elected to Judge of Los Angeles SuperiorYes, it should be reform. I recommend thatthe bail system be modified to allow defendants to be released to their own recognizance while awaiting trial where it appearsthey would be able to return to court.uuuuoccupation:Attorney at Lawu Career dedicated to fightingwebsite:www.tony4judge.comuuuu* Complete information at:Court, 1988–2018Elected Judge of Los Angeles MunicipalCourt, 1978–1988Trial lawyer—own law practice for 19 yearsAssociate Attorney, Bolton, Groff & DunneSouthwestern Law School, L.L.B. JurisDoctordiscrimination, harassment, and abuseExperienced criminal and civil trial attorneyExperienced appellate attorneyJ.D. Northwestern University School ofLaw (1999)M.P.A. Florida State University School ofPublic Administration and Policy (1996)People should not be punished for being poor.The current bail system causes great harmto many poor people (and their families) whowill not be convicted of any crime and whodo not pose any public threat. Change isneeded. We should take approaches thatare better at protecting the public /contests/contest/16409?&county los%20angeles%20county&election authority id 19Superior Court Judge Office www.onicaforjudge.comu Career prosecutor w/ Ivy League educationu Significant jury trial and courtroomexperienceu Married to law enforcement officer andYes, we need to reorganize our priorities,for example what is often prosecuted within the City of Los Angeles as a misdemeanor, is often prosecuted as a felony.committed to protecting our communityu Appointed as a judge, Los Angeles Supe-rior Court, Temporary Judge Programu Committed to fairness and transparencyMariaLucyArmendarizoccupation:u Judge of the State Bar Court, appointedJudge of the Statein 2007Bar Court, Stateu Presided over thousands of casesBar of Californiain 11 yearsYes, too many people are held in CountyJail simply because they are too poor topost Entire career dedicated to public servicewww.judgelucy2018.u UCLA and UC Hastings Law SchoolcomeducatedDennisVincentoccupation:Deputy DistrictAttorney, Countyof Los Angelesu USAF retiredBail reform is underway in California. (Seeu Criminal prosecutor with 23 years ofbecause the Code of Judicial Ethics prohibitsjudicial candidates from making statements that commit them in cases, controversies, or issues that are likely to comebefore the courts. I’m sorry but Bail is onesuch issue.u Current Superior Court commissioner,As a current bench officer, I am not permitted to make any recommendation regarding the status of bail reform.u 2017 Deputy District Attorney of the Year “In Re Humphrey”.) I cannot comment furthercourtroom experiencee-mail:u Handled hundreds of serious and violentdennisvincentfelonies4judge@outlook.u Alternative sentencing subject mattercomexpertSuperior Court Judge Office 71DanielleR. A.Gibbonsoccupation:Superior CourtCommissioner,County of LosAngeleswebsite:www.daniellegibbons4judge.comI am already doing the job of a judgeu Currently presiding over a DomesticViolence Prevention Act restrainingorder courtroomu Over 18 years of legal experienceu Endorsed by over 70 judges andcommissionersJ U N E 5 , 2 0 1 8 S TAT E W I D E D I R E C T P R I M A R Y E L E C T I O NLeague of Women Voters 5

Superior Court Judge Office 71 (continued)CANDIDATEDavid A.BergerQUALIFICATIONSoccupation:Deputy DistrictAttorney, Countyof Los AngelesANSWERu Career public prosecutor with 22 yearsJudges must consider whether the accusedcan afford bail, and whether any less-restrictive means than incarceration exists(e.g. electronic monitoring, drug testing)while still ensuring public safety. I would follow any further reform to bail either throughthe proposition process (e.g. Prop 47) orlegislation (e.g. AB109).Too many people are held in custody before trial because of their economic conditions. A recent case held that a person’s financial situation should be considered indetermining bail. Other factors to be considered are safety to the community andsecuring the defendant’s appearance incourt.of serviceu Extensive legal experience with victims ofdomestic violence, child and elder abusewebsite:u Endorsed by over 100 Superior Courtwww.bergerforjudges, prosecutors, and defense attorneysjudge.blogspot.comu I will provide balance, fairness, andaccess to justiceSuperior Court Judge Office 113JavierPerezoccupation:Deputy DistrictAttorney, Countyof Los Angelesu Prosecutor for approximately 27 yearsStevenSchreineroccupation:Deputy DistrictAttorney, Countyof Los Angelesu After working as a legal aide in theRecent case law has addressed the issue oflow income defendants being unable to secure bail due to economic circumstances.Courts now must consider this issue, andbalance it with the need to assurance the defendant’s appearance at trial and public safety. As a judge I would take all these issuesinto consideration.*u Judge Pro Tem, Los Angeles County;No one should be in jail simply because theyare disadvantaged. I support bail reform forlow-level offenses/low-risk defendants.Judges would set bail terms as appropriate,provided the public is not in danger and thereis a high likelihood the defendant will appearin court as required.u Tried misdemeanor and felony trials,assigned to special units such as majornarcotics and environmental crimeswebsite:u Worked throughout the county in ninewww.javierperez2018.different courthousescomu Supervised in excess of one-hundredemployees over seven yearsSanta Clara County Public Defender’sOffice, I joined the Los Angeles CountyDistrict Attorney’s Office in 1987. Inthe ensuing 31 years I have donemisdemeanor trials, felony trials, theCareer Criminal bonsforjudge.comuuuu* Complete information at:8 years hearing approximately 300calendars and over 7,500 casesFee Arbitrator, San Fernando ValleyBar, State BarCivil litigator 22 yearsRealtorJ.D., Whittier Law a/69/contests/contest/16402?&county los%20angeles%20county&election authority id 19Superior Court Judge Office 118David site:www.diamondforjudge.comu Litigated thousands of misdemeanoruuuuTroy Davis* Complete information at:occupation:Deputy DistrictAttorney, Countyof Los Angelesand felony mattersLACBA indigent criminal defenseappointments, appointed counselHandled hundreds of civil law mattersArgued before the District Court ofAppeals multiple timesArgued before the Los Angeles and.u Extensive experience prosecuting felonychild molestation, child physical abuse,violent sex crimes, human trafficking,and domestic violencewebsite:u Reputation for remarkable ethics,www.troydavisforfairness, and discretionjudge.comu Commitment to ensuring justice is served,holding the guilty accountable, while.The current changes to the bail system aremore than overdue. New case law requiresa Judge to make a full and detailed inquiryabout an individual’s financial status. Thiswill allow many to return to their familiesand places of employment while the courtprocess moves forward and allows for ajust resolution.*Pursuant to California Supreme Court Judicial Canon 5(B)(1)(1), a candidate shall not“make statements to the electorate.thatcommit the candidate.with respect to.issues that are likely to come before thecourts.” However, I will strongly considerall legal factors in determining appropriatebail in each person’s


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