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VEHICLE HISTORY REPORTVEHICLE DETAILS:VIN: 1GT125C8XBF239066Year/Make/Model: 2011 GMC SIERRA K2500DENALIBody Style: PickupCountry of Assembly: United StatesCylinders: 8Fuel Type: DieselREPORT DETAILS:Report Number: 14270983Report Date: 9/24/2016 05:38 PM ESTReport Status: CompleteReference:REPORT SUMMARYAccidents / Damage:Damage records foundLien Records:No lien records foundCanadian Registration:Alberta (Normal)Stolen Status:Not actively declared stolenU.S. History:U.S. history foundRecalls:1 recall notice(s) foundCondition History4 record(s) foundBelow are all records for the vehicle, listed in the order that they occurred.DateData SourceType of RecordDetailOdometer06/09/2011LocationSilsbee, TX, United StatesDealer ServiceService DataVEHICLE SERVICED1 *U09/13/2011Silsbee, TX, United StatesDealer ServiceService DataVEHICLE SERVICED26 *ULoan or lien reported09/27/2011Silsbee, TX, United StatesMotor Vehicle Dept.DMV RecordAdjustment09/27/2011Silsbee, TX, United StatesMotor Vehicle Dept.DMV RecordAdjustmentTitle issued or updated11/09/2011Silsbee, TX, United StatesDealer ServiceService DataVEHICLE SERVICED633 *U03/27/2012Silsbee, TX, United StatesDealer ServiceService DataLUBE, OIL/FILTER CHANGED3,010 *U03/27/2012Silsbee, TX, United StatesDealer ServiceService DataVEHICLE SERVICED07/31/2012MI, United StatesAuto AuctionOdometer ReadingREPORTED AT AUTOAUCTION08/14/2012CanadaMotor Vehicle Dept.Import RecordImported as: Normal08/14/2012Import Record, y, Alberta, CanadaMotor Vehicle Dept.Registration RecordsMotor Vehicle Dept.Odometer readingMotor Vehicle Dept.Canadian Renewal7,800 MI16,780 KMNew owner reported

DateData SourceType of RecordDetail08/27/2012LocationCalgary, Alberta, CanadaMotor Vehicle Dept.Canadian RenewalRegistration issued or renewedOdometer09/06/2012Alberta, CanadaInsurance RecordsMiscellaneous09/12/2012Cranbrook, British Columbia,CanadaInsurance RecordsEstimate Repair09/24/2012Cranbrook, British Columbia,CanadaService FacilityService Record18,769 KM10/18/2013Cranbrook, British Columbia,CanadaService FacilityService Record62,855 KM11/12/2013Calgary, Alberta, CanadaMotor Vehicle Dept.Canadian RenewalRight Front Corner18,769 KMRegistration issued or renewed03/23/2014Alberta, CanadaInsurance RecordsCollision claim03/31/2014Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaInsurance RecordsEstimate06/18/2014Alberta, CanadaInsurance RecordsMiscellaneous06/25/2014Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaInsurance RecordsEstimate11/26/2014Calgary, Alberta, CanadaMotor Vehicle Dept.Canadian RenewalRegistration issued or renewed04/28/2015Alberta, CanadaMotor Vehicle Dept.Canadian RenewalRegistration issued or renewed08/31/2015Cochrane, Alberta, CanadaMotor Vehicle Dept.Canadian RenewalRegistration issued or renewed10/19/2015Calgary, Alberta, CanadaService FacilityService Record01/11/2016Cochrane, Alberta, CanadaMotor Vehicle Dept.Canadian Renewal02/18/2016Calgary, Alberta, CanadaService FacilityService Record02/26/2016Calgary, Alberta, CanadaIndependent SourceOdometer reading03/03/2016Calgary, Alberta, CanadaMotor Vehicle Dept.Canadian RenewalRegistration issued or renewedGMCRecall *Manufacturer Recall IssuedRecall # 204915105/27/2016RIGHT REAR CORNER73,717 KMLEFT FRONT CORNER84,115 KM132,076 KMRegistration issued or renewed140,492 KM140,645 KM*Unknown. The unit of measure for this odometer reading was not supplied, and cannot be provided in this report.If the vehicle has had any history of accidents, collisions or damage in either Canada or the U.S., the records are outlined in this section.VIN: 1GT125C8XBF239066Police Reported AccidentsIncident DateLocationDetailNo police reported accidents foundAccident/Damage EstimatesAccident estimate records are generated by collision estimating facilities from the process of estimating the amount and extent of damage to a vehicle.Estimates in some cases have associated insurance claims.Incident DateEstimate DateType of RecordDetailAmount09/06/2012LocationCranbrook, British Columbia, Canada09/12/2012Estimate RepairRight Front Corner 6,238.85 18,769 KMOdometer03/23/2014Edmonton, Alberta, Canada03/31/2014EstimateRIGHT REAR CORNER 4,688.00 73,717 KM06/18/2014Edmonton, Alberta, Canada06/25/2014EstimateLEFT FRONT CORNER 4,559.00 84,115 KMInsurance ClaimsThe insurance claims identified in this report do not include any medical pay-outs, damage to other vehicles, damage to property, towing, rental cars, orany other incidental damages.Incident DateLocationType of ClaimDetailAmount09/06/2012Alberta, CanadaMiscellaneous 6,737.0003/23/2014Alberta, CanadaCollision claim 0.0006/18/2014Alberta, CanadaMiscellaneous 5,015.00OdometerOther Damage RecordsIncident DateLocationType of RecordDetailOdometer

Incident DateLocationNo other damage records foundType of RecordDetailOdometerThis section outlines a summary of any enforceable security interests (liens) we found on the vehicle in the following jurisdiction(s). If a lien is found,further details will appear at the end of the report.ProvinceLienAlbertaNo enforceable lien foundBritish ColumbiaNo enforceable lien foundManitobaNo enforceable lien foundNew BrunswickNo enforceable lien foundNewfoundlandNo enforceable lien foundNova ScotiaNo enforceable lien foundNorthwest TerritoriesNo enforceable lien foundNunavutNo enforceable lien foundOntarioNo enforceable lien foundPrince Edward IslandNo enforceable lien foundQuebecNo enforceable lien foundSaskatchewanNo enforceable lien foundYukon TerritoriesNo enforceable lien foundCARPROOF Canadian Lien GuaranteeOur search results accurately reflect the government records of each database in Canada at the time the search request ismade. If for some reason our search report fails to accurately reflect the Canadian enforceable lien status of a vehicle at the timeof the search, CARPROOF will reimburse the party that purchased the report and relied on it to their detriment to a maximumamount of (1) the value of the car (2) the value of the lien (3) Five Thousand Dollars Canadian ( 5,000.00), whichever is lower.This section details where in Canada the vehicle is now or has ever been registered, as well as the status (Inspection Required, Normal, Non-repairable,Rebuilt, Salvage, Stolen) of the vehicle in those MALThis vehicle has been registered as Normal in this jurisdiction.British ColumbiaNot foundManitobaNot foundNew BrunswickNot foundNewfoundlandNot foundNova ScotiaNot foundNorthwest TerritoriesNot foundNunavutNot foundOntarioNot foundPrince Edward IslandNot foundQuebecNot foundSaskatchewanNot foundYukon TerritoriesNot foundThis section outlines data from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), which is operated by the RCMP under the stewardship of National PoliceServices, on behalf of the Canadian law enforcement community.Stolen Vehicle CheckNot declared stolen.

Import Into Canada - Information from the Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV)This vehicle has been imported into Canada from the US. For more information than is set out below, please contact RIV ( Into Canada As: NormalCase/Dossier: M195057Import Date: 08/14/2012Entered Customs: 08/14/2012Inspection Date: 08/24/2012In addition to comprehensive vehicle history from across Canada, CARPROOF also thoroughly searches the United States for any details. If the vehiclehad any events in the U.S., you will find them below. Details about accidents, collision and damage, or any import records will appear in the precedingsections of your report.Item CheckedResultItem CheckedResultItem CheckedAbandonedNoAccident DataNoCorrected TitleResultNoDamagedNoDriver EducationNoDuplicate TitleNoEmission / SafetyNoFire DamageNoFire Damage IncidentNoFrame DamageNoGovernment UseNoGrey MarketNoNoHail DamageNoInsurance LossNoJunkLeaseNoLemon / Manufacturer Buy-backNoLienNoLivery UseNoMajor DamageNoNHTSA Crash Test VehicleNoOdometer ProblemNoPolice UseNoRebuilt/RebuildableNoRental / FleetNoRepossessedNoSalvageNoSalvage AuctionNoStorm Area Registration/TitleNoTaxiNoTheftNoWater DamageNoRecall # 2049151Recall Date: 5/27/2016Passenger Airbag InflatorsZPSRRecall Description:Takata Corporation (“Takata”) has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in certain 2007-2011 Cadillac Escalade, EscaladeESV, Escalade EXT, Chevrolet Avalanche, Silverado 1500, Suburban, Tahoe, GMC Sierra 1500, Yukon, Yukon XL, and 2009-2011 Chevrolet Silverado2500/3500 and GMC Sierra 2500/3500 vehicles. This is based upon Takata’s decision that front passenger airbag inflators it supplied to GM aredefective. Accordingly, GM will conduct a recall of its airbag inflators covered by Takata’s defect information report, unless GM is able to prove toNHTSA’s satisfaction that the inflators in its vehicles do not pose an unreasonable risk to safety.This recall was open as of the date/time that this report was generated. For more information, or to find out if the recall has been closed, please contactGMC or visit GM's website.DateData SourceType of Record09/24/2012AddressCranbrook, British Columbia, CanadaService FacilityService RecordDetailOdometer18,769 KM10/18/2013Cranbrook, British Columbia, CanadaService FacilityService Record62,855 KM10/19/2015Calgary, Alberta, CanadaService FacilityService Record132,076 KM02/18/2016Calgary, Alberta, CanadaService FacilityService Record140,492 KM

CARPROOF searches many other data providers for vehicle details, and if there are any records found, the balance will appear in this section.DateAddressData SourceDetailOdometerNo other records found Copyright 2005-2016 CARPROOF. All rights reserved.Information on ReportsConditions of UseThis vehicle his tory report is compiled from multiple data sources . It is not always possible for CARPROOF nor its source data providers to obtain complete information on any one vehicle. There may be other title brands , registrations,declarations , accident information, service records, recall information, odometer readings or other information where discrepancies that apply to this vehicle are not reflected on this report. CARPROOF and its s ource data providers receivedata and information from external sources believed to be reliable, but no responsibility is assumed by CARPROOF, its source data providers or its agents for errors, inaccuracies or omissions. The reports are provided s trictly on an as iswhere is bas is, and CARPROOF and its source data providers further expressly disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitnes s for a particular purpose regarding this report.Neither CARPROOF nor its source data providers s hall be liable for any delay or failure to provide an accurate report. In obtaining, reviewing and/or using this vehicle his tory report, you agree to be bound by all of the terms in CARPROOF’sConditions of Us e and any CARPROOF End User License Agreements as may be amended from time to time.

08/14/2012 Canada Motor Vehicle Dept. Import Record Imported as: Normal 08/14/2012 Import Record, Canada Motor Vehicle Dept. Registration Records Registered/Renewed 08/24/2012 Motor Vehicle Dept. Odometer reading 16,780 KM 08/27/2012 Calgary, Alberta, Canada Motor Vehicle D

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