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DOD-STD-001OOD(AR)\DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSEWASHINGTON, DC 20301@Engineering Drawing PracticesDOD-STD-00 100D(AR )1. This Military Standard is approved for uae by all elements of the U;S.Army Tank-Automotive Command and U.S. Army Armament, Munitions and ChemicalCommand.genef icialcomments(recommendation,additiona, deletions) and anY2.pertinent data which ay be of use in improving this document should beaddreaaed to: Commander, IJ.S. Army Armament Research, Development andbyEngineering Center, ATTN: SMCAR-ESC-S, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ 07306-5000,the self-addreaaed Standardization Oocument Improving Proposal (DD Formusingor by letter.1426) appearing at the end of this document.04.aiiSource: -- Downloaded: 2019-06-04T17:34ZCheck the source to verify that this is the current version before use.

DOD-STD-00 10OD (AR)foiimosu)This interim Military Standard provides:Drawing Dractioes for preparation of engineering drawings and drawingfotiat mat riale.Definitions and examplea of types of engineering drawings to be preparedselectionThese are catalogedforappropriatefor the Department of Defense.under theand uee. in supportof Levelsof rawings.engineeringdrawings,associated lists and-documents referenced on these engineering drawings andaafiociated nd arationofassociatedlists.This docwmentappliesto allTACOM and AMCCOMcontractawhich specifydeliveryof Level3 drawingsin accordancewith DOD-D-1000.All drawings.which definethe Product%selineshallconformto Level3.Level3 drawingsshouldalso ‘be acquiredfor definitionof the AllocatedBaaeline.iiiSource: -- Downloaded: 2019-06-04T17:34ZCheck the source to verify that this is the current version before use.

DOD-STD-00 IOOD(AR)THIS PA(XIEFC BLANK INTENTIONALLY\Source: -- Downloaded: 2019-06-04T17:34Ziv is the current version before use.Check the source to verify that this

DOD-STD-00 10OD(AR)oSCOPEThis standardprescribesgeneralrequirementsfor the preparationandrevisionof engineeringdrawingsand associatedlistspreparedby or forelementsof U.S. Army Tank-AutomotiveCommand and U.S.Army Armament,Munitionsand ChemicalCommand.1Source: -- Downloaded: 2019-06-04T17:34ZCheck the source to verify that this is the current version before use.

DOD-STD-00 100D(AR)REFERENCED fied,Speclf Icatlons,standards,and handbooks.the followingspeoifications,standards,and handbooksof the issuelistedinthatissueOF the Departmentof DefenseIndex of Specificationsand Standards(DoDISS)specificin the solicitationform a part of thisstandardto 340Film,Diazot ype,Sensitized,Process,Rolland I-1795Ink,Marking,Stencil,PorousSurf aces)OpaqueUU-P-221Paper,MoistDirectand DrySensitized,UU-P-561Paper,TracingCCC-C-531Cloth, Non(Diazotype-Militar DOD-D-1 ble,Photographicand NIL-M-9868MicrofilmingRequirementsMIL-W-1 3855Weapon,Small Arms and AiroraftArmamentSubsystems,GeneralSpeoif ioationforMIL-M-3851OMicrocircuits,of rce: -- Downloaded: 2019-06-04T17:34ZCheck the source to verify that this is the current version before use.35mmforfor

DOD-STD-00 10OD (AR)APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS lming and Photographing of Engineering/Technical Data and Related Documents: PCAMCard taryMIL-STD-12Abbrev i at ion forStandardsand inUse on raftandMIL-STD-25ShipMIL-STD-34Preparationof StructuralforforforWiringShipstAerospace-Use on Shipfor StorageofandWoodofElectronicControland EquipmentEngineeringChanges,Source: -- Downloaded: 2019-06-04T17:34ZCheck the source to verify that this is the current version before use.“.

DOD-STD-OO1OOD(AR)APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS (Contld)STANDARDSMilitaryMIL-STD-481Configuration Control - Engineering Changes,Deviations and Waivers (Short Form)MIL-STD-490Specification PracticesMIL-STD-681Identification TD-1267DimensioningWeaponsMIL-STD-1 306FluericsMIL-STD-1Army Nomenclature464andofforofofAssociatedARRADCOM SymbolsSystemDOD-STD-1 lies,InitiatedDOD-STD-2 lHandbookforof Electricaland ElectronicParts,and ationinNew DesignDischargeControlProgramforof Electricaland ElectronicParts,and BOOKSDOD-HDBK-263Other nts,drawings,andstandardto the cialH6FederalH7Manufacturersand nsioningCaernmentEntityName DirectoryPartandforDrawingThe followinga part of thisandTolerancing( CAGE)SupplyCatalogingNumber ing4Source: -- Downloaded: 2019-06-04T17:34ZCheck the source to verify that this is the current version before use.Systems0

DOD-STD-00 10OD (AR) ManualDOD IndustrialSecurityClassifiedInformationDOD 5220.22-Mfor/Safeguarding-—.-4/.DOD 5230.25-PHControlMilitaryDODISSTechnicalof Unclassifiedor Space withSpecificatlonaand( Copiesof licationsrequiredby contractorsin connectionwith specificacquisitionfunctionsshouldbe obtainedfrom the contractingactivityor aa directedthe contractingofficer.)byOtherpublications.The followingdocumentsform a partof thisstandardto the issuesof the documentswhich are lbD adoptedshallbe thoselistedin theissueof the I&DISS SDeCif led in the solicitation.The issuesof documentswhich have not been a optedshall “be thosein ef feeton the date of the citedIbDISS.AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARDS INSTITUTEANSI B46. 1-85Surfaceand lay)ANSI B92. s,roughness,InspectionWI B92. la-76ANSI B94. 6-84KnurlingANSI X3. 5-70FlowchartSymbolsand theirUsage inInformationProcessing.Same as FIPS-24,FederalInformationProcessingStandards.ANSI Y1 0.3-68LetterSymbolsforMechanicaof SolidsANSI Y1 0.20-75w/ANSI Y1O. 20a-75MathematicalSignsand SymbolsPhysicalSciencesand TechnologyANSI Y14.1-80DrawingDrawingANSI Y14. 2M-79Line Conventionsand Lettering,Drawingand RelatedLbcumentationANSI Y1 sANSI Y14.5-73DimensioningandToleranclngANSI Y14.5M-82DimensioningandTolerancingANS ScrewRepresentationY14. 6-78ANSI Y14. 6AMMetricSheetSizeand RelatedThreadQuantitiesUsedforinUse inand pplementSource: -- Downloaded: 2019-06-04T17:34ZCheck the source to verify that this 5is the current version before use.,,“

DOD-STD-00 10OD (AR),.k-%. sAMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARDS INSTITUTE (ANSI)(tint’d)-A.ANSI Yi?:7.l-@Gear Drawing SI Y14.7.2-78Gear and SplineDrawingBeveland entation,Drawingand RelatedIbcumentationANSI Y1 U. 15-66Electricaland ElectronicsProposedUSA Standardsforand TechnicalDiagramsANSI nectionincludingDiagrams-1DiagramsANSI Y14. 15b-73Supplementto ANSI Y 14.15-66ANSI Y14. 15a-70ANSI Y14. 17-66FluidANSI Y14. 26.3-75DictionaryPreparationPowerPart 2:DrawingPracticesANSI Y14.13M-8115a-71-sndDiagransof Terms for Computer-aidedof ),Drawing and RelatedDocumentationEngineeringPractices.ANSI Y14. 36-78SurfaceTextureSymbols,and RelatedDocumentationANSI Y32. U-77GraphicSymbolsforPlumbingDiagrams. Used in ArchitectureConstructionFixturesforand BuildingANSI Y32. 9-’72GraphicSymbolsforElectricDrawingsUsed in ArchitectureConstructionand Layoutand BuildingANSI Y32. 10-67GraphicSymbolsANSI/AWSA2. gDiagramsNondestructiveSymbolsforUnits r6Source: -- Downloaded: 2019-06-04T17:34ZCheck the source to verify that this is the current version before use.Form

orPneumaticSystemAircraftHydraulicandASTMASTM E380-84AMERICAN WELDING SOCIETY,AWS A3. O-85THE rmsandDefinitionsOF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS,IEEE STD 91-84GraphicIEEE STD 200-75ReferenceCeaignationsElectronicsParta andANSI Y32. 16-1 975)IEEE STD 280-85LetterSymbolsforElectricalScience(SsmeIEEE STD 315-75SymbolsasSAE HSJ 1086-83/ASTM DS56BOrder ofstandardshalltakeSourceofUnifiedprecedence.In theand the nsfor ElectricandEquipment(Ssme asCwantitiesused inand ElectricalEngineeringANSI Y1 O. 5-1968)GraphicSymbolsforDiagrams( includingDesignationLettera).SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS,thisforElectricalReference(Sameand ElectronicsDesignation.ClassasANSI Y32. 2-1975)INC.NumberingSystem,of a conflictherein,the.MetalsandAlloysbetweenthe textoftextof ndards,and handbooka.Copiesof thereferencedfederaland militaryapecif ications,standards,and handbooksareavailablefrom the Departmentof DefenseSingleStock” Point,CommandingOfficer,Naval Publicationsand Forms Center,5801 Tabor Avenue,Philadelphia,PA 19120.For e obtainedfrom the contractingactivityor as directedby thetcontractingofficer.Other Governmentdocuments.Copiesof othergovernmentdocumentsrequiredby contractorsin connectionwith specificacquisitionfunctionsshouldbe obtainedfrom the contractingactivityor aa directedby thecontractingoff icer.Sourcesfor egenerallyavailableforreferencefrom librariesand technicalgroups.Thedocumentslietedmay be obtainedas follows:7Source: -- Downloaded: 2019-06-04T17:34ZCheck the source to verify that this is the current version before use.

DOD-STD-00 10OD ( AR)a.ApplicationANSI:NationalStandardsfor copiesInstitute,b.ASTM:Application1916 Race Street,c.AWSZ ApplicationWeldingSociety,d.IEEE:Applicationfor ElectricalandNew York,NY 10017.e.ApplicationIPC:of utomotiveEngineers,15096.for copiesPhiladelphia,forInc.,copies2501for copiesElectronicsshouldbe addressedto the American1430 Broadway,New York,NY 10018.shouldPAshouldNW 7thbe addressed19103.tobe addressedto the ressedto the InstituteInc.,345 E. 47th Street,for copiesshouldbe addressedtoand TM,shouldbe addressedto400 CommonwealthDrive,the Institute3451 Churchthe SocietyWarrendale,ofPAA.\9Source: -- Downloaded: 2019-06-04T17:34ZCheck the source to verify that this is the current version before use.

DOD-STD-00 10OD ( AR) rpretationAppendixDSampleAppendixERevisionof: endixHMarkingtechnicalAppendixIOrder of precedenceand A-1tolerancingc-1D-1drawingsE-1drawingsF-1CAGE CodesG-1requirementsand ndardsH-1I-1J-19Source: -- Downloaded: 2019-06-04T17:34ZCheck the source to verify that this is the current version before use.

DOD-STD-OOIOOD(AR 2. 1.2102.1.3102. 102.3.2102.3.3Description GeneralDefinitionsand requirementsBasicpracticesSize and formatof engineeringdrawingsContinuationSheetsand letteringLine conventionsMultiand sectionalview drawingsIsometricand pictorialviewsMetricvaluesApplicationin new designDimensioningand w lementsand opticalayatamsComouter-aidedvreDarationof DrOdUCt definition dataComputer-aided“ s gn( CAD) dr;wingsObviationsfrom CADCAD hicsymbolsfor electricaland electronicsdiagramsGraphicsymbolsfor raphicsymbolsforfluericpower diagramsGraphicsymbolsfor electricalwiring-andlayoutdiagramsused in architectureand for plumbingfixturesMechanicalsymbolsfor aeronautical,aerospacecrsft,and spacecraftuseGraphicsymbolsfor aircrafthydraulicand pneumaticsystemsShip ingequipmentsymbolsfor shlps 00-13100-13100-13100-14Graphicsymbolsforfluidpower ,disgramsDesignationsReferencedesignationsfor electricalandpartsand equipmentLettersymbolsand abbreviationsLettersymbolsMathematicalsignsand symbolsAbbreviationselectronicsSource: -- Downloaded: 2019-06-04T17:34ZCheck the source to verify that this is the 10current version before 100-16100-16100-16100-16100-16100-16‘x.,\

grsmaElectricaland electronicsFluidpower diagramsPrintedwiringdrawingaPrintedboard descriptionDrawing materialDuplicateoriginal(Cmt d) 5106106.1106.2106.2.1106.3106.4107108108.1108. 1.1108. 1.2108. 1.3108. 1119.1.2119.2securityclassificationand notationScaleof scaleSelectionIndicationof scaleFractionalmethodDrawingsnot to scaleDimensionsnot to scaleRadioactivematerialsMarkingand awing requirementsMatched partsMarkingsotherthan part number identificationRubber prod uct aCARC painteditemSensitiveelectronicdevice(SED) itemsOptional/AlternativedesignsDepictionof partModule kentriesMicrocircuitsDrawing notesLanguagestyleCommonly used wcrdsand phrasesUse of “shall”,“willn,‘shouldn,and ‘maynIndefinitetermsLccationof notesNote contentsMaterialnotesSigningand DatingCrawingsDatingdrawingsSign ing for anotherRedrawn Initialand eignatureblockAdditionalsignatureCAD prepareddrawingsMicrofilmaperturecard signaturesGeneralDefinitionsand digitalformSource: -- Downloaded: 2019-06-04T17:34ZCheck the source to verify that this is the current version before use.

DDD-sTD-OOIOI)D(M)mllTemTs(Conttd)ParaDescription tidetaildrawingTabulateddetaildrawingTube bend ltereditem drawingSelecteditem ticdrawing.%hematicdiagramConnectionor wiringdiagramInterconnectiondiagramSingle-lineor one-linediagramLogic tructiondrawingErectiondrawingPlan drawingPlot( plat)plan drawingVicinityplan or ringlistNumericalcontroldrawingOpticalelementsand opticalsystemWiringharnessdrawingCable ce: -- Downloaded: 2019-06-04T17:34ZCheck the source to verify that this is the 12current.”.version before use.

8II201.9 .8.1.1201.9.9201.9.10201.9 .10.2201.9 .10.3201.9.11201.9.12201.9 .12.2201.9 .12.3201.9.13201.9 .13.1201.9.14201.9.15201.9.16201.9.17201.10201. 303304

STANDARDS Military MIL-STD-481 MIL-STD-490 MIL-STD-681 MIL-STD-961 MIL-STD-1 174 MIL-STD-1267 MIL-STD-1 306 MIL-STD-1 464 DOD-STD-1 476 DOD-STD-1686 DOD-STD-2 167 MIL-STD-21 75 HANDBOOKS DOD-HDBK-263 Configuration Control - Engineering Changes, Deviations and Waivers (Short Form) Specificati

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2: Building Drawing and Unit 3: Mechanical Engineering Drawing. Three questions will be set on Building Drawing and three on Mechanical Engineering Drawing. Candidates must attempt two questions: one 2D working/assembly drawing and one 3D solid model design drawing (from area of choice). The working/assembly drawing

Drawing Template and Sheet Format Drawing and Detailing with SolidWorks 2001/2001Plus PAGE 1-8 Drawing Template The foundation of a SolidWorks drawing is the Drawing Template. Drawing size, drawing standards, company information, manufacturing and or assembly requirements, units and other properties are defined in the Drawing Template.

Drawing Block Title - 03 Grids 1:12 014200-003 Drawing Block Title - 04 Grids 1:16 014200-004 Drawing Block Title - 05 Grids 1:20 014200-005 Drawing Block Title - 06 Grids 1:24 014200-006 Drawing Block Title - 07 Grids 1:28 014200-007 Drawing Block Title - 08 Grids 1:32 014200-008 Drawing Block Title - 09 Grids 1:36 014200-009 Drawing Block .

drawing. 1.2 STATE how the grid system on an engineering drawing is used to locate a piece of equipment. 1.3 STATE the three types of information provided in the revision block of an engineering drawing. 1.4 STATE the purpose of the notes and legend section of an engineering drawing. 1.5 LIST the five drawing categories used on engineering .

A drawing that displays technical information to the reader through specific visuals, directions, notes, etc A good technical drawing should be informative, clear, NEAT, unambiguous and not cluttered. Drawing Basics Profile View . Drawing Basics Plan View Viewed from above . Drawing Basics FWD View (Bow view) FWD looking aft. Drawing Basics Section View Looking in direction .

Navy This branch of our nation’s armed services conducts military operations at sea, world-wide. According to the Department of Defense, its focus is “maintaining the freedom of the seas, deterring aggression, and achieving victory at war.” Like the Air Force, the Navy has many aircraft to assist with protecting the seas.File Size: 959KBPage Count: 12Explore furtherUnderstanding the 5 Branches of US Military - US Militaryusmilitary.comBasic Branches of the United States Armylibarts.hamptonu.eduU.S. National Military Branches Military Science - SOU Homeinside.sou.eduWhat Are the Branches of the US Military? Military.comwww.military.comRecommended to you b

Supersedes: AFI36-2608, 26 October 2015 Certified by: SAF/MR (Mr. John A. Fedrigo) Pages: 140 This instruction implements Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 1336.08, Military Human Resource Records Life Cycle Management, and is consistent with DAFPD 36-25, Military Promotion and Demotion. It applies to all military and civilian members of .File Size: 1MBPage Count: 176Explore furtherAFI 36-2608 Military Personnel Records System Air Force .www.airforcecounseling.comAFI 36-2608 Military Personnel Records System Air Force .www.airforcecounseling.comAFI 36-2608 - MILITARY PERSONNEL RECORDS SYSTEMS .standards.globalspec.comAIR FORCE - AFI 36-2608 - MILITARY PERSONNEL RECORDS .standards.globalspec.comAIR FORCE - AFI 36-2608 - MILITARY PERSONNEL RECORDS .standards.globalspec.comRecommended to you based on what's popular Feedback

Assembly Drawing Exercises . 2/57 Working Drawing/Production Drawing The drawings that are used to give information for . normally an isometric view and is used in installation and maintenance manuals. T.Akyürek ME 114 Computer Aided Engineering Drawing II– Assembly Drawing Exercises .