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TransformerProduct Catalog

TABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTIONHPS, The Company.2Transformer Terminology.4Types of Transformers.11General Transformer Construction Features.14Transformer Basics.17Selecting Transformers.19Compliance with Engineering Standards.21Transformer Test Standards.21Quality Management Systems.23HPS Standard Enclosures.24HPS Warranty.26SECTION 1Industrial Control & General Purpose Enclosed TransformersControl Transformer Quick Selection Charts.28What is a Control Transformer?.29Overcurrent Protection.30HPS Imperator Machine Tool Industrial Control TransformersFeatures & Benefits .34Selection Tables.36Optional Accessories .43Wiring Schematic Drawings.62HPS Spartan Industrial Open-Style Core & Coil Control TransformersFeatures and Benefits .45Selection Tables .46Optional Accessories .51Wiring Schematic Drawings .73HPS Fusion General Purpose Enclosed TransformerFeatures and Benefits .53Selection Tables .54Optional Accessories .59Wiring Schematic Drawings .73Q Series Enclosed Potted Control TransformerApplications, Features and Specifications.60Selection Tables.61Wiring Schematic Drawings .282SECTION 2Buck-Boost TransformersWhy use Buck-Boost Transformers?.80Buck-Boost Transformer Specifications.80Steps for Selecting Buck-Boost Transformers.81Single Phase Selection Tables.82Three Phase Selection Tables.85Single Phase Specification Tables.88Three Phase Specification Tables.89Single Phase Connection Diagrams.90Three Phase Connection Diagrams.91Buck-Boost Transformers - Questions & Answers.93 Hammond Power Solutions Inc.TC1Data subject to change without notice.

TABLE OF CONTENTSSECTION 3Three Phase Line Reactors and DV/DT FiltersWhy choose a Line Reactor?.98Construction Features .100HPS Centurion R ReactorSpecifications.101Part Number Guide and Selection Tables.102Core & Coil Specification Table.104Enclosed Specification Table.108Connection Diagrams.122Termination Details.123Core & Coil Reference Drawings.124RM Series ReactorSpecifications .112Part Number Guide and Three Phase Selection Tables. 113Core & Coil Specification Tables.115Enclosed Specification Tables .117Connection Diagrams.122Termination Details .123Core & Coil Reference Drawings.125RC DV/DT FilterApplications.119Specifications.120Part Number Guide and Selection Table.121Core & Coil Reference Drawings.126SECTION 4Drive Isolation TransformersDescription & Applications.128Selecting Drive Isolation Transformers.128Standard Drive Isolation TransformersAluminum and Copper Standard Specifications . 129Aluminum Selection Tables.130Copper Selection Tables .134Termination Details .139HPS Tribune Energy Efficient Drive Isolation TransformersAluminum and Copper Standard Specifications . 140Aluminum Selection Table .141Copper Selection Tables .145Termination Details .150Enclosure Dimensional Drawings . 264Accessories . 276Electrical Schematics and Connections . 281SECTION 5Motor Starting AutotransformersDescription and Applications.152Copper Standard Specifications and Core & Coil Dimensional Drawings . 153Copper, Three Phase, 2-Coil Selection Tables .154Copper, Three Phase, 3-Coil Selection Tables .155Optional Thermostats.156SECTION 6Low Voltage Lighting TransformersSingle Phase Applications, Features and Specifications. 158Group A Selection Table.159Group B Selection Table.159Group C Selection Table.159Enclosure Dimensional Drawings.266 Hammond Power Solutions Inc.TC2Data subject to change without notice.

TABLE OF CONTENTSSECTION 7Energy Efficient Distribution TransformersEnergy Efficiency Guidelines for the U.S.162Energy Efficiency Guidelines for Canada .163NEMA Premium Efficiency Transformer Program. 164Product Features and Applications.165Energy Efficient Distribution Transformers Product Summary . 165HPS Sentinel - Energy Efficient General PurposeSingle Phase, Aluminum and Copper Standard Specifications. 168Single Phase, Selection Tables.169Three Phase, Aluminum and Copper Standard Specifications. 172Three Phase, Selection Tables.173HPS SuperSentinel Super Energy Efficient General PurposeSingle Phase, Aluminum and Copper Standard Specifications. 181Single Phase, Selection Tables.182Three Phase, Aluminum and Copper Standard Specifications. 185Three Phase, Selection Tables.186HPS Synergy Energy Efficient K-FactorK-Factor, Harmonics and Non-Linear Loads.193Aluminum and Copper Standard Specifications. 196Three Phase, Selection Tables.197HPS SuperSynergy Super Energy Efficient K-FactorAluminum and Copper Standard Specifications . 201Three Phase, Selection Tables .202HPS Centurion Energy Efficient Harmonic Mitigating600V Class Harmonic Mitigating Transformers . 206Three Phase, Aluminum and Copper Standard Specifications . 208Three Phase, Selection Tables .209HPS SuperCenturion Super Energy Efficient Harmonic MitigatingThree Phase, Aluminum and Copper Standard Specifications . 218Three Phase, Selection Tables .219Enclosure Dimensional Drawings.264Accessories.276Termination Details.280Electrical Schematics and Connections.281SECTION 8Encapsulated Dry-Type Distribution TransformersHPS Fortress Commercial Encapsulated TransformersApplications and Features .228Single Phase, Standard Specifications .230Single Phase, Selection Tables . 231Three Phase, Standard Specifications . 234Three Phase, Selection Tables .235HPS TITAN Industrial Encapsulated TransformersApplications.237Features and Benefits.237Single Phase Standard Specifications.238Single Phase Selection Tables.239Three Phase Standard Specifications.241Three Phase Selection Tables.242Enclosure Dimensional Drawings.266Accessories.278Electrical Schematics and Connections.281 Hammond Power Solutions Inc.TC3Data subject to change without notice.

TABLE OF CONTENTSMini Power PlusSECTION 9HPS PowerPlus Mini Power CenterDescription and Applications .

Offering thousands of standard transformers from 25VA to 5MVA and specials up to 34MVA, HPS can meet the needs of your application. HPS transformers are suitable for any commercial, ind