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APICS Certification: International Certification Certified .

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APICS Certification: International CertificationCertified in Production & Inventory Management (CPIM)The APICS (The Association of Operations Management, USA) CPIM is the strategic advantage youneed in today's world, where the rate of organisational and technological change is acceleratingexponentially. Just as successful companies have adapted to the changing business environment, theCPIM program has changed over the years to keep abreast of current knowledge and practices, whilemaintaining the body of knowledge and integrity that has kept CPIM at the forefront of supply chaineducation.Since CPIM’s launch in 1973, more than 107,000 professionals have benefited from this globallyrecognized certification and learned about essential terminology concepts and strategies related todemand management, procurement and supplier planning, material requirements, planning,capacity requirements planning, sales and operations planning, master scheduling, performancemeasurements, supplier relationships, quality control and continuous improvement.The CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) provides operations managementprofessionals with relevant, essential education that equips them for today's marketplace. The indepth approach taken to understanding and evaluating production and inventory activities within acompany's global operations is why this certification is preferred by thousands of employer'sworldwide.APICS CPIM is the world’s most respected designation among supply chain organizations andprofessionals. Professionals that earn the CPIM designation gain the dynamic ability to understandand evaluate production and inventory activities within a company’s global operations. Organizationsand APICS affiliates value the program’s ability to effectively train a workforce in critical concepts andstrategies, while maximizing ROI on systems and technologies within the company. Individuals valueits ability to help advance their knowledge, proficiency and career.enquiries@bizzco.co.zawww.bizzco.co.zaTel: 27 10 001 0283

CPIM training can be conducted on site and online for your supply chain group, department or crossfunctional project team. You set the date, location and venue, the Authorised Education Providesmanages registration, training materials and the instructor. Self-study programs are also available.Target GroupThe CPIM has been organised into two parts modules, each focusing on key areas of study that areintegral to an understanding and mastery of production and inventory management principlesThe first module is intended for practitioners in the manufacturing and retail industries and offers anin depth insight into the production, inventory and distribution management arena. It is beneficialfor production managers, production planners, material/stores managers, engineers, purchasingstaff, production supervision, accounting or any functional area of a manufacturing or distributionorganisation intending to formalise their knowledge.CPIM offers in-depth education for individuals in the operations management profession who wishto improve their knowledge of production and inventory management.Why you should earn the CPIM designation/Benefits of the CPIM programme Increase your salary - on average designees see a 10% increaseImprove your hiring potential by 65%Maximize ROI on systems and technologiesReduce your organization's costsProvide more value to your organizationUnderstand how to increase customer satisfactionEnhance your credibility among peers, employers and customersIncrease your functional knowledge of production and inventory managementImprove efficiency of your organisations supply chainStreamline operations through accurate forecastingPredict outcomes more accuratelyIncrease profitability by optimising your organisations inventory investmentCPIM strengthens businesses It establishes common terminology, processes and frameworks across the organization. It provides your team with the knowledge and organizational skills to strategically streamlineoperations. It improves workforce productivity, collaboration and innovation. It establishes consistency through best practices and organization-wide communication.Benefits of group trainingSpeed – Group training allows an organization to train teams quickly, during the hours of the day andtime of year that works best.Flexibility – On site, self-study course delivery enables organizations to select the best program designfor employee success.enquiries@bizzco.co.zawww.bizzco.co.zaTel: 27 10 001 0283

Cost – Group training can dramatically reduce travel costs, lost work time, and training cost peremployee.CPIM education areas of emphasisDemand managementMaster schedulingProcurement managementPerformance measurementSupplier planningSupplier relationshipsMaterial requirements planningQuality controlCapacity planningContinuous improvementSales and operations planningThe courseTo earn APICS CPIM designation, employees must successfully complete two process-orientedcourses and two exams.CPIM Part 1Module 1: Basics of Supply Chain Management (BSCM) Introduction to Supply Chain ManagementDemand ManagementMaster PlanningMaterial Requirement PlanningCapacity ManagementPurchasingInventory ManagementExecution & ControlPhysical DistributionContinuous ImprovementCPIM Part 2Module 1: Strategic Management of Resources Developing the Business StrategyGathering and Analyzing Internal / External InformationWhere will we compete?How will we compete?Sustainability and StrategyBusiness PlanningAligning the Operations zzco.co.zaTel: 27 10 001 0283

Module 2: Master Planning of Resources Demand ManagementSales and Operations PlanningMaster SchedulingDistribution PlanningModule 3: Detailed Scheduling and Planning Inventory managementMaterials Requirement PlanningManaging ProjectsDetailed Capacity PlanningPlanning Procurement and External Sources of SupplyModule 4: Execution and Control of Operations Execution of OperationsScheduling and AuthorizationQuality, Communication and Continuous ImprovementDesign Concepts & trade-offsDurationDependent upon method of study - Instructor led courses are respectively 9 and 15 x 3 hour sessionsin duration for the two parts.Delivery Method Classroom based, lecturer ledSelf StudyEligibilityTo be eligible to study the CPIM program you must have completed: FMOM (Fundamentals of Materials and Operations Management) orPPIM (Principles of Production & Inventory Management) orCSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) orSimilar industry qualifications or experienceExams and AssessmentsAn APICS international examination, which assesses you by a series of multiple choice questions. Theexams are Computer Based only. All APICS certification exams will be done on demand. Students canbook any date and time throughout the year to take the exam. You will only be able to schedule yourexam once you have paid the examination fee and received the Authority to Test (ATT) email fromAPICS. The exam scores are based on scaled scores. Time allowed to complete the CPIM exam is 3hours for each exam.enquiries@bizzco.co.zawww.bizzco.co.zaTel: 27 10 001 0283

MaintenanceIn order to keep your CPIM designation you are required to maintain it. Certification maintenancecycles run in five-year intervals, commencing from the date of initial certification and ending the lastday of the month that initial certificate was received (5 years later).About BIZZCOBIZZCO is an accredited training provider with MerSETA and TETA. We specialise in providing trainingand skills development services for the Supply Chain and Operations environment. We have anumber of services specially designed to enhance the performance of your Supply Chain teams.Why not try our Competency Assessment to measure the skills gaps in your Supply Chain? Ourwebsite has more information about this service.enquiries@bizzco.co.zawww.bizzco.co.zaTel: 27 10 001 0283

APICS Certification: International Certification Certified in Production & Inventory Management (CPIM) The APICS (The Association of Operations Man agement, USA) CPIM is the strategic advantage you need