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LBWCC Distance Education Policies and Procedures ManualLurleen B. WallaceCommunity College2016-2017DistancePolicies andProceduresManualLurleen B. Wallace Community CollegePost Office Drawer 1418Andalusia, Alabama 36421334-222-6591334-881-23003/14/2013Page 1 of 92

Distance Education Policies and Procedures ManualTable of ContentsWelcome . 6Overview . 7College Mission and Vision Statement . 8Mission Statement. 8Vision Statement . 8Definition, Mission, and Purpose of Distance Education . 9Definition of Distance Education. 9Definition of Correspondence Education. 9Mission of Distance Education . 9Purpose of Distance Education . 10Principles of Good Practice for Electronically Offered Academic Programs and Certificate Programs . 10Review of Distance Education Policy and Procedures Manual . 10Copyright and Intellectual Property Policies . 11Intellectual Property Policy. 11Employees: . 11Students:. 11Resolution of Disputes: . 12Use of Copyrighted Materials for Instruction . 12Distance Education Facilities and Support Services . 13Distance Education Equipment and Facilities . 13Funding for Distance Education . 13Institutional Technology Responsibility . 13Distance Education Course Definitions . 14Online Courses . 14Hybrid Courses . 14Web-Enhanced Course. 14Distance Education Course Information . 16Accessing Online Courses . 16Archiving a Distance Education Course . 16Award of Credit . 16Course Oversight . 16Course Access – Administrative Rights . 16Course Availability. 16Course Cancellation . 17Course Caps . 17Course Content – Student Learning Outcomes . 17Course Shells . 17Course Sections . 18Course Removal Policy. 18Distance Education Roles and Responsibilities . 20Associate Dean of Instructional and Information Technology . 20Coordinator for Distance Education Faculty Development . 20Division Chairs . 21Student Services . 21Distance Education Faculty . 21Distance Education Advisory Committee . 22Page 2 of 92

Distance Education Policies and Procedures ManualDistance Education Course Development Cycles. 23Cycle 1 - New Courses developed by Novice Instructors . 23Cycle 2 – Course Revisions developed by Novice Instructors . 23Cycle 3 – New Courses developed by Experienced Instructors . 23Cycle 4 – Course Revisions developed by Experienced Instructors. 24Distance Education Quality Assurance . 25Distance Education Course Development Process . 27Distance Education Course Review Process. 29Courses are reviewed based on one of the following methods: . 29Process for Course Review . 29Process for 5th Year Periodic Course Review . 31Distance Education Course Ownership . 33Scenario 1. 33Scenario 2. 33Distance Education Compensation for Course . 34Creation of Course . 34Option 1: . 34Option 2: . 34Option 3: . 34Option 4: . 34Distance Education Attendance Policy . 35Attendance Verification . 35Verification of Student Enrollment for Financial Aid . 35Attendance Policy . 35Hybrid Attendance Policy . 35Online Attendance Policy . 37Faculty Requirements and Expectations . 39Faculty Responsibility . 39Faculty Qualifications . 39Faculty Training . 39Faculty Evaluation . 39Faculty Teaching Load . 40Faculty Class Roll . 41Faculty Availability of Grades . 42Faculty Accessibility. 42Email . 42Phone Calls . 42Discussion Forums . 42Face-to-Face Appointments . 43Live Chats . 43Class Interaction. 43Evaluation . 44Documentation and Backup . 44Holidays, Breaks, and Weekends . 44Inclement Weather . 44Virtual Office Hours Policy . 45Syllabus . 46Student Information . 47Student Privacy . 47Page 3 of 92

Distance Education Policies and Procedures ManualAccessing Student Information . 47Distribution of Student Information. 47Protection and Storage of Student Information . 48Using Student Information . 48Disposing of Student Information . 48Business Continuity . 48Making a Course Unavailable to an Individual Student . 49Student Services . 49Student Activities . 50Student Complaints/Grievance Procedure . 50Student Email Accounts . 50Canvas Accounts . 50myLBWCC Accounts . 50Student Orientation . 50Student Technical Problems . 51Student Policies. 51Student Advising. 52Student Academic Dishonesty . 52Student Fees associated with Verification of Student Identity . 53Library Resources . 53LBWCC Bookstore . 53Computer Requirements . 53Canvas OS Requirements: What are the basic specifications for Canvas? . 53Computer and Operating System Specifications . 54Screen Size . 54Operating Systems . 54Mobile OS Native App Support . 54Computer Speed and Processor . 54Internet Speed . 54Screen Readers . 54Computer Access . 54Computer Recommendations .

The 2016-17 Distance Education Policy and Procedures Manual was approved by the Distance Education Advisory Committee on October 24, 2016. The policy was also approved by the In

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Work Related Grievance Handling Policy and Procedures Complaints Handling Policy and Procedures. The internal reporting system established under this policy is not intended to be used for staff grievances, which should be raised through the Work Related Grievance Handling Policy and Procedures. If a staff member makes a report under this policy .

‘distance’ paradox in so-called distance learning environments. The Distance Education Paradox and the Internet A definition for distance education The main defining feature of distance education is the separation of teacher and learner, usually in both time and space (Holmberg, 19

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E:procedures/Policy and Procedures Manual/Corporate/Final Copy 03-22-21 21 Koll Center Parkway, Pleasanton, CA 94566 2490 Mariner Square Loop, Suite 200, Alameda, CA 94501 925.730.4060 www.bayeast.org CORPORATE POLICY AND PROCEDURES Article I Section 1

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distance education to other schools, learning and wellbeing teams in delivery support and parents/carers. Contact details are provided in section 7 of this document. The Rural and Distance Education team can provide policy support and advice to schools across NSW, state offices, learning an

To support and encourage the internal development of the distance learningprogram by promoting and providing guidelines for training, inclusion of distance learning classes in instructor workloads, and technical support. To provide strategies for effective delivery of distance learning alternatives through the

April 2018 Name of Policy Child protection and Safeguarding Policy, Education Scotland – Inclusion and Equality Description of Policy Policy Number Policy Status New Revision of Existing Policy Withdrawal of Policy Scottish Government Adopted Author Monica McGeever, Lead Officer Safeguarding Owner and business area Inclusion and Equality

MERS System Procedures Manual– Release 38.0 Introduction 1 Introduction The MERS System Procedures Manual (“Procedures”) forms part of the Governing Documents constituting the MERS System Membership Agreement.The Procedures set out requirements pertaining to MERS System membership including, but not limited to, the use of the MERS System, the MERS System Quality Assurance .

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