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BOARD MEETING MINUTESJOINT SERVICES RESERVE COMPONENT FACILITY BOARDSTATE OF IOWA20August2013A. CONVENING THE BOARDIn accordance with DoD Directive 1225.07, dated April 23, 2007, DoD Instruction 1225.8,dated September 1, 2001, and the Rules of Procedure, the board held a meeting at 1400 hours,Tuesday, 4 September 2012 by teleconference.B. ATTENDANCE1. Primary Members Present:COL Scott Ayres, Iowa ARNG – CFMOLTC Timothy Brady – ANGLTC Gary Prescott – ANGMs. Debra Ladd, USNRMr. Mark Lewis - USARLTC Brian Schmidt, Iowa ARNG - recorderAlternate Members Present:COL Todd Jacobus- Iowa ARNG Deputy CFMOLTC Robert DevensMr. Murray Seals, USMCRMr. Doug Connor, USMCR3. Others PresentLtCol Bart Pester – USMCRMr. Nam Tran – USMCRMr. Craig Monroe - USMCRCOL Ayres called the meeting to order at 1400C. ACTION ON MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETINGBoard members reviewed the minutes of the last meeting with no comment, but as theagenda items were beginning to be discussed the meeting went right to the discussion item ofthe USMCR/USNR joint facility and their need for land.D. DISCUSSIONThe USMCR and USNR have a joint project in FY13, #P125. Previously, the Iowa ARNGhad denied a rescinded a request for land on Camp Dodge. LtCol Pester described reasonswhy the proper COA should be to build on Camp Dodge to include: Federal land is available on

Camp Dodge; joint basing initiatives; cost savings on Real Estate acquisition; trainingopportunities for the USMCR, OSD supports the USMCR being on Camp Dodge, Presidentialdirectives support utilizing available property vice purchasing more, and the current fiscalsituation which predicts an even more austere fiscal environment for the Reserve Components.The USNR and USMR wanted a further explanation from the Iowa TAG and would not sign theJSRCFB minutes until the TAG response was received. USMCR also noted that their APOMshowed a further reduction in funding and they risk losing this MilCon project altogether or mayhave to reprogram this project to another State since building in Iowa is too difficult and has theproject at risk. COL Ayres is the action officer on responding to the USMCR and USNRrequest. COL Ayres detailed Camp Dodge’s Real Estate Action Plan (REAP) requestingadditional maneuver land and also land for buffer on encroachment.COL Ayres discussed current construction projects, Urban Assault Course (UAC) was justawarded, and the only other FYDP project for Iowa was a new joint AFRC with the USAR to belocated in Davenport for FY17.Mr. Mark Lewis briefed on the status of LRCP projects for the USAR, and removed twoprojects from the list, and the Iowa ARNG agreed to also continue to work additional MilParkingat the Cedar Rapids location for possible USAR force structure move from Iowa City to CedarRapids. He also briefed that they had begun an “I-80 corridor demographic study” and would tryto nest results and data from the Iowa ARNG RCTMP report into their study. LTC Schmidt isthe POC for the USAR action items. The I-80 study is done by a company called POND and thePOC is Mr. Sam Briglio.LTC Prescott briefed for the Sioux City Air Base and said their #1 project was a Taxiwayexpansion VSSB139002 for FY14. No other changes to the LRCPLTC Brady briefed for the Des Moines Air National Guard Base, describing the change ofmission from F-16 fighter squadron to a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) mission with threedistinct new missions of: RPA piloting; Intelligence; and Targeting. This new mission frees upapproximately 110,000 sq ft of space on the Des Moines ANGB for force structure of the othercomponents to move into. The Des Moines ANGB has a lease with the Des Moines Airportthrough 2060 and they anticipate being an airbase through that time period.Only one project for the USMCR and USNR, which was already discussed.E. PROJECT SUMMARYProjects ReviewedJoint ConstructionUnilateral ConstructionNot RNG10190See attachment 1 for full listF. NEW BUSINESSRegarding new business, COL Ayres asked for any comment on future budgets, and theUSMCR and Iowa ARNG both forecasted a 10% reduction from the previous year, but alsowarned it could be more. The USNR indicated that their reduction may reach 50% for FY14.COL Ayres briefed the Iowa Readiness Center Transformation Master Plan (RCTMP) whichwas a Congressionally requested Master Plan for the Army National Guard and Iowa wasapproximately six months into the plan and he anticipated another six months until completion.He also said that future RC’s closures in Iowa would probably commence in the next five years.Final discussion after the agenda items was the USMCR and USNR wanted to reiterate theircase for a COA of their MilCon project to be located on Camp Dodge.2

G. NEXT MEETINGThe proposed date for next year’s meeting is August 19, 2014 at 1400, viateleconference.H. ADJOURNMENTThe meeting adjourned at 1430.I.AUTHENTICATIONSee Attachment 2.Attachments1 – Project Listing2 – Authentication and Board Roster3

PROJECT LISTING JSRCFB - State of IowaATTACHMENT ep-13Sep-13Sep-13Sep-13Sep-13Sep-13Sep-13RPA & AOG Beddown BLDG 430Construct Addition to DH (263) for HeadquartersIntel Targeting Beddown Bldg 430ADAL Bldg 110 for Wing AdministrationADAL bldg 263 for COMM/AV/ContractingConstruct Main Gate Complex & Inner Base RdsConstruct Vehicle Storage Facility (Bldg-283)Construct Deployment Processing FacilityEnclose/Heat Refueling Bays POLConstruct Indoor Small Arms RangeReplace Regional paint Facility apronReplace Aircraft Apronreplace Threshold Rwy 13/31Replace Hammerhead North End Txwy ar2016Waterloo, IA 50703Decorah, IA 52101Sioux City, IA 51111Iowa City, IA 52240Des Moines, IA 50321Ames, IADavenport, IA 52806Construct ARC/OMS/UHSConstruct AFRC/OMS/UHSAdd/Alt AMSAConstruct AFRC/OMS/UHSConstruct ARCConstruct AFRC/OMS/UHSConstruct -07Nov-07Apr-09Sep-07Nov-07Des MoinesDes Moines, IA 50321Construct Joint Readiness Center8.11Des MoinesDes Moines, IA 50321Construct Joint Readiness Center9.43InstallationCity, State & Zip CodeProject GARNGCamp DodgeDavenportSioux CityCamp DodgeSioux CityCamp DodgeCamp DodgeCamp DodgeCamp DodgeWaterlooJohnston, IA 50131Davenport, IA 52806Sioux City, IA 51111Johnston, IA 50131Sioux City, IA 51111Johnston, IA 50131Johnston, IA 50131Johnston, IA 50131Johnston, IA 50131Waterloo, IA 50703Urban Assault Course (UAC)New Armed Forces Readiness CenterRC Add/AltRTI (Phase I)New FMS (Replacement)NMTC (CTC)Camp Dodge Land AcquisitionNew DPW ComplexCDJMTC FMS Add/AltNew FMS ANGANGANGANGANGANGANGANGANGANGANGDes Moines ABSioux City ABDes Moines ABDes Moines ABSioux City ABDes Moines ABSioux City ABDes Moines ABSioux City ABDes Moines ABSioux City ABSioux City ABSioux City ABSioux City ABDes Moines, IA 50321Sioux City, IA 51111Des Moines, IA 50321Des Moines, IA 50321Sioux City, IA 51111Des Moines, IA 50321Sioux City, IA 51111Des Moines, IA 50321Sioux City, IA 51111Des Moines, IA 50321Sioux City, IA 51111Sioux City, IA 51111Sioux City, IA 51111Sioux City, IA erlooDecorahSioux CityIowa CityDes MoinesAmesDavenport32USNR33USMCRCopy of JSRCFB FY14 Projects-Iowa.xlsApproximateCost MProgram YearComponent Project 130A190170A190181A190182A190185AUnilateralJoint w/ USAR 9009VSSB099023VSSB139002Unilateral New MissionUnilateral Add-OnUnilateral New MissionUnilateralUnilateralUnilateralUnilateral Add-OnUnilateralUnilateral Add-OnUnilateralUnilateral Add-OnUnilateral Add-On201320162016201620112016FY15CAR 13-67688CAR 16-12303CAR 16-12299CAR 16-12308CAR 11-70654CAR 16-12304CAR dem alUnilateralUnilateralNov-06FY13P131Joint w/ USMCRNov-06FY13P125Joint w/ USNRFY13FY17FY19FY20FY21FY22FY23FY24FY25FY26Joint w/City MCCA1 of 1

(STATE OF IOWA)Term of Current Board - 1 September 13 to 31 August 14Army GuardPrincipal MemberNameComponentWork/office AddressCity, State, ZipPhonee-mailCOL Scott A. AyresARNGCamp Dodge, Building B-61, 7105 NW 70th StreetJohnston, Iowa igitally signed by AYRES.SCOTT.ALAN.1140561696AYRES.SCOTT.ALAN.1140 DN:c US, o U.S. Government, ou DoD, ou PKI, ou USA,cn AYRES.SCOTT.ALAN.1140561696561696Date: 2013.09.25 10:01:38 -05'00'Alternate MemberNameComponentWork/office AddressCity, State, ZipPhonee-mailLTC Brian M. SchmidtARNGCamp Dodge, Building B-61, 7105 NW 70th StreetJohnston, Iowa Record KeeperNameComponentWork/office AddressCity, State, ZipPhonee-mailLTC Brian M. SchmidtARNGCamp Dodge, Building B-61, 7105 NW 70th StreetJohnston, Iowa SCHMIDT.BRIAN.MICHAEL.1140962690Digitally signed by SCHMIDT.BRIAN.MICHAEL.1140962690DN: c US, o U.S. Government, ou DoD, ou PKI, ou USA,cn SCHMIDT.BRIAN.MICHAEL.1140962690Date: 2013.09.24 09:33:37 -05'00'LEWIS.MARK.WOODROW.1267430981Army ReserveDigitally signed byLEWIS.MARK.WOODROW.1267430981DN: c US, o U.S. Government, ou DoD, ou PKI,ou USA, cn LEWIS.MARK.WOODROW.1267430981Date: 2013.09.24 09:29:54 -05'00'Principal MemberNameComponentWork/office AddressCity, State, ZipPhonee-mailMr. Mark LewisUSAR 88th Regional Support Command60 South O StreetFort McCoy, WI e MemberNameComponentWork/office AddressCity, State, ZipPhonee-mailMr. Bud BerendesUSAR 88th RSC60 South O StreetFort McCoy, WI

(STATE OF IOWA)Term of Current Board - 1 September 13 to 31 August 14Naval ReservePrincipal MemberNameComponentWork/office AddressCity, State, ZipPhonee-mailMs. Debra L. Ladd, PEUSNRPWD CentralRegion Midwest847-688-3767 ernate MemberDigitally signed by LADD.DEBRA.L.1230433689DN: c US, o U.S. Government, ou DoD, ou PKI, ou USN,cn LADD.DEBRA.L.1230433689Date: 2013.09.16 13:01:58 -05'00'NameComponentWork/office AddressCity, State, ZipPhonee-mailMr. David LindseyUSNRPWD CentralRegion Midwest847-688-3767 x113david.d.lindsey@navy.milPrincipal MemberNameComponentWork/office AddressCity, State, ZipPhonee-mailLtCol Casey BerrymanUnited States Marine Corps Reserve2000 Opelousas Suite 2W2130New Orleans, LA 70146-5000(504) 697-9525casey.s.harmon@usmc.milAlternate MemberNameComponentWork/office AddressCity, State, ZipPhonee-mailMr Murray Seals,United States Marine Corps Reserve2000 Opelousas Suite 2E1114New Orleans, LA 70146-5000(504) 697-9869murray.seals@sti-inc.comAlternate MemberNameComponentWork/office AddressCity, State, ZipPhonee-mailMr. Ed MaguireUnited States Marine Corps Reserve2000 Opelousas Suite 2W2106New Orleans, LA 70146-5000(504) 697-9805edward.maguire@usmc.milAlternate MemberNameComponentWork/office AddressCity, State, ZipPhonee-mailMr. Douglas ConnorU.S. Marine Corps Reserve (USMCR)2000 Opelousas Suite 2E1114New Orleans, LA 70146-5000(504) 697-9875 (DSN 647-9875) FAX (504) 697-9743douglas.connor.ctr@usmc.milMarine Corps Reserve

(STATE OF IOWA)Term of Current Board - 1 September 13 to 31 August 14Air National GuardPrincipal MemberNameComponentWork/office AddressCity, State, ZipPhonee-mailTimothy B. Brady, PE, Lt ColIowa ANG3100 McKinley AveDes Moines, IA Y.TIMOTHY.BRIAN.1139267156Digitally signed by BRADY.TIMOTHY.BRIAN.1139267156DN: c US, o U.S. Government, ou DoD, ou PKI, ou USAF,cn BRADY.TIMOTHY.BRIAN.1139267156Date: 2013.09.25 09:54:21 -05'00'Alternate MemberNameComponentWork/office AddressCity, State, ZipPhonee-mailRobert J. Devins, Lt ColIowa ANG3100 McKinley AveDes Moines, IA cipal MemberNameComponentWork/office AddressCity, State, ZipPhonee-mailGary Prescott PE, Lt ColIowa ANG2920 Headquarters AveSioux City, IA ilc: 712-203-1689PRESCOTT.GARY.J.1141505218Alternate MemberNameComponentWork/office AddressCity, State, ZipPhonee-mailDigitally signed by PRESCOTT.GARY.J.1141505218DN: c US, o U.S. Government, ou DoD, ou PKI, ou USAF,cn PRESCOTT.GARY.J.1141505218Date: 2013.09.24 11:10:40 -05'00'

22 ANG Sioux City AB Sioux City, IA 51111 Replace Aircraft Apron 6.20 Sep-09 Outyear VSSB079009 Unilateral Add-On 23 ANG Sioux City AB Sioux City, IA 51111 replace Threshold Rwy 13/31 2.00 Sep-09 Outyear VSSB099023 24 ANG Sioux City AB Sioux City, IA 51111 Replace Hammerhead North

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