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User’s Guide

Copyright and DisclaimerAll rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in aretrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic,mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the prior writtenpermission of CyberLink Corporation.To the extent allowed by law, Power2Go IS PROVIDED “AS IS”, WITHOUTWARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUTLIMITATION ANY WARRANTY FOR INFORMATION, SERVICES, OR PRODUCTSPROVIDED THROUGH OR IN CONNECTION WITH POWER2GO AND ANYIMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULARPURPOSE, EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT.BY USING THIS SOFTWARE, YOU AGREE THAT CYBERLINK WILL NOT BE LIABLEFOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, OR CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS ARISING FROM THEUSE OF THIS SOFTWARE OR MATERIALS CONTAINED EITHER IN THIS PACKAGE.The terms and conditions here under shall be governed and construed inaccordance with the laws of Taiwan.Power2Go is a registered trademark along with other company and productnames mentioned in this publication, used for identification purposes andremain the exclusive property of their respective owners.International HeadquartersMailing AddressWeb SiteTelephoneFaxCyberLink Corporation15F, #100, Minchiuan Road, Shindian CityTaipei 231, 300Copyright 2010 CyberLink Corporation. All rights reserved.

ContentsIntroduction. 1Welcome . 1Latest Features . 1Power2Go Versions . 2Supported Media . 2Supported File Types . 2Supported Disc Types . 3System Requirements . 3Power2Go Program . 5CyberLink Power2Go Modes . 6Power2Go Desktop Burning Gadget . 6Power2Go Mode . 9Burning Data Discs .13Creating and Burning Data Discs .13Burning Secured Data Discs .14Burning Music Discs .18Burning an Audio CD or MP3*/WMA Music Disc .18Burning Video Discs .20Burning a Video Disc .20Burning a DVD Folder .26Copying Discs and Saving Disc Images .27Copying Discs .27Saving a Disc Image .28i

CyberLink Power2GoBurning a Disc Image .29Burning Mixed Discs .30CD Extra & Mixed Mode CD* .30Using the Disc Utilities .32Erasing a Disc .32Ripping Audio .32Converting Audio Files .33Creating Photo Gallery Discs .34Creating and Burning Photo Gallery Discs .34Viewing Photo Gallery Discs .36Additional Burning Notes & Features .37Using the CyberLink ISO Viewer .37Multisession Discs .38Configuring Burning Settings. 39Viewing the Information Tab .39Configuring Data Settings .39Configuring Audio CD Settings .40Configuring MP3 Disc Settings .40Configuring WMA Quality Settings .40Configuring Library Settings .41Configuring Video Settings .41Configuring Common Settings .41Configuring Burner Settings .42Technical Support. 43Before Contacting Technical Support .43Web Support .44ii

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Chapter 1:IntroductionThis chapter introduces the CyberLink Power2Go program and includes anoverview of its newest features. It also lists the supported media types andoutlines the recommended system requirements.Note: this document is for reference and informational use only. Its content and thecorresponding program are subject to change without notice.WelcomeWelcome to the CyberLink family of digital media tools. CyberLink Power2Go letsyou burn music, data, photo, and video discs in a variety of formats, including onCD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc. When you make a photo gallery disc, you create a discthat showcases your photos, or you can burn secured data discs with up to 256-bitencryption. You can also use any of the handy disc utilities for a number ofessential burning tasks.Latest FeaturesThe latest version of CyberLink Power2Go includes many new features that makeyour burning tasks easier and allow you to add a touch of creativity to your discs.This section describes the latest features in the CyberLink Power2Go program.New Features for Added Convenience New desktop burning gadget that runs on all Windows environments. Trim, cut, enhance, and add effects to audio intended in your burning tasksusing the CyberLink WaveEditor* program. Use GPU acceleration* to decode or encode video to speed up the creation ofvideo discs. Advanced and custom filtering of data files to simplify the search process. View and extract files in a disc image using the ISO Viewer.Photo Gallery Disc Creation* Author photo gallery discs that create a photo showcase application that runson a PC. Include photo descriptions and an external URL on the disc.1

CyberLink Power2GoRobust Secured Data Disc Encryption Burn partially or fully secured 128-bit or 256-bit discs.Fully customizable disc authoring* Use the enhanced create disc feature to author professional looking videosdiscs.Note: * optional feature in CyberLink Power2Go. Check the readme file for detailedversioning information.Power2Go VersionsThe features that are available to you in CyberLink Power2Go are completelydependent on the version you have installed on your computer.Check the readme file for detailed versioning information. To determine yourversion of CyberLink Power2Go, click on the CyberLink Power2Go logo in the topright corner, press Ctrl B on your keyboard, or select Help About Power2Go.Supported MediaThe following is a list of the media that is supported in CyberLink Power2Go. Notethat the specific media that is supported by your version of the program isdependent on the version installed on your computer.Supported File TypesExcept when creating data discs (which can accept any kind of file type), thefollowing is a list of the file types that you can import when creating music, video,or photo disc in CyberLink Power2Go.Windows XP/Vista Audio formats: MP3*, WAV, WMA Video formats: AVI, ASF, DAT, DVR-MS, MOV, MOD, MPE, MPEG, MPG, TS, TOD,VOB, VRO, WMV, WTV Image formats: BMP, GIF, JPE, JPEG, JPG, PNG, PSD, TIF, TIFFWindows 7 Audio formats: MP3*, M4A, WAV, WMA2

Chapter 1: Introduction Video formats: AVI, ASF, DAT, DVR-MS, M2T, M2TS, MOV, MOD, MP4, MPE,MPEG, MPG, MTS, TS, TOD, VOB, VRO, WMV, WTV Image formats: BMP, GIF, JPE, JPEG, JPG, PNG, PSD, TIF, TIFFNote: *optional feature in CyberLink Power2Go. Check the readme file for detailedversioning information.Supported Disc TypesCyberLink Power2Go supports the burning of the following disc types: CD: CD-R/RW DVD: DVD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW DL, DVD R/RW, DVD R/RW DL, DVD-RAM Blu-ray Disc*: BDXL, BD-R, BD-R DL, BD-RE, BD-RE DLNote: *optional feature in CyberLink Power2Go. Check the readme file for detailedversioning information.System RequirementsThe system requirements listed below are recommended as minimums forburning. You may find that your system, while meeting these recommendedminimums, requires expanded capacity during specific burning tasks.Minimum System RequirementsOS Windows 7, Vista, XPScreen Resolution 1024 x 768 or higherMemory 128 MB SDRAM for music and data burning256 MB DDR RAM (512MB recommended) for videoburningCPU VCD (MPEG-1) production: Intel Pentium II 450 MHzDVD (MPEG-2) production: Intel Pentium III 800MHz, or AMD Athlon 700 MHz (Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz, or AMD Athlon 2100 or aboverecommanded)3

CyberLink Power2GoMinimum System RequirementsHDD Space 1 GB for making VCD videos5-10 GB for making DVD videos25 GB for making Blu-ray DiscsNote: the system requirements are subject to change.Go to the CyberLink Power2Gohome page at for the most up-to-date system requirements.4

Chapter 2:Power2Go ProgramThis chapter provides a complete overview of CyberLink Power2Go and itsfeatures. CyberLink Power2Go has several windows that vary slightly inappearance. However these windows have several consistent features that makeyour burning experience more convenient.When you start a new burning task in Power2Go mode (except when creating avideo disc or using the disc utilities), the program displays as follows:A BJCDIEFGHA - Start New Task, B - Search Pane, C- Access Settings/Information Window, D - Erase Disc, E - Upgrade, F Search for Media, G - Media Pane (Media on Your Computer), H -Burn Now Button, I - Disc Content Area(Media to be Burned), J - Disc Capacity Indicator5

CyberLink Power2GoCyberLink Power2Go ModesThe CyberLink Power2Go program can run in one of two modes: Power2Go Desktop Burning Gadget Power2Go ModeThe Power2Go Desktop Burning Gadget is the simpler of the two modes, allowingyou to burn discs in just two steps. The Power2Go Mode provides access to all ofthe burning features and disc utilities available in the program.Power2Go Desktop Burning GadgetThe Power2Go Desktop Burning Gadget makes burning discs quick and easy. It sitson your desktop (if enabled) so you can conveniently drag and drop files on to itwhile you work. CyberLink Power2Go prepares the media for burning, andprovides instant burning when you are ready.The Desktop Burning Gadget is now available in all versions of Windows, and usesthe following icons:Gadget IconPower2Go FunctionThe Data Disc gadget. Drag and drop data files on this iconto burn data to a disc.The Audio CD gadget. Drag and drop music files on thisicon to burn an audio CD to disc that plays on aconventional CD player.6

Chapter 2: Power2Go ProgramGadget IconPower2Go FunctionThe Video Disc* gadget. Drag and drop video files on thisicon to burn videos to a disc.The Copy Disc gadget. Click on in this gadget to copythe contents of one disc on to another. For detailedinformation on copying discs, "Copying Discs and SavingDisc Images" on page 27.Note: *optional feature in CyberLink Power2Go. Check the readme file for detailedversioning information.Enabling the Desktop Burning GadgetWhen you first install CyberLink Power2Go, the Desktop Burning Gadget isautomatically enabled. When it is running, theicon displays in the Windowsnotification area (system tray). Double-click on it to view the gadget, or right clickon it for more options.If the Power2Go Desktop Burning Gadget is not running, you can enable it byselecting the CyberLink Power2Go Desktop Burning Gadget option from theWindows start menu.Burning with the Desktop Burning GadgetTo burn a disc with the Desktop Burning Gadget, do this:1. Locate the files on your computer that you want to burn.2. Drag and drop all of the files you want on your disc to the appropriate DesktopBurning Gadget icon, i.e. music files to the Audio CD gadget, video files to theVideo Disc gadget, etc.7

CyberLink Power2Go3. Click the Power2Go Desktop Burning Gadget to begin the burningDesktop Burning Gadget Burning TipsThe following are some tips you many want to be aware of when burning with theDesktop Burning Gadget: To switch between functions in the Desktop Burning Gadget, click on thearrows at the top of the icon. Click on theicon in the bottom left of the Desktop Burning Gadget to opena window and view a detailed list of the content to be burned. All music discs burned with the Desktop Burning Gadget are in the audio CDformat. If you drag and drop video files onto the Audio Disc icon, CyberLink Power2Goextracts the audio from the video files for burning.Configuring the Desktop Burning GadgetRight-click on theicon in the Windows notification area (system tray) to view alist of options of configuring the Desktop Burning Gadget.The list of options include: Always on Top: select to keep the Desktop Burning Gadget on top of anyother programs you are running. Start Program When System Starts: select to auto launch the DesktopBurning Gadget whenever you turn on your computer. Erase Disc: select to erase a re-writable disc that is currently in the disk drive. About: select to display CyberLink Power2Go version information. Help: select to open this help file. Exit: select to close the Desktop Burning Gadget.8

Chapter 2: Power2Go ProgramPower2Go ModeThe Power2Go mode is the main mode of CyberLink Power2Go where you canaccess all of its features.New Task WindowAll of these features are accessed in the new task window, which displaysautomatically when you launch CyberLink Power2Go.Note: you can prevent the new task window from opening by default by deselectingthe Display this window whenever Power2Go opens option.If the task window is not displayed, select the New Task button in the CyberLinkPower2Go main window to open this window and start a new task at any time.9

CyberLink Power2GoPower2Go TasksThe following is a list of the CyberLink Power2Go features you can access in thenew task window:Task IconPower2Go FunctionUse the Data Disc task to burn data files to a CD, DVD, or Blu-rayDisc*. Data files can include any kind of document or digital file.See "Burning Data Discs" on page 13 for more information.The Music Disc task allows you to burn audio files in the MP3*,WMA, or WAV format to a CD or DVD. You can also extract audiofrom video files for burning or create a traditional audio CD. See"Burning Music Discs" on page 18 for more information.In the Video Disc* task window you can create a professionallooking movie disc on a CD*/DVD that contains your video files.This feature also allows the burning of DVD folders to a disc. See"Burning Video Discs" on page 20 for more information.You can use the Copy Disc task to make an exact copy of a disc ifyou have more than one disc drive in your computer. You can alsocreate or burn a disc image in this task window. See "CopyingDiscs and Saving Disc Images" on page 27 for more information.Go to the Mixed Disc task window if you want to burn mixedcontent to a CD. The different disc formats (CD Extra or MixedMode CD) allow you to burn different types of media to the samedisc, essentially creating two disc types in one. See "BurningMixed Discs" on page 30 for more information.From the Disc Utilities task window you can access a number ofuseful features, including the erase disc, rip audio, and audioconvertor. See "Using the Disc Utilities" on page 32 for moreinformation.Create a Photo Gallery Disc* with your photos on a CD, DVD, orBlu-ray Disc* in this task window. These discs contain a photoshowcase application that runs on any computer with theincluded viewer. See "Creating Photo Gallery Discs" on page 34for more information.10

Chapter 2: Power2Go ProgramNote: *optional feature in CyberLink Power2Go. Check the readme file for detailedversioning information.Using the Search PaneThe search pane is available in most of the main CyberLink Power2Go windowsand is a useful tool that can help you find the media you want to burn to a discquickly. The search pane may have any of the following three tabs: Browse, Filter,and Media.Note: you can also enter in keywords in the search media field to search for files in aspecific folder on your computer.Browse TabOn the Browse tab you can navigate through the drives and folders on yourcomputer. It is similar to Windows Explorer, and when you select a folder, the filesin the supported format for the selected disc type display in the media pane.Filter TabThe Filter tab is available when you are burning data discs. On this tab you canfilter the type of data files you want to include on your disc to simplify the searchprocess.Select All files if you want to view all the files in a folder, or select Custom files andthen select the file types from the list you are searching for. Click Edit to customizethe list of file extensions that CyberLink Power2Go uses to filter. You can add orremove file extensions from the filter list by selecting the Edit button and makingthe changes as required.Media TabUse the Media tab when creating music discs to quickly find the music files youare looking for. CyberLink Power2Go uses the CyberLink Media Library service tocategorize your music by artist, album, genre, year, and recently added.Note: you can set the music that is in the CyberLink Music Library in settings. See"Configuring Library Settings" on page 41 for more information.11

CyberLink Power2GoPower2Go ProjectsWhen creating discs for burning in the CyberLink Power2Go main window, youcan save burning projects in the P2G format, so you can edit and burn them at alater date.To do this, select Project Save or Save As from the menu. To open a project youcreated previously, select Project Open from the menu.Power2Go User PreferencesC

Burning with the Desktop Burning Gadget To burn a disc with the Desktop Burning Gadget, do this: 1. Locate the files on your computer that you want to burn. 2. Drag and drop all of the files you want on your disc to the appropriate Desktop Burning Gadget icon, i.e. music files to the Au

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