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JONELL SYSTEMS FILTRATION / SEPARATIONPRODUCTS & SERVICESMaking the world safer, healthier and more productive.

JONELL SYSTEMS JONELL SYSTEMS ADVANTAGEJonell Systems, a Filtration Group brand, partners with oil, gas,refining, chemical and power companies worldwide to addressend to end filtration challenges to improve process safety,reliability, productivity and ultimately business profitability. Wemanufacture complete systems, vessels and a wide range ofcartridges to optimize your filtration processes. This, coupledSafer &More ProductiveOperationsHealthier Environmentwith our technical expertise, allows us to solve even the mostchallenging filtration applications.Jonell Systems has a long history of developing innovative cartridgesFiltration Solutions that: Extend Life of Equipment Improve Productivity Lower Risk Reduce TCO for the oil & gas industry, including the two piece Twist-LOK cartridge for gas coalescing, which allows customers to be able tochange only half of the cartridge as needed, reducing the total costof ownership.Optimized ProductAvailability Performance ValueJonell Systems also introduced SentinelTL , a horizontal gas coalescer with 10X greater solid capacity and 35X greaterliquid capacity to deliver up to 40% cost savings for customers.As a part of Filtration Group, the world’s fastest growingfiltration company, it is our mission to make the worldsafer, healthier and more productive.Infrastructure: R&D, Laboratory and TestingOrganization: Lean & Agile, Customer FocusedPeople: Culture & ValuesWe understand our customers rely on our knowledge, expertise and experience for innovative filtration solutions.Customers depend on us – we deliver.Our brands include:

FILTRATIONSERVICESRESEARCH ANDDEVELOPMENTJonell Systems has worked diligently to advance theeconomics of the Filtration Industry, creating a knowledgebased company with an industry leading staff of expertscapable of delivering a variety of filtration/separation solutionsto fit your specific maintenance and operating needs. Nomatter what filtration/separation equipment you use orwhen it was installed, our filtration service personnel providecomplete, expert support to maintain the reliability andoperating levels you expect.The Jonell Systems commitment to improving our clients’process operations is demonstrated by our constant focus onnew filtration technology.We conduct world-class testing services using the latest inadvanced filtration diagnostic equipment.Jonell Systems provides proven filtration solutions to maintainand enhance performance over the complete lifecycle ofour customers’ assets. We maintain a standardized filtrationinventory and provide tailor solutions from single filterelements to complete filtration systems.Our expertise spans from traditional services includingspare parts supply, field services, and technical assistanceto the injection of new technologies to boost reliability andoptimization of your process equipment. OEM Filtration & Separation Cartridge ReplacementCustom Product Stocking ProgramProduct CustomizationProcess Optimization- Consultation in Feed Study Prior to Product Release- Trouble Shooting Consultation- Element Dissection Analysiswww.jonellsystems.comWe have assembled an exceptional team of seasoned filtrationspecialists with extensive experience in developing creative andcost-effective solutions to difficult problems that span multipleapplications.Helping our customers create value includes a deepunderstanding of both filtration media and filtration processes.In addition to new product development, our R&D facility hasextensive quality testing equipment to help ensure our productsperform to the highest standard, even in the most extreme ofenvironments.We are continuously striving to create new or improvedtechnology that can give our clients a competitive advantage.Jonell Systems has accumulated a distinguished history oftechnological innovations and achievements in the filtrationindustry. Our goal is to ensure that our clients benefit fromfiltration solutions that are continuously evolving and improving.Jonell Systems not only makes better filters; we are constantlystriving to make our filters better –incorporating the latest infiltration and separation technology.Jonell Systems - Filtration/Separation Products & Services 3

FILTRATION HOUSINGS AND VESSELSAftermarket Solutions for the Oil & Gas IndustryWe have a full range of aftermarket solutionsfor our filtration vessels as well as to retrofityour existing housings for gas processing,refining, petrochemicals, terminals,pipelines, oil production.Filtration is an important process in the oil & gasindustry to protect downstream equipment suchas compressors, gas turbines, amine or glycolabsorbers, molecular sieves, PSA's, meteringstations, mercury guard beds, gas fired heatersor furnaces, and heat exchangers. Depending onprocess requirements, filtration removes a wide rangeof contaminants including solids, liquids and semi-solidsproviding a clean process for downstream equipment andcustomers.At Jonell Systems, vessels are specifically designed to helpoptimize the performance and reliability of our customer'sprocesses. Vessels are designed to ASME code. Whereapplicable, vessels are mounted with quick openingclosures for ease of use and element accessibility ensuringminimum downtime during element change outs. Ourhorizontal housings are designed for safety and productivityby allowing easy filter cartridge replacements without theneed for ladders and platforms. There are several factors toconsider when looking for a filtration solution.For gas applications, we have a full range of vessels fromparticulate filters to ultra-high efficiency vertical and horizontalcoalescers that remove high-to-medium surface tension liquidranging from water and hydrocarbons to low surface tensionaerosols such as synthetic lube oils and hydrocarbons. Wefilter non shear sensitive solids such as sand, corrosioncompounds and abrasives as well as shear sensitivecorrosion by-products such as iron sulfide & iron oxide.4 Jonell Systems - Filtration/Separation Products & ServicesSentinelTL Customizable Multi-Stage Horizontal Gas CoalescerAmong the most common liquid applications are systemsremoving solid and semi-solid contaminants from producedwater, wastewater, pipeline fuels, cooling water, utility water,amines from NGL's, water from hydrocarbons and many otherapplications requiring particulate removal from liquids andheavy dirt loading.The application and process details determine the type,size and design of the vessel. Commercial and regulatoryrequirements also influence the

FILTRATION SOLUTIONSGas Filtration SolutionsJonell Systems has more than 140 years of combined filtration experience in Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical markets givingyou, the process owner, the confidence our solutions will be the best fit to handle your challenges.Our vessel products are manufactured to meet or exceed ASME Section 8 Div.1 standards. Each vessel can be customized tomeet your specific process need.SOLIDS AND LIQUIDS FROM GASVessel TypeTarget ContaminantTarget Contaminant SizeApplicationCartridge / Removal MechanismScrubberLiquids and AssociatedSolidsSlug - 10 µContinuous Bulk LiquidLoadingEngineered Wire Mesh, MechanicalVane, CyclonicSeparatorLiquids and AssociatedSolids8 - 10 µLight Liquid LoadingEngineered Wire Mesh, MechanicalVane, CyclonicFine Solids and Liquids0.3 - 1 µAssociated PipelineLiquids and SolidsFine Solids0.5 - 10 µAssociated PipelineSolidsGasPleatVerticalCoalescerUltrafine Aerosols0.1 - 0.3 µLow Surface TensionLiquidsMicro-DEP, Micro-LOKHorizontalMulti-stageCoalescerFine Solids, ShearSensitive Solids, andUltrafine Aerosols0.1 - 0.3 µSubmicronic Aerosolswith Moderate DirtLoadingTwist-LOKFilter SeparatorDry GasStage 1:Depth-LOK, Tri-DEP, GasPleatStage 2:Engineered Wire Mesh, MechanicalVane, CyclonicLiquid Filtration SolutionsJonell Systems liquid filtration products are designed as a standard to meet the most stringent and difficult processes in theindustry. By relying on their extensive industry and application knowledge, our team of experts and engineers will work with youdirectly to customize and develop solutions that meet your individual process needs.SOLIDS FROM LIQUIDVessel TypeTarget Contaminant SizeApplicationRelated CartridgeStatic Strainer50 - 400 µBulk Solid RemovalCustom Basket ArraignmentsSelf-Cleaning Strainer50 - 400 µBulk Solid RemovalCustom Basket ArraignmentsBag1 - 100 µNominal Solids RemovalJXC, JBAGSingle Cartridge0.5 - 50 µHigh Efficiency RemovalTrapper, LiquiPleat, FluiSockMulti-Round Cartridge0.5 - 50 µHigh Efficiency RemovalTrapper, LiquiPleat, FluiSockHigh Flow0.5 - 50 µHigh Efficiency RemovalLiquiPleat HF SeriesCoalescing with Gravity Separation0.5 - 25 µSeparation of two liquidsJPAKS, PhasePURCoalescing with Physical Separation0.5 - 25 µSeparation of two liquidsPhase-LOK, PhasePURCanister StyleMolecular AdsorbtionRemoval of Hydrocarbon andother CompoundsCarboPUR, ClayPURBulk StyleMolecular AdsorbtionRemoval of Hydrocarbon andother CompoundsCarboPUR BulkLIQUID/LIQUID PHASE SEPARATIONLIQUID ADSORBTIONwww.jonellsystems.comJonell Systems - Filtration/Separation Products & Services 5

GAS FILTER ELEMENTSPleated StyleGasPleat SeriesJonell Systems Gas Filtrationproducts are available in awide variety of material andorientations to help ensure ourcustomers optimum filtrationcontrol.In addition to a large assortmentof standard part numbers, wecan quickly customize a gasfilter to suit specific filtrationrequirements.Contact your nearest Jonellrepresentative or Jonell direct tosee how our gas filters can helpoptimize your operations.GasPleat E Series (JPME)GasPleat P Series (JPMP)Polyester Filter ElementsPolypropylene Filter ElementsGasPleat E Series Pleated SyntheticPolyester Dry Gas Filter Elements are highefficiency filters specifically designed for theremoval of solid particulate contaminants incritical gas applications.GasPleat P Series Pleated SyntheticPolypropylene Dry Gas Filter Elementsare high efficiency filter elementsspecifically designed for the removal ofsolid particulate contaminants in criticalgas applications.Polyester has excellent use in dry gasapplications with exceptional dimensionalstability and good resistance to chemicalsand abrasion.Polypropylene exhibits excellenceresistance to acids, alkalis, andhydrolysis.They are available in various grades ofabsolute rated high performance polyestermedia with hardware customizable to suityour application.They are available in various gradesof absolute rated high performancepolypropylene media with hardwarecustomizable to suit your application.GasPleat K Series (JPMK)GasPleat C Series (JPMC)GasPleat G Series (JPMG)Bonded Blended Polycell FilterElementsResin Bonded Cellulose Filter ElementsMicroglass Filter ElementsPleated resin bonded cellulose dry gasfilters provide a low cost economicalapproach to dry gas filtration in noncritical applications.GasPleat G Series Pleated MicroglassGas Filter Elements are high efficiencycartridges specifically designed for theremoval of contaminants in critical gasapplications. GasPleat K Series Blended Polycell Filtersare designed using our proprietary "K"media blend which consists of bondedpolyester and cellulose fibers.This special blend of media providessome of the structural and compatibilityadvantages of our standard polyester drygas filter elements at a cost closer to thatof an economy level cellulose filter.They are available in various grades ofabsolute rated high performance mediawith hardware customizable to suit yourapplication.6 Jonell Systems - Filtration/Separation Products & ServicesThey are available in various gradesof absolute rated high performancemicroglass media with hardwarecustomizable to suit your

GasPleat SS Series (JPSS)GasPleat HT Series (JPMG-HT)Metal Filter ElementsHigh Temperature Gas Filter ElementsPleated Metal Filter Elements are theultimate in durability and chemicalcompatibility.GasPleat HT Series High TemperaturePleated Microglass Gas Filter Elementsare high efficiency cartridges specificallydesigned for the removal of contaminantsin critical gas applications operating at hightemperatures.These elements can be used in ultra hightemperature gas applications and are oftenbackwashed and re-used multiple timesbefore discarding.They are available in various gradesof absolute rated high performancemicroglass media with tinned carbonsteel or high temperature stainless steelhardware.GasPleat Quick-ChangeSeries (JQC)GasPleat SE Series (JSE)GasPleat ME Series (JME)Sewn-End Filter ElementsMolded-End Filter ElementsGasPleat SE Series sewn-end radial fin gasfilter elements are designed to replace anymanufacture’s elements of this design inparticulate removal from a gas stream.Jonell Systems molded-end pleated filterelements are designed to replace anymanufacturer’s elements of this design ingas service.A wide selection of media is availableincluding: cotton, rayon, polyester,polypropylene, nylon, Teflon , Nomex ,and fiberglass to suit any applicationThe GasPleat ME Series filters aremolded from high quality plastisol thatseals the ends of the elements whileacting as a gasket against the sealingplates in the filter housing.The Quick-Change series has beendesigned as an extension to the JonellSystems GasPleat product line. TheGasPleat cartridges are designed toremove rigid contaminants from drynatural gas streams.Jonell Systems Quick-Changetoolless cartridges are built to reducemaintenance downtime with designfeatures like rounded end caps, widehandle grip, high durometer chevrongasket for a positive seal to avoidbypass and effective contaminantremoval.These cartridges can be easily installedwithout indexing reducing downtime.A wide selection of media is availableincluding cotton, rayon, polyester,polypropylene, nylon, Teflon , Nomex ,and fiberglass.www.jonellsystems.comJonell Systems - Filtration/Separation Products & Services 7

GAS FILTER ELEMENTSDepth StyleJonell Systems depth style filter elements are specificallydesigned for gas filtration and liquid coalescing. Through theuse of a variety of highly compatible media in a varying scaleof fiber diameters, our graded density style of filter designsprovide the optimum combination of solid contaminantholding and liquid particle coalescing capability.Depth-LOK Series (JFG)Depth-LOK XTR Series (JMG)Depth-LOK HT Series (JFGGF)Fiberglass Filter ElementsMicro-Fiberglass Filter ElementsHigh Temperature Filter ElementsThe Depth-LOK Series Fiberglass GasFilters are gradient depth style filter/separator elements.Depth-LOK XTR Series Fine MicroFiberglass filters are designed for theremoval of ultra-fine 0.3 micron particlessuch as iron sulfides (FeS) from a gasstream, as well as, coalescing liquids.Depth-LOK HT Series High TemperatureFilters are specially designed for ultra-hightemperature gas filtration.They are designed for the removal of1.0 µm particles from a gas stream, aswell as, coalescing liquids for easierremoval. The Depth-LOK series is one ofthe most popular industry filters and isregarded as an industry work horse.When an absolute 0.3 micron rating ofsolids is required in a depth style option,the Depth-LOK XTR Series is field testedand proven to do the job.By using a depth matrix of heat treatedPyrex glass fibers with high qualitystainless steel hardware and hightemperature gaskets, the Depth-LOK HTelements can be safely operated in hightemperature applications with temperatureranges from 375 deg F to 500 deg F.Depth-LOK Quick-ChangeSeries (JQC)The Quick-Change series has beendesigned as an extension to the JonellSystems Depth-LOK product line. TheDepth-LOK cartridges are designedto provide the optimum combinationof solid contaminant holding and liquidcontaminant pre-coalescing capability.TRI-SHiELD Series (JFS)Tri-Lobal Spiral Hi Efficiency Long-LifeDepth Filter ElementsTRI-SHiELD Filters are our latestinnovation in improved depth style filtration.Jonell Systems Quick-Changetoolless cartridges are built to reducemaintenance downtime with designfeatures like rounded end caps, widehandle grip, high durometer chevrongasket for a positive seal to avoidbypass and effective contaminantremoval.The unique engineered blend of multiplefibers sizes and shapes, includingTri-Lobal, are specifically layered inan advanced spiral construction. Thisprocess gives TRI-SHiELD superiordirt loading and high efficiency whencompared to traditional depth filtrationmedias.These are replacements for PECOEZ-Align* Series cartridges for theTitan-Purasep* series housings, thesecartridges can be easily installedwithout indexing reducing downtime.Each layer performs a specificcontaminant management functionwhich gives us the ability to engineerdifferent layers of media even for themost challenging applications.8 Jonell Systems - Filtration/Separation Products &

GAS COALESCING ELEMENTSMicro-LOK G Series(JPMG)Coalescing Filter ElementsDesigned for the removal ofentrained low surface tensionmist and aerosols, the Micro-LOKG Series Pleated Depth VaporPhase Coalescing Filters is anindustry work horse in reverseflow coalescing.Micro-LOK Series (JOS)Micro-LOK JOS Air Oil SeparatorCoalescing Elements are designedto remove sub-micronic aerosolsfrom a gas stream.Most commonly used to removelubricating oil aerosols in acompressor discharge.JPEX SeriesUltra-Fine Vapor PhaseCoalescing Filter ElementsMicro-DEP G Series ultra-finedepth style micro-glass vaporphase coalescing filter elementsare reverse flow elementsdesigned for the removal ofentrained low surface tensionsmists and aerosols.When absolute 0.3 micronefficiency is critical, you can trustMicro-DEP G Series.www.jonellsystems.comTRI-SHiELD (JRGC)Coalescing Filter ElementsAvailable in hundreds ofconfigurations and sealing types;you can trust the Micro-LOK GSeries when an absolute 0.3micron efficiency is critical.Micro-DEP G Series(JMG)Jonell Systems Gas Coalescing elements areavailable in a wide variety of materials andorientations to ensure our customers havecomplete control over their gas filtration.Conical StyleCoalescingCartridgesJPEX Series conicalstyle elements coalesceextremely fine liquidparticles from naturalgas, such as lubricatingoil downstream of acompressor.The flow patternthrough the elementis from the "insideto-outside, reducingthe gas velocity asthe droplets are beingremoved.JPEX Series elementsare available invarious grades ofhigh performancemicro-fiberglass withhardware to suitspecific applications.Designed in both our patentedTwist-LOK design and as singlepiece cartridges, these cartridgesare perfect for critical applicationsthat require high coalescingefficiencies or in challengingapplications with high dirt, highliquid loading including semi solids,iron sulphide and paraffins.Twist-LOK Series(JGCP/JGCC)Versatile PhaseSeparation FiltersTwist-LOK Filters versatileseparation system offerssuperior contaminantremoval and coalescingefficiency with the addedfeature of our patentedTwist-LOK lockingmechanism allowingthe ability to customizefilter and coalescecartridges, as needed, tosuite specific operatingconditions.Designed to remove liquidand solid contaminantsfrom natural and processgas, the assembledcartridge provides botha first stage “outside-toinside” flow direction filterelement and a secondstage “inside-to-outside”coalescer element.Jonell Systems - Filtration/Separation Products & Services 9

LIQUID FILTER ELEMENTSPleated StyleLiquiPleat HF Series (JHF)High Flow Filter ElementsLiquiPleat HF Series elements are largediameter, high efficiency, inside-tooutside flow liquid elements designed forapplications with large flow requirements.LiquiPleat HF XTR Series(JHFO)High Flow Filter ElementsLiquiPleat HF XTR Series filters are largediameter elements designed for ultrahig

matter what filtration/separation equipment you use or when it was installed, our filtration service personnel provide complete, expert support to maintain the reliability and . Gas Filtration Solutions. Jonell Systems has more than 140 years of combined filtration experience in Oil,

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