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Filtration GroupFiltration & SeparationDesign Engineering Manufacturing Total Systems IntegrationGases Solids Liquids Filtration Services

ENGINEERED SYSTEMSNATIONAL FILTRATION SYSTEMS is a leader in the supply of process equipment for the natural gas production and transmission,power generation, and general processing industries. Our in-house staff of experienced engineers partner with customers to design unique, costeffective approaches to your most demanding process needs. The design phase is just the beginning – NATIONAL FILTRATION SYSTMES is anintegrated, total-capabilities manufacturer. NATIONAL FILTRATION SYSTEMS brings your ideas to life in a deliverable product ready to go online,on time. Our project management team oversees the entire design, approval and production process to ensure that all of your requirements are met.From a small heater package for your aeroderivative combustion turbine to a complete filtration/separation system for your process needs, NATIONALFILTRATION SYSTEMS’ engineers have the solution for you.Project ManagementIn-house project managers handle every aspect of your project, from initial design and developmentthrough manufacturing, delivery and commissioning. Our project managers are your interface withNATIONAL FILTRATION SYSTEMS. They will communicate with you and work to ensure that weexceed all of your requirements.Chemical ProcessingNatural Gas Production & DistributionRefiningPower GenerationPetro-ChemicalIndustrial GasesPulp & PaperUtilities & Power PlantsPre-Assembled Filtrationand Separation SystemsNATIONAL FILTRATION SYSTEMScan engineer and build pre-assembledand tested process systems that canbe delivered to your job site ready togo. No more lost components. No morewaiting to find out allowable nozzleloads. No more looking for theinstallation manual. Leave all the detailsto NATIONAL FILTRATION SYSTEMSand have your tested, pre-assembledsystem delivered on time, ready to go!Pressure Regulating StationsFlow Metering SystemsHeating ModulesPumping StationsFuel Forwarding SkidsReceivers, Drain TanksCustom / ProprietaryModular Skid SystemsNATIONAL FILTRATION SYSTEMS designs and manufactures modular skids that can easily be tied together once the unitsarrive at your facility. When your process system is too large to fit on just one skid, NATIONAL FILTRATION SYSTEMS hasyour solution.Landfill Gas Conditioning SystemsPrimary Pressure Regulating SystemsFuel Gas Conditioning SystemsSecondary Pressure RegulatingCompressed Air SystemsFlow Metering SystemsCustom ApplicationsNationalFiltrationSystems Developing uniquesolutions to your mostdifficult challenges.

LIQUID FILTRATION & SEPARATIONLiquid Filter VesselsASME Code and Non-Code simplex vessels and duplex systems for a variety of industrial filtration applications.Filtration Efficiencies to meet critical applicationsFlows to 3000 GPMPressures to 5000 PSITransfer ValvesHYCOA’s patented design is the leader in transfer valvetechnology. Utilizing the HYCOA “zero-leak” valveensures positive indication and optimum performancein critical applications.Construction in CS, 304 SS, 316 SSSizes from 11/2" to 10"Easy Retrofit for Kraissl, HILCOand HAYWARDFilter SystemsStandard and Engineered Side-Arm Filter Systems. Self-contained rugged industrial systemsutilizing a variety of cartridge elements and/or filter bags.Standard Flows to 20 GPMStationary or PortableHi-Flow and Custom ConfigurationsLiquid Bag VesselsStandard Bag housings in a variety of sizes to meet application flowrates. Rugged construction utilizing a complete line of filter bags,strainers and inserts.Construction in CS, 304 SS, 316 SSPressures to 5000 PSIASME Code compliance availableHydraulic & Recirculating Oil SystemsHydraulic and Lube Oil Systems for critical industrial, automotive and commercial applications.Systems and controls designed to customer specifications and applications.Operating pressures to 5000 PSIFlow rates to 3000 GPMMeets API specificationsDiversion ValvesHYCOA’s 3-Way Diversion Valve incorporates an interflow design which requires no external actuator.The valve assures smooth, positive, uninterrupted high volume flow diversion and pump unloading.Eliminates “system shock & water hammer”Wide range of sizes from 2” to 20”Lowers overall piping costsHYCOA capabilities in filtration, hydraulic system design and construction,diversion valves, air/oil lubrication systems, ISO modules and manifoldsand SAE Flanges provides a diverse product line serving industries worldwide.

GAS FILTRATION & SEPARATIONANDERSON SEPARATOR (Mechanical Type)From 1/4" NPT up, ANDERSON SEPARATOR has the mechanical separator for you. These units requireno maintenance and deliver unprecedented liquid and solids removal efficiencies. ANDERSONSEPARATOR uses many different types of separating elements in order to meet your needs. If you donot see the arrangement that you need in our catalog, consult the factory for your specific requirement.Vane TypeANDERSON’s “Pocket Style”vanes are ideal for liquid removalto 8 microns. Available in standard316 stainless steel and other materialsto meet your application requirements.In-Line VerticalIn-Line HorizontalVertical GasCentrifugalANDERSON’s line of standard and customcentrifugal units are excellent for your air andsteam separation needs.Vertical Up FlowIn-LineExhaust HeadsCombination Separator TrapsInternal Steam Drum PurifiersMulti-CycloneWhen your application requiresHIGH EFFICIENCIES for bothsolids and liquids - the AMCS isthe solution.In-Line VerticalIn-Line HorizontalVertical GasAnderson Separator offers stock mechanical separatorsfor immediate delivery and custom engineered unitsfor your most rigorous specification.

GAS FILTRATION & SEPARATIONCoalescing SeparatorsWhen your application calls for removing both liquids and solids smaller then 3 microns,ANDERSON SEPARATOR is your solution. We offer a wide range of media and elementconfiguration to meet your most demanding needs. ANDERSON SEPARATOR manufacturesits own line of coalescing and filter elements - delivering your requirements accurately, quicklyand economically.Vertical and HorizontalCoalescers and FiltersMulti-Stage andSingle-Stage DesignsFilter SeparatorsANDERSON SEPARATOR is the source for all your filter separationneeds. Our unique approach to filters combined with engineering andmanufacturing capabilities offer you the most affordable and reliableseparator.High Temperature ElementsSmall Line-Type UnitsMulti-Stage DesignsCustom DesignedFiltration GroupClark-Reliance Filtration Group’s engineering staff has manyyears of process engineering expertise across variousindustries which facilitates the development ofunique solutions to your most difficult challenges.

REPLACEMENT FILTRATION ELEMENTSChemicals Gases Fuels Oils Steam WaterClark-Reliance Filtration Group offers premium-quality, reliable filter elements for all industries.Our liquid and gas filter elements are designed with an emphasis on economy, strength, performance and service life.Liquid Filter ElementsMicron Ratings from 1 µm to 25 µmBeta Ratings 200High Efficiency Dualglass MediaHigh Capacity Prefilter LayerThe use of quality replacement liquidand gas filter elements and associatedparts is highly recommended to maintainperformance specifications and ensuresafe & reliable equipment operation.Gas Filter ElementsMultiple LayersMicron Ratings from 0.3 µmLiquid Coalescing up to 99.98% Removal EfficiencyCustom Sizing for Specific RequirementsDuplexed Horizontal Filter/SeparatorIndustrial Filter ElementsReplacement Filter BagsVariety of Bag Sizes and Fiberswith Multi-layer Capabilities.Ratings from 1 µm to 1500 µmExtensive Range of StandardSizes and Media. Ratingsfrom 1/2 µm to 100 µmMahle FiltersMahle Filters: Suction Line, Low-pressure, Medium-pressure,Hydraulic Filtration, Air Application Filtration, Fluid ProcessApplications and Oil Separators in Compressors.for all your filter needs!

INSTRUMENTATIONInstrumentation and Controls GroupThe Clark-Reliance Corporation offers a complete and complementary lineof instrumentation & control products that are “in-house” and readily available.Industry-leading brand names and premium quality instrumentation ensurestotal performance and reliability with an emphasis on economy, strength,performance and service life.Liquid Level GagesMagnetic Level GagesRadar (TDR) DevicesSight Flow IndicatorsMagnetostrictive TransmittersBoiler Trim ControlsPoint Level SwitchesValves of all TypesLevel IndicatorsSide Mounted Float SwitchesLevel SwitchesSide Mounted Float SwitchesCapacitance ProductsNon-Contact UltrasonicsNon-Contact SwitchesTuning Fork SwitchesSight Windows & LightsExternal Cage SwitchesSteam TrapsUltra Sonic TransmittersSAE Hydraulic FlangesElectro-Mechanical ProductsFluid Recovery Pumps

Filtration Group16633 FOLTZ PARKWAYSTRONGSVILLE, OH 44149PHONE (440) 572-1500 FAX (440)

LIQUID PURIFICATION SYSTEMS'*-5&34 t )064*/(4 t 3&/5"- '-&&5'-64)*/( 4:45&.4 4&37* &4OILFILTRATIONSYSTEMSI N N O V A T I V E S O L U T I O N S F O R A L L YO U R F I L T R A T I O N N E E D S

INDUSTRIAL FLUID PURIFICATION" &66/ ( 9'3 5134 # ,* .18 ,.5(3 -,'4 1 .(4&(34 ( 3,0* 6%3,& 5,10 Y O U R S O L E S O U R C E F I LT E R S U P P LY Water removal filters, acid removal filters,liquid fuel filters and air filters for process,mobile and industrial applications.Our high efficiency filterelements are state-of-the-artand represent the best valuein the industry today. Withour extensive cross-referencelist, we can supply upgradefilters for all your existingapplications.We will perform a turnkey flushon your site, providing allpumps, heaters, hoses and filters. Qualified technicians verify the results to required ISOcleanliness codes with ourPortable Oil Analysis Kit.We stock the highest quality filterelements and filter housings at the mostcompetitive prices: Synthetic media filters composed of microglass for high performance filtration. 3 04)13/(3 ,.53 5,10 18 .18 ,.5(3 354 ! " The water removal principle used in the Vacuum Dehydratorsdependably removes water well below the oil saturation point, evenToday’s economic and environmental awareness presents uniquewhen tightly bound in an emulsion. A vacuum pump draws fluidopportunities for manufacturing and industrial companies aroundinto the unit where it is heated and then flows through dispersalelements inside the vacuum tower. Contaminated oil flows throughThe ultimate piece of equipment to effectively removethe world. Improving productivity and profits in an everthe pores of these elements, is exposed to the vacuum and dehydrated.particulate, water and dissolved gases from petroleum andincreasingly competitive marketplace, while complyingDried oil is removed, filtered and pumped back into the reservoir.synthetically based fluids. This system removes 100% of free andwith stringent environmental standards can be oneAir Cooled CondenserVacuum Gaugeemulsified water from oils, and 90% ofof the greatest challenges. Disposing of oil andInlet AirFilterdissolved water from oils toother fluids is costly, but left untreated, conVacuum ControlValveas low as 20 ppm. It alsotaminated fluids can lead to lost productivityAbsolute Rated Particulate FilterWater Inremoves particulate to asdue to equipment downtime and maintex 200Water Cooled Condenser(optional)High Levellow as ISO 12/10/9 withWater Outnance problems. By reclaiming fluidsSwitchSample PortHigh Level2.5 Beta(C) 1000 Filters.Condensate Switch(removing all water, particulate and acidVacuum PumpLow OilFlow SwitchIn addition, this systemVariable Flowcontaminants) you can extend the lifeDiverter ValveCondensateOutletCondensateremoves 90% of dissolvedof your equipment, reduce highTankFlowDrainOil DischargeOil LubricatedPumpInlet Flowgases. It is available in flowmaintenance costs and improve(Dry SealedPump Only)InletShutoffLow Watt Density Heaterrates from 1–200 gpm, NEMAproductivity and profitability.4 and 7 Explosion Proof withVariable Flow Circuitcustom options. # designs, engineers and manufactures high quality oil, fueland fluid filtration systems. Oursystems provide innovative andenvironmentally sound solutions for purifying contaminated oils, fuels and manyThis system is ideal for rapidlyDesigned to rapidly remove waterBolt this systemother fluids for a variety ofremoving particulate contaminationand particulates from diesel fuel,onto a transindustrial applications.from large reservoirs. Furthermore,fuel oil and most other hydrauformer andthis system creates turbulent flowslic/lubricating oils. CoalescingcontinuouslyIn addition to sales and rentalin piping for oil flushing and effitechnology outperforms centrifugremove particof our systems and products,ciently removes particulate contames, are simpler to use, cost less toulate (carbon)our highly qualified staff isination to as low as ISO 12/10/9maintain and are lower in initialand water contamination, maintainingprepared to work with youlevels. Flow rates are available frompurchase price. Designed to runhigh dielectric values. Ideally suited forevery step of the way, resulting50–2000 gpm with many qualitycontinuously in an outdoor envikidney loop filtration quality systems and peakfeatures and additional options toronment, virtually no mechanicalperformance. Call us today toincrease its capabilities.When a compact and highly portablemaintenance is needed.find out how we can providedesign is needed to remove particuyou with that edge you’ve beenlate contamination and free waterlooking for to stay competitiveThis systemfrom smaller reservoirs, the Lowin today’s global marketplace.will removeFlow Filter Cart is your answer. Flowparticulaterates are available from 1 to 20 gpmOILwith either spin-on or cartridge-styleand heat fromFILTRATIONfilter elements and water or acidSYSTEMSbearing lubeA Clark-Reliance Companyremoval filter options. NEMA 4 andoils to increase bearing life. It will achieveNEMA 7 explosion proof optionsparticulate removal from fluids to as loware available as ISO 12/10/9. It is available withwww.oilfiltrationsystems.com240 GPM Coalescer Systemoptional flow and temperaturemonitoring devices.(05 . .((5We maintain a large rental fleet ofsystems in Boerne, Texas, forimmediate deployment anywherein the world at very competitiveprices. Our professional andtechnical personnel are availablefor start-up and on-site training. .64 ,0* (37,&(4 ! # Quickly and reliably analyze an oil sample todetermine the amount of particulatecontamination using the Patch Test Method,assessing an ISO cleanliness code in as little as10 minutes. Accessories needed to create formalreports (camera, adapter, etc.) are also available.

Industrial Fluid Purification Common Applications:Turbine Lube Oil / Petro-Chemical Compressors / Diesel and Gas Fired Engines / Substation MaintenanceTransformer Oil / EHC Speed Control Systems / Hydraulic Power Units for All IndustriesPartial Client ListCLA-551 (Rev. 01/11)AEPAker KvaernerAlcoaArcher Daniels Midland (ADM)Austin EnergyBarrick GoldstrikeBF Goodrich - Fairbanks Morse DivisionChevronConocoPhillipsDuke Energy/Flour DanielsExxonMobilFreeport McMoranFlint Hills ResourcesGeneral ElectricGeneral Motors - Allison DivisionGeorgia PacificHalliburtonInternational PaperKennecottNASANational Electric Company of NigeriaNewmont GoldNoble DrillingPeabody EnergyProcter & GambleRoyal CaribbeanSaudi Consolidated Electric CompanyTXU ms.com111 Parkway Drive U Boerne, TiÝ ÃÊÇnääÈÊUÊT Ê Àii\Ê nää Ê{{ äÓÈÓÊÉÊ nÎä Ên È ÎÎÎÓÊUÊ Ý\Ê nÎä Ên È ÎÎÎ1

GAS FILTRATION & SEPARATION Filtration Group. Chemicals Gases Fuels Oils Steam Water Clark-Reliance Filtration Group offers premium-quality, reliable filter elements for all industries. Our liquid and gas

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GAS FILTRATION & SEPARATION Filtration Group. Chemicals Gases Fuels Oils Steam Water Clark-Reliance Filtration Group offers premium-quality, reliable filter elements for all industries. Our liquid and gas

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Filtration is the separation of particles of solids from fluids (liquid or gas) or liquid from liquid gas mixture by use of a porous medium. This Standard Practice deals only with separation of solids from liquid, i.e., "Liquid Filtration". 1. Mechanisms of filtration Three main mechanisms of filtration are cake f

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