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HOW TO USETHE ATKINS CARB COUNTER CARB COUNTER3 How to Use theAtkins Carb Counter27 Fruit5 Atkins & OtherLow-Carb Specialty Foods32 Legumes30 Grains, Noodles & Pasta8 Baking Ingredients33 Nuts & Seeds9 Beef, Lamb, Pork& Other Meats35 Oils, Fats, Vinegar& Salad Dressings11 Beverages &Alcoholic Beverages14 Breads, Crackers,Tortillas & Wraps37 Poultry38 Sauces & Marinades41 Snacks16 Candy & Chewing Gum43 Soups17 Cereals45 Sweeteners,Spreads & Syrups19 Condiments & Seasonings20 Dairy, Eggs &Dairy Substitutes23 Desserts47 Vegetables51 Vegetarian Products54 Chain RestaurantsTHE CARB COUNTER has one purpose only—to tell you the Atkins net carbcount of as many foods as humanly possible. It is not a calorie counter, nor is it acomprehensive encyclopedia of food counts. You won’t learn how much calciuma food has, how many grams of omega-6 fat, how much protein or how much vitaminC. All of that information is available elsewhere. What is not widely available—untilnow—is a way of answering the all-important question, “How many net carbs doesthis portion of food that I’m about to eat contain?”Knowing that number is going to make it possible for you to do Atkins the right way,the effective way, and the way that works for you, no matter what Atkins Diet plan(Atkins 20 or Atkins 40 ) you’re on.TM What’s more, we based our net carb counts on realistic amounts of food—the amountof a food you’re actually likely to eat! Remember, manufacturers are famous for making“serving sizes” ridiculously unrealistic in order to make their numbers look less bad.We’ve all seen examples of this: A single cookie you’d eat in two bites is labeled“2 servings” with “1/ 2 cookie” constituting one “serving”; or a small 8 ounce bottle ofjuice at the convenience store with a label claiming it’s “2 servings”.To learn more about net carbsvisit atkins.comTOTAL CARBS (16g) - FIBER (5g) - GLYCERIN (9g) 2g ATKINSNET CARBSOur net carb counts are based on the realportions of foods real people eat. If we’retalking about an Atkins Bar, for example,we’ll give you the net carbs in an AtkinsBar—we don’t tell you that an Atkins bar is“two servings” and then give you the netcarbs per “serving”.25 Fish & Shellfsh1 ATKINS CARB COUNTERATKINS CARB COUNTER 3

That means you can depend on these net carb counts being reliable numbers thatyou can use to calculate the number of carbs you’re consuming that have a signifcantimpact on your blood sugar—so that you can stay within the parameters of the AtkinsDiet. But there’s one important thing to remember: we included a lot of foods in theAtkins Carb Counter that you probably will not be eating on the Atkins Diet, andprobably shouldn’t be eating on any diet. We put them in so you could see the carbcount of different common foods, so you could compare high carb choices with lowercarb choices, or, in some cases, so you could see just how high in carbs and sugara given food really is.Remember: Every single food listed here is not right for every phase; and some foods are not rightfor any phase! Choose wisely!What to AvoidFor example, manufactured trans fats, which are hydrogenated or partiallyhydrogenated oils, have absolutely no place in a healthy diet. Even if you stay awayfrom sugary treats, added sugar (under numerous aliases) turns up in bread, sauces,marinades and salad dressings, to name just a few products. Most of us get up to 40times as much omega-6 fats as omega-3 fats in our diet because the former are usedin most processed foods. Ideally, the ratio should be 1 to 1. That’s why we recommendyou not cook with certain oils or eat products that contain them. Specifcally, steer clearof soybean, regular saffower—the high-oleic type is fne—corn and peanut oil, as wellas “vegetable” oil, which can contain any of the above.In addition to relying on the Carb Counter, it’s a good idea to become a careful readerof Nutritional Facts panels on processed foods, which allow you to calculate gramsof Net Carbs. Be sure to also scan the list of ingredients to make sure that hiddensugars and other problematicAbbreviations and Symbolsingredients discussed abovearen’t included.pkg . package T. tablespoonlg . largeC. cup4sl. slicew/. withdia . diameterlb . poundea . eachmed . medium sm. smallenv . envelopeoz. ouncesq. squareg . grampkt. packett . teaspoon . less than ATKINS CARB COUNTERw/o . without". inchATKINS &OTHER LOW-CARBSPECIALTY FOODSNetAmount CarbsPlease check for the most recent nutritionalinformation on Atkins products and new additions.NetAmount CarbsAtkins Meal BarsBlueberry Greek Yogurt1 barChocolate Chip Cookie Dough 1 barChocolate Chip Granola1 barChocolate Peanut Butter1 barChocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel 1 barCookies & Crème1 barPeanut Butter Granola1 barPeanut Fudge Granola1 barVanilla Pecan Crisp1 barChocolate Almond Caramel 1 barBirthday Cake1 barS’Mores1 barAtkins Snack BarsCaramel ChocolatePeanut Nougat1 barCaramel DoubleChocolate Crunch1 barCaramel Chocolate Nut Roll 1 barChocolate Chip Crisp1 barCranberry Almond1 barLemon1 barPeanut Butter Fudge Crisp 1 barTriple Chocolate1 barWhite Chocolate Macadamia 1 barLemon Vanilla ProteinWafer Crisps1 bar5. Butter ProteinWafer Crisps1 barHoney AlmondVanilla Crunch Bites13 bitesDark Chocolate Sea SaltCaramel Crunch Bites 13 bitesSnickerdoodle1 barHoney Almond Greek Yogurt 1 barAtkins Ready-to-Drink ShakesCafé Caramel1 shakeDark Chocolate Royale 1 shakeFrench Vanilla1 shakeMilk Chocolate Delight1 shakeMocha Latte1 shakeStrawberry1 shakeChocolate Banana1 shakeCreamy Chocolate (meal) 1 shakeVanilla Cream (meal)1 ins PLUS Shakes3.0PLUS Creamy Milk Chocolate 1 shakePLUS Creamy Vanilla2.01 shake following nutrition information is accurate to the best ofour knowledge as of January 2020.( CARB COUNTER 5

ATKINS & OTHER LOW-CARBSPECIALTY FOODS continuedNetAmount CarbsNetAmount CarbsAtkins Endulge TreatsCaramel Nut Chew1 barChocolate Candies1 packChocolate Caramel Mousse 1 barChocolate Coconut1 barChocolate Covered Almonds 1 packChocolate Peanut Candies 1 packDark Chocolate CoveredPeppermint Patties1 pieceMilk ChocolateCaramel Squares3 piecesNutty Fudge Brownie1 barPeanut Butter Cups2 piecesPeanut Caramel Cluster1 barPecan Caramel Clusters 2 packs2. Breakfast Frozen MealsHam and Cheese Omelet 1 omelet 4.0Farmhouse-StyleSausage Scramble1 bowl 5.0Bacon Scramble1 bowl 5.0Atkins Entrée Frozen MealsBeef Merlot1 trayBeef Teriyaki Stir-Fry1 trayBeef Stew1 bowlChicken & Broccoli Alfredo 1 trayChicken Margherita1 trayChicken Marsala1 tray6 ATKINS CARB COUNTERCrustless Chicken Pot Pie8. bites 4.0Bob’s Red Mill Low CarbBread Mix, preparedLC Foods Low Carb Pizzaand Calzone MixBetter Bowls Sugar Free1/2 C0Pudding Mix, Chocolate,prepared w/ whole milk 1/2 C 11.0Pudding Mix, Vanilla,prepared w/ whole milk 1/2 C 11.01 ea 7.01 sl 5.01.0Dixie Diners’ Carb CountersAngel Food Cake Mix,prepared5.2 oz 1.0Brownie Mix, prepared2" sq 1.0Instant Mashers, Cheddar& Bacon, prepared1/2 C 5.01 ea 2.0Smaps Sweet Maple, dryKay’s Naturals ProteinApple Cinnamon, dryNutlettes, dry1/2 C 2.01.2 oz 15.01/2 C6.0Nutritious Living Hi-Lo,Original, dry1/2 C7.0Sensato High FiberButter Pecan, prepared1/2 C2.01/2 C2.0Dixie Diners’ Carb CountersSkinni Spaghetti1CChicken Noodle Soup Mix1Broccoli & Cheese Soup Mix1Cream of Mushroom Soup Mix & Flax Granola,Cinnamon, dryPrepared SoupsSnackin’ Cake Mix, CinnamonSwirl, prepared2.3" sq 2.0Thick It Up ThickenerLC Foods Low Carb MixesBanana Bread, preparedBaking & Cooking ProductsBrownie Mix, bakedChocolate Chip CookieMix, preparedMuffn Mix, AppleCinnamon, prepared6 bites 4.0NetAmount CarbsNetAmount Carbs11.0Other Low Carb ProductsGelatin Mix, all favors,prepared6. tray 6.0Meat Lasagna1 trayMeatloaf w/ PortobelloMushroom Gravy1 trayMexican-Style Chickenand Vegetables1 trayMongolian-Style BeefCaulifower Bowl1 bowlPork Verde1 trayRoasted Turkey with GarlicMashed Caulifower1 trayShrimp Scampi1 trayThree Meat Pizza1 pizzaPepperoni Pizza1 pizzaAtkins Frozen SnacksBacon CheddarCaulifower BitesParmesan GarlicCaulifower BitesATKINS & OTHER LOW-CARBSPECIALTY FOODS continued1 t 0.01 sl 1.0Frosting, Chocolate orVanilla, prepared1 T 1.0Muffn Mix, prepared1 ea 1.0Breakfast CerealsDixie Diners’ Carb CountersApple Cinnamon1 pkt 3.0All Natural Carb-ControlledGranola Maple Oat1/2 C 4.01 ea 8.0ATKINS CARB COUNTER 7

BAKINGINGREDIENTSNetAmount CarbsNetAmount CarbsAlmond Meal/FlourArrowrootBaking SodaBaking Chocolate,UnsweetenedBaking PowderChocolate Chips,SemisweetCinnamon, groundCocoa Powder,UnsweetenedCoconut, ShreddedUnsweetenedSweetenedCoconut FlourCoconut Milk,Canned, RegularCornmealCream of TartarDried Egg WhitesEgg ReplacementErythritolFlaxseed MealFlour, White, All PurposeFlour, Whole WheatAll PurposePastry8 ATKINS CARB COUNTER1/2 C1T1/2 t6.06.80.01 oz1/2 t4.00.02 T 16.51 t 0.72T2.71/4 C1.310.01/4 C6.01/4 C1/2 C2T1t2T1 oz1T1/4 C1/4 C1/4 C1/4 C2., Unfavored forBaking & Canning1 envMolasses1TNutmeg, ground1t1/4 COat Flour1/4 CRice Flour, White1/4 CRice Flour, Brown1/4 CRye Flour, Medium1/4 CSoy FlourStevia (pure powder)1tSucralose-Brown Sugar1/4 CBlend for BakingSucralose-Sugar1/4 CBlend for Baking1/4 CSugar, Brown, packed1/4 CSugar, Confectioners1/4 CSugar, White1/4 CSugar & Stevia Blend1/4 CTruvia Baker’s BagPure Vanilla & Other Extracts 1 54.229.950.416., LAMB, PORK& OTHER MEATSNetAmount CarbsNetAmount CarbsBeefBrisketCorned BeefChuckChuck Eye SteakCorned BrisketCubed SteakEye RoundFlank SteakGround Chuck/RoundLiver, CalfLondon BroilPrime RibRib Eye Roast/SteakShell SteakShort RibsSirloin SteakSkirt SteakTenderloinTop Loin6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6, Loin or RibCutletGroundRound SteakScallopsShankShoulderStew Meat6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz0. oz0.0LambChop, Loin or RibGroundLegRoastShoulderStew Meat6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 ozPorkBacon, Slab, SlicedCanadian BaconChop, Center CutChop, LoinGroundHamLoin RoastScrappleSpamSpare RibsStew MeatTenderloin3 sl 0.53 sl 1.46 oz 0.06 oz 0.06 oz 0.06 oz 0.06 oz 0.04 oz 15.62 oz 1.76 oz 0.06 oz 0.06 oz 0.0Game MeatsBeefaloBuffalo (Bison)RabbitVenison6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz0. frank1 frank1 frank1 frank1. link2 oz1 link0.50.21.1FrankfurtersBeefBeef & PorkHebrew NationalPorkSausagesAndouille, PorkBeefBeef & PorkATKINS CARB COUNTER0. 9

BEEF, LAMB, PORK& OTHER MEATS continuedNetAmount CarbsNetAmount CarbsBratwurst1 link1 linkBreakfast, PorkBulk, Pork3 ozCheddarwurst1 linkCheese Dog1 linkChicken w/ Apple2 ozChicken w/ Dried Tomato2 ozChicken & Turkey w/ Gruyère 2 ozChorizo2 ozItalian, Hot2 ozItalian, Sweet2 ozKielbasa, Beef2 ozKielbasa, Beef & Pork2 ozKielbasa, Pork & Turkey2 ozKnockwurst1 linkLinguica2 ozSmoked, Beef4 ozSmoked, Hot4 2.71.3Deli, Luncheon and Cured MeatsBolognaBeefBeef & PorkHam, Deli StyleBaked, slicedBoiled, slicedDeviledHoney Cured, slicedLiverwurstMortadellaOlive LoafPancettaPastrami, BeefPepperoni10 ATKINS CARB COUNTER3 sl3 sl2.12.26 oz6 oz4 oz6 oz4 sl6 oz3 sl3 oz1 sl6 oz3. RollProsciuttoRoast Beef, SlicedSalamiBeefBeef & PorkPorkSopressata (dry salami)5 sl6 oz1 oz0.60.03.03 sl3 sl3 sl1 oz1. Heat & Eat Meals(Also see Atkins & Other Low-CarbSpecialty Foods)Banquet Salisbury Steak 1 servLean CuisineSteak Portabella1 servSteak Umm Sliced Steaks 1 eaStouffer’s DinnersItalian-style meatballs& zesty marinara1 servCreamed Chipped Beef 1 servGreen Peppers Stuffed w/Beef & Tomato Sauce 1 servLasagna w/Meat & Sauce1 servKentucky BourbanGlazed Chicken1 servCheese Manicotti1 servSalisbury Steak1 servSkillet Pork Carnitas1 servChicken and BroccoliPasta Bake1 pkgYankee Pot Roast1 serv11. ALCOHOLICBEVERAGESNetAmount CarbsNetAmount CarbsChocolate DrinksCanfeld’s Diet ChocolateFudge SodaHot CocoaHot Cocoaw/ MarshmallowsNestlé Carb SelectHot Cocoa MixNo-Mu Hot ChocolatePowderSwiss Miss, Light,Hot Cocoa MixSwiss Miss Hot Cocoa,No Sugar Added12 oz 0.01 pkt 22.41 pkt 14.31 serv3.36g2.01 pkt3.01 pkt & Coffee DrinksCappuccino1tInstant Powder1tInstant Powder, Decaf3TSugar-Free Mix3TSugar-Free Mix, DecafCoffee1CBlack, Brewed1CBlack, Decaf, Brewed1CDecaf, Instant1CWith 1 T Cream1CWith 1 T Whole MilkIced, w/ 1 T Whole Milk 12 oz2.è AmericanoCaffè Lattew/ Whole MilkCappuccinow/ Whole MilkEspresso, BlackEspresso w/ Whole MilkFrappuccino, BottledLatte, Iced,w/ Whole MilkMocha w/ Whole MilkMocha Frappuccino12 oz2.012 oz 14.012 oz 9.01.5 oz 2.012 oz 9.01 serv 53.012 oz 10.012 oz 30.012 oz 39.8Carbonated Beverages,Soda, MixersCherry Cola12 ozCherry Cola, Diet12 ozClub Soda12 ozCola12 ozCola, Diet12 ozDiet Sodas, all favors12 ozFruit Refreshers,Sugar Free, all favors12 ozGinger Ale12 ozGrape Soda12 ozLemon/Lime Soda12 ozRoot Beer/Birch Beer12 ozSeltzer12 ozSeltzer, Essence Flavored 12 ozTonic Water12 ozTonic Water, Sugar Free12 ozATKINS CARB .032.20.0 11

BEVERAGES &ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES continuedNetAmount CarbsEnergy Sports DrinksRockstar Energy8 ozRockstar Energy, Sugar Free 8 ozCoconut Water, Fresh8 ozGatorade8 ozMonster8 ozMonster, Sugar Free8 ozRed Bull8.4 ozRed Bull, Sugar Free8.4 ozFruit JuicesApple, unsweetenedApricot NectarCranberry Juice Cocktail,Frozen ConcentrateCranberry Juice Cocktail,LightCranberry Juice CocktailFruitables MixedFruit & VegetableFruit PunchGrape, unsweetenedGrapefruit, sweetenedGrapefruit, unsweetenedGuava NectarLemonLimeMango NectarOrange, freshOrange, from concentrateOrange-Peach-Mango12 ATKINS CARB COUNTER31.50.06.315.727. oz 13.84 oz 17.32 T 18.64 oz 5.54 oz 17.14 oz 16-184 oz 15.04 oz 18.44 oz 13.84 oz 10.94 oz 17.42 T 2.02 T 2.44 oz 16.14 oz 12.74 oz 12.04 oz 14.0NetAmount CarbsOrange-Strawberry-BananaPassion Fruit, freshPeach Nectar, cannedPear Nectar, cannedPineapple, unsweetenedPruneTangerine-OrangeKool-Aid, Sugar-Free Mix,all favors4 oz4 oz4 oz4 oz4 oz4 oz4 oz14.216.616.619.015.821.112.51 pkt0.0Lemonade / LimeadeCanned, No Added SugarCrystal LightBottled, DietBottled, sweetenedMinute Maid Light, bottledPrepared from concentratePrepared from powderTrue Lemon MixTrue Lime MixTrue Grapefruit MixTrue Orange Mix8 oz 0.08 oz 0.08 oz 1.38 oz 29.08 oz 2.08 oz 25.88 oz 17.61 pkt 0.01 pkt 0.01 pkt 0.01 pkt 0.0Tea & Tea DrinksBottled Iced TeaGreen, unsweetenedLemon FlavoredLemon Flavored, DietRaspberry, Diet8 oz 0.08 oz 22.08 oz 0.08 oz 1.0Brewed TeaBlackWith 1 T Milk8 oz8 oz0.00.7BEVERAGES &ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES continuedNetAmount CarbsWith 1 T Cream8 oz 0.4Chamomille8 oz 0.5Peppermint8 oz 0.0Iced TeaDiet8 oz 0.0Lipton Pureleaf,Unsweetened8 oz 0.0Sweetened8 oz 21.01/8 pkt 1.0True Lemon MixUnsweetened, from instant 8 oz 0.4With Stevia8 oz 0.0Vegetable JuicesCarrotClam & TomatoTomatoVegetable Juice Cocktail4 oz 10.04 oz 14.04 oz 4.04 oz 4.5Vitamin WaterGlaceauGlaceau Zero, Sugar Free20 oz 33.020 oz 4.0WaterBottledLa Croix, all favorsSparking MineralSpringTap8 oz8 oz8 oz8 oz8 oz0. CarbsAlcoholic BeveragesBeer“Lite”Low CarbNear ( 0.5% erry, DryVodkaWine, RedWine, RoséWine, White, SauvignonCocktail MixesBloody MaryMargaritaMargarita, Baja Bob’sLow CarbMargarita,Master of Mixes, LiteMojito, Baja Bob’sLow CarbPiña ColadaScrewdriverStrawberry Daiquiri,Master of Mixes, LiteSweet ‘N Sour,Master of Mixes, Lite12 oz 5.612 oz 2.512 oz 13.712 oz 14.11 oz 0.01 oz 2-31 oz 0.01 oz 0.01 oz 0.01 oz 4.71 oz 0.03.5 oz 2.63.5 oz 2.43.5 oz 2.03.5 oz 3.33.5 oz 13.84 oz3.04 oz2.04 oz 3.03.5 oz 22.23.5 oz 8.54 oz2.04 oz2.0ATKINS CARB COUNTER 13

BREADS, CRACKERS,TORTILLAS & WRAPSNetAmount CarbsNetAmount ckelPumpernickel,100% Rye MealPumpernickel, Thin SlicedRaisinRyeRye, 100%SourdoughSprouted Whole WheatSunfower SeedWhiteWhole Grain100% Whole GrainWhole Wheat100% Whole Wheat1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl10.612.015.313.412.011.61 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 CrackersDelallo Thin100% Whole Wheat1 ozAlessi Thin Breadsticks 1 servMary’s Gone CrackersOriginal6 eaBlue DiamondAlmond Nut Thins17 eaCarr’s Whole Wheat2 eaCheez-It1 ozMrs. Cubbinson’s BakedCheddar Cheese Crisps 1 oz14 ATKINS CARB COUNTER20.021.04.523. Mills Fine Groundsea salt almondfour crackers17 eaJJ Flats6 eaMatzoh, Plain1 ozMatzoh, Whole Wheat1 ozMelba Toast1 eaMelba Toast, Rye1 eaMelba Toast, Whole Wheat 1 eaSan-J Brown Ricew/ Sesame Seeds3 eaSnyders braided twists,ancient grains1 servStone-Ground Wheat5 eaWhisps Cheddar CheeseCrisps23 eaTownhouse FlatbreadCrisps8 eaTriscuit3 eaWheat Thins8 eaCrispbreadsAk-MakFinn CrispCarawayMultigrainOriginalGG Scandinavian BranCrispbread OriginalRyvitaOriginalFruit & OatsLight RyeRye & Oat BranSesame RyeWasaFiberHearty RyeBREADS, CRACKERS,TORTILLAS & WRAPS continuedNetAmount CarbsNetAmount 58.05 ea 16.02 sl2 sl2 sl8.08.08.01 ea2.02 sl 10.02 sl 12.02 sl 10.02 sl 9.02 sl 8.01 sl 4.51 sl 10.0Light RyeMultigrainSesameSourdough100% Whole GrainGluten Free Original1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 slFlatbreads & WrapsFlatOutsFoldIt 5-Grain Flax1 eaGluten Free1 eaHungry Girl 100%Whole Wheat1 eaLight Original1 eaProtein Up Carb DownCore 121 eaTraditional1 eaJoseph’s LavashFlax, Oat Bran &Whole Wheat1/2 eaWhole Wheat SquareLavash Roll-Ups1/2 eaSandwich Size SquareLavash Roll-Ups1/2 eaBoghosian Garlic & HerbLavash Roll-Ups1/2 eaPitaWhite6.5"Whole Wheat6.5"Tumaro’s Gourmet Low CarbGarden-Vegetable8"9-Grain with chia8"Multigrain8"Whole illasSiete Almond Flour TortillasCornFlourWhole WheatLa Tortilla FactoryFlour Tortilla Soft TacoTraditional Soft TacoLow Carb, Whole WheatFajita SizeLow Carb, FlourFajita SizeMama Lupe Three-NetImpact CarbMission Carb BalanceWhole Wheat FajitaWhole Wheat Soft Taco1 ea 6.06" 10.86" 14.58" 19.01 ea 12.51 ea 26.01 ea3.01 ea4.01 ea3.01 ea1 ea4.05.0MuffnsFood for Life Sprouted WholeGrain English Muffns1 ea CARB COUNTER 15

CANDY &CHEWING GUMNetAmount CarbsNetAmount CarbsCaramelsAsher’s Sugar FreePecan Caramel Patties 1 servAlmond Butter Toffee 1 servJudy’s Sugar FreeAlmond Caramel Clusters 1 servVanilla Pecan Caramels 1 servPeanut Brittle1 servChewing GumEclipse Sugar Free, all favors 2 eaOrbit, all favors1 eaChocolateAsher’s Sugar FreeDark ChocolateRaspberry Jellies3 eaMint Patties2 eaPretzel Bites10 eaHershey’s Sugar Free5 eaHershey’s Sugar FreeSpecial Dark5 eaReese’s Peanut Butter CupsMiniatures, Sugar Free3 eaKopper Dark Chocolate CoveredEspresso Beans, Sugar Free 32 ea16 ATKINS CARB ily’s SweetsNo Sugar AddedDark Chocolate Bar 1 serv 3.0No Sugar Added Dark ChocolateAlmond Bar1 serv 4.0Hard CandyJolly Rancher, Sugar FreeLifesaversLifesavers, Sugar FreeNestlé Sugar-Free NipsCaramelCoffee4 ea4 ea4 ea0.01.00.02 ea2 ea0.00.0Jelly Belly, Sugar FreeGummie Bears25 eaJelly Beans35 eaJordan Almonds, Sugar Free 13 ea1.05.02.0MarshmallowsLa Nouba, Sugar-Free0.0MintsAltoids Smalls, Sugar Freeall favorsEclipse, all favorsPep-O-MintsPep-O-Mints, Sugar FreeWinto-O-GreenWinto-O-Green, Sugar Free1 ea1 ea 0.03 ea 0.04 ea 15.04 ea 0.04 ea 15.04 ea 0.0CEREALSNetAmount CarbsNetAmount CarbsHotBob’s Red Mill Hot Cerealw/Flax Meal, dry1/3 CCream of Rice, dry1/4 CCream of Whea

(Atkins 20 14 16 17 19 27 32 35 37 38 “serving sizes” ridiculously unrealistic in order to make their numbers look less bad. 43 g CARB COUNTER 3 How to Use the Atkins C

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1 How to Use the Atkins Carb Counter 3 Acceptable Foods Lists 6 Atkins & Other Low-Carb Specialty Foods 8 Baking Ingredients 9 Beef, Lamb, Pork & Other Meats 12 Beverages & Alcoholic Beverages 16 Breads, Crackers, Tortillas & Wraps 18 Candy & Chewing Gum 20 Cereals 22 Condiments & Seasonings 23 Dairy, Eggs & Dairy Substitutes 27 Desserts 29 Fis

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