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AppsACCU-CHEK ConnectAccu-CheK is a great app that allows users to track a large amount of data andshare this data with their healthcare provider. The more diligent you are with theapp, the more beneficial the information you will get from it.Addicaid - Addication SupportIf you or someone you love struggles with addiction, the Addicaid app may be agreat tool for recovery.Beyond Type 1 DiabetesWith the Beyond Type 1 Diabetes app you don't have to struggle through type 1diabetes alone.BG Monitor DiabetesBG Monitor allows users to easily record their medications, blood glucose levels,exercise, and food intake to help with their diabetes management.BGluMon Blood Glucose MonitorBglumon is a great app for users with higher health literacy.Blood Glucose TrackerTracking blood glucose levels and setting up reminders within the app give theuser a nice tool to help manage their condition.BlueLoopThe BlueLoop App is a companion app to an online service that shares the samename.Brook Health CompanionIf you're looking for one location in which to store, track and evaluate the variousmeasures that help to manage your diabetes then this is an app you should lookinto.

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPalMyFitnessPal is a great overall app for tracking intake, exercise, and overall healthinfo. Regardless of weight, activity level, or fitness goals, this app has a featureand a function that will work for most all.Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by SparkPeopleSpark People is a busy app with many features.Calorie Mama AI: Meal Planner & Food Macro CounterCalorie Mama uses a sophisticated form of augmented intelligence to quicklyidentify the nutritional make up of thousands of foods.CalorieKing Food SearchThis is a very basic and simple to use app that lets the user access the nutritionalfacts associated with thousands of foods in their databaseCarb Counting with LennyIt is simple to use and provides clear and accurate information. Its gamificationelements are likely to aid parents in keeping kids engaged and monitoring theirown biometrics which can aid the healthcare team as well.Carb Manager - Keto & Low Carb Diet TrackerThe Carb Manager app was developed as a Keto/Low Carb Lifestyle application.Carbs & Cals - Diabetes & DietCarbs & Cals provides users with the ability to input and track three specific fields:meals, exercise, and diabetes information.CarbsControl - Carb Counter, Carbs Tracker, NutritFor many people with diabetes who are on low carb diets, CarbsControl is easy touse and helpful in letting one actually keep track of their carb intake.

CareZoneCareZone is a great app for tracking medications and adherence to medicationschedules.CDE CoachFor those wishing to become a certified diabetes educator, this app is the ultimateone stop shop for practical tools to prepare for the CDE examCoach by CignaThe Coach by Cigna app puts a team of health experts in the palm of your hand.Coach.meAre you looking for that little bit of extra motivation to help you achieve yourgoals?Companion InPen AppThe Companion apps works in conjunction with the Inpen to seamlessly determineand demonstrate to users the amount of insulin needed.Cornerstones4Care Diabetes AppIf you're looking for one location in which to store, track and evaluate the variousmeasures that help to manage your diabetes then this is an app you should lookinto.Diabetes ConnectDiabetes Connect is a just-the-facts app, a simple digital tool good for collectingimportant, diabetes-related personal health data.Diabetes ForecastDiabetes Forecast is an online magazine created by the ADA. It covers a broadarray of topics for related to diabetes including things like diet, exercise, mentalhealth etc.

Diabetes Tracker with Blood Glucose/Carb LogIf you are looking for a tool to help you monitor your diabetes, you might thinkabout giving the Diabetes Tracker from MyNetDiary a try.DiabetesMA good resource app for those wishing to log and track various metrics andbehaviors associated with their condition.DiabeticWatchersThe app lets you log and track various metrics in the app. You can also generatereports for your own evaluation and assessment and send them along to your careprovider.Endomondo - Running & WalkingThis sports tracker allowed us to track our activity in a wide variety of sports,including running, biking, and kayaking. No matter what activity you participate in,you can use Endomondo to set goals and track your workouts.Feed Baby - Breastfeeding and Baby Connect TrackerAs a new parent, it is important that you are paying attention to your newborn'sfeedings and sleeping behaviors, growth, vaccinations, diaper changes and somuch more.FitbitWith the Fitbit app, we could log our physical activity, food consumption, weight,and sleep either by syncing a Fitbit device, other apps, or through manual entry.Fitocracy-Fitness Community & Personal CoachingHaving trouble deciding what exercises to do at the gym? We say let Fitocracydecide for you.Fooducate - Lose Weight, Eat Healthy,Get MotivatedFooducate is a great app that goes beyond simply tracking your calories.Garmin ConnectAn easy to use app that allows the user to track and ultimately manage a numberof health related behaviors and exercises. The use of a reward system (badges)allows one to participate in pre-existing challenges or create your own.

GI BuddyWhether you suffer from Crohn's, GERD, or another GI disorder, it is importantthat you learn what triggers your symptoms so that you can avoid them and startfeeling better.Glooko - Track Diabetes DataGlooko is a great app for managing your diabetes. You can sync blood glucose andan insulin pump. Also, sync your food and lifestyle data. The app provides insightsto support daily decisions and you can share your data with your care team.GlucagonGlucagon is a simple and informative app that address specific concerns andusages of the glucagon medication.Glucose Buddy Diabetes TrackerGlucose Buddy is an all-in-one diabetes management app that helps you takecontrol of your diabetes.GlucoseZoneThis is an app that features a large collection of exercise videos that are selectedfor you base upon your overall profile, fitness goals and key diabetes metrics.GlucosurferDeveloped by a non profit group of people with diabetes, the app is designed tosimplify the process of tracking (keeping a diary) on those metrics important forhelping one manage their condition.GoMealsGoMeals provides a way for those with Diabetes to track their meals and activitiesalongside their blood glucose levels.GoodRx Save On PrescriptionsThe app is very good at helping you find the lowest available prices on themedications you take. By entering your medications, dosing and location itidentifies a range of options where you can go and get your medications.

Headspace: MeditationA well done application for those looking to explore the areas of mindfulness andmeditation. The animation on the app is appealing and the voice used during thesessions is soothing and appropriate for the teaching of meditation skills.HealthWatch 360Healthwatch 360 has many features to help others keep on top of their diet andmaintain healthy nutrition.HealthyOut - Healthy Restaurant Nutrition GuideThe HealthyOut app allows you to discover healthy food options that fit withinyour personal food preferences, diet choices, and restrictions. Select your dietarypreferences and restrictions (low fat, Atkins, gluten-free, etc.) and get a list ofrestaurants and foods matching your needs.iHealth Gluco-SmartManaging your diabetes has never been easier than with the iHealth Gluco-Smartapp.iHealth MyVitalsWith this app, we could track our vital health stats, personalize goals, and bettermanage our health. Monitor your blood pressure, weight, physical activity, sleep,and the food you eat, and view trends over time.InRFood - Nutrition & ShoppingInRFood will help you identify what ingredients are in the food you eat.Insulia diabetes management companionThe app and corresponding web portal which captures one's clinician basedtreatment plan to manage type 2 diabetes is a dynamic and collaborative betweenpatient and physician to ensure accurate insulin dosing.J&J Official 7 Minute WorkoutPacked with over 20 heart pounding workouts, we were able to break a sweat inno time!Life In Control Diabetes CoachLife In Control is a good app for tracking and managing diabetes by settingpersonalization options that help guide you with everyday reminders.

Lose It! - Calorie CounterLike other trackers that gather and report on various data points the app providesdirectional advice on how to continue to improve upon ones management of theirdiabetes and other health behaviors related to the condition.Lumosity - Brain TrainingWe believe Lumos Labs has achieved a balance between fun gaming and healthbenefits with the Lumosity app.Mango HealthYou probably never thought that managing your medications could be fun, but wefound Mango Health to be an enjoyable way to stay on top of your medicationroutine.Map My Fitness - GPS Workout Trainer & TrackerWe found the Map My Fitness app to be a comprehensive app for all-aroundfitness tracking.MedCoach Medication ReminderMedCoach lets you log all of your medication information and provides you withreminders to take your meds and refill your prescriptions.Migraine BuddyWe found Migraine Buddy to be a very robust migraine management and trackingapp that is efficient and simple to use.Migraine Coach - Smart Headache Coach and DiaryKnowledge is power and we believe the Migraine Coach app can provide you withthe knowledge you need to prevent and manage migraines.

myPill Birth Control ReminderIf you sometimes have trouble remembering to take your birth control, try themyPill Birth Control Reminder app.mySugrmySugr is a clean and simple tool with a well-balanced interface that allows theuser to enter and track a wide range of diabetes related personal informationwithout the distractions of an internal social network of people sharing andcommenting, and/or advertising.NightscoutThis apps allows users to connect various devices to enable the tracking of metricsassociated with diabetes management.One Drop - Diabetes ManagementOne Drop captures personal diabetes-related data in basic data-trackingcategories, such as entering blood glucose levels, food consumed, exerciseachieved and medication adherence.Recovery Record - Eating Disorder ManagementRecovery Record acts as a companion to individuals battling eating disorders, aswell as those who wish to manage their eating and body concerns.Runkeeper - Track Running with GPSOver 50 million people use RunKeeper to track their distance, pace, route, andcalories burned while running, biking, walking, hiking, and more.Samsung HealthFor the person interested in tracking a number of health and wellness data pointsthis is the app for you.Sidekick by GoodlifeMeThe app is a “social health game” and motivates you by engaging people to talkand compete with friends. It is fun and easy to use.

Step Counter - Pedometer Free & Calorie CounterA simple but effective way to track your steps on a daily basis. One concern andarea for possible improvement would be to let users determine their personal stepperformance goals and to offer some level of interactivity between app and userto encourage completion of those goals.Step Tracker - Pedometer, Daily Walking TrackerThis is a traditional step tracker app with many of the standard features found ona tracker app including some other metrics like water consumption and others.Stop, Breathe & Think: Meditation tailored to youStressed out? Well, just Stop, Breathe & Think! It's that simple. Stop, Breathe &Think is a meditation and self-reflection app from Tools for Peace.Mobile AppsStrava Running and Cycling GPSStrava is an incredible app, that combines social functions with fitness andimproved wellness.Strong: Exercise Gym Log, 5x5Strong features over 300 different exercises that the user can choose fromdepending upon their fitness needs and goals.Sugar Sense - Diabetes AppSugarSense is a great app that not only provided a simple user interface, butallowed users to track their medication, fitness, and nutrition all on the samepage. Its simple user interface makes it accessible and attractive to users of allages.Sugar.IQ Diabetes AssistantSugar IQ is an app that has been designed to work with the Guardian ConnectCGM device. The app utilizes the tracking, assessing insulin, food, and dailyroutines to assess and forecast one's glucose levels and how they will respond tothese various factors.SugarmateThe application allows the user to record and track various metrics associated withthe care and management of diabetes. By setting performance ranges associatedwith the metrics the app notifies the user when scores fall outside of an acceptedrange.

SuperBetterWe believe SuperBetter can help you reach your goals and overcome yourchallenges, no matter what they might be, in a fun and gamified experience.Embark on daily quests that will put you one step closer to reaching your goals,and battle the bad guys along the way.T2 Mood TrackerAre you struggling to get a handle on your emotions? Do you suffer from PTSD, ahead injury, depression or anxiety? We believe the T2 Mood Tracker can help.Tidepool MobileThis app is a great companion tool for someone who wants to keep track of theirdiabetes on the go. The aesthetics and functionality are all really great, and thefunctionality was simple.TRACK REACTWe believe the TRACK REACT app can help you better understand and manageyour arthritis.WebMD AllergyWe believe the WebMD Allergy app can help you take control of your allergysymptoms. You can customize the information presented based on your allergies,and receive daily reports of weather and allergy forecastsWhat's coveredWhat's Covered app was created by the federal government as part of themMedicare initiative to help Medicare patients better understand what servicesand tests are covered. Users will find out information around cost, coverage andeligibility details to help them better use the services provided to them as part ofMedicare.WW (formerly Weight Watchers)One of the most widely recognized brands in the weight loss market, WeightWatchers programs now has a free app! Try the WeightWatchers Mobile app andhave access to recipes, success stories, articles, and more.Zombies, Run!Zombies, Run! will immerse you in an interactive story and game where running isyour only hope for gory Mobile%20Apps3-2020

Carb Manager - Keto & Low Carb Diet Tracker The Carb Manager app was developed as a Keto/Low Carb Lifestyle application. Carbs & Cals - Diabetes & Diet Carbs & Cals provides users with the ability to input and track three specific fields: meals, exercise, and diabetes information. CarbsContr

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Bruce W. Bode, MD, FACE Atlanta Diabetes Associates Atlanta, Georgia American Diabetes Association. Facts and Figures. Available at: http://www.diabetes.org/ada/facts.asp. Accessed January 18, 2000. Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes 0.5 - 1.0 Million Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes 10.3 Million Undiagnosed Diabetes 5.4 Million Prevalence of Diabetes in the US 3

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Diabetes in the United States More than 29 million people in the U.S. have diabetes 8.1 million people with diabetes are undiagnosed 9.3% of the U.S. population 1.7 million Americans aged 20 years or older were newly diagnosed with diabetes in 2010 Every 19 seconds, someone is diagnosed with diabetes

Clinical Diabetes. 2017 Jan; 35(1)51-54. Speight J, Conn J, Dunning T, Skinner TC, Diabetes Australia. Diabetes Australia position statement. A new language for diabetes: improving communications with and about people with diabetes. Diabetes Res Clin Pract 2012 Sep; 97(3): 425- 31.