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Auction Catalog143879 - May 6-10, 2020 - Phoenix Surplus AuctionAuction Date:Wednesday, May 06 2020Bidding Starts: 05:00 PM PDTSierra Auction Management, Inc.3570 Grand AvenuePhoenix, AZ 85019Phone: (602) 242-7121Fax: (602) 246-1903Email: [email protected] 2020 Sierra Auction Management, Inc. 05/08/2020 08:02 AM

LotQuantity TitleNumberDescriptionInventoryNumber10001Assorted Jewelry (3PCS) 3 Assorted Sterling Silver 2 Necklaces & 1 Bracelet (689941)68994110011(3PCS) Stainless Steel Chain w/ Cross, Stainless Steel Leather Bracelet, & Stainless Steel KeyAssorted Jewelry Chain & Money Clip Set (689928)68992810021(3PCS) 1 10KT Gold Earrings Dangle w/Diamond Chips, 1 Earrings 2Pair Set 10 KT GoldAssorted Jewelry Earrings w/ Swarovski Zirconia & 1 Necklace w/ Cross & Diamond chips Pendant (689944)68994410031(3PCS) 3 Assorted Necklaces 1 10KT Gold w/ Swarovski Zirconia, 1 14KT Gold Necklace andAssorted Jewelry Pendant & 1 Sterling Silver Necklace w/ Genuine Amethyst Pendant (689943)68994310041Assorted Jewelry (2PCS) Sterling Silver Earring Studs & 10KT Gold Ring w/Diamond Chips Size 7 (689935)68993510051Assorted Jewelry 14KT Yellow Gold Oval Hoop Earrings (689278)68927810061(4PCS) 2 14KT GOLD Earrings Sets 1 Hoop Set, Other 3 Piece Stud Set, 2 Sterling SilverAssorted Jewelry Necklaces (689929)68992910071(4PCS) 4 Assorted Sterling Silver Pieces 1 Earring Set w/ Freshwater Cultured Pearl, 1 LabAssorted Jewelry Created Ruby Ring Size 7 1/2, 1 Necklace w/turtle Pendant Genuine Abalone And 1 Necklacew/ Pearl like Pendant (689942)68994210081Assorted Jewelry (4PCS) 3 Earring Stud Sets & Sterling Silver Ring w/ Diamond Chips Size 7 1/2 (689940)68994010091Assorted Jewelry (5PCS) 5 Assorted Sterling Silver 4 Necklaces & 1 Hoop Earring Set (689936)68993610101Assorted Jewelry (4PCS) 1 10KT Gold Necklace W/ Genuine Peridot Pendant, 3 10KT Gold Earring Sets 2 w/Cubic Zirconia, 1 w/ Lab Created Emerald (689948)68994810111Assorted Jewelry (4PCS) 4 Assorted Sterling Silver 18" Necklaces (689949)68994910121Assorted Jewelry (4PCS) Assorted Sterling Silver. 3 Piece Bracelet Set, 1 Necklace w/ Floating SimulatedDiamond Pendent, 2 sets of earrings (689946)68994610131Assorted Jewelry (4PCS) 2 Swarovski Crystal Snap Bracelets, 2 Hallmark Cubic Zirconia Necklaces (689945)68994510141(5PCS) 5 Assorted Sterling Silver 3 Bracelets & 1 Earring Set w/ Genuine Peridot and 1 EarringAssorted Jewelry Set w/ Lab Created Opal (689939)68993910151Assorted Jewelry (4PCS) 2 Earring Hoop Sets, Necklace Sterling Silver, & 1 Bracelet w/ Genuine Rose Quartz(689947)68994710161Assorted(3PCS) Assorted Fine Silver Plated Costume Jewelry (689931)Costume Jewelry68993110171Assorted Jewelry (6PCS) Assorted Sterling Silver Jewelry 5 Bracelets & 1 Necklace w/ Cross Pendant (689932)68993210181Assorted(5PCS) Assorted Costume Necklaces in Bag (689270)Costume Jewelry68927010191Assorted Jewelry (5PCS) Assorted Sterling Silver Earring Hoop Sets (689930)68993010201AssortedAssorted Costume Jewery (687746)Costume Jewery68774610211AssortedAssorted Costume Jewery (687744)Costume Jewery68774410221AssortedAssorted Costume Jewery (687748)Costume Jewery68774810231AssortedAssorted Costume Jewery (687735)Costume Jewery68773510241AssortedAssorted Costume Jewery (687745)Costume Jewery68774510251AssortedAssorted Costume Jewery (687747)Costume Jewery68774710261AssortedAssorted Costume Jewery (687738)Costume Jewery687738 2020 Sierra Auction Management, Inc. 05/08/2020 08:02 AM

10271AssortedAssorted Costume Jewery (687739)Costume Jewery68773910281AssortedCostume Jewelry Assorted Costume Jewelry (687710)68771010291AssortedCostume Jewelry Assorted Costume Jewelry (687708)68770810301AssortedCostume Jewery Assorted Costume Jewery (687734)68773410311AssortedAssorted Costume Jewery (687733)Costume Jewery68773310321AssortedAssorted Costume Jewelry (687716)Costume Jewelry68771610331AssortedCostume Jewelry Assorted Costume Jewelry (687709)68770910341AssortedCostume Jewelry Assorted Costume Jewelry (687714)68771410351AssortedCostume Jewelry Assorted Costume Jewelry (687715)68771510361AssortedAssorted Costume Jewelry (687711)Costume Jewelry68771110371AssortedCostume Jewery Assorted Costume Jewery (687732)68773210381AssortedAssorted Costume Jewelry (687707)Costume Jewelry68770710391AssortedAssorted Costume Jewelry (687713)Costume Jewelry68771310401AssortedCostume Jewery Assorted Costume Jewery (687737)68773710411AssortedAssorted Costume Jewery (687736)Costume Jewery68773610421AssortedAssorted Costume Jewelry (687712)Costume Jewelry68771210431AssortedAssorted Costume Jewelry (687705)Costume Jewelry68770510441(20pc) VariousWatchesUnauthenticated (687696)68769610451(20pc) VariousWatchesUnauthenticated (687700)68770010461AssortedAssorted Costume Jewelry (687706)Costume Jewelry68770610471AssortedBag Of Assorted Costume Jewelry (689954)Costume Jewelry68995410481AssortedBag Of Assorted Costume Jewelry (689950)Costume Jewelry68995010491(4pcs) Sterling Silver Mop Doublet Earring Set with Colored Stone, Sterling Silver Earring withAssorted Jewelry Cubic Zirconia Stones, Sterling Silver Rope Chain with Heart Pendant and Ruby/Pink SapphireStones, and Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals (689326)68932610501(3pcs) Rope Chain with Heart Pendant and Floating White Cubic Zirconia Stone, Rope ChainAssorted Jewelry with "MOM" Pendant Filled with White Stones, and Rope Chain with Tree Heart Pendant(689328)68932810511(3pcs) Sterling Silver Box Link Bracelet with Multi-colored Swarovski Crystals, Sterling SilverAssorted Jewelry Ring (size 8) with Multi-colored Swarovski Crystals, and Sterling Silver Box Link Chain withHeart Locket and Swarovski Crystals on Butterfly (689327)68932710521(4pcs) Sterling Silver Bracelet with Charms, Sterling Silver Dangle Earring Set with CubicAssorted Jewelry Zirconia Stones, Baggets, and Rounds, Sterling Silver 18" Link Chain, and Sterling Silver LinkChain with Lab Created Opal (689325)68932510531Assorted Jewelry (3PCS) Monet Pin With Clear Stones & Pearl Like Stone, Metal Pill Box With Flower On ItClear & Colored Stones On Flower, And Zippo Lighter (689271)689271 2020 Sierra Auction Management, Inc. 05/08/2020 08:02 AM

10541Assorted Jewelry 14KT Yellow Gold Filled Link Chain with 10KT Yellow Gold Heart Pendant Cubic Zirconia(689319)68931910551(2pcs) 10KT yellow Gold Heart Stud Earring Set and 10KT Yellow Gold Hoop Heart Earring SetAssorted Jewelry (689321)68932110561Assorted Jewelry 10KT Yellow Gold Hoop Earring Set (689317)68931710571Assorted Jewelry 14KT White Gold Ring (size 7) with 1/3CT TW Diamond Rounds (689318)68931810581Assorted Jewelry (2pcs) 10KT White Gold Princess Cut Swarovski Zirconia Earring Set, 10KT White Gold RoundsCubic Zirconia Set (689320)68932010591Assorted Jewelry (2pcs) Stainless Steel Men's 8.5" Bracelet, Stainless Steel Men's Rope Necklace with LionPendant. Lion has Clear Stones in Eyes and in Mouth (686998)68699810601(3pcs) Charming Girl Sterling Silver 15" Necklace with Heart Pendant, Charming Girl SterlingAssorted Jewelry Silver 3-set Star Earrings Stud, Charming girl Sterling Silver Necklace with (3) Flower Charms(689329)68932910611Assorted Jewelry 10KT White Gold Wrap Band .5CT TW (size 7) (689315)68931510621Assorted Jewelry 14KT Yellow Gold Hoop Earring Set (689316)68931610631Assorted Jewelry (2pcs) Stainless Steel Snake Chain and Stainless Steel Rope Chain with Cross (687001)68700110641AssortedBag of Assorted Costume Jewelry Pins, Pendent, and Button (689267)Costume Jewelry68926710651AssortedCostume Jewelry Bag of Misc Costume Pins, Key Chain, and Safety Pin (689256)68925610661AssortedBag Of Assorted Costume Jewelry (689951)Costume Jewelry68995110671AssortedBag Of Assorted Costume Jewelry (689955)Costume Jewelry68995510681AssortedCostume Jewelry Bag Of Assorted Costume Jewelry (689957)68995710691AssortedBag Of Assorted Costume Jewelry (689956)Costume Jewelry68995610701AssortedBag Of Assorted Costume Jewelry (689953)Costume Jewelry68995310711AssortedBag Of Assorted Costume Jewelry (689952)Costume Jewelry68995210721(20pc) VariousWatches68770110731AssortedBag Of Assorted Costume Jewelry (689958)Costume Jewelry68995810741(20pc) VariousWatchesUnauthenticated (687699)68769910751AssortedWatches(11PCS) Assorted Bag Of Watches (689965)68996510761AssortedWatches(11PCS) Assorted Bag Of Watches (689962)68996210771AssortedWatches(11PCS) Assorted Bag Of Watches (689961)68996110781AssortedAssorted Costume Jewelry (686531)Costume Jewelry68653110791Assorted Jewelry Bag of Assorted Costume Earrings, Pins, And Rings (689260)68926010801AssortedBag Of Assorted Costume Jewelry Pendants, Rings, Bracelet, and Charms (689264)Costume Jewelry68926410811Assorted Jewelry Bag of Assorted Pendants, Figurine, and Rings (689259)689259Unauthenticated (687701) 2020 Sierra Auction Management, Inc. 05/08/2020 08:02 AM

10821Assorted Jewelry Bag of Assorted Pins, Charms and Buttons (689269)68926910831Assorted Jewelry Bag of Assorted Christmas Pins and Earring (689258)68925810841AssortedCostume Jewelry (9PCS) Assorted Costume Jewelry 3 Necklaces, 2 Bracelets, & 4 Earring Sets (689288)68928810851(12PCS) 1 Sterling Sliver 12" Choker, 1 Necklace & Earring Set Pearl Like, 1 Bracelet, 2 SterlingAssorted Jewelry Silver Rings Sizes 7, 8, & 7 Earring Sets (689938)68993810861Assorted(8PCS) 4 Assorted Costume Necklaces, 3 Sets of Assorted Costume Earrings, & 1 BraceletCostume Jewelry Costume. (689287)68928710871AssortedBag of Assorted Costume Jewelry Pins, Ring, and Cuff Links (689268)Costume ed Jewelry (10PCS) Bag of Assorted Collector Spoons (689266)68926610901Assorted Jewelry (2pcs) Set of Nine West Necklaces (689261)68926110911Tag Watch(2PCS) Tag Professional Watch & Tungsten Ring W/Diamond Chips Size 11 (689963)68996310921AssortedWatches(12PCS) Assorted Bag Of Watches (689960)68996010931AssortedWatches(2pcs) Seiko Solar Women's Watch and Armitron Women's Watch (686997)68699710941AssortedWatches(2PCS) Marc Jacobs Watch & Jennifer Lopez Watch (689927)68992710951AssortedWatches(2PCS) Jennifer Lopez Watch & Citizen Eco-Drive Watch (689280)68928010961AssortedWatches(2pcs) Armitron Women's Watch with Square Face and Clear Stones on Bezel and JuicyCouture Women's Watch with Rubber Band (686995)68699510971AssortedWatches(2PCS) Gruen Diamond Quartz Watch & Omega Constellation Watch (689925)68992510981AssortedWatches(2PCS) Spoon By Pulsar Watch & Juicy Couture Watch (689274)68927410991AssortedWatches(2PCS) Juicy Couture Watch & Citizen Eco-Drive Watch (689926)68992611001AssortedWatches(2PCS) Fossil Watch & Invicta Watch (689284)68928411011AssortedWatches(2PCS) Jennifer Lopez Watch & No Brand Watch (689283)68928311021AssortedWatches(2PCS) Buloba Accutron Watch & Buloba Watch (689281)68928111031AssortedWatches(2PCS) Armitron Watch, & Seiko Solar Watch (689282)68928211041AssortedWatches(2pcs) Juicy Couture Women's Watch with Leather Bands and Citizen Unisex ECO DriveWatch (686994)68699411051AssortedWatches(2PCS) Men's Tough Solar Watch With Papers & Juicy Couture Watch (689273)68927311061AssortedWatches(2PCS) Men's Casio G-Shock Watch, & Women's Casio Tough Solar Watch (689272)68927211071AssortedWatches(2PCS) Juicy Couture Watch & Marc Anthony Watch (689285)68928511081Commemorative 2002 Oplympic Winter Games Commemorative Coin 90% Silver (689975)Coin11091US Coin Set(11PCS) Assorted Bag Of Watches (689959)United States Mint 2002 U.S. Military Academy Bicentennial Commemorative Coin 90%Silver Dollar Proof (689971) 2020 Sierra Auction Management, Inc. 05/08/2020 08:02 AM689975689971

11101US Coin SetUnited States Mint 50 State Quarters Poof Sets 2002,2003,& 2004 (689973)68997311111US Coin Set2002 10 Coin United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set (689974)68997411121US Coin SetThe 50 State Quarters & Euro Coin Collection (689968)68996811131AHS Coin SetThe American Historic Society Genuine Coin Collection Odd Shaped Coins Of The World(689970)68997011141Randy JohnsonCoinsRandy Johnson Commemorative Coins (689969)68996911151Slot TokensApproximately 1000 25 Cent Slot Tokens (689976)68997611161AssortedCostume Jewelry (6pcs) Assorted Costume Earring Sets including Studs, Dangles, and Hoops (687000)68700011171Assorted Jewelry (3PCS) 3 Pearl Like Necklaces (689934)68993411181(5PCS) 1 Sterling Silver Ring W/ Cubic Zirconia Size 7, 1 Set Of Simulated Peridot StudAssorted Jewelry Earrings, 2 Bracelets 1 Sterling Silver w/ Cultured Pearls and 1 Necklace w/ Mom Pendant(689937)68993711191Assorted Jewelry Assorted Bag Of 925/Silver Scrap Jewelry (689966)68996611201Assorted Jewelry 14KT Figaro Necklace 24" Long (689972)68997211211(5pcs) Silver Link Chain with Heart Pendant, Silver Figaro Bracelet with Winnie the PoohAssorted Jewelry Charm, Silver Figaro Necklace, Silver Link Necklace with Heart Pendant, and Silver LinkNecklace with Heart Pendant (689299)68929911221(5pcs) Silver Link Chain with Red Stone Heart Pendant, Silver Figaro Necklace, Silver LinkAssorted Jewelry Necklace with Cross Pendant and Clear Strone, Silver Rope Necklace, and Silver Link Necklacewith Locket Pendant (689302)68930211231(5pcs) Costume Pearl Necklace with 14KT Clasp, Silver Link Necklace with Heart Pendant andAssorted Jewelry Diamond Chips, Silver Figaro Necklace, Silver Link Necklace with Cross and Clear StonePendant, and Silver Link Necklace with Moon Pendant ted Jewelry (5pcs) Set of Silver Stud Earrings with Diamond (approx. Jade Tear Drop Earrings, Silver HoopEarrings, and Silver Pearl Earrings (689308)68930811261(5pcs) Silver Hoops Earrings with Diamond Chips, Silver Hoop Earrings, Silver Studs withAssorted Jewelry Cubic Zirconia, Silver Stud with Flower Diamond (approx. .05TW CW, Silver Hoop Earringswith Colored Stone, and Silver Ring (size 7.5) with Colored Stones (689300)68930011271(6pcs) Silver Ring (size 6) with Clear Stones, Silver Ring (size 7) with Clear Stones, Silver RingAssorted Jewelry (size 9) with Clear Stones, Silver Ring (size 9.5) with Diamond Chips, Silver Ring (size 8) withClear Stones (missing one stone), and Silver Ring (size 6) with Clear Stones (689290)68929011281(5pcs) Silver Ring (size 10) with Diamond Chips, Silver Ring (size 10.25) Claddagh Ring, SilverAssorted Jewelry Ring Set (size 7) with Clear Stones, Silver Ring (size 6) with Clear Stones, and Silver Ring (size7) with Diamond Chips (689294)68929411291(5pcs) 925 Stud Earrings with Colored Stones (round), 925 Dangle Earrings with Clear Stones,Assorted Jewelry Silver Stud Earrings with Colored Stones (round), Silver Stud Diamond Earrings (approx. .10TW CW), and Silver Hoop Diamond Earrings (approx. .20TW CW) (689311)68931111301(5pcs) Silver Ring (size 11) with Diamond Chips, Silver Ring (size 7) with Clear Stones, SilverAssorted Jewelry Ring (size 6.25) with Diamond Chips, Silver Ring (size 7)with Diamond Chips, and Silver Ring(size 9) Men's "DAD" with (4) Small Colored Stones (689295)68929511311Assorted Jewelry (5pcs) 925 Snake Link Bracelet, 925 Bracelet with Blue Stones, 925 Elephant Bracelet, 925Bracelet with Light Blue Stones, and 925 Bracelet with Small Clear Stones (689312)68931211321(6pcs) Silver Ring (size 8.25) with Diamond Chips, Silver Ring Set (size 8.5.) with Clear Stone,Assorted Jewelry Silver Ring (size 8) with Clear Stones, Silver Ring (size 13) Claddagh Ring, Silver Ring (size 8.5)with Flowers, and Silver Link Chain with Round Pendant (689305)68930511331(6pcs) Silver Men's Ring (size 12) with Black and White Clear Stones, Silver Ring (size 11.5)Assorted Jewelry with Birth Stones, Silver Ring (size 8) with Purple Stone, Silver Ring (size 6), Silver Ring (size 7)with Clear Stones, and Silver Ring (size 8) with Pink Stone (689293)68929311341AssortedAssorted Costume Jewelry (may include Silver and/or Plated Items) (689291)Cotsume Jewelry689291(2pcs) Juicy Couture Women's Watch with Clear Stones on Bezel Face and ArmitronWomen's Watch (686996) 2020 Sierra Auction Management, Inc. 05/08/2020 08:02 AM

11351(5pcs) 925 Ring (size 9) with Diamond Chips, 925 Ring (size 8) with Design, Silver Ring (size 7)Assorted Jewelry Centennial High 2021 Class Ring, Silver Ring (size 8) with Clear Stones, and Silver Ring (size 8)with Clear Stones (689306)68930611361(5pcs) Silver Ring (size 7.25) with Figure "8", Silver Men's Ring (size 9), Silver Ring (size 8.25)Assorted Jewelry whit Diamond Chips, Silver Ring (size 9) with Clear Stone, and Silver Ring (size 12) with Heartand Clear Stones (689304)68930411371Assorted Jewelry Bald Eagle Bracelet With Tail Feather Ring Size 6 1/4 and Bald Eagle Head Ring Size 5(689257)68925711381(9pcs) Silver Ring (size 8), 925 Ring (size 5.25) with Clear Round Stone, 925 Ring (size 5) withAssorted Jewelry (5) Clear Round Stones, Silver Ring (size 6) with Round Colored Stone, Silver Ring (size 11.5),Silver Ring (size 8.5) with Round Clear Stone, and Silver Ring (size 6) with Round Clear Stone(689307)68930711391(5pcs) Assorted Silver Earrings, Ring, Charms, Pendant, Silver Stud Diamond Earrings (approx.Assorted Jewelry .06TW CW), Silver Hoop Earrings with Clear Stones, and Silver Stud Earrings with ColoredStone (689310)68931011401(5pcs) Silver Ring (size 7.25) with Diamond Chips, Silver Ring (size 9) with Purple ColoredAssorted Jewelry Stone, Silver Ring (size 6.25) with Clear Colored Stones, Silver (size 9) with Small ColoredStones, and Silver Ring (size 7) (689296)68929611411(5pcs) Silver Stud Earrings with Emerald Rounds, Silver Hoop Earrings with Diamond Chips,Assorted Jewelry Silver Link Necklace with Heart/Cross Pendant, Silver Link Necklace with Clear StonePendant, and Silver Link Necklace with Moon Pendant (689298)68929811421(4pcs) Silver Link Necklace with Heart Pendant, Silver Box-link Chain with Set of DangleAssorted Jewelry Earrings with Clear Stones, Silver Link Chain with Round Pendant, and Silver Herringbonewith Red Gold (size 6.5) with Black Square Stone (689309)68930911431(5pcs) Silver Ring (size 6.5) with Colored Stone, Silver Ring (size 9.75) with Colored Stone,Assorted Jewelry Silver Ring (size 7) with Clear Stone, Silver Ring (size 8) with Clear Stones, and Silver Ring (size8) with Colored Stones (689292)68929211441Assorted(2PCS) Bag of Assorted Costume Necklaces (689265)Costume Jewelry68926511451Assorted Jewelry Necklace with Sea Shell Pendent (689262)68926211461(5pcs) Silver Ring (size 8) with Clear Stones, Silver Ring (size 10) with Colored Stones, SilverAssorted Jewelry Ring (size 8.25) Shzy Lenan Colored Stones, Silver ring (size 7) with Colored Stones, and SilverRing (size 9.25) with Colored Stones (689289)68928911471(6pcs) Silver Hinged Bracelet, 925 Link Chain with Heart Pendant, 14KT Yellow Gold CarolynAssorted Jewelry Pollack Pearl Bracelet, Steel 3-piece Rings (size 6.5), and Wire Bracelet (689313)68931311481(5pcs) Silver Stud Earrings with Diamond Chips, Silver Link Necklace with Heart Pendant,Assorted Jewelry Silver Rope Necklace with Heart Pendant, Silver Link Necklace with Heart and MoonPendants, and Silver Rope Necklace with Heart Pendant (689297)68929711491Assorted Jewelry 10KT White Gold .10CT TW Diamond Stud Earring Set (689314)68931411501(5pcs) Silver Link Chain with Cross and Jesus Pendant, Silver Link Chain with Cross PendantAssorted Jewelry and Heart, Costume Necklace with Silver Clasp, Silver Link Chain with Heart Pendant, andSilver Twist Link Chain with Clear Stone Pendant (689303)68930311511(4pcs) Platinum Over Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings with Glitter Rounds, Swarovski CrystalAssorted Jewelry Studs, 24KT Gold Over Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings, and Link Chain with Colored StoneAccent (689324)68932411521Assorted Jewelry 10KT White Gold Band Size 10 (689276)68927611531Assorted Jewelry Tungsten Carbide Band Size 9 (689277)68927711541Assorted(7PCS) Assorted Costume Jewelry 3 sets of Earrings, 2 Necklaces, & 2 Pendants (689933)Costume Jewelry6899331155110k & 14KPieces. 14.5gtw All. (687754)Assorted Jewelry68775411561Assorted Jewelry Bag With Assorted Costume Necklaces (689263)689263

May 05, 2020 · Watches (2PCS) Armitron Watch, & Seiko Solar Watch (689282) 689282 1104 1 Assorted Watches (2pcs) Juicy Couture Women's Watch with Leather Bands and Citizen Unisex ECO Drive Watch (686994) 686994 1105 1 Assorted Watches (2PCS) Men's Tough Solar Watch With Papers &

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