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Ingredients forPet NutritionProduct Handbook and Catalog for 2018HEALTH NUTRITION MATERIALS

Table of ContentsDSM I Bright Science. Brighter Living. .2DSM Nutritional Products.4Innovation Starts with an Idea.6History of DSM.8Nutritional Ingredient Production. 10Premixes and Blending. 12Nutritional Ingredients. 14Knowing Pet Product Technologies. 16Knowing Nutrient Form Technologies. 18Pet Nutritional Solutions.20Table of Products.23

DSM – Bright Science. Brighter Living.TMOur CompanyRoyal DSM N.V. is a global science-basedcompany active in health, nutrition and materials.By connecting its unique competencies in LifeSciences and Materials Sciences DSM is drivingeconomic prosperity, environmental progress andsocial advances to create sustainable value forall stakeholders simultaneously. DSM deliversinnovative solutions that nourish, protect and improveperformance in global markets such as food anddietary supplements, personal care, feed,pharmaceuticals, medical devices, automotive,paints, electrical and electronics, life protection,alternative energy and bio-based materials.DSM’s 20,750 employees deliver annual salesof 7.7 billion. The company is listed on NYSEEuronext. More information can be found We AreWho we are as a company is the result of strategicchoices that we have made. These in turn are basedon our mission and our core value; they define whatwe believe in and how we go about our business.Our Brand PromiseBright Science. Brighter LivingTM. This sums upwho we are, what we stand for and what we aim toachieve. These four words are the shorthand for ourmission, our beliefs and our behaviors – a promisethat we make to the world in which we operate.Bright Science refers to the unique way in whichwe combine Life Sciences and Materials Sciencesdisciplines, technologies and talents. We partner withcustomers and other stakeholders – then we shareideas, insights and inspiration to create innovativeand sustainable solutions that address the keychallenges facing society today. Brighter Living refersto our commitment to creating products and solutionsthat make a positive difference to people’s lives. Weare constantly seeking new ways to improve qualityof life, and we seek to make a positive contribution tothe lives of people today and generations to come.Our MissionOur purpose is to create brighter lives for peopletoday and generations to come. We connect ourunique competences in Life Science and MaterialsSciences to create solutions that nourish, protectand improve performance.2Key Sustainability Focus Areas: Nutrition Climate Change and Renewable Energy Circular and Bio-Based EconomySecuring SustainableOperationsOperation AspirationsOur Core ValueOur mission is supported by our core value:Sustainability. Everything we do should contributeto a more sustainable world. To us, achievingsustainability means simultaneously pursuingeconomic performance, environmental quality andsocial responsibility. In other words, we strive tocreate value on the three dimensions of People,Planet and Profit simultaneously.Sustainability as a DSM StrategyDSM is aiming to improve peoples’ lives andenvironmental impact, through the way we takecare of our people and own operations, and howwe translate this into products and innovations.The world has joined forces in 2015 by defining17 common Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),adopted by the United Nations. The SDGs cover a15 year time frame to 2030 and include 169 targets.DSM contributes to all goals but particularly focusseson the following SDGs: SDG 2: No Hunger, SDG 3:Good Health, SDG 7: Renewable Energy/ SDG 13:Climate Action and SDG 12: ResponsibleConsumption and Production.More about DSM’s contribution to the SustainableDevelopment goals: ing-sustainability/the-globalgoals.htmlSociety is faced with challenges, and business hasan increasingly important responsibility to contributeby addressing these societal challenges.By anticipating the global trends and societal issueswith its portfolio of products and services, DSM wantsto create positive societal impact and further developa sustainable business.Our key sustainable focus areas: ‘Nutrition’, ‘Climatechange & renewable energy’ and ‘Circular andbio-based economy’ create the right market contextin which DSM’s solutions can flourish. Sustainabilitythen becomes a business growth driver and definesoperational aspirations.With Sustainability as a Business Growth Driver atDSM, we offer our customers sustainable andscalable solutions, integrating sustainability benefitsin our value propositions and customer engagement. Leading in reportingbenchmarksSustainability asBusiness Growth DriverBrighter Living Solutions: Eco and People Profitable Solutions Better for Peopleand Planet Aspiration: 65 % of DSM Products by 2020Our Brighter Living Solutions are measurably betterfor the planet (Eco ) and people (People ). Thisstrategy is aimed at driving profitable growth throughscience-based, sustainable solutions addressing theglobal societal issues of our time. Taking an examplefrom our animal nutrition and health business, newingredients from our CleanCow dairy industryinitiative demonstrated a 30% plus reduction inmethane emissions and increases milk production,with no negative impact on animal welfare. We alsostrive for 65% of our products to have a measurablybetter impact on planet or people than competitors,based on standardised sustainability metrics.DSM’s Sustainability strategy is rooted in securingsafe and sustainable operations, and an engagedworkforce. Within our sites and factories we aim forsubstantial greenhouse gas (GHG) emmisions andenergy improvement, and we aim to reach morerenewable electricity and high employee safetyand engagement. This is exemplified in our DalryScotland vitamin C production facility where thecradle to gate footprint of our product is lower thancompeting products. The smaller environmental footprint is possible because of superior emission controland waste water management, and an efficient heatand power station that exports electricity to the gridand receives credits for avoided electricity from othersources. DSM is building on strong foundations tosecure our position as a sustainable company.Apart from its focus on action to mitigate climatechange, DSM recognizes resource scarcity as animportant societal issue. To secure future availabilityof natural resources, we need to apply principles ofcareful resource management and unlock more valuefrom the limited resources that are available. DSMhas the opportunity to mitigate resource scarcity withsolutions that prevent of food waste, including foodpreservation, increasing the durability of materials,enabling re-use of materials and reducing the use ofLong-Term GoalsGold Class DJSI GHG efficiencyimprovements40 - 45 %(2008 - 2025) Energy efficiencyimprovements 10 %(2016 - 2025) Purchased electricityfrom renewables50 % by 2025 Employee engagementfavorable score75 % by 2020 Safety: Frequencyrecordable index.25 by 2020scarce resources by creating renewables. In order toreduce the demand from our economy on nature’slimited resources, DSM is committed to extendingthe lifetime of materials and products, and leveragingpartnerships.With the large societal issues in mind, we haveidentified different and distinct levers that drive ourproduct innovation. These levers, help developersand marketers to understand how a measurablybetter impact can be made for planet and people.The different drivers can all be substantiated with lifecycle assessments that address the environmentaland social impacts of products impacts along theirlife cycle. The drivers are also used to review ourinnovations under development. By doing so we wantto steer our full portfolio of products and innovationstowards the best positive impact on society.With our Brighter Living Solutions, Eco and People we provide products and innovations that aremeasurably better for people and planet.3

DSM Nutritional ProductsRepresenting the Life Sciences competencyof Royal DSM N.V., DSM Nutritional Productscontributes 5,169 million to annual sales in 2016and is organized around three market-facing entities:Animal Nutrition & Health, Human Nutrition & Healthand Personal Care. More about DSM NutritionalProducts: ies/dsm-nutritional-products.htmlAnimal Nutrition & Health addresses the nutritionadditives segment of the feed and pet food markets.Human Nutrition & Health largely addresses nutritionand functional ingredients segment of the foodmarkets. Personal Care is focusing on the activesand ingredients in the sun care, skin care and haircare industries.DSM is the only producer who can supply thecomplete range of vitamins and carotenoids in themost suitable forms for all possible animal andhuman uses.DSM has established leadership positions across allthree areas of the ingredients business: feed, foodand personal care. DSM is one of the world’s leadingproducer of vitamins. DSM is working from its strongglobal presence in key value-added ingredientsoffered through an international infrastructure andreach.DSM is uniquely involved in all three steps of thevalue chain: the production of pure active ingredients,their incorporation into sophisticated forms, and theprovision of tailored premixes. Being the only fullyintegrated player allows DSM to differentiate itselfall the way through the chain.Managing the interdependencies between activeingredients, forms and premixes, which haveimportant implications for innovation, logistics,and value delivery, is a core competence of DSM.Striving to earn the title of “Trusted Partner”!DSM Nutritional Products, AnimalNutritional & Health, Approach toQuality and SafetyPetfood manufacturers and the suppliers that servethem are aware that pet food is a very highlyregulated industry. Its standards for safety and qualityare equal to, or in some cases, surpass those of thehuman food industry in some countries.From a business perspective, managing safety andquality is about mitigating risk to your product’s brand.The owners of a retail brand of pet food or snackthat harms a companion animal will experiencea cascade of events detrimental to their business.These events include immediate loss of sales,scrutiny by the regulatory authorities, possiblelawsuits, and public rejection; events that may besevere enough to destroy the brand.As a leading supplier to this industry, DSM has aglobal quality and safety standard for our products,including premix, with the goal of meeting orexceeding the expectations of the leading petfoodbrand owners in the market. Our global qualitystandard is based upon our 5 Q Values.Our 5 Q Values take into consideration: Food Safety,Trusted Supply Chain, Closing the Loop, Traceability,and Sharing and Learning.Food safetyTrusted supply chainTraceabilityThe DSM quality and safety program is designedaround food safety standards and managed bya worldwide team of qualified quality and safetymanagers passionate about food safety. Theseexperts are responsible for administrating our qualityand safety program, which includes as the centralelement the Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points(HACCP), which follows World Health Organizationstandards and comprises sanitation standards, pestcontrol systems, and minimizing cross-contamination.We also know that for this program to be successfulit is important to create a high level of internalawareness around every aspect of safety and qualityalong the entire supply chain, creating a companyculture that lives out safety and quality behaviors thatembrace well-designed SOPs. DSM is dedicated tostandardizing and ensures the integrity our programacross the globe by conducting routine audits of allDSM facilities by a Corporate Operational Audit team(COA). Our facility managers will tell you that theywould rather have our customers audit them than theCOA team due to the strict safety mindset is integrated into our ideationand innovation workstreams.The integrity of our food safety program is the basisfor a Trusted Supply Chain. This starts with vendorqualification and management processes in linewith food safety standards. Success is achievedfurther through our supply chain by leveraging ourexcellence in analytics based on our long history inthe chemical and biosciences industries, maintainingrobust and integrated documentation, goods receipt,and warehouse management systems.The DSM 5 Q values Sharing and Learning help usstay ahead of the curve. By DSM managing qualityand safety on a global scale, using ComplianceQuality Management (CQM) TrackWise system andother companywide web-based training tools, everyDSM employee becomes integrated into our globalquality and safety program.Mindful of the risks to both our customers and thesustainability of our business, perpetual improvementof this food safety program is part of our businessstrategy, we call Closing the Loop. This means, thatwe not only have the tools in place to do a thoroughroot cause analysis on deviations, we have the toolsin place for change management, theprocess and techniques to manage thepeople side of change. This assuresthe adoption and the realization of achange are well in control and the riskminimized. To ensure we areClosing the Loop, ourThe process of manufacturing bioactive micronutrients and microorganisms, and blends ofthese micro ingredients, is complex from a qualityassurance perspective. We sell these microingredients to producers of retail products coveringa broad array of dietary needs, ranging fromconcentrated dietary supplements to pet foodsdesigned to deliver 100% of the animal’s nutritionalneeds. Due to this complexity, and the safetyconcerns associated with these types of retailproducts, it makes sense that Traceability isincluded as one of our 5 Q values. At DSM, theintegrity of our quality systemis constantly checkedand trained in mock recall and track & trace exercisesto provide an assurance of safety and functionality.Rapid and accurate notification of a recall to ourcustomers is the heartbeat of our emphasis onTraceability – only topped by the constant work toprevent these cases.Having the right quality and safety processes in placeare mandatory, but at DSM we believe you can onlyachieve the highest level of risk mitigation if youintegrate a consciousness of quality and safetyacross all employees and it becomes part of yourcompany’s culture.Our company recognizes that withbusiness growth becoming moredependent on offering premiumpetfoods, and a heightenedawareness of food safety amongconsumers, suppliers need to betrustworthy partners oriented towardsmutual success. DSM strives to earnthe title of “Trusted Partner”!Closing the loopSharing and learning45

Innovation Starts with an Idea!Idea Generation, often called "Ideation" is thecreative process of generating, evaluating andcommunicating new ideas. Within DSM, this takesplace in a variety of ways:DSM Venturing is an active investor in start-upcompanies, which create innovative products andservices in Life Sciences and Materials Sciencesthat contribute to the quality of life. DSM Venturing'smission is to explore emerging markets andtechnologies in order to support DSM's innovationand growth strategy.Seeking ideation from Industry partnerscombines the benefits of a mutual attractionto a particular market with often very differentperspectives on the approach to solving aproblem. Couple this with differences in corecompetencies and experience, it is not hard toenvision how this would yield a novel approach.Innovation Idea Generator: A continuousexchange of ideas. Often the "seed" that getspeople to think in new ways. Every DSM employeehas access to a simple tool to enter their ideas forconsideration.Besides financial support, we offer start-upcompanies access to DSM’s knowledge base,resources and networks creating a businessrelationship based on mutual benefits and sharedlearning.Ideation Workshops: A direct way to brainstorm,collect & evaluate ideas during highly participativeworkshops, or as we call them "play shops" events.To DSM businesses we offer a window to the worldof innovations that are taking place in the globalstart-up community; an inroad to collaborations/partnerships/licenses/supply & marketing relationswith start-up companies; and an option to spin in‘outside’ innovations.At DSM Nutritional Products, ideas fromall sources are channeled into what wecall the idea box. In this stage of theprocess, dedicated innovation projectmanagers review the ideas foralignment with our core competencies,scope relative to the markets weserve, and economic feasibility.The best candidates for furtherexploration are prioritized andformal projects are created. Theproject managers build a preliminarybusiness case with minimum impactto those involved in daily businessoperation. This clears a rathersignificant resource managementissue that often stalls the innovationprocess.It is not only about the idea,it's what you do with it!Campaigns, Challenges & Competitions:Topic-specific focus to solve a specific question orproblem. A fast way of gathering ideas.Coaching & Shaping ideas: A process offacilitation to shape the idea by identifying thepotential value design prototypes, run pilots orproof-of-concepts.Business Service Modeling: We use theEnterprise Design Canvas to combine thepowers of Innovation & Business Architecture!DSM Venturing is an integral part of DSM’s openinnovation approach, focused on teaming up withinnovative players all over the world.Customer need plays an important role in theideation process at DSM. We starts by listeningto the challenges our customers face andtheir novel ideas that lack commercialsolution. Mutual success is oftenachieved when both parties viewideation within a framework ofcollaboration.SustainabilityCheckIDEA EVALUATIONIDEA BOXR&DAPPLICATIONCOMMERCIALIZATIONIn the project phase, these newideas will undergo a series of stepswhich include proof of concept trials,sustainability check, and anapplication-specific evaluation.During this phase we often collaboratewith key accounts which canshorten the development cycle andprovide our customer a first-to-marketadvantage.Ultimately project success leadsto commercialization, making theidea available to the inessCaseDevelopmentProof ofConceptFeasibilityDevelopmentCollaboration7

The world’s strongest fiber :History of DSMDyneema , the world’s strongest fiber is DSM’s premium brand for Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene (UHMWPE) fiber, UD,flexible composite, tape and fabric. Dyneema combines maximum strength with minimum weight. It is 15 times stronger than qualitysteel and 40% stronger than aramid fiber, both on weight for weight basis. Industries like law enforcement, defense, maritime, offshore,medical, sports & leisure, fishing, outdoor, automotive, renewable energy, and personal protective equipment rely on Dyneema for itslightweight, protective and durable properties.Re-Invention of a Successful CompanyIndustrial biocatalysis:In the early 1970’s DSM implemented the first industrial biocatalytic process. Chiral amino acids are produced using specific enzymes,able to synthesize target enantiomers with exceptional pu

Animal Nutrition & Health addresses the nutrition additives segment of the feed and pet food markets. Human Nutrition & Health largely addresses nutrition and functional ingredients segment of the food markets. Personal Care is focusing on the actives and ingredients in the sun care, skin care and hair care industries. DSM is the only producer who can supply the lawsuits, and public rejection .

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DSM I 1952 DSM II 1968 DSM III 1980 DSM IV 1994 DSM IV-TR 2000 Summary of Gross # Changes in DSM Editions! DSM-5 May 2013 106 Diagnoses 130 Pages 297 Diagnoses 182 Diagnoses 265 Diagnoses 365 Diagnoses 494 Pages 886 Pages 134 Pages 943 Pages 13 new disorders, 2 eli

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