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BERNINA Machine Feature Comparison – Sewing & EmbroideryBERNINA Model880830820780750 QE710580560550 QE530380350 PE33021510087” TFTColor7” TFTColor5” TFTColor7” TFTColor4.3” TFTColor4.3” TFTColor4.3” TFTColor4.3” SelectionChart(no screen)One TouchSystem NavigationKeysOne TouchSystemOne TouchSystemOne TouchSystemOne TouchSystem8 LEDs8 LEDs8 LEDsLEDGeneral FeaturesCentrally Located Touch ScreenIdeally located, the touch screen isclear and easy to use. The TFTscreens - 8 Series, 7 Series & 580- are ultra-responsive with highresolution colors.Stitch AccessIntuitive access to stitches allowsyou to focus on creativity.IlluminationThe 8 Series & 7 Series havebright illumination in the needlearea and over the free arm. Thebrightness is adjustable on the 7Series.The 780 & 750 also have lighting inbobbin area.On-screen HelpFind help where and when youneed it, including FunctionInformation, Animations, CreativeConsultant and Tutorials.Needle MinderStore settings for needle type.Automatic Needle ThreadingThread the needle with ease. The8 Series has a Fully AutomatedThreading System threading themachine and needle in one simpleprocess.Extended Free ArmThe 8 Series and 7 Series haveExtended Free Arm length offeringoutstanding maneuverability,freedom and comfort.Powerful DC MotorFull power at all speeds providesfor consistent stitching on multiplelayers & heavy enOne TouchSystem NavigationKeys30 LEDs30 LEDs30 LEDs30 LEDs BobbinArea30 LEDs BobbinArea30 LEDs12 LEDs12 LEDs12 LEDs12 ConsultantCreativeConsultant maticAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic15” Length15” Length15” Length13” Length13” Length13” Length12” to theRight of theNeedle12” to theRight of theNeedle12” to theRight of theNeedle10” to theRight of theNeedle10” to theRight of theNeedle10” to theRight of theNeedle UltraPowerfulUltraPowerfulUltraPowerful 2014 BERNINA of America, Inc. Information subject to change.Stitch LeverStandardBulbAC1 of 12

BERNINA Model880Separate Bobbin Winding MotorWind a bobbin quickly and evenwind a bobbin while sewing! Fill LevelControl Eco ModeStand-by mode saves energy. 7Series Eco Mode includes a Madeto-Create Ingredients Campaignslideshow setting.Hook SystemThe CB Shuttle is the traditionalBERNINA mechanism thatproduces the legendary BERNINAstitch quality.The BERNINA Rotary Hook has acomparable stitch quality to the CBShuttle and allows a 9 mm stitchwidth and bobbin threadmonitoring.The innovative BERNINA 9 Hookmaintains the legendary BERNINAstitch quality, allows a 9 mm stitchwidth, easy bobbin case insertion,bobbin lighting and bobbin threadmonitoring.Extra-large Bobbin CapacityThe 8 Series & 7 Series bobbinshave 80% greater thread capacitythan standard bobbins.Upper Thread SensorA signal indicates when the upperthread breaks or runs out. The 8Series stops the machine when theupper thread breaks or runs out.Bobbin Thread SensorWarns when the bobbin threadruns low.Automatic Thread CutterThe upper and lower threads arecut automatically or at the touch ofa button.Manual Thread CutterIdeally positioned cutting bladesoffer simple and safe cutting.011514830820780750 QE710580560550 QE530380350 PE330 Fill LevelControlFill LevelControl Slideshow SlideshowSlideshowSlideshow21510088 SeriesRotary8 SeriesRotary8 SeriesRotaryB9B9B9RotaryRotaryCBCBCBCBCBCBCB8 SeriesJumbo8 SeriesJumbo8 SeriesJumbo7 SeriesB97 SeriesB97 dardCB EnhancedEnhancedEnhanced EnhancedEnhancedEnhanced 2014 BERNINA of America, Inc. Information subject to change.2 of 12

BERNINA ModelElectronic Foot ControlEnjoy consistent control plus aheel/tap feature to raise and lowerthe needle. In addition, the 880heel down feature isprogrammable to sew securingstitches, automatically cut upper &lower threads and raise thepresser foot.Start/Stop with Slide SpeedControlAs an alternative to the traditionalfoot control, power the machineusing the Start/Stop button andregulate the speed with the SlideSpeed control.USB ConnectionEnjoy rapid and direct connectivityfor information transfer.Time Display / Alarm ClockProgram alarm time & personalalarm message.Design Skin CompatibleDesign Skins transform yourBERNINA into a stylish,individualized machine. Selectfrom stock or custom-createdskins.880830820780750 QE710580560550 QE530380350 PE330215Enhanced OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional broideryDesignsEmbroideryDesigns PCConnectionfor UpdatesConnectionFor Updates 1008PC Sewing FeaturesMaximum Sewing Speed(stitches per minute)The 8 Series has the fastestsewing speed of any domesticsewing machine.BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR)The patented BERNINA StitchRegulator (BSR) providesconsistent free-motion stitchingeven at high speeds. Some modelsallow for both straight stitch &zigzag free-motion stitching withthe BSR.01151412001100110010001000100010001000900900 Optional Optional aightStitch/Zigzag9009009009001050(1200 spm) 2014 BERNINA of America, Inc. Information subject to change.3 of 12

BERNINA ModelIntegrated BERNINA Dual FeedThe 8 Series and 7 Seriesintegrated BERNINA Dual Feedensures even feeding of hard-tomanage fabrics with beautifulresults.Free Hand System (FHS)Knee operated lever raises thepresser foot, lowers the feed dogand releases the thread tensionkeeping your hands on the fabricwhile guiding and pivoting.Maximum Stitch Length (mm)The variable Stitch Lengthprovides a smooth transition fromlength to length and can beadjusted while sewing.Maximum Stitch Width (mm)The variable Stitch Width can beadjusted while sewing. The 9mmmaximum stitch width available onsome models expands your designpossibilities.Needle PositionsMultiple Needle Positions allow forvery precise sewing. You can sewmost patterns in any needleposition.Needle Up / DownBasic setting is needle stop up.Some models allow for selection ofneedle to stop in the raised (up) orlowered (down) position.Directional & Sideways-motionStitchingMulti-directional Sewing expandsyour decorative stitch possibilities.TaperingCreate and adjust the stitch taperbefore and after decorative stitchapplications for unlimited designpossibilities.Distorting Stitch PatternsDistort Stitch Patterns left/right andforward/backward in .01mmincrements for decorative effects.011514880830820780750 QE710 580560550 QE530380350 PE3302151008 Ability toFine-tuneAbility toFine-tuneAbility toFine-tune 11111111111111111199995 360Directions360Directions BalanceBonus(1000 spm)360Directions BalanceBonus 2014 BERNINA of America, Inc. Information subject to change.4 of 12

BERNINA ModelStitch DesignerCreate your own stitches or editexisting stitch patterns. 9mm &Sideways Motion Stitches can bedesigned.Temporary Altered StitchMemoryThe Temporary Altered StitchMemory remembers your stitchsettings even if you switch toanother pattern and then back.Saved Stitch SettingsSave over the factory default stitchsettings to personalize a stitch;remains in effect until you changeback to default stitch settings.Long-term Memory/StitchCombinationsCreate and store stitchcombinations including lettering.Patterns remain in memory evenafter the machine is turned off.History StitchesThe History Screen lets you selectyour recent stitches.Personal ProgramRecord your individually alteredstitches for future retrieval.Security ProgramSelect respective needle type(single, double, triple, etc.) andstitch plate type. Automaticallylimits width function respectively.Prevents needle from hitting footand/or stitch plate, avoiding needlebreakage and damage.Securing FunctionAutomatically secures a singlepattern or combination by addingsome on the spot stitches at thefinish.Securing StitchAutomatically secures at the startand finish of a task with a shortreverse sequence straight stitch.011514880830820780750 QE710580560550 QE530380350 PE330215 awersMultipleDrawers10010030303015151215 1008 4 folders4 folders2 folders4 folders nameable Ability toProgramAbility toProgramAbility toProgramAbility toProgram 2014 BERNINA of America, Inc. Information subject to change.5 of 12

BERNINA ModelPattern BeginStart sewing at the beginning of apattern or sequence wherever youstopped.Pattern EndNo more half-finished patterns;machine stops after pattern iscomplete.Mirror Image of Stitch PatternsSew the mirror image of a stitchpattern with options. H horizontalV verticalPattern Extend 2-5xProgram a stitch pattern to extend2 – 5 times and the integrity of thestitch is maintained.Pattern Elongation / StitchDensityExtend stitch pattern length in 1%or 100% steps. Shortest length is10%; maximum length is 1000%.Pattern Repeat 1-9xProgram the machine to stop at theend of 1 – 9 repeats of a singlestitch or stitch combination.Long StitchSews every second stitch; usefulfor practical and decorativeapplications. (exception:buttonholes and sideway motionstitches)Basting StitchBaste seams, hems and quilts.Drag and Drop Editing in SewingSimple drag and drop allows foreasy positioning of sewingcombinations.Quick Reverse / ContinuousReverseSew backw

BERNINA Machine Feature Comparison – Sewing & Embroidery. BERNINA Model 880 830 820 780 750 QE 710 580 560 550 QE 530 380 350 PE 330 215 1008 . Embroidery Designs 2 Updates . Embroidery Designs . 1 Updates 1 Updates . Embroidery Designs . 1 Updates . for . Emb

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