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MAGAZINEISSUE 1, VOLUME 2 JANUARY 2010The debut of POWER was outstanding and I want thank everyone involvedfrom the writers to the readers. We had some excellent feedback from our subscribers. Our goal is to absorb what is said, both positive and negative, and allowthat information to help guide us.In this issue, we’ve added “Coaches’ Corner” and a Strongman article by ProStrongman Karl Gillingham. Karl is one-third of the strongest trio of brothers towalk the face of theearth: the Gillinghams.Karl and his family havebeen around thestrength circles for yearsPUBLISHERAndee T-XTRA-LARGEMark BellSuperTrainingGym@me.comMANAGING EDITORHeather PeaveyASSOCIATE EDITORApril DonaldART DIRECTOR/PRODUCTIONPaul Graffpaul@graffixdesign.comand they know theirtrade well. Look for moreStrongman articles inupcoming issues ofPOWER.Coaches’ Corner hasChris Carlisle, the headstrength coach at the University of Southern California, and New Jersey’s ownInternet icon Zach Even-Esh. Their coaching tips may help you become a betterSUBSCRIPTION RATES:US Addresses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29/1 yearUS Addresses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49/2 yearsInternational Addresses . . . . . . . . . 65/1 yearInternational Addresses . . . . . . . 115/2 yearsAddress changes send toandee@thepowermagazine.comSUBSCRIPTIONS AVAILABLE www.Amazon.comcoach, trainer or crazy parent that forces their kid to kick everyone’s ass at theirgiven sport.“Hoss” Cartwright writes about his top-secret spreadsheet training and thebenefits of goal-setting.The underrated Brian Carroll gives you a look inside his current training system. He’s hit some huge numbers lately and approaches his lifting by traininghard and using his fat, bloated head.Laura Phelps, who graces our cover, reveals some details about her big squatand her big butt? Seriously, take another look at the cover and appreciate herlower body development. It’s unreal. Laura competes at 165 lbs. and routinelybangs out reps with 100-lb.-plus dumbbells on the bench, hammers out tons ofreps on pull-ups and has totaled well over 10 times her bodyweight. Read herarticle and try not to feel like you should jump off a bridge because you’re feelinginadequate.By the time this is in your hands, my fat face will be thinner; I’m moving to the275-lb. class. Wish me luck — I’m going to need it. As my wife always says whenI’m walking out the door for a meet, “Good luck at the weigh-ins.”Knowledge is POWER,Mark Bell4JANUARY 2010 POWER MAGAZINEPOWER Magazine (ISSN 2150-5411) ispublished bi-monthly by Power Media. POSTMASTER:please send address changes to POWER Magazine,609 Crystal Springs Dr. Woodland, CA 95776

JANUARY 2010 ISSUE #2Features:222832343640Big Butt Big Squat BY LAURA PHELPSSmall Changes for a Big Total BY BRIAN CARROLLPlan for Ultimate Power BY SCOTT “HOSS” CARTWRIGHTBeginning RTS BY MIKE TUCHSCHERERStrongman Training BY KARL GILLINGHAMTestosterone BY PETER VUONOColumns142643444650Choosing a Bench Shirt BY ROB LUYANDOFit or Fat Recipe: LasagnaTrouble-shooting the Bench Press BY MARK BELLTraining Tip: Specialty ShrugsRant of the Month BY GENE RYCHLAKGet to Know Shannon HartnettDepartments481216484949Editor’s Note BY EDITOR-AT-XTRA-LARGE MARK BELLMailbagOut and AboutCoaches’ Corner BY ZACH EVEN-ESH AND CHRIS CARLISLENew ProductsWhat’s NextAd Index286JANUARY 2010 POWER MAGAZINE3622

To the Editor atX-tra Large:I just got the firstissue of Power. It isan excellent magazine and well worththe subscriptionprice. You’ve covered some of thegreat names in thesport and the layoutis terrific.It’s great to seecontent about StanEfferding. He is agreat guy. I saw himTo the Editor at X-tra Large:win a bodybuildingI just want to say the premiere issue was top-class, especiallypro card at Mastersthe tips from Hoss. The interview with Ed Coan was very good, too.Nationals and it was well deserved. My area is mainly bodybuild-More interviews from previous lifters would be brilliant. I’m lookinging. I have judged a few shows and worked with a few powerliftersforward to the next issue!who went on to bodybuilding, like Joe Ladnier and Lance Johnson.RobIrelandYour First Word column choked me up. I’m sorry about yourbrother, Mike, and offer my condolences. I lost my wife and sonseveral years ago in an accident, so I understand your grief. Agood friend of mine is bi-polar and many do not recognize howsevere this condition can be. With all of your contributors, thismagazine should be a success and find its audience. Best of luck.I’m already looking forward to the next issue.Gerryvia emailTo the Editor at X-tra Large:I’m a subscriber from Sweden who is a beginner in the sport ofpowerlifting and I like the magazine. Finally I don’t have to readthose crappy bodybuilding magazines that are 90 percent advertising. Power is written with both humor and knowledge. The onlydownside is that I read it in one day and have to wait for the nextissue to come! I am a beginner in the sport. Don’t forget about us!My goal is to one day own and proudly wear an “I got 99 prob-To the Editor at X-tra Large:Power is f*ing cool. The pictures are amazing. Thanks for making me look good, and thanks from every powerlifter on the planet!Ed Coanvia emailTo the Editor at X-tra Large:I thought the premiere issue of Power was great — beautifullyassembled, a great article on Coan, all around well-done. I look forward to the next issue.Mikevia email8JANUARY 2010 POWER MAGAZINElems” ST T-shirt. That just has to be the coolest T-shirtI’ve seen.DennisSweden

Send us your comments, suggestions, gripes orwhatever. We would love to hear from you. Submityour questions for Power’s staff and advisoryboard at www.thepowermagazine.comTo the Editor at X-tra Large:I’m loving the magazine so far! I’ve read the first issue about sixtimes and am already twiddling my thumbs for the next issue. It’sgreat to finally have a powerlifting magazine that appeals to all federations and has articles that revolve around training, technique andequipment, rather than just showing meet results.I’m sure you have lots of ideas for future issues, but I would reallylike to see a Q&A section, if you’re willing to tackle questions fromreaders. I’m a novice powerlifter from a small town. While I havetwo training partners who have competed at international competitions (both have competed at IPF junior worlds and won medals), weare always refining and tweaking our training and technique. Weusually manage to help each other when struggling with barriers,but it would be awesome to have the ability to ask the real pros forTo the Editor at X-tra Large:I thought the first issue was excellent. I was genuinely excitedwhen it arrived in the mail and I read the whole issue in one sit-help or suggestions! So, a Q&A section in your magazine would rock!I would love to pick your brains.Also, a review page would be awesome too that compared newting. I have re-read it one article at a time since then, and myand current equipment with other similar brands — or even offeredopinion hasn’t changed.personal reviews on gear. The ads in your magazine are great, but II would love to see articles on nutrition (preferably from Stan),and maybe articles on injury rehabilitation and/or prevention forthe regular person who may not have access to E-stem or ART. Iwill continueto look forward to the next issues. Keep up the good work.R. Scottvia emailwould like to know what you guys actually think about products!MikeNova Scotia, CanadaThanks for the great comments. We are working on adding aQ&A section and use our website to gather reader’s questions. Logon to to submit your questions forPower’s staff and advisory board.To the Editor at X-tra Large:I love Power. So far I have read it three times. Please includemore about nutrition, if you can.I’m at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I have twoTo the Editor at X-tra Large:I would like to thank and congratulate you for bringing this newand exciting publication to the masses. Outside of PLUSA, news-lifting partners here and we are all type 1 diabetics. I was hurt instands across the country are completely vacant of any bonafideIraq in 2005 and, after physical therapy, I used techniques frompowerlifting resources, until now. Power was long overdue in a mar-powerlifting to get back fully on my feet — kind of inspired from theket that is over-saturated with a million-and-one bodybuilding pub-comment from “Hoss” Cartwright in the movie Power Unlimited.lications, each as useless as the next. So, for having the guts toAfter three years of solid, slow training, I can now bench 275 lbs.,throw your hat into the proverbial ring, I will always be grateful —squat 455 lbs., and dead lift 505 lbs. Hopefully I’ll be able to comeand I will always be a subscriber.back fully. I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your pre-The premier issue is absolutely fantastic. I was like a kid onmiere issue.Christmas morning when it arrived in my mailbox, and who better toJessegrace the cover than Ed Coan, a true living legend. Kudos to everyoneworking hard at Power. Your efforts are very necessary and muchappreciated. Thanks for your time, and keep up the great work!Brentvia emailPOWER MAGAZINE JANUARY 20109

ADVISORY BOARDMeet POWER’s Advisory BoardPOWER’s proud to be working with these accomplished lifters and strength coaches. Articles from our advisory board willappear in every issue of POWER.If you have any questions for our board, please email them to Please include the name ofthe board member that the question is for in the subject line.SCOTT “HOSS”CARTWRIGHTScott “Hoss” Cartwright has beena powerlifter for more than 15years. His best lifts in the SPF atSHW are a 1,160-lb. squat, 710-lb.bench and 755-lb. deadlift for2,625 lbs. total. Cartwright trains atSuper Training Gym inSacramento, Calif. He and his wife,Alice, have three children: Jonah,11; Jack, 9; and Carly, 7.ROB LUYANDORob Luyando has been in thegame for more than 17 years andhas held all-time world records in220-, 242-, 275-lb. weight classesin the bench press. His best lift todate is a 948-lb. bench press. Robis sponsored by MHP(, OverkillStrength Equipment and SuperTraining Gym. Luyando is alsoavailable for online consulting ingwithrob.html.ZACH EVEN-ESHMIKE TUCHSCHERERZach Even-Esh is a performancecoach for athletes and the ownerof The Underground Strength Gymin Edison, N.J. You can find hisarticles in magazines such asTapOuT, Men’s Fitness and Muscle& Fitness. Zach’s gym is quicklybecoming the hub for strengthcoaches around the world whowant to learn how to turn theirpassion for strength into a full-timeprofession. For more informationvisit Tuchscherer is an accomplished powerlifter with 12 years’experience training and researchingthe best training methods in theworld. He has competed in raw andsingle ply competitions. He represented the USA and won the goldmedal at the 2009 World Games.Tuchscherer’s best lifts in IPF competition are a 903-lb. squat, a 644lb. bench press, an 826-lb. deadliftand a 2,342-lb. total in the 275-lb.weight class.

JESSE BURDICKGENE RYCHLAK JR.LAURA PHELPSLaura Phelps represents WestsideBarbell in Columbus, Ohio. She iscoached by her husband, Shane,and legendary strength trainingcoach Louie Simmons. She hasbroken all-time world records 20times in her four-year career andholds all-time world records in thesquat at 165 lbs. (740-lb. squat)and at 181 lbs. (770-lb. squat).Phelps also holds the all-timeworld record in the bench press at165 lbs. (465-lb. bench press) andat 181 lbs. (500-lb. bench press).She holds the all-time world recordin the total at 165 lbs. (1, and at 181 lbs. (1, Phelps holds the highestpound-for-pound total in history, aswell as the highest total of all-timeby formula, making her thestrongest female powerlifter in history.Gene Rychlak Jr. is the first man tobench press 900 and 1,000 lbs.,first to lift over 1,000 lbs. in twodifferent disciplines (squat andbench), and the first active competitor to be inducted into thePowerlifting Hall of Fame at YorkBarbell, York, Pa. He has morethan 27 years of lifting experience,12 years in meet promotion, hasbeen sponsored by Inzer AdvanceDesigns for the past seven years,and is the IPA (InternationalPowerlifting Association) vice president. Rychlak trains at SouthsideIron, 1901 S. 12th Street,Allentown, PA 18103. For moreinformation on Rychlak, upcomingmeets and Southside Iron more on the IPA go Burdick spent the lastdecade working as an NSCS certified personal trainer and certifiedstrength and conditioning specialist. He is a licensed massage therapist, as well as an Active ReleaseTechniques Level II specialist,making him one of the mostsought after rehab/prehab consultants in strength sports. Burdickwas an NCAA Division I baseballplayer and has competed at thesemi-pro level in Canada, NewYork and California. He competesas an Elite level powerlifter in twoweight classes, is an amateurstrongman and also runs thePrevail Power Team out ofReActive Gym in Pleasanton, Calif.His best lifts are a 903-lb. squat,585-lb. bench and 711-lb. deadlift.Check out www.reactivegym.comand formore information on Burdick.CHRIS CARLISLEChris Carlisle is in his ninth year asthe University of SouthernCalifornia’s (USC) head strengthand conditioning coach. He wasnamed the 2006 NationalCollegiate Strength andConditioning Coach of the Year bythe Professional Football Strengthand Conditioning Coaches Society.He came to USC from Tennessee,where he was the associate headstrength and conditioning coachfor three years (1998–2000). TheVolunteers football team won the1998 national title andSoutheastern Conference championship. He was a three-year(1981–83) starting offensive lineman at Chadron State College,Neb., and earned All-Area honors.

Out and AboutMark Bell, Bonnie and Alan Aerts at WABDL World’s inReno, NVMark Bell’s parents: Rosemary and Mike “Sheldon”Bell supporting their son at WPF World’s in Las VegasEd Coan with the locals in Las VegasJANUARY 2010 POWER MAGAZINEPOWER Publisher Andee Bell, Ed Coan and POWER AssociateEditor April Donald at WPF World’sMidtown Strength and Conditioning coowner, Tara GettyMark Bell, Chuck LaMantia (DJ Big Fat Chuck) and Andee Bellat WPF World’sMark and Andee Bell, Ed Coan, Shelley and Steve Denison atthe Hard Rock in Las VegasMatt Wenning, Mark Bell and Hoss Cartwright are readyfor the buffet!12Mark Bell, Steve Wong, Ken Anderson of Anderson Powerlifting at WABDL World’sin Reno, NVMark Bell with ESPN’s own Lee CorsoMark Bell, Gene Rychlak and Hoss Cartwright posing outside of YorkBarbell

Scott “Hoss” Cartwright stuffing his face in Las VegasWPF World’s 308-lb winner Piper Donald!(OK, she stole the medal from uncle Mark)Hoss Cartwright, Mark Bell, Niko Hulslander - owner ofGarage Inc.Mark Bell and Gene Rychlak at the IPANationals at York BarbellBig Benchers: Vincent Dizenzo, Mark Bell, Gene RychlakDanny Dague, owner of Lexen XtremeRyan Horn- VCU Strength coach, and Mark BellPOWER MAGAZINE JANUARY 201013

Choosing andBreaking in aBench ShirtBY ROB LUYANDOAre you in the marketfor a new bench shirt?Before taking measurements and comparingprices, first find out the rulesof the Federation in whichyou intend to compete. Onceyou have learned those rules,then you can get out the tapemeasure and start shopping.MEASUREMENTSAND OTHERADVICE Taking measurementswhen you are all pumped upcan throw off the sizing, so taketrue measurements when you are relaxed.BREAK IT IN Lifters with less experience should go with a basic shirtIf the bench shirt you purchased was measured correctly, itregardless weather it’s single- or double-ply. More experiencedshould be pretty tight the first few times you wear it. Keep in mindlifters should get a shirt as jacked as they can handle.that you may not be able to start out with your normal competition Pick one shirt and train with it until you’ve mastered it. Don’torder four or five shirts and then wonder why you can’t figure outgrip. Assuming the lifter breaking in the shirt is a 600-lb. bencher,here is what I would recommend for the first workout.which shirt to use and why they don’t perform the same way. Oneof the biggest problems I faced as a sponsored lifter was having405 lbs., 3 reps, 2 sets off 3 boardtoo many shirts. At first it was cool. Every day was like Christmas425 lbs., 2 reps, 1 set off 3 boardwhen the UPS man showed up. But I wasted time trying to figure450 lbs., 2 reps, 1 set off 2 boardout which shirt to wear instead of concentrating on my training.475 lbs., 2 reps, 1 set off 2 board The shirt you train in should be the shirt you use to competein. Practice how you play. Train with people who have experience with bench shirts.500 lbs., 2 reps, 1 set off 2 board525 lbs., 2 reps, 1 set off 2 board550 lbs., 1 rep, 1 set off 1½ boardSurrounding myself with experienced lifters was the best move Iever made for training and making gains.I wouldn’t push the shirt any lower that first workout. If you haveto start with a close grip your first set or so, try to force out a fingereach set after that until it’s a legitimate competition grip.By your second or third workout, you should be able to get theshirt full range — but it will take some work. Any questions? Contactme on Super Training Gym forums ( 2010 POWER MAGAZINE

GotSquat?BY ZACH EVEN-ESHOne thing I know for sure: Whether youtrain for powerlifting competitions or usepowerlifts to improve your athletic ability,cause problems with the good old backWhen I injure my lower back, I can oftensquat, box or no box, and the deadlift.find a variation of the squat and/or deadliftSome people quit when they getto continue training and bring myself backyou will get hurt. If you’ve been traininginjured and lay in bed until they’ve healed,to health. In addition, using a variety offor a few years, you have undoubtedlywhich can possibly take months. Otherssquats and deadlifts can help avoidexperienced some type of injury. As a pow-find ways to work around injuries whileoveruse injuries and mental burnout, anderlifter or serious power athlete, you maybringing themselves back to full healthhelp bring up my numbers in the squathave injured your lower back. This canand strength. I fall in the latter category.and deadlift.16JANUARY 2010 POWER MAGAZINE

VARIATIONS ANDTOOLSCheck out these squat and deadlift varia-STONE LIFTING — Lifting stones,especially atlas stones, can put you in aprecarious position. But it can alsotions using different tools. Use these move-strengthen your back in the round backments at your own discretion. I encourageposition and improve hip mobility and flex-you to become the master of your own bodyibility. You can deadlift the stones up andand do as Bruce Lee said: “Absorb what isdown, squat them up and down or loaduseful, discard what is not, add what isstones onto platforms, which will help youuniquely your own.”develop speed from the bottom position asZERCHER SQUATS — This variationforces you to push the hips back, keep theyou rip the stones off the ground and ontohigh objects.chest high and force the knees out. Using athick bar works best, and you can performthem with or without a box.TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS — These mimicSOFT TISSUE WORKTo remain healthy, it’s critical to stayopen-minded to new movements and trythe squat more than the deadlift and placedifferent methods. It’s also critical to includeless strain on the lower back. This is also asoft tissue work. Use foam rollers, lacrossegreat introductory lift for a young power-balls and hard medicine balls to roll on andlifter in the preparation phase

ZACH EVEN-ESH Zach Even-Esh is a performance coach for athletes and the owner of The Underground Strength Gym in Edison, N.J. You can find his articles in magazines such as TapOuT, Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness. Zach’s gym is quickly becoming the hub for strength coaches around the world who want to learn how to turn their

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The new 2nd grade Reading Standard 6 has been created by merging two separate reading standards: “Identify examples of how illustrations and details support the point of view or purpose of the text. (RI&RL)” Previous standards: 2011 Grade 2 Reading Standard 6 (Literature): “Acknowledge differences in the

Business Administration professionals undertake a wide range of complex tasks in a variety of work contexts. They have a high degree of autonomy and responsibility and may provide some supervisory support (particularly at SCQF Level 8). Job titles for Business Administration apprentices could include:

American Revolution American colonies broke away from Great Britain Followed the ideas of John Locke –they believed Britain wasn’t protecting the citizen’s rights 1st time in modern history ended a monarchy’s control and created a republic Became a model for others French Revolution Peasants tired of King Louis XVI taxing them and not the rich nobles Revolted and .

2020 Sutherland, Alister Peasant seals and sealing practices in eastern England, c. 1200-1500 Ph.D. . 2015 Harris, Maureen ‘A schismatical people’: conflict between ministers and their parishioners in Warwickshire between 1660 and 1714. Ph.D. 2015 Harvey, Ben Pauper narratives in the Welsh borders, 1790 - 1840. Ph.D. 2015 Heaton, Michael English interwar farming: a study of the financial .

Chapter 3: Basic Counseling Skills and Techniques 33 Attending 33 Attire 33 Preparation of the room 34 Body language and voice tone 34 Interest shown to the client 35 Maintaining focus in the client’s world 36 Active listening 37 Benefits of active listening 37 Good active listening 39 Starting and ending a session 44 Beginning the session 45 Bringing the session to close 46 The last session .

The BGSA “Wild Camp” Survival Course is a great introduction to learn wilderness survival skills and has been designed to whet your appetite for our 24Hr courses in the Brecon Beacons and South Downs or one of our extreme courses in either Dartmoor or Scotland This overnight course teaches Bear’s tried and tested survival techniques and is lead by his expert, knowledgeable and .

at the same level and adding value to them. In the business sector these qualifications are: Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Certificate in Business (180 GLH) 601/7155/8 . Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Business (360 GLH) 601/7159/5 . Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Foundation Diploma in Business (510 GLH) 601/7161/3