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RomanticImports and Exports:BARS Conference201325 – 28 JulyUniversity of Southampton

BARS Conference25 – 28 July 2013Programme at a GlanceThursday 25 JulyFriday 26 JulySaturday 27 JulySunday 28 July1.30Registration(stays open until 5pm)9.00–10.30Parallel Sessions9.00–10.30Parallel Sessions 79.00–10.30Parallel sessions 00Coffee11.00–12.30Kathryn Sutherland (St. Anne’s,Oxford), panel on RomanticPeriod Manuscripts, withAndrew Honey (BodleianLibrary) and Freya Johnston (St.Anne’s, Oxford)11.00–12.15Plenary II, Paul Hamilton (QueenMary, University of London),‘Future Restoration’11.00–12.30Plenary III, Stephen CopleyMemorial Lecture: DeidreShauna Lynch (Toronto),’Bookson the Move’12.30–2.00LunchPacked lunch2.30–3.45Plenary I, Simon Burrows(University of Western Sydney),Enlightenment Bestsellers?’3.45–4.15Tea and Coffee Break4.15–5.45Parallel Sessions 16.00–7.30Parallel Sessions 27.30–9.30Wine Reception – HartleyLibrary Special CollectionsGallery2.00–3.30Parallel Sessions 43.30 - 4.00Tea4.00–5.30Parallel Sessions 55.45–7.30Parallel Sessions 67.30Concert – Turner Sims ConcertHall212.30–1.30BARS Biennial General Meeting1.30–5.00Excursions8.00–10.00Conference dinner

Thursday 25 July1.30Registration (stays open until 5pm)EEE BuildingFoyer2.30–3.45Plenary I - Simon Burrows (University of Western Sydney)Enlightenment BestsellersEEE Lecture Theatre1015Chair: Nicola Watson (Open University)3.45–4.15Tea and Coffee BreakEEE BuildingFoyer4.15–5.45Parallel Sessions 1Nightingale BuildingRomantic AmericaLecture Room A(67/1003)Goethe(Panel convened by Robin Jarvis, University of the West of England)‘The Dim Shores of Another World’: Thomas Moore’s American PrepossessionsRobin Jarvis (University of West of England)Exporting the romantic: Sir Walter Scott, Washington Irving, and the making of theRomantic Writer’s HouseNicola Watson (Open University)Intransigent RomanticismFiona Robertson (St Mary’s University College)Romantic AsiaChair: Alison Morgan (University of Salford)Lecture Room B(67/1007)StaëlJohn Francis Davis, Romantic Sinology, and the first British Translations of ChineseLiterature into EnglishPeter Kitson (University of East Anglia)The Desire for Romantic Flowers: The Consumption of Oriental Flower Images inDomestic DiscourseWaka Ishikura (University of Hyogo)Adventure, piracy and renovation in the book tradeChair: Emma Peacocke (Carleton University, Canada)Lecture Room C(67/E1001)ByronWashington Irving: authorship, intertextuality, piracyMark Ittensohn (University of Zurich)From Perthshire to Gravesend, via Canada: The Adventures and Vagaries of MaryBrunton’s Self-Control (1811)Anthony Mandal (University of Cardiff)Blackwood’s modern classic: importing, renovating, and exporting the traditionKristian Kerr (University of Chicago)3

Women writers in a global marketplaceChair: Daniel Cook (University of Dundee)Lecture Theatre(67/1027)ShelleyAnn Yearsley and the periodical press in the 1780sKerri Andrews (University of Strathclyde)Letitia Elizabeth Landon and the Commodification of SentimentLucy Cogan (University of Belfast)Incompetency: The Economics of Female AuthorshipJacqueline Labbe (University of Warwick)6.00–7.30Parallel Sessions 2Nightingale BuildingBritish Romanticism in JapanLecture Room A(67/1003)Goethe(Panel convened by Kazuko Hisamori, Ferris University, Yokohama)Blake ‘Cult’ in the 1910sKazuko Hisamori (Ferris University, Yokohama)Elizabeth Bennet and the Japanese ‘Modern Girl’Ryoko Doi (Shirayuri College, Tokyo)The Frankenstein Monster Translated/TransformedTomoko Nakagawa (University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo)TheatreChair: Michael Simpson (Goldsmiths, University of London)Lecture Room B(67/1007)StaëlTheatre chapbooks and the circulation of narrative in the Romantic periodJames Kelly (University of Exeter)Improvising Theatre and Journalism: The Cross-Cultural Reception of Tommaso SgricciAngela Esterhammer (University of Toronto)Adaptation, sensation, and politics on the Romantic stageDeborah Russell (Queen’s University Belfast)Salon, Tour and PeriodicalChair: Benjamin Colbert (University of Wolverhampton)Lecture Room C(67/E1001)Byron‘The Growth of Each Particular Soil’: Revolutionary Change and Cultural Differences inMary Wollstonecraft’s Short Residence in Sweden, Norway and DenmarkLaura Kirkley (University of Cambridge)London Literary Salons and American Travellers in the Early Nineteenth CenturySusanne Schmid (Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)‘Reveal the secrets of thy prison-house!’: Imported Antiquities and Prosopopeia inRomantic PeriodicalsEmma Peacocke (Carleton University, Canada)TravellersChair: Matthew Sangster (Royal Holloway, University of London)‘Raw Productions . Exported in Abundance’: Continental Tourism in Satire, 1814-1828Benjamin Colbert (University of Wolverhampton)Orientalist Violence in Romantic Era Travel WritingNeil Ramsey (University of New South Wales, Canberra)Conduits of feeling: ports, ships and sea voyages in women’s travel of the eighteenthcenturyKatrina O’Loughlin (University of Western Australia)4Lecture Theatre(67/1027)Shelley

Sympathetic Exchange in the Historical NovelChair: Kristian Kerr (University of Chicago)Teaching Room 3(67/1011)HemansThe Historical Novel and the People in the Post-French RevolutionFiona Price (University of Chichester)Challenging the European Man of Feeling, Nationalism, and Liberty in Madame de Staël’sCorinne, or Italy (1807)Helen Stark (Newcastle University)Thomas Colley Grattan: a forgotten importer/exporter of historical fiction between theBritish Isles and the continentRaphaël Ingelbien (University of Leuven)7.30Wine ReceptionWelcome: Stephen Bygrave and Gillian DowHartley Library,Special CollectionsGalleryExhibition: ‘When a traveller is in a strange place’: perspectives onromanticism and revolution, 1790-1840.The Special Collections Gallery is situated on Level 4 of the Hartley Library, which is onthe east side of University Road, on the Highfield campus.5

Friday 26 July9.00–10.30Parallel Session 3Nightingale BuildingEast/West Romantic Transits and Transferences ILecture Room A(67/1003)Goethe(Panel convened by Gioia Angeletti, University of Parma)Women and the Orient: Representations of Gender Politics in British Romantic TheatreLilla Maria Crisafulli (University of Bologna)Mazeppa and the Construction of the Tartars in Early 19th-Century British DramaTiziana Morosetti (University of Oxford)The Rights of Woman and the Wrongs of the East: Orientalism, Romantic Era Feminism,and Mariana Starke’s Widow of MalabarGreg Kucich (University of Notre Dame)Transatlantic RomanticismChair: Jeff Strabone (Connecticut College)Lecture Room B(67/1007)StaëlThe American ColeridgePhilip Aherne (King’s College London)Transatlantic ThelwallJudith Thompson (Dalhousie University)Romantic TransportsChair: Katherine Halsey (University of Stirling)Lecture Room C(67/E1001)ByronWing It: Transporting Flight in Keats’ ‘Ode to a Nightingale’Maria Paola Svampa (Columbia University)‘Genius . derived from a warmer clime’?: Commerce, Alterity and Thomas Moore’sLalla RookhMatthew Sangster (Royal Holloway, University of London)Power & Glory: Loss of Faith in Shipwreck PoetryKirsty Harris (Anglia Ruskin University)Now and in IrelandChair: Beatrice Turner (Newcastle University)Exile, Emigration and Reintegration: The journeys of three United Irish poetsJennifer Orr (Trinity College Dublin)Cross-cultural borrowings and colonial tensions in the elegies on the death of RobertEmmetAlison Morgan (University of Salford)Anacreontic Imports: Thomas Moore and the Hellenistic Revival in British and IrishRomanticismJane Moore (Cardiff University)6Lecture Theatre(67/1027)Shelley

Import, intertext and authorChair: Catherine DeRose (University of Wisconsin-Madison)Teaching Room 3(67/1011)Hemans‘A mutual commerce makes Poetry flourish’ (Pope): Romantic poetical importsOctavia Cox (St. Anne’s College, Oxford)Gentlemen behaving badly: the English author in FranceAngela Wright (University of Sheffield)‘Supreme Reality’ or ‘Fruitful Falsity’: Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the ‘Potentates ofinmost Ind’Natalie Harries (University of Aberdeen)European WarsChair: Neil Ramsey (University of New South Wales, Canberra)Teaching Room 2(67/1013)LeopardiNational Isolation and British RomanticismJoseph Crawford (University of Exeter)‘Alone with his glory’: Early myth-making in the poetry of the Peninsular War (1808-1814)Agustín Coletes Blanco (Universidad de Oviedo)Coffee11.00–12.30Panel on Romantic-Period ManuscriptsKathryn Sutherland (St Anne’s College, Oxford)with Andrew Honey (Bodleian Library) and Freya Johnston (St Anne’s College, Oxford)EEE Lecture Theatre1015Chair: Emma Clery (University of Southampton)12.30Lunch2.00–3.30Parallel Session 4Nightingale BuildingEast/West Romantic Transits and Transferences IILecture Room A(67/1003)Goethe(Panel convened by Gioia Angeletti, University of Parma)Between Enlightenment and Orientalism: Scottish Migrants and Imperial negotiationsin IndiaGioia Angeletti (University of Parma)Colonial Picturesque and Indian Women in English Annuals and Gift BooksSerena Baiesi (University of Bologna)Sympathy and the Anglo-Indian Discourse on ReligionElena Spandri (University of Siena)Romantic Spain IThe Spectacle of Spain: Peninsularity and Visual Culture in BritainLecture Room B(67/1007)Staël(Panel convened by Susan Valladares, University of Oxford)The British InquisitionIan Haywood (University of Roehampton)London español: war, sheep, dinners, theatres and fetes, 1808-1823Diego Saglia (University of Parma)The Prints of Francis DouceMercedes Ceron (University of Oxford)7

Romantic Translations and AdaptationsChair: Stephanie Russo (Macquarie University)Lecture Room C(67/E1001)Byron‘Freely Translated From the English, and Now Freely Translated From the German’Pseudotranslation, Pseudonym and Parody – The Case of WalladmorBrecht de Groote (University of Leuven & University College Brussels)Importing the Ballad: Wordsworth and BürgerDaniel Cook (University of Dundee)Imported Plots: Translation and the British RomanticsCatherine DeRose (University of Wisconsin-Madison)ColeridgeChair: Patience Moll (Tulane University)Lecture Theatre(67/1027)ShelleyImporting Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Judgment into British Aesthetics: Samuel TaylorColeridge’s New ‘Science of the Beautiful’Jane Slinn (King’s College Cambridge)Coleridge and Vico: from the ‘fingunt simul creduntque’ to the ‘willing suspension ofdisbelief’Gabriele de Luca (University of Pisa)‘A Correspondent World’: Hartley Coleridge’s imaginative importsJo Taylor (University of Keele)Imported CommoditiesChair: Gary Farnell (University of Winchester)Teaching Room 3(67/1011)HemansThe construction of a national emblem: the Romantic legacy of the bagpipeVivien Williams (University of Glasgow)The Iconography of FruitLiz Bellamy (Open University)The Trade in Forms: Thomas Moore’s Lalla Rookh and Poetic CommerceDavid Stewart (Northumbria University)Dissent abroadChair: Stephen Bygrave (University of Southampton)Teaching Room 2(67/1013)LeopardiThe Author of Caleb Williams: William Godwin in the MarketplaceEliza O’Brien (Newcastle University)Dissent Abroad: Anna Barbauld’s Hymns in Paris and BostonNatasha Duquette (Biola University)Mary Hays’s Memoirs of Emma Courtney (1796): French or Foe?Lisa Kirch (University of Maryland)Tea4.00–5.30Parallel Session 5Nightingale BuildingExploring Walter ScottLecture Room A(67/1003)Goethe(Panel convened by Daniel Cook, University of Dundee)Waverley: Exports, Expats, and Ecologies of ScaleSusan Oliver(University of Essex)Letitia Landon and the Legacy of Walter ScottJulie Watt (Independent Scholar)Translating Scottish Romanticism: Walter Scott in FranceCéline Sabiron (Wolfson College, Oxford)8

Romantic Spain II(Panel convened by Ian Haywood, University of Roehampton and Susan Valladares,University of Oxford)Lecture Room B(67/1007)StaëlSpain and Romantic Print CultureChair: Diego Saglia (University of Parma)Loci and topoi: British poetic representations of the Spanish struggle for Liberty (1808-1815)Alicia Teresa Laspra-Rodriguez (University of Oviedo)‘An Enthusiasm for Spain’: Female Novelists and the Peninsular War, 1807-1813Susan Valladares (University of Oxford)Maritime SelvesChair: Helen Stark (University of Newcastle)Lecture Room C(67/E1001)ByronBetween Boundaries: Threats to Selfhood in the Romantic Maritime WorldJames Robertson (University of Leeds)‘Higher Import’: Wordsworth’s Argument for a Maritime Literary ImaginationSamuel Baker (University of Austin at Texas)Austen at home and abroadChair: Stephen Bending (University of Southampton)Lecture Theatre(67/1027)ShelleyThe speculative world of Sanditon: investments in hypochondria and deficits in valueSarah Comyn (University of Melbourne)Jane Austen and imaginative relocationKatherine Halsey (University of Stirling)‘A future to look forward to’?: Evolution, Extinction and Exile in Jane Austen’s PersuasionOlivia Murphy (Murdoch University, Australia)Gaelic Imports and ExportsChair: Kristin Lindfield-Ott (University of the Highlands and Islands)Teaching Room 3(67/1011)HemansCanals, Commerce and Sympathy in Sydney Owenson’s O’DonnelNicola Lloyd (Cardiff University)Beyond ‘Christabel Metre’: How Walter Scott’s Lay of the Last Minstrel Mediates ArchaicVerse and Revises the NationJeff Strabone (Connecticut College)Scott’s and Galt’s Sympathetic Nabobs in St Ronan’s Well and The Last of the LairdsJames Morris (University of Glasgow)5.45–7.00Parallel Session 6Nightingale BuildingRomantic Spain IIILecture Room A(67/1003)Goethe(Panel convened by Ian Haywood, University of Roehampton and Susan Valladares,University of Oxford)The Spanish Front: Fighting, Writing and RememberingChair: Ian Haywood (University of Roehampton)The Spanish world of Walter Savage Landor: an epic of first-hand experience andimaginationGraciela Iglesias Rogers (University of Oxford)The Spanish Passions of the Cambridge ApostlesEric Nye (University of Cambridge)9

Navigating TheoryChair: Olivia Murphy (Murdoch University, Western Australia)Lecture Room B(67/1007)StaëlRomantic Imports and Exports in the Origins of World LiteratureGary Farnell (University of Winchester)Frankenstein, Hegel, and the Biotechnical Birth of ModernityPatience Moll (Tulane University)When History Met System: The Tectonics of RomanticismClifford Siskin (New York University)Romantic Southampton and HampshireChair: Nicola Watson (Open University)Lecture Room C(67/E1001)ByronJane Austen, the Southampton Coach, and the Reshaping of Pride and PrejudiceEmma Clery (University of Southampton)Frances Burney’s view of the rapid growth of Southampton, 1780–1796Hatsuyo Shimazaki (University of Southampton)The Hampshire Hog: William Cobbett, Botley and Radical Imports/ExportsJames Grande (Kings College, University of London)Home and colonialChair: Liz Bellamy (Open University)Lecture Theatre(67/1027)Shelley‘These circuits, that have been made around the globe’: William Cowper’s GlocalAdventuresDavid Higgins (University of Leeds)Sweet Tea, Sour Play: Reading East, West, and Betwixt in Mansfield ParkMichael Simpson (Goldsmiths, University of London)Wrecked ‘against the Rock of Predestination’: Byron’s Shipwreck Motif and DamnationEmily Paterson-MorganCharlotte SmithChair: Jacqueline Labbe (University of Warwick)Teaching Room 3(67/1011)HemansGiddy Brinks and Lucid Lines: Charlotte Smith’s Seascape SonnetsBethan Roberts (University of Liverpool)Exporting the Picturesque in Charlotte Smith’s Revolutionary FictionMark Bennett (University of Sheffield)Charlotte Smith: Importing a RevolutionCatherine Gadsby-Mace (University of Sheffield)Histories after RomanticismChair: Octavia Cox (University of Oxford)Teaching Room 2(67/1013)LeopardiInhabiting History: Carlyle’s Reading(s) of the French RevolutionJoanna Malecka (University of Glasgow)R. S. Surtees, ‘Cockney’ Comicalities, and the New Sporting MagazineJohn Strachan (Bath Spa University)The Face of the Child: Romantic borrowings and adaptation in a post-colonialeducational settingDon Carter (University of Sydney, Australia)7.30‘The Quadrille and Cotillion Panorama’- an Interactive ConcertDinner (Delegates to make their own arrangements)1Turner Sims ConcertHall, University ofSouthampton

Saturday 27 July9.00–10.30Parallel Session 7Nightingale BuildingWomen Scientific Travellers and WritersLecture Room A(67/1003)Goethe(Panel convened by Mary Orr, University of Southampton)Women’s Travel Writing as a Mode of Polite Science: the Example of Maria Graham(1785–1842)Carl Thompson (Nottingham Trent University)The Conquests of Science over Space and Time: British Women Translating ScientificTravelogues 1840–60Alison Martin (University of Reading/Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg)Women, Travel, and Scientific Networks in Britain and Ireland, 1750–1840Angela Byrne (National University of Ireland Maynooth )Cross-Channel Imports and ExportsChair: Gillian Dow (University of Southampton)Lecture Room B(67/1007)StaëlImporting French fashions: Mary Robinson, Marie Antoinette and the French RevolutionStephanie Russo (Macquarie University)Fashion Talks, or, Of Anglomanie and ‘Franco-mania’ (1750-1820)Anna Anselmo (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan and Brescia)‘Improved by a set of fine and moving observations’: On the translation of Mary Hays’sMemoirs of Emma Courtney into FrenchHelena Bergmann (University of Borås)Imported PicturesChair: Graciela Iglesias Rogers (University of Oxford)Lecture Room C(67/E1001)ByronFraming Paine’s Rights of Man: Political Caricature and the Public ResponseClaire Grogan (Bishop’s University, Quebec)Borrowing and LendingChair: Don Carter (University of Sydney, Australia)Reading Romantic Botany in the Age of Enclosures and Colony CollapseAnne-Lise François (University of California, Berkeley)Lecture Theatre(67/1027)ShelleyJohn Clare, Captain Cook and the Representation of Human BehaviourThomas Williams (Queen Mary, University of London)Exchanges between science and poetryChair: James Kelly (University of Exeter)‘Laughing Gas, and a Pervading Sense of Humour in Science and Poetry’Matthew Ward (University of St. Andrews)Teaching Room 3(67/1011)HemansWordsworth, Humphry Davy, and the Strange Seas of Thought: Exchange andCommunity in Romantic Poetry and ScienceGregory Tate (University of Surrey)1

The Godwins and the ShelleysChair: Jane Slinn (King’s College, Cambridge)Teaching Room 2(67/1013)Leopardi‘Strange parts’: inter-generational performance anxieties in the work of William Godwinand Mary ShelleyBeatrice Turner (University of Newcastle)Mary Shelley’s Import-Export Exchange: The Case of ‘The Swiss Peasant’Lisa Vargo (University of Saskatchewan)Coffee11.00–12.15Plenary II – Paul Hamilton (Queen Mary, University of London)Future RestorationChair: Stephen Bygrave (University of Southampton)12.30BARS Biennial General Meeting(Packed) Lunch1.30Optional Excursions (for delegates who have booked in advance)Netley Abbey & Portsmouth Historic DockyardorChawton house Library & Jane Austen’s House MuseumExhibition: ‘When a traveller is in a strange place’: perspectives onromanticism and revolution, 1790-1840.The Special Collections Gallery is situated on Level 4 of the Hartley Library, which is onthe east side of University Road, on the Highfield campusOn Saturday 27 July the exhibition will be open from 14:00-16:00 for conferencedelegates.8.001Conference DinnerGarden Court

Sunday 28 July9.00–10.30Parallel Session 8Exploring Netley Abbey: Text and Contexts(Panel convened by Diane Hoeveler, Marquette University)Lecture Room A(67/1003)Goethe‘Illusion now repeoples all the Void’: The Poetics of Netley Abbey, 1764–1834Dale Townshend (University of Stirling)Drinking tea among the ruinsJim Watt (University of York)Richard Warner’s Netley Abbey and the Gothic Ruins DiscourseDiane Hoeveler (Marquette University)Byron ExportedChair: Anna Anselmo (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan and

Kirsty Harris (Anglia Ruskin University) Now and in Ireland. Chair: Beatrice Turner (Newcastle University) Exile, Emigration and Reintegration: The journeys of three United Irish poets . Jennifer Orr (Trinity College Dublin) Cross-cultural borrowings and colonial tensions in the elegies on the death of Robert . Emmet . Alison Morgan (University of Salford) Anacreontic Imports: Thomas Moore and .

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