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General Product InformationWeldox, Hardox, Armox and Toolox

ContentsProduction range4Production flow5Weldox6Hardox8Armox9Toolox10Quality management system11Tolerances and surface condition12Testing14Distribution of inspection documents15Marking16Anti-corrosion painting17Logistics18Information materials andtechnical support service19SSAB around the world203

Production rangeHardox, Weldox, Armox and Toolox are registered trademarks that are owned by SSAB Technology 50025070090096011001300HiTuf350400WeldoxCommercial andhighhigh strengthsteelstrengthplate450500550Hardox wear plateMinimum quantitiesThe minimum quantity per item for plate rolled to order is:Thickness [mm]Min. quantity weight3.01) – 60.02,5 tonnes60.1 – 80.03,5 tonnes80.1 – 120.04 tonnes120.1 –5 tonnes1) Subject to special agreement.Production rangeFor more information about dimensions, contact us or omwww.toolox.com4600600T 560T500T 440T 370TArmox protection plate

Production flowOur steels are produced in an integratedprocess extending from raw materials tofinished plate. This enables us to keep theentire process under close control.furnace. The raw iron is transported in ‘torpedo cars’to our own steel shop, where the LD converter refines the raw iron into steel by oxygen blowing, whichlowers the carbon content of the iron. It is the carboncontent that is the main distinguishing feature betweenraw iron and steel.The processes are optimized to suit our most complicated niched products, which also benefits ourcommercial steel grades. A common feature that ensures good weldability is the accurate chemical composition, including very low carbon equivalent, closelycontrolled contents of alloying elements, and very lowcontents of residual elements. The latter is due to theore-based metallurgy.The steel is then processed to achieve exactly the rightcomposition and temperature. The steel is cast intoslabs in the continuous casting plant.The slabs are then transported to the rolling mill,where they are rolled into plate. To achieve the required properties, the plates may then be heat treatedincluding quenching. Various post-treatment processesare then carried out, such as levelling, shotblasting,anti-corrosion painting, cutting to length and width,and marking. The plate is then ready for delivery tothe customer.The processThe principal raw materials are ore in the form ofpellets and coke from our own coking plant. Theraw materials are converted into raw iron in the blastExternal delivery of slabsTN injection plantContinuous castingPusher-type furnacesSlagVacuum furnacePlate rolling millwith edging millBlast-furnace slagLD converterFlying shearsTorpedo carsPlate shearsLimeBlast furnacesQuenching plantGas cuttingLoading/deliveryPelletsFurnaceRoller quencherCoalTemperingfurnaceDeliveryNormalizing furnaceCoking plantShotblasting andprotective paintingLoading/deliveryLoading/deliveryProduction flow5

Weldox high strength steelSSAB produces high strength steels that conform to most international and national standards. Our high strength steels are marketedunder the Weldox brand name.Weldox has been developed to provide excellent weldability, combined with high strength and toughness. Theore-based metallurgy and advanced processing in thesteel shop ensures very low contents of residual elementsin the steel. Weldox high strength steels have excellentbendability and machinability properties. Due to the highstrength of the steel, the end products can be strong butlightweight, which allows for substantial reductions in thecost of materials, welding and transport. Good flatnessand fine surface quality are also distinguishing features ofWeldox plate.Weldox high strength steel is produced in thicknessesranging from 4 to 130 mm, and with guaranteed yieldstrengths between 700 MPa and up to 1300 MPa. Theflexible production system enables us to deliver plate withtailored properties to suit the customer’s requirements. Wecan supply plate in thermomechanically rolled or quenched and tempered condition. In addition, most Weldoxsteels can be supplied with guaranteed impact toughnessat temperatures down to –60 C.Weldox high strength steels conform to EN 10025-6.However, Weldox 1100 and Weldox 1300 do not haveany standardized equivalents.Further information concerning the properties of the plateand the options in the standard that are employed aregiven in the relevant data sheets.Z-plateAll high strength steels with yield strengths of up to 960MPa can be supplied with guaranteed properties in thethrough thickness direction, often called Z-plate. Restrictionsmay apply.6

SSAB Plate steels and standardized high strengthsteels in equivalent steel groupsSSAB PlateYieldToughness classEN 10025 - 6strength classCharpy-V,[MPa] 1)[ C]1)Weldox 700 D700Weldox 700 EWeldox 700 F–20–40–60S 690 QS 690 QLS 690 QL1Weldox 900 D900Weldox 900 EWeldox 900 F–20–40–60S 890 QS 890 QLS 890 QL1Weldox 960 D960Weldox 960 E–20–40S 960 QS 960 QLWeldox 1100 E1100Weldox 1100 F–40–60Weldox 1300 E1300Weldox 1300 F–40–60MPa 1 N/mm27ASTMToughnessclass as perASTM A6A 514

Hardox wear plate50 Brinell you gain in hardness, when upgrading from500 HBW steels, will increase wear life but not at theexpense of crack integrity.Hardox wear plate meets strict demands onstrength, consistent quality, flatness and surface condition. The unique combination ofconsistently high hardness, high strength andexcellent impact toughness makes Hardoxwear plate a very appropriate material for awide range of applications.Hardox 600 is the world’s hardest wear plate with ahardness of 600 HBW. It is intended specifically forextreme wear conditions and is mainly inten ded toreplace cast steels, chromium-alloyed white cast iron,and hard facing. In spite of its extremely high hardness,it can be machined, welded and cut. For its hardness,the steel also has uniquely high impact strength.The product has been on the market since the 1970 s andis continually being developed to meet customer requirements. It is now produced in thicknesses from 3 to 130mm and hardnesses up to 600 HBW. We can now produce extra-thin and wide plate.Further information on the properties of Hardox plateis available from the appropriate data sheet.The high hardness and wear resistance of Hardox plategreatly extend the useful life of the end product. Due toits high strength, the products made can be simpler andlighter, but can carry higher payloads. Moreover, Hardoxplate has a good resistance against impact also at lowtemperatures. Its good weldability and machinabilityproperties simplify production and repair work. Higherpayloads, lower maintenance costs, good availability anda longer service life combine to provide better overalleconomy.Hardox HiTuf is a wear resistance plate with extremelyhigh toughness to provide an excellent crack tolerance.Hardox HiTuf has a hardness of 350 HBW and is intended for heavy section structural wear parts where extrahigh demands are applied on the combination of wearand crack resistance.Hardox 400 has a typical hardness of 400 HBW.Excellent weldability, impact strength and bendability aredistinctive features of Hardox 400.Hardox 450 is a wear-resistant plate with a typical hardness of 450 HBW. The characteristic feature of the steelgrade is the unique combination of toughness and hardness and also the fact that, in spite of its hardness, it is asfabrication-friendly as Hardox 400.Hardox 500 is a wear plate that can withstand hard wearand has a typical hardness of 500 HBW. It is well suitedfor applications in which it is exposed to heavy wear byhard minerals and other abrasive materials.Hardox 550 is a wear plate with a hardness of 550 HBWand toughness equal to Hardox 500. It is intended specially for heavy wear applications and targeted towardusers and producers of wear parts using 12% manganesesteel castings or 500 Brinell wear plates. The additional8

Armox protection plateArmox protection plate was previously usedmainly in military applications, but its use isnow expanding to civilian products.Armox 370T (280 – 330 HBW or 380 – 430 HBW) andArmox 440T (420 – 480 HBW) are products that combine good ballistic properties with excellent toughness. Theyare suitable as protection plate for applications involvingthe risk of explosion, such as various types of vehicles andstorage premises.Armox 500T has excellent ballistic properties combined with high hardness (480 – 540 HBW) and strength.In spite of this, the steel is easy to machine and work.Typical applications include armouring of bank counters,security vehicles, VIP vehicles, burglarproof storage premises, and so on.Armox 560T (530 – 590 HBW) and Armox 600T (570– 640 HBW) are our latest products intended for applications in which an even higher standard of protection isrequired. Typical applications include armouring of VIPvehicles and security doors.Further information on the properties of the plate is available from the relevant data sheets.Technical specification of Armox 500T protection plateHardness480 - 540 HBWWeightMuzzle velocityDistanceProtection classWeapon ammunition[g][m/s][m]Recommendedplate thickness[mm]FB 3.357 Magnum FJ/CB/SC10.243053.0FB 4.357 Magnum FJ/CB/SC.44 Magnum FJ/FN/SC10.215.6430440553.03.0FB 5M16 A25.56 x 45 FJ/PB/SCP1 (SS109)4.0950106.0M16 A2, FN FAL5.56 x 45 FJ/PB/SCP1 (SS109)7.62 x 51 FJ/PB/SC (NATO Ball)4.09.595083010106.06.0FN FAL7.62 x 51 FJ/PB HC1 (NATO AP)9.88201014.5AK 47, G3, M16A27.62 x 39 Ball Type (M43)7.62 x 51 FJ/PB/SC (NATO Ball)5.56 x 45 Ball SS92/M1937.62 x 39 0FB 6FB 7Unclassified9

Toolox prehardened tool steelToolox prehardened tool steels represent aunique and special concept for producing forming tools and machine components. Tooloxis a modern prehardened tool steel basedon many years of experience at SSAB in thedevelopment and production of Hardox wearplates and Weldox high strength steels.The fundamental idea behind Toolox is to deliver a steelthat is hardened and ready for use, with tested and guaranteed physical properties. Due to the high metallurgicalpurity, the freedom from slag achieved corresponds toESR remelted material. Every plate is uniquely produced,and each individual plate is tested for hardness, toughnessand homogeneity.Toolox is directly machinable and requires no furtherhardening and remachining. The fact that the material isfully prehardened means that it has low residual stressesand guaranteed stable properties. The hardness of the steelcreates unique conditions for precision and surface finish.Toolox allows for a new and modern toolmaking process.The greatest benefits are shorter production times, andmore uniform and stable material properties. In addition,the steel enables a number of risky processes to be eliminated,such as hardening, with the associated risk of damage. Dueto its pure metallurgy and hardening, Toolox has uniquetoughness and fatigue properties, which greatly increases thelifespan of the tool or machine component.Excellent properties for processes such as etching, polishingand coating are also a distinctive feature of Toolox. As aresult, Toolox offers very flexible opportunities in applications for which it is used. Typical applications include plasticmoulds, edge-pressing tools, wear strips, plate pressing tools,etc.Toolox is available in two hardnesses: Toolox 33 with ahardness of 300 HBW and Toolox 44 with a hardness of 45HRC – the world’s hardest fully prehardened tool steel withthe same hardness all the way through.As an option, Toolox can also be nitrided and surfaced withan even harder coating for surface hardnesses between 60and 65 HRC. This increases further the intervals betweentool service, which improves the overall economy.For further information on the range of sizes, tolerances,surface finishes, testing and other properties unique toToolox, visit www.toolox.com10

Quality management systemUnless otherwise agreed, delivery andinspection are subject to the technical provisions of EN 10 021.DET NORSKE VERITASMANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATEQuality management system in accordancewith EN ISO 9001:2008Certificate No. 2004-SKM-AE-788This is to certify thatSSAB EMEA ABatThe quality management system at SSAB is basedon EN ISO 9001:2008 and is described in our"Operational Manual for Quality and Environment".The system is certified by an accredited inspectionbody, and it is also certified in accordance with AQAP2110:3.OXELÖSUND, SWEDENhas been found to conform to the Management System Standard:ISO 14001:2004This Certificate is valid for:Design and manufacture of steel slabs and platesPlace and date:Initial Certification date:2004-05-17Stockholm, 2011-02-07This Certificate is valid until:DNV CERTIFICATION AB,SWEDENfor the Accredited Unit:2012-01-31The audit has been performedunder the supervision of:Tuomo RäsänenAnn-Louise PåttLead AuditorManagement RepresentativeLack of fulfilment of conditions as set out in the Certification Agreement may render this Certificate invalid.DET NORSKE VERITAS, BOX 6046, 171 06 SOLNA, SWEDEN. TEL: 46 8 587 940 00 FAX: 46 8 651 70 43Local WorldwideDET NORSKE VERITASMANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATECertificate No. 2000-SKM-AQ-425ProcedurePdMManuallPlate DivisionThis is to certify thatSSAB EMEA ABatOXELÖSUND, SWEDENhas been found to conform to the Management System Standard:ISO 9001:2008 and AQAP 2110 Ed. 2 – Nov 2006This Certificate is valid for:Design and manufacture of steel slabs and platesInitial Certification date:Version 4.0Stockholm, 2011-02-07DNV CERTIFICATION AB,SWEDEN2012-01-31The audit has been performedunder the supervision of:Peter NydellLead AuditorCE markingPlace and date:1991-06-17This Certificate is valid until:for the Accredited Unit:Ann-Louise PåttManagement RepresentativeLack of fulfilment of conditions as set out in the Certification Agreement may render this Certificate invalid.DET NORSKE VERITAS, BOX 6046, 171 06 SOLNA, SWEDEN. TEL: 46 8 587 940 00 FAX: 46 8 651 70 43We conform to the requirements for CE marking according to the provisions of the EU Construction ProductsDirective (89/106/EEC).Quality management systemThe approval, which has been issued by TÜV-NORD,applies to products made to EN 10025-1 and -6, andalso covers Weldox 700, Weldox 900 and Weldox 960.11

Tolerances and surface conditionAccuRollTech SSAB was first in the world to introduce acomprehensive precision guarantee on thethickness of heavy plate – AccuRollTech .This high precision is made possible by thenew four-high rolling mill, which is designedfor very high precision products.Nominalthickness[mm]– 4.95.0 – 7.98.0 – 14.9Unless otherwise specified in the material standard orotherwise agreed, plate is delivered with surface conditionin accordance with EN 10 163-2, Class A, Sub-class 1,with SSAB flatness tolerances closer than EN 10 029, ClassN (steel type L), with length and width tolerances to EN10 029, and with thickness tolerances to AccuRollTech that conforms to the provisions of EN 10 000)18000Nominal thickness[mm]Tolerances and surface condition-(40)40 - (150)150 - 0.4 0.5–0.5–0.7–0.9–1.0 0.7 0.8 1.5 class B, C or some other requirementwithin the above tolerance range for each thicknessinterval can be supplied.Subject to special agreement, plate with Extra-Closetolerances can be supplied.AccuRollTech Extra CloseNominalthickness[mm]Tolerances [mm]Max.Min. 20 30 40 50 75 100000000– 8.08.1 –16.016.1 – 20.020.1 – 25.0Toleranceclass A [mm]Min.Max.–0.2–0.2–0.3–0.3 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.8Max. thicknessvariation withinone plate [mm] tolerance classes within the above tolerancerange for each thickness interval can be supplied. Iftolerances to AccuRollTech Extra Close are specified, only surface requirements in accordance with EN10 163-2 Class B, Subclass 3 are applied.Width tolerancess [mm]Max.Min. 20 25 30–0.3–0.3–0.4Class C: Constant minimum tolerance of 0 mmLength and width tolerances4000600080001000015000– 24.9– 39.9– 79.9–Max. thicknessvariation withinone plate [mm]Class B: Constant minimum tolerance of –0.3 mmExtracts from SSAB flatness tolerances, width and lengthtolerances according to EN 10 029 adepted to SSABdimensional range and thickness tolerances in accordancewith AccuRollTech are given in the following tables.Nominal length[mm] A [mm]Min.Max.000Edge camber and out-of-squarenessFor plate thickness up to and including 20 mm,plasma cutting enables us to offer closer toleranceson length and width than those tabulated above.It must be possible to inscribe a rectangle with thedimensions of the plate ordered within the plate supplied.Thickness tolerancesThe thickness tolerances to AccuRollTech are closerthan those specified in EN 10 029, except for thicknesses 80 mm, for which the tolerance range is the same.In AccuRollTech , there is requirements on maximumthickness variation within one plate. The tolerances areapplicable to plate in as-rolled or heat treated condition.Unless otherwise agreed, tolerance class A forAccuRollTech .12

Flatness tolerancesIn addition to hot levelling, our equipment also allowsfor cold levelling of the plate.To determine the flatness deviation, the plate is measuredautomatic with laser. The measurment conforms withmanual procedure according to EN 10 029.The plate is measured at least 25 mm from the long sideof the plate and at least 200 mm from its short side (100mm for plate to tolerance class S). The vertical height isrounded off to the nearest whole mm.The maximum permissible vertical heights for each tolerance class, thickness and measurement length are specified in the table below. Tolerance class S is applied onlysubject to special agreement.SSAB flatness tolerances3,0* – 4.95.0 – 7.98.0 – 14.915.0 – 24.925.0 – 39.940.0 – 155.010007555532000111098761000**333333Tolerances and surface conditionNominalNormal toleranceSpecialthicknessclass Ntolerance, class S[mm] Measurement length [mm]2000**886666* Restricted flatness tolerances apply to 3 - 4 mm thickplate. Further information is available from SSAB.** Subject to special agreement.13

TestingUnless otherwise agreed, inspection and testing arecarried out and the results are reported as specified in the relevant material standard or in our datasheets. When placing the order, always specifywhether the material is to be subjected to specialinspection, the scope of such inspection, and alsothe type of inspection document required.Mechanical testingTensile testing in accordance with EN 10 002-1Impact testing in accordance with EN 10 045-1Hardness testing in accordance with EN ISO 6506-1, 6508-1Tensile testing in the thickness direction in accordance withEN 10 164Ultrasonic testingUltrasonic testing is used for indicating cracks, inclusions,porosity and similar discontinuities.Unless otherwise agreed, plate is delivered in class E1, S1in accordance with EN 10 160:1999. Ultrasonic testing iscarried out for a test certificate if ordered an order in accordance with EN 10 160, SEL 072, ASTM 435, ASTM 578or other agreed standard. For plate thicknesses in excess of100 mm and requirements stricter than those correspondingto E0, S0, testing for test certificate is carried out only afterspecial agreement.Surface testing 1)As perEN 10 160Distancebetween parallelscanning-Min. defectarea toregister [mm2]Max. permissible Max. numberdefect areaof local defects[mm2][defects/m2]lines 00100010050120151010Edge zone testing 1)As perEN 10 160TestingE0E1E2E3E4Edge zonewidth 2)Min. defectMax. permissible Max. permissible Max. number[mm]lengths toregister [mm]defectlength [mm]defect area[mm2]50 – 10050 – 10050 – 10050 – 10050 – 1005025201510100504030202000100050010050of defectsper m length654321) Testing can be ordered and carried out either as total testing, e.g. E

500 HBW steels, will increase wear life but not at the expense of crack integrity. Hardox 600 is the world’s hardest wear plate with a hardness of 600 HBW. It is intended specifically for extreme wear conditions and is mainly intended to replace cast steels, chromium-alloyed white cast

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Hardox and Weldox are easily cut by the plasma cutting process. Plasma cutting has a limitation when it comes to material thickness and the main thickness to be cut is below 50 mm (plasma cutting machine dependent). Ge-nerally features for plasma cutting can be seen in table 4. Tabel 4. General features for plasma cutting. Figure 7 shows .

The extreme performance of Weldox high strength steel and Hardox wear plate is combined with exceptional weldability. Any conventional welding method can be used for welding these steels to any type of weldable steel. This brochure is aimed at simplifying, improving and boostin

operating costs. The HARDOX counter knife and rear-mounted grill system ensure that the final product is the correct size. ABSOLUTE EXCELLENCE MTH PRECISION The HARDOX counter knife and rear-mounted grill system ensure that the final product is the correct size. TOUGH WELDOX stee

A certain press brake is just capable of bending a 20 mm thick EN10025-S355 steel plate in a die with a 200 mm wide opening, and die entry radius of 15 mm. The punch radius is 40 mm. If the same die and punch is used and the bend length is the same, how thick a HARDOX 400 plate is the press brake capable to bend?

3/4’’ 1 1/4’’ 1 1/2’’ 2’’ 2 1/2’’ 3’’ 3 1/2’’ 4’’ . HARDOX 550 can be machined in ordinary stable machines. It is important to avoid vibrations and to use proper tools of the cemented carbide type. Drilling Only use cemented carbi

TIG AWS A5.18 ER70X AWS A5.28 ER80X EN ISO 636-A- W 42xx EN ISO 636-A- W 46xx Note: X stands for one or more characters 6. 7 Table 4: Recommended stainless steel consumables for Hardox steels Welding method AWS classification

Metacafe General Medio General MediaFLO General Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia General Lexico General Internet Broadcasting (IBSYS) General Hearst-Argyle General Harvard Business Review General Greystripe General Friendster General Facebook General Enpocket General Emmis Interactive General Cellfish Media General Company Member Type .

The Appointment and Training of Training Incumbents Guidance on Good Practice . them for this role before accepting it: if a curacy is agreed (at the request of the Bishop), and the Incumbent is only subsequently informed about what is expected of them, this is a recipe for significant difficulties. The incumbent may well not then own key elements of the curacy process, rather than seeing .