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Southwestern Community College DistrictRequest for Qualifications/ProposalsBond Program Management Services for Measures R & ZThe Southwestern Community College District is seeking qualified firms for Bond Management Services,which are due as follows:Submit to the Attention of:Attn: Linda Hernandez, Director of Procurement,Central Services & Risk ManagementSouthwestern Community College DistrictSubmit Document AND rhernandez@swccd.edu1

TABLE OF CONTENTSNotice to Qualified FirmsRFP 2021-0173 – Timeline1. District and Program Overview2. Instructions, Information and General ConditionsPurpose of RFP 2021-0173Definition of Terms and Basic Services Scope Description GuidelinesProposal QuestionsProposal SubmissionA.General InformationB.Mandatory ResponsesC.Fee and Rate ProposalD.General Terms and ConditionsE.ReferencesF.Addenda AcknowledgementG.AppendicesRight to RejectModifications to Qualifications/ProposalsProprietary InformationOrdinances, Laws and RegulationsWithdrawal of ProposalsIrrevocable OfferCost of Preparing Qualifications/ProposalsInterviewsSCCD Modifications to ProposalsNon-Collusion DeclarationAcknowledgement of Insurance RequirementsEqual Opportunity Affirmative Action StatementProhibited InterestQuality of WorkQuality of Personnel Assigned to the WorkProposer ConductPrequalification and Contract Award3. Scope of ServicesProposal Forms A-FProposal Form A: General InformationProposal Form B: Mandatory ResponsesProposal Form C: Fee and Rate ProposalProposal Form D: General Terms and ConditionsProposal Form E: ReferencesProposal Form F: Addenda AcknowledgemenAppendecies A - FAppendix A: Non-Collusion DeclarationAppendix B: Insurance AffidavitAppendix C: Equal Opportunity StatementAppendix D: Worker's Compensation CertificateAppendix E: Litigation & Claims QuestionnaireAppendix F: Iran Contracting Act CertificationAppendix G: Examples of Construction Management Procedures & FormsAppendix H: Financial Strength of CompanyAppendix I: New Vendor InformationAppendix J: Non-Disclosure Agreement RequirementAppendix K: Sample AgreementAppendix L: Submittal Check 73869

SOUTHWESTERN COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICTRequest for Qualification ProposalsBond Program Management ServicesRFP No 2021-0173.Notice to Qualified FirmsRequest for Proposalsto Provide Bond Program Management ServicesNotice is hereby given by the Southwestern Community College District of San Diego County,California, hereinafter referred to as the District, acting by and through its Governing Board,will receive up to, but not later than 10:00AM on Monday, February 22, 2021, responses tothis Request for Proposal 2021-0173 (RFP) for Bond Management Services for theSouthwestern Community College District.Responses shall be received by the Office of Procurement, Central Services & RiskManagement at AND, on the date and at thetime stated above.All responses to this RFP shall conform and be responsive to the RFP, including itsattachments/addenda.All interested Firms may request a copy of this RFP by e-mailing: orby visiting the District’s web-site at - Any requests forinformation (RFI) may be directed to Linda Hernandez, Director of Procurement, CentralServices & Risk Management by e-mail at prior to the RFI due date.All Requests for Information are due no later than 2:00PM on Thursday, February 11,2021.Kindred Murillo, Ed.D.Secretary of the Governing BoardSouthwestern Community College Districtof San Diego, California3

SOUTHWESTERN COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICTRequest for Qualification ProposalsBond Program Management ServicesRFP No 2021-0173.Request for Proposal TimelineAdvertisement/Publication DatesJanuary 19, 2021 and January 26, 2021Pre-Submittal Requests for Clarification& Questions2:00PM on February 11, 2021District Responds to Pre-SubmittalRequests for Clarification & QuestionsTuesday, February 16 throughThursday, February 18, 2021Submittal DeadlineFebruary 22, 2021 by 10:00AMPresentation by Invitation onlyMarch 16, 2021 through March 19, 2021Invited firms must be available on anyof these 3 dates, between the hours of8:00AM and 4:00PM to attend aZoom meeting and present to theReview Committee. Presentations will bescheduled according to the availabilityof District staff.Board ApprovalApril 13, 2021Begin Transitioning Program fromConsultants to Selected FirmApril 14, 2021Transition should be completedby June 30, 20214

SOUTHWESTERN COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICTRequest for Qualification ProposalsBond Program Management ServicesRFP No 2021-0173.1.DISTRICT AND PROGRAM OVERVIEWThe Southwestern Community College District (SCCD), located South of San Diego andextending to the U.S. – Mexico border, is one of seventy-two community college districts in theCalifornia Community College system. It serves as the primary source of higher education forapproximately 400,000 residents of the South San Diego County area including thecommunities of Bonita, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, National City, Nestor, Otay Mesa, PalmCity, San Ysidro and Coronado.The college began offering classes to 1,675 students in 1961, with temporary quarters at ChulaVista High School. Groundbreaking for the present 156-acre campus was in 1963. BySeptember of 1964, initial construction was complete, and classes were held for the first timeon the present Otay Lakes Road site in Chula Vista. In addition to its main campus in ChulaVista, Southwestern College has established four (4) center sites, the Southwestern CollegeEducation Center at San Ysidro (1988), the Higher Education Center in National City (1998),the Higher Education Center in Otay Mesa (2007), and Crown Cove Aquatic Center. Thecollege also provides off-campus classes at several extension centers throughout the district.Current enrollment is nearly 26,000 students and more than 600,000 students have attendedSouthwestern College since it opened its doors.The District successfully passed Proposition AA in 2000 for 89 million of which all fundshave been utilized, followed by successfully passing its 389 million Proposition R inNovember 2008, of which 290 million of Build America Bonds (BAB) and General ObligationBonds (GOB) have been received to date. Additionally, the District successfully passed its 400million Proposition Z in November 2016, ensuring continuity in the execution of the District’sFacilities Master Plan.The District intends to select a qualified firm to provide bond program management services.The term of the negotiated contract as a result of this RFQ/P will be up to five years with theoption to reduce scope based on project funding. The program manager will be expected to leadand coordinate independently contracted design and construction management vendors,implement consistent and best-in-class procedures for procurement, communication, projectand construction management execution, prepare contracts, reports, including board reports,coordinate the District’s Community Benefits Agreement and other outreach efforts, andotherwise coordinate all aspects of the program. The program manager is also expected tocollaborate with various District departments, staff, leadership and onsite facilities. Theprogram manager will ensure that the projects satisfy the requirements of their educational andfacility master plans in all matters of accreditation, and fully address the ongoingmaintainability, functionality, and operability of the campus during and after construction. Allconstruction projects must consider total cost of ownership for the District.5

SOUTHWESTERN COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICTRequest for Qualification ProposalsBond Program Management ServicesRFP No 2021-0173.2.INSTRUCTIONS, INFORMATION AND GENERAL CONDITIONSPURPOSE OF RFP 2021-0173The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit statements ofqualifications/proposals from qualified firms interested in providing the SouthwesternCommunity College District certain professional consulting services for projects contained inthe Facilities Master Plan.The selected firms will be placed on a prequalified list and may be asked, through separateRFPs, to provide services for the District’s projects.DEFINITION OF TERMS AND BASIC SERVICES SCOPE DESCRIPTIONGUIDELINESThe following definitions of terms and basic services scope descriptions guidelines, to be providedby the Bond Program Manager are intended as a guideline for proposers in developing a technicalapproach that will ensure the highest level and quality of services for the District.The designation of “District” and “SCCD” refers to the Southwestern Community CollegeDistrict, a political subdivision of the State of California and will be used interchangeably.The term “Proposers” refers to Firms that choose to submit statement of qualifications proposalsfor Bond Management Services.The terms "Contract" and "Agreement" shall be used interchangeably within this document.Throughout this document, the term “District” shall be used to designate the rights andresponsibilities of the Southwestern Community College DistrictThe term “Proposer” shall be used to designate the rights and responsibilities of the successfulfirm responding to this RFP.“Request for Proposals (RFP)”and “Requests for Qualifications (RFQ)” refers to the documentwhich guides potential proposers on the needs of this program, the need for certain type of qualifiedand experienced professionals in this particular field and how the proposal shall be presented to theDistrict for evaluation and discussion. It is merely a guide to help the potential proposers respondappropriately. RFP and RFQ will be used interchangeable in this document.“Comprehensive Decision Management” refers to the process of continuously identifying,assessing, comparing, evaluating, reconciling conflicts among, and providing realisticrecommendations on ways to meet the expectations of the boards and committees that provide inputfor the Bond Program, including, without limitation, the Board of Trustees, District and campusleadership, and Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee. The Program Manager will be expected toestablish and implement a comprehensive plan for reporting and communication in order to keepthese decision-makers apprised on a regular, on-going basis. The program manager will haveexperience with the decision-making processes on a California community college campus.6

SOUTHWESTERN COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICTRequest for Qualification ProposalsBond Program Management ServicesRFP No 2021-0173.“Integrated Process Management” refers to identifying, defining, combining, unifying, andcoordinating the actions of the many participants in a program of this size and scale. Examplesinclude maintenance and operations, Institutional Technology, college administration, students,staff, Construction Managers, and various other consultants, who work together to achieve the goalsset by the District and College decision-makers. The program manager will be expected to assess,make recommendations, review with the District, obtain approval, and revise accordingly, theexisting District bond program standard operating procedures, the program implementation plan,and all associated District contract documents and forms. The Program Manager will be requiredto provide training to all necessary Bond Program personnel (within the District and allconsultants/contractors) on these new processes and procedures.“Contract Management and Administration”refers to the document preparation,administration, and coordination of all bond program procurement activities (including, withoutlimitation, requests for qualifications (RFQs) and requests for proposals (RFPs), prequalification,competitive negotiations, on-call services, purchase orders, bidding, notice of award of contracts,post-award submittals, bid/proposal, performance, contractor insurance, payment and stop paymentnotice bond reviews, approval and execution of contracts, invoice and payment application reviewand approval, and contract audit procedures, and related document control management). Theprogram manager is expected to lead and coordinate the procurement efforts and processes for thebond program, including furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), and to assess, provide, reviseas necessary, and implement recommendations on necessary improvements to any currentdocument control management systems. District may pull Contract Management andAdministration from this proposal and solicit under separate cover/Proposal.“Planning and Design Management” refers to the complete and comprehensive oversight,coordination, and management at the program-level of planning and design activities for new andrevised College Projects (including, without limitation, third party professional service providers,existing facility and building systems assessment, building program evaluation, DSA interface,constructability reviews, value engineering reviews, cost estimating, development and enforcementof District and/or College design standards, development and enforcement of the Owner ProjectRequirements (OPR), hazardous materials surveys, achievement of goals related to sustainabilityand LEED certifications and energy savings, setting the path for Net Zero. Energy campuses, basisof design, utilities incentives, total costs of ownership, acquisition and distribution of furniture,fixtures, and equipment, technology requirements, phasing, maintenance and operation,accessibility, pre-purchases, FF&E, utilities relocation and expansion, temporary facilities, developcolleges site logistical plans, and related scheduling). The Program Manager will be expected toprovide a comprehensive system, at the program-level, for managing all aspects of the planning anddesign process. The Program Manager is expected to develop a realistic comprehensive logistical,schedule milestone, budget and management plan to deliver the bond projects for the District.“Quality Assurance/Quality Control refers to the establishment, implementation, and monitoring7

SOUTHWESTERN COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICTRequest for Qualification ProposalsBond Program Management ServicesRFP No 2021-0173.of a comprehensive program for ensuring that all aspects of the Bond Program, including, withoutlimitation, program management, project design, project procurement, project construction, andproject close-out are administered in a manner that reflects best practices and achievement ofspecific performance metrics. The Program Manager will be expected to provide complete andcomprehensive services for quality assurance and quality control consistent with the higheststandards for educational institutions’ facilities program management and to extend those standardsto all participants in the program by means of developing performance metrics, informing programand project participants by means of guidelines and manuals on the standards that will be expectedto be met, monitoring performance by program and project participants, and instituting proceduresfor continuous performance evaluation, training, and improvement.“Program Controls & Reporting” refers to document preparation, implementation, andmonitoring of a program-wide system of controls. The scope may include, without limitation,financial documentation such as contracts, purchase orders, change orders, and professional serviceamendments, cash flow projections and budget reconciliation, fiscal and financial controls andreporting, and the processing and review of account payable activities. The Program Manager willbe expected to develop and administer a comprehensive set of procedures for program controls andreporting, including a plan to establish an integrated system of cost tracking between the ProgramManager, the Construction Manager and the District. Additional control tasks include maintainingthe bond website current and Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee website current with all requiredreports. Additional program control and reporting activity includes coordination with the warehouseand purchasing department for asset tagging for bond purchases (including a process and criteria todispose of surplus property), evaluating and recommending a program management softwaresystem (if needed), and recommending strategies to implement a district wide document controlsystem for the maintenance of the District’s plan room, including as-built drawings, Maintenance& Operation manuals, program records, Department of State Architect applications, etc.“Risk Management” refers to the conventional processes of managing risk by means of insuranceand bonding (including the tracking of insurance coverages by consultants, contractors, and vendorsand maintaining a database of expiration dates of required in-place insurance). This activityincludes a process for continuously and proactively anticipating, identifying, tracking, assessing,monitoring, and mitigating risk (such as, for example, alternate project delivery methods, joint useof facilities, bid strategies) and specific approaches targeted at risks.“Dispute Resolution Support” refers to the reviewing and providing advice to the District onclaims asserted and the supervision of the activities leading to their resolution by means ofsettlement or the dispute resolution procedures and/or applicable laws. Under the direction of theDirector of Facilities, Operations and Planning and Director of Procurement, Central Services &Risk Management or designee , the Program Manager will be expected to provide comprehensiveservices for claims and dispute resolution support, including evaluating, making recommendationson, and implementing, terminations and suspension of contracts based upon default or forconvenience, developing and maintaining a procedure for tracking the status and pertinent statutory8

SOUTHWESTERN COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICTRequest for Qualification ProposalsBond Program Management ServicesRFP No 2021-0173.deadlines relating to stop payment notices and related enforcement actions; responding to requestsfor production or copying of public records pertaining to the Bond Program, monitoring thehandling of judicial, administrative, and extra-judicial proceedings by legal counsel, and providingcontinuous reporting on status and critical decisions, administering contracts with claimsconsultants in a manner designed to preserve and protect all legal privileges and confidentiality;participating as an advisor in the processes for dispute resolution, including stepped negotiations,mediation, arbitration, litigation, and related discovery proceedings, assisting legal counsel inresponding to requests for discovery, preparing under the oversight of legal counsel writtenagreements memorializing settlements of claims, and making recommendations for timelysubmission of claims with insurance carriers providing insurance.“Project or Construction Management (CM) Coordination” refers to preparing,implementing, and monitoring performance of the Construction Managers. The ProgramManager will be expected to prepare, implement, monitor, and enforce a program-wideconstruction management plan for all projects with procedures and appropriate forms.“Outreach and Labor Compliance” refers to enforcing the District’s current and/orfuture enacted policies and procedures related to the District’s Community BenefitsAgreement (CBA), Small Emerging Local Business Enterprise program (SELBE),workforce development and others. Program Manager will track results of outreachefforts, report results, develop a database of small, local and emerging companies, andprovide assistance to the Construction Manager’s in implementing the District’s outreachpolicies. The Program Manager will ensure that Department of Industrial Relations (DIR)registration and compliance is adequate.“Other” refers to the District’s right and, at its own

Appendix B: Insurance Affidavit 28 Appendix C: Equal Opportunity Statement 29 Appendix D: Worker's Compensation Certificate 30 Appendix E: Litigation & Claims Questionnaire 31 Appendix F: Iran Contracting Act Certification 32 Appendix G: Examples of Construction Management Procedures & Forms 33

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