GNSS 5 Click - Board With NEO-M8N GNSS Receiver Module .

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PRODUCTSSHOPLEARNLIBSTOCK SHOP FORUM CategoriesClick BoardsWireless Connectivity HELP DESK Hello. Sign in My orders My accountGNSS 5 clickQuantityGNSS 5 click-1 PID: MIKROE-2670 Add to CartWeight: 30 gDetermine your current position withGNSS 5 click. It carries the NEO-M8NGNSS receiver module from u-blox.GNSS 5 click is designed to run on a3.3V power supply. The clickcommunicates with the targetmicrocontroller over I2C or UARTinterface, with additional functionalityprovided by the following pins on themikroBUS line: RST, INT, PWM. Hover to zoom Looking forcustomized version ofthis product? If you have otherquestions about thisproduct contact ushere. LEAVE A MESSAGE LEAVE A MESSAGE Table of contents1. NEO-M8N GNSS receivermodule features2. What is GNSS? Determine your current position with GNSS 5 click. It carries the NEO-M8NGNSS receiver module from u-blox. GNSS 5 click is designed to run on a 3.3Vpower supply. The click communicates with the target microcontroller overI2C or UART interface, with additional functionality provided by the followingpins on the mikroBUS line: RST, INT, PWM.3. How it works4. Specifications5. Pinout diagram6. Buttons and LEDs7. Programming8. Code snippet9. DownloadsA USB interface (micro USB port), which is compatible with the USB version2.0 FS (Full Speed, 12 Mbit/s), can be used for communication as analternative to the UART.The USB port can be used as a power supply as well if you need the clickboard to be a standalone device.NEO-M8N GNSS receiver module featuresThe NEO-M8 series of concurrent GNSS modules are built on the highperforming u-blox M8 GNSS engine in the industry proven NEO form factor.

The NEO-M8 series utilizes concurrent reception of up to three GNSSsystems (GPS/Galileo together with BeiDou or GLONASS), recognizesmultiple constellations simultaneously and provides outstandingpositioning accuracy in scenarios where urban canyon or weak signals areinvolved.The u-blox NEO-M8 modules can also benefit from the u-blox AssistNowassistance service. The Online service provides GNNS broadcastparameters, e.g. ephemeris, almanac plus time or rough position to reducethe receiver’s time to first fix significantly and improve acquisition sensitivity.Hardware Backup Mode - If the main supply voltage fails, and a battery isconnected to V BCKP, parts of the receiver switch off, but the RTC still runsproviding a timing reference for the receiver. This operating mode enablesall relevant data to be saved in the backup RAM to allow a hot or warm startlater.What is GNSS?GNSS stands for Global Navigation Satellite System, an umbrella term thatdescribes both the United States GPS, the Russian GLONASS globalpositioning systems, and European Galileo.How it worksA constellation of satellites sends a continuous signal towards Earth.Onboard every satellite is an atomic clock, and all of them are synchronized,thanks to a reference time scale defined by the whole system. So, that thesignals coming from the different satellites of the same constellation sharethe same reference time scale.If the user wants to utilize GNSS to determine a position, they must have anantenna that receives the signals coming from the satellites, and a receiverthat translates these signals. The antenna position will be deduced from themeasurements of the time delay between the emission time (satellite) andthe reception time (receiver) for at least 4 signals coming from differentsatellites.Specifications

TypeGPS/GNSSAsset tracking, for navigation devices based onApplicationsGPS and GLONASS, road navigation devices,public transport, wearable devices, etc.On-board modulesNEO-M8N GNSS receiver module from u-blox–167 dBm navigation sensitivity, supports allKey Featuressatellite augmentation systems, battery holderInterfaceI2C,UARTInput Voltage3.3VClick board sizeL (57.15 x 25.4 mm)Pinout diagramThis table shows how the pinout on GNSS 5 click corresponds to the pinouton the mikroBUS socket (the latter shown in the two middle columns).NotesPinPinNotesExternal Interrupt(input). Can be usedNC1ANPWM16EXIfor wake-upfunctions in PowerSave y default, it isconfigurable ondifferent time bases)PowersupplyNC3CSTX14RXUART receiveNC4SCKRX13TXUART transmitNC5MISOSCL12SCLSCL I2C lineNC6MOSISDA11SDASDA I2C line 3.3V73.3V5V10NCGND8GNDGND9GNDGroundGroundButtons and LEDsDesignatorNameTypeDescriptionLD1PWRLEDPower Indication LEDPulse Per Second (by default) when theLD2PPSLEDGNSS receiver has established aconnection with the satellite constellation

the LED starts blinkingProgrammingCode examples for GNSS 5 click, written for MikroElektronika hardware andcompilers are available on Libstock.Code snippetThe following code snippet shows the function that feeds the data into abuffer until the sentence is ready for parsing, and sets the appropriate flagwhen such event occurs.01 void gnss put( char input )02 {03static bool sentence flag;0405if( ( input ! 'r' && input ! 'n' ) && buffer position BUFFER MAX )06{07buffer[ buffer position ] input;08}09else if( input 'r' )10{11sentence flag true;12}13else if( input 'n' && sentence flag )14{15buffer[ buffer position ] '';16buffer position 0;17strcpypvt( process buffer, buffer );18sentence flag false;19process flag true;20}21else22{23buffer position 0;24}25 }DownloadsYOU MIGHT ALSO NEED mikroBUS Standard specification NEO-M8M datasheet GNSS 5 click schematic LibStock: GNSS 5 click library

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Oct 15, 2017 · GNSS 5 click - board with NEO-M8N GNSS receiver module from u-blox MikroElektronika Subject: Determine your current position with GNSS 5 click. It carries the NEO-M8N GNSS receiver module from u-blox