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GREETINGSFrom Rev. James K. McKnightWELCOME FAMILY AND FRIENDS!The psalmist wrote “I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my Mouth!” (Psalm 34:1) I feel like giving God praise on theoccasion of Friends and Family Day because we are experiencing somethingwonderful. It is absolutely wonderful to come together as a community toworship the Lord, pray, learn about growing in Christ, experience God inspired fellowship and so much more! The word “community” is such animportant word for Christians and what we are experiencing today is greatfor building community.Thank you for accepting an invitation from someone who obviously caresdeeply for you. At CCCF, I teach that we should share the love of God withour friends and family, pray for our friends and family, encourage our friendsand family to get into a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and last but notleast invite our friends and family to church. What more loving thing can wedo for one another than share Jesus’ love, the message of the Gospel and allof His other benefits?Your presence at this service is a real blessing to our church. We are transitioning and our focus is honoring God, developing Christians, connectingpeople and loving everybody. God has even given me a new vision statement.See if you can catch this vision. “We are an intergenerational, diverse, evergrowing family of disciples of Jesus Christ who maintain enthusiasm for loving, learning, helping and sharing because each of us knows that nothing ismore satisfying than partnering with God in the process of bettering lives”.Come join us as we better folks lives!Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for being present. Thank you foryour support. Thank you faithful and hardworking committee members andall those who sacrificed to make this day such a joyous occasion.The future looks bright bright indeed.Enjoy all that has been planned!Yours in Christ’s Service,Rev. James K. McKnightPastorphoto by: Julian Murray 2010

WELCOME FROM OURCHURCH MODERATOROn behalf of the members of the Congregational Church ofChristian Fellowship, United Church of Christ, greetingsand welcome to our Friends and Family Day Fall Fiesta.Thank you for worshipping with us and I hope you willenjoy what is going to be a full afternoon of fellowshipthrough song, spoken word and our fabulous Fall Fiesta!Hebrews 10: 24-25 states, “And let us consider howwe may spur one another on toward love and gooddeeds. Let us not give up meeting together, as someare in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another and all the more as you see the day approaching”This is a special day in theand I encourage you as ourcourages our church to love on one another, and be a blessing tocial thanks to our Choir Board and everyone who helped to make thistime and talents are truly appreciated. God’s Blessings, Rhondalife of our churchPastor always ensomeone else. Speday a success. YourCotton, Moderator.WELCOME FROM THECHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIPFRIENDS AND FAMILY DAYFellowship Service OrderSunday, October 21st. 2012 Kingsley HallOpening PrayerGreetingsIntroductionTwo Songs:Total Praise & EmmanuelTwo Readings:Act 2 Verse 38 & The HaircutPiano SelectionWind Beneath My WingsSolo SelectionSolo SelectionInstrumental SelectionAcknowledgementsTill We Gather AgainSANCTUARY CHOIR!On behalf of the Sanctuary choir and band, I’dlike to welcome you to this year’s Friends andFamily Fall Fiesta! The choir is excited to hostthis annual event and we thank you for makingit out to worship and fellowship with us today.We pray that you experience God in a magnificent way and that this visit will be one of many.The music program at CCCF has a rich history oftraditional and sacred music which dates back toover 50 years ago. The last ten years have beenyears of transition for the program as we haveincorporated contemporary music into our repertoire in an effort to reach an ever-changingbase of believers in the Los Angeles community.Under the direction of Rev. James K McKnight, the music program seeks to worship God insong, encourage others to do the same, and increase God’s kingdom on earth by growing anddeveloping Christians. We are a small ensemble of volunteer singers but we make a joyful noiseand have a lot of fun in the process! I would like to extend a personal invitation to those interested in singing with us on Sunday mornings. No background in music is required. Again, thankyou for visiting and come back and see us again soon! - Ashley Faatoalia, Music Director.Rev. James K. McKnightRhonda CottonAshley FaatoaliaSanctuary ChoirBarbara WashingtonBrianna HammondRandall LindseyAshley FaatoaliaDanielle CobbVictor EkpoAshley FaatoaliaSanctuary ChoirTHE SANCTUARY CHOIRSopranoDanielle CobbChrystal LindseyRandall LindseyLoraine TuckerLola LovettAltoEleanor AlsobrooksHelen McKnightStephanie WilliamsLura BallLisa KingHeather RubioTenorKevin BensonCharles TatumAshley FaatoaliaTHE SANCTUARY BANDPiano:Luke MillerDrums:Kacye ThompkinsBass:Frank AbrahamAshley FaatoaliaDirectorBassHenry Slavens


GET INVOLVEDThe city of Los Angeles is large tosay the very least. At times it canbe hard to find purpose and meaning. Here at the CongregationalChurch of Christian Fellowship, we seek toconnect our community of faith to the largercommunity here in Los Angeles and across theworld through various outreach ministries andprograms. We focus on serving God by following the example of Jesus Christ and serving ourfellow man. Please read on to find out how youmight be able to get connected and get involved!Board of Spiritual Welfare & Evangelismis the closest board to the Pastor. Acting as anAdvisory Council to the Pastor and all churchorganizations with respect to the church’s spiritual life and work, BOSWE assists in ministering to members’ spiritual needs i.e. arrangingvisitation to members in cooperation with thePastor, sending cards and flowers to the sick andshut in, welcoming visitors, and greeting all. Weassist the Pastor with the worship services, baptisms, prepare and serve communion. We provide training for Lay Readers. In addition, weprovide guidance regarding music, includingthe choir and ushers. We receive members, keeprecords of births, funerals, baptisms, marriages,contact inactive members, submit informationannually to the church clerk and a budget to thechurch council. For more info contact DelynaDiop at: 323-573-9273 or ddeehd@sbcglobal.netChristian Education - Dedicated to introducing young people to Christ; to disciple themin spiritual growth; to train them in servingChrist with their life. To oversee and support the activity entrusted to leadership of thechurch’s Christian Education program. Partner in ministry as teachers together answerGod’s call to proclaim Christ in the lives ofchildren (grades pre-k to 5) and youth (grades6 to 12). You are invited to provide Christianeducational leadership to fulfill the mission ofour church in coordination with the church’sChristian Educational programs.Contact:Rhonda Cotton at rhonda cotton@mail.com.The Board of Stewardship - conducts an annual Christian Enlistment Campaign, wherebythe annual budget of the church is underwritten. The board also determines ways andmeans for raising the necessary funds tomeet expenses, as well as organizing special giving projects . In an effort to promotestewardship education, the members of thisboard makes contact with every new member. For additional information, please contactOliver Foster, Chair at usxvic@pacbell.net.Board of Trustees - handles the care andcustody of the property of the church and havecharge of its financial affairs, always subject toregulations prescribed by the laws of the state.Its members are responsible for the collection,counting and banking of all church funds. Theboard works closely with the financial officersas well as the council to ensure all provisionsare made within the approved budget. For moreinformation, please contact Virginia P. Bland atvbland437@aol.com.Board of World Service - The Board of WorldService has annually provided “back to school”support to children in need. This year, we decided to adopt a local elementary school name afterone of our long term church member, Dr. OwenKnox’s. The Dr. Owen Lloyd Knox ElementarySchool opened in 2010 and is located on 89th &Main Street. Eighty percent of the students areeligible for free lunch. The school principle,Karen Ward, has identified children and theirfamilies who could use our support, BOWS,with donations that will go towards uniforms,backpacks and school supplies. Please visit ourpage on the CCCF Website for more information about BOWS.Sanctuary Choir - “Make a joyful noise untoGod, all the earth.” (Psalm 66:1) The CCCFMusic ministry has two main goals - to glorifyGod in song and lead others to do the same! Thescripture tells us that the Lord inhabits the praisesof His people, and The Sanctuary Choir knowsthis to be true. Don’t read music? Not a problem!Don’t know if your voice is up to the challenge?Not an issue. We welcome singers of all backgrounds and training. What are you waiting for?We invite you to contact Ashley, our director tosign up and learn more! CHOIR@cccf-ucc.orgBoard of Public Relations - Provides internaland external communications for the ‘vision andmission’ of our church under the leadership ofthe Pastor. We develop and utilize communications tools- Sunday bulletins and announcements, website, email/e-blasts, One Call Nowrecorded phone messages, and the newsletter“Connected,” and postal mail- to help our membership become more Christ-like, unified, and“Connected” as a family of faith. We supportthe boards and committees of the church, in boththe internal and external communications ofweekly and special worship services, programsand events of the church. We publicize specialprograms, events and servicesof our church externally andinvite others in our communityto visit, attend often, acceptChrist and join our family offaith- in serving God, in ourchurch and community. To join F E L L O Wor for more info please contactus at: prboard@cccf-ucc.orgtors of offerings at the church. Email USHERBOARD@cccf-ucc.org to join or for more info.Audio Visual Ministry - Responsible for setting-up, testing, operating and taping Sundaymorning worship services and other selectedprograms or special events at the church. Making available CD and DVD copies for purchase.IMPORTANT: We are looking for someone totake over the leadership of this ministry. If youare interested, Please contact Virginia Bland viaemail: vbland437@aol.comHealth Ministry - Promotes wellness- physical and mental; helps keep the congregation and community informedand makes available health materials about good nutrition & exercise,prevention and treatment for heartdisease, hypertension, diabetes; andS H I P annually offers free health screeningsand flu shots at the church. Call theoffice at 323.731.8869 to volunteer.GET INVOLVEDAT CHRISTIANGET CONNECTEDTO A CHRISTIAN FAMILYMen’s Fellowship League The CCCF Men’s Ministry isdesigned to create unity and fellowship amongthe men in our church. In addition to planningthe annual Men’s Day program, the men meetto strengthen their relationship and “walk andservice to Christ,” and to become more lovingand caring family men; to bond as Christianbrothers, and find ways to mentor young men,support the Pastor, church, the membershipand the community. Email MFL@cccf-ucc.orgWomen’s Fellowship League - Our Women’sMinistry is for ALL women: whether married, single, divorced, widowed, stay-at-homemoms, professionals, home-based business,and more. Our goal is to be able to ministerto women from all walks of life. If you are awoman, the Women’s Ministry at CCCF is foryou! Email WFL to join or for more informationUsher Board (adult and youth) - Trains andserve as the official greeter-escorts-collec-Coffee Hour Committee. Schedulesand plans for the menu, set-up andserving of the monthly fellowship and birthdaycelebration following the 11am worship service.Email Coffee Hour committee to join or formore information.Mae Muse Scholarship Committee. Annually raises funds for and awards scholarship tocollege-bound youth members of our church.Email the Scholarship@cccf-ucc.org to join orfor more information.Seniors by Grace - We bring everyone togetherfor fellowship and - “a time of joy” membersand friends of CCCF – 55 and over. We offerprayers of thanks for health, strength, comfort,joy and peace- for ourselves and for others Weacknowledge and focus upon God’s grace andmercy in our lives, and we periodically plan,present & enjoy field trips, interesting and informative speakers, programs and service projectsFor more info or to join please contact:

Sundays @ 10:30am Wednesdays @ 6:00pmEnjoy an enriching spiritual experience with a faithful group of ourmembers who meet to pray and lifteach other up to the Lord. Don’tmiss this chance to be uplifted, encouraged, and blessed. Prayer services are led by Pastor McKnightand Rev. Davis.BIBLE STUDY:Wednesdays @ 1:00pm & 7:00pmKnow the word of the Lord insideand out? Not really sure of everything that God says in His word?Wherever you are in your understanding, you are warmly invitedto attend our Bible study classes.Pastor McKnight leads an engagingdiscussion about God’s teachingsand relates them to daily life. Comebe a part of the conversation, learnand grow in God, and equip yourselfwith the strength found within God’sHoly Word!WORSHIP SERVICES:ThankYouRhonda CottonLeon KingLisa Carr KingRonald & Betty GrayKedric BeasleyKaren WadeFSSRichard FieldsAllan SmithLa Stanja BakerAurelia CottonVirginia P. BlandHelen Saunders McKnightBerlyn JohnsonCarol Hall HollidayStephanie WilliamsAll those who gave of their time,talents and treasures tomake this day a successAshley Faatoalia and The SanctuaryChoir wish to extend a special word ofthanks to:Mrs. Lura Daniels BallFor the planning and coordinating ofthis special day in the life of our church!program design by: ashley faatoaliaSundays @ 8:00am & 11:00amCome join us on Sunday morningsas we celebrate the goodness of God!Be a part of a corporate worship experience with lively music from boththe traditional and contemporarycannons and be blessed by the powerful message from God deliveredby Pastor McKnight. Sunday schoolservices are available at our 11amservice for those with young ones.STAY CONNECTED WITH USwww.cccf-ucc.org 323.731.8869cccfoffice@cccf-ucc.orgCongregational Church ofChristian FellowshipPRAYER MEETINGS:TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLEAnnual Fish FryIt’s A Family Affair!CATFISH -or- appernSMENU:DINNER PRICE: 15.00GREEN BEANSFROM 11:00AM TO 4:00PMACKNOWLEDGEMENTSPLEASE JOIN US AGAINpOTATO SALADDRINKDESSERTNoteOrdering 4 ormore dinners orfor more info,please call323-731-8869-WHENSATURDAY NOVEMBER 10, 2012-WHERE-CONGREGATIONAL CHURCHOF CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP2085 S. HOBART BLVD.LOS ANGELES, CA 90018Buy your tickets nowEat here or carry out

2 FAMILY DAY 012 CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP!"# %&' ()* ", O COME LET US ADORE HIM! 12.14.12 HERE AT CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP FEATURING THE SANCTUARY CHOIR AND SPECIAL GUESTS. GREETINGS From Rev. James K. McKnight photo by: Julian Murray 2010 WELCOME FAMILY AND FRIENDS! The psalmist wrote ÒI will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall con - tinually be in my Mouth!Ó .

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