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10 September 2020Issue 207POP UP NEWSMapleton, QueenslandFrom Mapleton Falls lookout into Obi Obi ValleyPhotographer: Ian Beaton

MAKE A HOTEL FOR BUGSHave fun in the garden this summer and get everyone involvedusing recycled materials to make an attractive habitat for manyfascinating insects.Bug hotels are a great project, no matter the size of your gardenor balcony.Suggestions:Pine cones and pieces of wood atop a wooden post make anenticing place for bugs to stayCorrugated card rolled up inside a plastic bottle and hung upsidedown from a tree makes a cosy waterproof home.Fill a small terracotta pot with bundles of straw and wood wool.Attach a string to the pot and hang upside down to keep theinterior dryBamboo canes inside short lengths of plastic piping and placed in ahollow log, or in the spaces of a pallet created homes especially forthe stinglessbees.You could stackthe pallets andcreate roomsand floors.Your suggestionswith the thingsat your place.

MAPLETON WELCOME SIGN SURVEY RESULTSThank you to all respondents.We have two clear winning themes: Waterlilies/liyponds and waterfallNEXT STEPYou select sign type. W e need to select the type of sign inaccordance with the Queensland Department of Transport and MainRoads guidelines. The department controls signage on the mainsroads into Mapleton.Option 1: Direct replacement alignedwith standards w ith tw o themesOption 2: Direct replacement but withour layout featuring two themesOption 3: Entrance statement such asa specially designed sculpture.Would involve an extended timeframe to the on the groundinstallation.RECOMMENDATIONOption 1 format Directreplacement aligned withstandardsWhy? The signs look good with the right photographs It is more likely to be achieved within a reasonable time frame. As Main Roads did not replace the existing ones when the roadwas upgraded, they may come to the party to fund/part-fundnew ones if we keep to the standard. Can include two popular images with the design. It does not preclude adding an Entry Statement in the future –different location.ACTIONWhich sign option do you prefer?If you are in agreement with the recommendation please send youragreement to mapletonqueensland@gmail.com.If you disagree with the recommendation please also send yourdisagreement and your suggested option tomapletonqueensland@gmail.com.

QCCC’S SCOOTER TOURSQCCC Mapleton was able to re-open for Term 3 with strict CovidSafe protocols for both the venue itself and its activities. Thismeant several normal activities couldn’t be offered until Term 4 sothe QCCC Outdoor Education team had to come up with some newoptions.One of these has been quite visible for residents, a guided scootertour of our village by QCCC instructors. During the tour they aregiven lessons in road and urban safety and taken to severalbeautiful landmarks around town, including our beautiful views ofthe Sunshine Coast. Sometimes they get held up by our local duckstoo. Queensland is one of the few places in the world where youthcamps are able to happen at the moment and Queenslandoperators are reporting both kids and parents have been desperateand grateful to get on camp after the Covid shutdown.The QCCC staff are relieved to hear the site ringing with the joyfullaughter of kids once again.Andrew GrantPhotographer: Ian BeatonNow in its 21st year, National Walk Safely to School Day (WSTSD) isan annual event when all Primary School children will be encouragedto walk and commute safely to school. It is a Community Eventseeking to promote Road Safety, Health, Public Transport and theEnvironment.NATIONAL WALK SAFELY TO SCHOOL DAY16 SeptemberMarty Hunt MLA and Ted O’Brien MPMapleton 7:30am to 9:15am

A special gift for the whole family,your best friend or a welcome gift to anew residentonly 10 NOWXANTHORRHOEA - A STORY OF THE GRASS TREEThe Xanthorrhoea plant is uniquely Australian. It grows in the SouthEast of Australia thriving in well drained, aerated soils with lownutrient content. It is a plant that can suit most gardens, and beingendemic to Australia means it is ideal for our climate andenvironment.All species of Xanthorrhoea are very slow growing but they are alsolong living. Some elderly specimens are among the oldest livingplants worldwide. They live for hundreds of years, some have beenfound to be up to 600 years old.The species was first formally described by the in 1810 as part ofthe work Prodromus Florae Novae Hollandiae.The genus name Xanthorrhoea is taken fromthe Greek words xanthos, meaning yellow, and rheo, meaning toflow, a reference to the resin that is obtained from these plants.The species epithet australis, meaning southern, refers to thedistribution of the speciesXanthorrhoea plants are also known as Balga grass plants. ‘Balga’ isthe Aboriginal word for black boy and for many years the plant wasfondly known as a ‘Black Boy’. It is thought that the Aborigines calledthe plants Balga because after a bush fire had ravaged the land, theblackened trunk of the Xanthorrhoea would be revealed beneath theburned lower leaves, and would resemble a child like black figure.Others believe that theplant, with it’s bush fireblackened trunk andlong flower spikeresembled anAboriginal boy wieldinga spear.Special note: the‘trunk’ is made up ofleaf stems.Across the region, thespikes are in full flower.Take a close look at theindividual flowers thatmake up this uniqueplant species.Xanthorrhoea australisPhotographer—nita

Community ServicePLEASE NOTE: OLD PAIRS OF SPECTACLES:Thank you from Lions – many donations received. All areappreciated. The Lions Glasses for Sight programme has beensuspended and the processing centre has been closed because ofthe Covid pandemic. Collection boxes have been removed fromaround the village. In hope this wonderful concept can return inthe near future.RECYCLING IN MAPLETONThe Mapleton Bowls Club is collecting bottles and cans with therefunds going to sponsor an event at the Club. There is aconvenient collection point which is a wheelie bin placed at thefoot of the entry stairs. This bin can be distinguished from othersas it has a convenient round hole in its roof where you can pop-inthe recycle items.QLD container refund scheme in the school car park. Allproceeds go to the Mapleton State School P&C. All your donationswould be gratefully received and will go towards resources for ourschool and students.Mapleton Men’s Shed is also a receiving depot for recyclingcans and bottles. These may be left in the sulo bins in front of thestorage shed in Mapleton Forest Drive.Please do not crush the cans you deposit for recycling.JP SERVICEStill available to assist you during the current times:Telephone 5445 7182 for a bookingSt. Mary’s Anglican Church, on the green, Montville.Sunday Eucharist at 9 am.For information contact Carole Phillips at 5445 7839.PROBUS CLUB OF NORTH BLACKALL RANGE INCThe Probus Club of North Blackall Range Inc meets on thesecond Friday of the month at the Mapleton Bowls Club for fun,fellowship and friendship between 10am and 12noon. We haveinteresting guest speakers, fun outings and special interest groups.We also serve a plated morning refreshment and a cup of tea orcoffee.Our next meeting will be on Friday,11th September, 2020Due to Covid19 restrictions those attending must advise inadvance by email nbrprobus@gmail.com or by phoning thesecretary on 5499 9238. Social distancing and hygiene are strictlyobserved.

Date Claims11 September P ROBUS CLUB OF N ORTH BLACKALL RAN GE 10am—must book16 September M arty Hunt and Ted O’Brien—Mapleton 7:30am to9:15am.19 September to 5 October M ajor full group art exhibition —StMary’s Hall.CANCELLED19-21 September N ambour Garden Expo.CANCELLED26 September Country M arkets, M apleton Hall 8am to 12 noon.4 October Come and try M apleton Bow ls Club21 October ‘Welcome to the Hinterland Dinner’, Lions, Flaxton Gardens.CANCELLED23 October M apleton Choir Spring Concerts : Friday 23 October @7pm and Sunday 25th October @ 2.30pm - held at Kureelpa Hall24 October Country M arkets, M apleton Hall 8am to 12 noon.24 October Community Fun Day, Blackall Range Kindergarten.3 November M elbourne Cup M apleton Bow ls Club Luncheon, 11am.28 November Country M arkets, M apleton Hall 8am to 12 noon.4 December Light the Lights M apleton Lilyponds P ark. CANCELLED6 December SUNDAY Book Sale and mini market M apletonCommunity Library.The opinions expressed within articles in thispublication are not necessary those of the editor.SUNSHINE COAST BOTANICAL ART AT THEMAPLETON COMMUNITY LIBRARYProposed advanced colour pencil workshopAre you interested? 40 for three hours.Record your interestmapletonlibrary@gmail.com

LIST OF COMMUNITY ORGANISATIONSBlackall Range Care Group LtdBlackall Range Lions Clubw w w kall Range Visual ll Range Woodcrafter's Group I nc. M eets M ontvilleSports Ground 230 Balmoral Rd Montville. Open 8.00am to11.30am Mondays to Saturdays.Blackall Range Zonta Club Email:info@zontablackallrange.org.au www.zontablackallrange.org.au‘Bush and Beach’, Walking group. Meets Mapleton Pub car parkat 7am, Tuesdays and car pools.Kureelpa & Dulong Community Hall kureelpahall@gmail.comMah-jong Telephone 5478 6303 Mapleton Bowls ClubMapleton and District Community Association (MADCA)madca.inc@gmail.comMapleton Bowls Club Telephone 5445 7479www.mapletonbowlsclub.com.auMapleton Bridge Club M lub@gmail.comMapleton Choir Kureelpa Hall 7pm, M ondaysTelephone 5478 6079Mapleton Community Library ary.com Telephone 5445 7011Mapleton Craft Group Wednesdays 9-12 noon, MapletonBowls ClubMapleton Hall and Sportsgroundsmapletonhall@gmail.comMapleton Men’s Shedw w w .mapletonmenshed.org.auMapleton Movers, w alking group, M onday, W ednesday,Thursday 4-5pm [winter months], meet Lilypond carpark.Telephone 0408 353756Mapleton Quilters Mondays 9-12 noon, Mapleton Bowls ClubMapleton RSL Sub Branch Secretary M att Dykes0427263595; mdykes7@gmail.comMapleton Rural Fire Brigade Telephone 0499 778 806; 0499889 644; 0499 883 019Mapleton Tennis eOP SHOP17 Obi Obi RoadProbus Club of North Blackall Range Secretary 5499 9238,nbrprobus@gmail.comRange Community Gym and Fitness Centrewww.rangecommunitygym.com.au

Procedures for Pop Up managementPop up is supported by Mapleton and District Community Associationand the Mapleton Community LibraryThe Pop Up is edited, published and distributed by volunteers.Decisions made by the supporting committee of community members arefinal. There will be not discussion or correspondence on matters pertainingto the Pop Up. All articles for the Pop Up are to be sent tomapletonqueensland@gmail.com Articles can be emailed at any time. Please include contact name andcontact details. If it is important to have an article included in a specific edition,forward article as early as possible. Generally the cut off time forpublication is 12 noon Tuesday each week but as this is a fullyvolunteer publication inclusion is not guaranteed. All articles are to be sent digitally unless otherwise pre-arranged. Negative or derogatory comments will not be published.Pop up is published weekly but open to review at any time.Currently Thursday night for distribution is the target time.No lost animals, political, religious, personal opinions or missingperson notification will be published.Advertising fee is 50. This provides the advertiser with an annualappearance on the mapletonqueensland.com web site and foureditions of the Pop Up.Email mapletonqueensland@gmail.com requesting guidelines.Anyone wishing to receive the Pop Up, send your email address tomapletonqueensland@gmail.comAnyone wishing to cease receiving the Pop Up, send your email tomapletonqueensland@gmail.comKeep informed through the web and social ueensland/Remember if you wish to receive thePOP UP COMMUNITY NEWSEmail mapletonqueensland@gmail.comCurrent circulation over 3,772

23 October Mapleton Choir Spring Concerts : Friday 23 October @ 7pm and Sunday 25th October @ 2.30pm - held at Kureelpa Hall . 24 October Country Markets, Mapleton Hall 8am to 12 noon. 24 October Community Fun Day, Blackall Range Kindergarten. 3 November Melbourne Cup Mapleton Bowls Club Luncheon, 11am.

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