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Communications & External Affairs SDGVirtual MeetingDate: Tuesday 17 NovemberTime: 1.00-3.00pmAttendanceOrganisationNameJob Title1. AdraDelyth LloydHead of Communications2. Bro MyrddinSamantha FellOperations Manager3. Cadwyn HANia RolfeCommunications Manager4. ClwydAlyn Housing LtdSarah BoothCommunications and Public AffairsStrategic Lead5. Coastal HousingAndy ElliottPR & Communications Manager6. Community Housing CymruSteven Crane-JenkinsCommunications and MarketingManager7. Community Housing CymruCatrin HarriesMedia and Communications Officer8. Community Housing CymruBryony HaynesPolicy & External Affairs Assistant9. Community Housing CymruAaron HillHead of Policy & External Affairs10. Community Housing CymruPhillipa KnowlesPeople & Business Director11. Community Housing CymruJoshua RousenBrand and Design Creative12. Community Housing CymruRhea StevensHead of Policy & External Affairs13. Family Housing AssociationVicky NicholasHead of HR, OD & Communications14. Grwp CynefinMari WilliamsCommunications & Marketing Manager15. Melin HomesSam MuftuogluCommunications Officer

16. Newport City HomesDanielle HittCommunications Manager17. Newydd Group LimitedMared EdwardsHead of Marketing andCommunications18. North Wales HASian ParryCommunication & Marketing Manager19. Tai Calon CommunityHousingDamian VizardCommunications & Multimedia Officer20. United WelshClaire CanningMarketing & Communications Manager21. Valleys to CoastMark WoodsHead of Communications22. Wales & West HousingLouise HughesCommunications ManagerHafodHannah LewisCommunications OfficerRHALian ReesCommunications Business PartnerTaff HousingHolly McAnoyPR & Communications OfficerApologiesSession notesWelcome – Nia RolfeInfluencing training – Aaron Hill / Joni Alexander Noted importance of upskilling the sector in influencing with emphasis on local andnational connections of housing associations to policy figures Some workshops will be free as part of CHC Member Offer (building capacity forinfluencing in the sector) CHC will then offer a paid training offer – virtually – in early 2021.oJoni – 2x 4-hour workshops. Each will be run 3x. Interactive and supplemented byonline learning space (interactive activities and additional resources) and breakoutrooms. All before election to help with campaign but also relationship building withnew MS after the elections.oSession 1 – Intro module on politics in Wales. Led by Valerie.

oSession 2 – Influencing decision makers and campaigning. How to take strategy andbuild solid plans along with tools. Coalition building, how to do storytelling withtenants, cut through to politicians.oQuestions from members: Nia – are places limited? A: 15 places per workshop expected.oInvites to go out in the next few weeks (post-Annual Conference).oClaire Canning thanks CHC: I remember us talking about the challenges of doingpolitical campaigning on an organisational level at our SDG meeting back in March thank you CHC for following up with trainingWelsh language output – Steven Crane-Jenkins Do members have in-house Welsh translations, or external? Please send over Welsh language policies. Members to email Steven at CHC ( )Priorities Damian Vizard – internal comms. How they measure internal comms like they doexternal comms. E.g.: Sharepoint metrics, other indicators?oDelyth Lloyd – annual staff surveys and interim surveys. Analytics on intranets.oDamian Vizard – trade staff seem to think good comms isn’t the same as otherstaff. Looking to possibly run workshops with them.oNia Rolfe – weekly newsletter via Mailchimp, gathering analytics from link clicks,open rates, who accesses them etc. Issues with Outlook in terms of newsletternot counting as read in preview pane. Recently moved over to Office 365, tryingto transition to “Sway” e-newsletters.oLouise Hughes – Sway is good as gives analytics quickly, it’s not perfect but okay.Mailchimp has issues with internal security.oNia Rolfe – IT can get around the security issues however not an ideal solution.oDelyth Lloyd – They use Sway but the design could be better. Mailchimp notallowed due to GDPR concerns. Claire Canning echoes GDPR concerns.oMared Edwards – they set up a newsletter email – Crane-Jenkins – previous role used BT auto telephone dial-ins each week,useful for frontline workers and has analytics.oLouise Hughes – All Thing IC offering free masterclass in internal comms planningfor next year inc. “this year review” – Edwards – Ran online tenant event – theme for every day, FacebookEvents was used. Took time to gain traction and it was a lot of work for eventsteam. Tenants engaged towards the end but not much return considering effort

involved. Used Infoscribe and Canva. Community team was pleased with metrics(reach etc.) however. Outcomes were sent to scrutiny group and will probably do1-day conferences instead of 5-day. Facebook Events was asked from tenantsbut the platform wasn’t great for it (no breakout rooms etc.).oMari Williams – new to the sector (welcome!) 3 weeks in at Grwp Cynefin. Lookingfor advice, new to housing.This is Housing – Mark Woods / Catrin Harries / Phillipa Knowles / Vicky Nicholas We need to look at how This is Housing is being used, ensure more organisations inthe sector involved. Perhaps wider than comms people being involved and getbenefits and recruitment info out there. Space for long-form editorials and blog postsrather than just case studies. 6-month rota beginning in January again. Mark Woods (V2C) to begin in January.Looking for more volunteers. HR SDG had sub-group meeting on TiH. Similar outcomes – reaffirm the campaign, getit out more. One key discussion was redefining the main purpose and what the aimsare. HR SDG survey – 54% of 24 had used TiH in the last 12 months. HR and Comms leadswill come together to look at how we use it in the year ahead. Survey to go out tosector soon, work plan by January. Mark Woods – survey should help us re-focus and shift priority of the campaign,particularly towards recruitment. Long-format content could be from HR staff, talking about recruitment and the sectoras a whole in terms of opportunities and development etc. HR sub-group looking at sector buy-in with minimum standards. Even 1 piece permember per month would be massively beneficial. Examples to be developed and shared to Comms/HR SDGs. Sarah Booth – to write a blog for Catrin for TiH. Delyth Lloyd – will get in touch to write content for blog. Vicki Nicholas – HR SDG – lots of feedback and information. Lots of discussion aroundthe purpose and aims of TiH (e.g.: does it remain as-is or pivot?). Huge positivityaround it. New sub-group on it. Phillipa Knowles – BLM, COVID, and diversity focuses. Who is placing recruitmentpostings? Comms? HR? Admin? Toolkits and training to be developed. Long-term, getinto schools and position housing as a good career choice. Toolkits, templates, guides available for TiH takeovers.

Election campaign (Home) – Nia Rolfe / Rhea Stevens / Steven Crane-Jenkins Nia Rolfe: the manifesto and branding looks great, short-form version is reallyuseful, and the comms plan looks brilliant. Catrin (CHC) secured solid mediacoverage for the launch. oClaire Canning – well done CatrinoMared Edwards – ie fab Catrin da iawnoMark Woods – Awesome stats, really impressive campaignoDelyth Lloyd – gwych – well done on launch of this campaignSteven Crane-Jenkins: stats were very strong on launch. 400 users, 200 downloads ofthe manifesto, majority accessed via Twitter, some from external sources. 7 pieces ofmedia coverage on day 1, including ITV Wales News (case study). Helen White didWelsh BBC interview as well. 16k impressions, 3.5k views of the video. 21 membersstrongly engaged on social. 11 partners posted endorsement. Some politicalengagement too. YouTube stats weren’t bad either. Steven to circulate stats andinformation. Welsh political parties to take part in CHC The Big Debate on 26th ofNovember. Action for Josh Rousen – design assets for toolkit. Rhea Stevens: Presented a draft member election campaign plan based on ideasfrom the campaign sub-group of the SDG. Timeframe – now to July 2021 (when thenext Welsh Government will be publishing their Plan for Government) Draft member election campaign plan has 4 phases. Launch (Nov–Dec). Influencingcandidates (Jan–March), including introductions with candidates, local/regional statsand evidence, CHC to provide details of candidates to HAs. Election period (April–May), regional activities. More information to be nailed down. Post-election period(May–July). Question back to the SDG for discussion: Does this sound like a goodidea; is it deliverable; what support do you need from CHC?oCatrin – share case studies, videos, interviews, media – please supply anyexamples or contacts that could be used as part of the campaign particularlyaround the themes of prosperity, health and connectivity. Spread the wordwith frontline staff etc.oDelyth Lloyd – great, very detailed plan. What we need to be careful of(influencing period) is how many people you’re trying to reach due to capacity(such as Adra who span a wide area). Lots of admin work.oRhea Stevens – will take that challenge to the sub-group, perhaps look atpractical solutions. Who in an organisation would need to be involved? ChiefExec SDG will review in December.

oMared Edwards – We cover a large number of local authorities too. so wouldeach HA 'choose' an area and make sure we cover each area and work inpartnership?oNia Rolfe – Could we be more tactical in regions of overlap? Break up the map?The training (see Aaron’s piece) is well-timed and ideal. Perhaps Comms staffget priority?oClaire Canning – Great that it’s being discussed at the CEO SDG so it’s seen as ashared priority.Internal comms – Steven Crane-JenkinsWe want to work on SDG sub-group for internal comms. Damian Vizard volunteered to go over internal comms.AOB Staff Christmas party ideas (Mared’s organisation – led by Jason (CEO) and Hannah(Corporate Officer). Full day event, get a hamper and 10 via expenses for drinks.Andrew Tamplin is doing a morning session, breakout rooms including a live band,quiz, virtual Christmas choir, guided meditation/yoga, virtual pub, pets corner,creative room (cooking workshops, magic tricks, circus skills). Dec 11th. Edwina O’Hart – Alcemi: People Potential (leadership masterclasses). Free to joinbut applications required. Focuses on a number of key areas of al/leadership-masterclassesNext virtual meetingTuesday 19 January, 1pm-3pm. Register here.

(Corporate Officer). Full day event, get a hamper and 10 via expenses for drinks. Andrew Tamplin is doing a morning session, breakout rooms including a live band, quiz, virtual Christmas choir, guided meditation/yoga, virtual pub, pets corner, creative room (cooking workshops, magic tricks, circus skills). Dec 11th.

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1. What is job cost? 2. Job setup Job master Job accounts 3. Cost code structures 4. Job budgets 5. Job commitments 6. Job status inquiry Roll-up capabilities Inquiry columns Display options Job cost agenda 8.Job cost reports 9.Job maintenance Field progress entry 10.Profit recognition Journal entries 11.Job closing 12.Job .

Job Code Listing May 2022 Job Code Job Title Job Function SuccessFactors Function Job Family Salary Plan Grade FLSA Status Minimum Salary Midpoint Salary Maximum Salary. Job Code Listing May 2022 Job Code Job Title Job Function SuccessFactors Function Job Family Salary Plan Grade FLSA Status Minimum Salary Midpoint Salary

ATTENDANCE: 7 points attendance (weekly survey, meeting attendance, classroom attendance) – Attendance at all class events is mandatory – 3 free absence points (two or three days of absence based on attendance points) – Negative points can accumulate without limit – Having someone else sign you in is cheating; don’t do this!

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When the attendance is completed, the system will write the attendance information back to the system database, and the students can query the attendance result information after refreshing. Figure 2 below shows the student attendance process. The teacher logs on to the Web server side to see the attendance information for the course .

delete job tickets. Click the add new job ticket button to add a new job. Existing job tickets can be cloned into new jobs by using the clone job button. Click the edit button to edit the Job's key information found in the Specs window, such as the client contact, job name/title, project, job type, start date, or profit center. Click the delete

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