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HNT Private Custom-Made Tour Itinerary: Winter Wonderland Sample TourSAMPLE / 4 paxRecommended Dates: 7 Day Tour, Mid-December - Late MarchTour SynopsisTour RouteMake the most of your trip to Hokkaidoon a private custom-made tour withHNT! Get to know our favorite routes &breathtaking landscapes, great gourmet&culturalexperiences,famoussightseeing spots and off-the-beatenpath destinations. On this 7-day tour youwill see the best Hokkaido has to offer inwinter with a variety of great activities. From dogsledding at the foothill ofDaisetsuzan National Park, to wildlife & crane spotting at Shireoko Peninsula,Tsurui Village & Notsuke Peninsula, to a variety of snowshoeing beneath frozenwaterfalls and along volcanic craters, our carefully selected activities will allowyou to fully discover Hokkaido’s natural & cultural highlights. We’ll also visit thefamous port towns of Kushiro & Abashiri, go winter canoeing on KushiroMarshland, check out crafts at Higashikawa and much more! Top it off withsuperb Hokkaido gourmet, soothing hot springs and famous Japanese hospitalityat our favorite hotels, ryokans - including at least a 1 night stay at a traditionalryokan with kaiseki dinner - and you will have a fantastic vacation with memoriesthat will last a lifetime!Day 1: Sapporo Higashikawa Asahidake OnsenHighlights of the TourDay 2: Asahidake Onsen TenninkyoGorge Sounkyo Gorge AbashiriDay 3: Abashiri Utoro RausuDay 4: Rausu Notsuke Peninsula Yoroushi OnsenDay 5: Yoroushi Onsen Lake Mashu Teshikaga Mt. Iou Lake Kussharo Tsurui VillageDay 6: Tsurui Village Kushiro Marshland KushiroDay 7: Kushiro Shikaoi Obihiro SapporoWhy Travel with Us? Unforgettable private tours in Hokkaido with an English-speakingguide & private transportation Tour guided by an English-speaking nature guide with private transportation A variety of experiential activities such as snowshoeing on volcanic rims& beneath frozen falls, dogsledding through field & forest, canoeing atKushiro Marshland & the Stellar Sea Eagle cruise at Rausu Top sightseeing including Kushiro’s Washo Market, Tsurui Village cranespotting, Abashiri museum, capes & peninsulas, and more Stay at our carefully selected quality hotel & ryokan accommodation,including at least 1 night at a traditional ryokan with kaiseki dinner A nice mix of famous spots & off-the-beaten-path destinations Carefully selected, never outsourced, enthusiastic and highlyexperienced nature guides with insider knowledge of Hokkaido Award-winning, uniquely crafted, custom-made itineraries builtaround your personal preferences Complete logistical support and itinerary creation from our HNTtravel experts, which means no middle-man costs and the mostcompetitive prices Superior flexibility during your tour with the ability to changeactivities as you go, as well as refund policies for missed activitiesbeyond your control Top rated onsens for you to relax during your tourHokkaido Nature Tours2-6 7-83 Ishiyama, Minami-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, JapanTravel License No.: 3-718( 81)11-592-3959Page 2 8

HNT Private Custom-Made Tour Itinerary: Winter Wonderland Sample TourSAMPLE / 4 paxRecommended Dates: 7 Day Tour, Mid-December - Late MarchGuest InformationName & No. ofGuestsSampleActivity PreferencesWinter Sightseeing, Winter Gourmet,Winter Festivals, Hot Springs,Daisetsuzan Nat'l Park, ShiretokoNat'l Park, Ice Fishing, Drift Ice &Boat Excursions, Dogsledding,SnowmobilingTour Dates7 Day WinterTourCountry ofResidenceSampleMix of Active &RelaxationBudgetAsahidake Ropeway& SugatamiHighland PlateauSnowshoeingRide the ropeway high above the snowy forests and gosnowshoeing across the remarkable Sugatami Plateauat the base of Mt. Asahidake, Hokkaido’s highestmountain, to reach the steaming fumaroles at the footof the mountainHotel Check-in,Onsen & DinnerAsahidake Resort is nestled at the base of Mt.Asahidake, Hokkaido’s highest mountainOvernight: Asahidake Onsen (dinner & breakfast included)Flexible-budgetTour Starting & Ending PointsThis itinerary assumes 8:30 AM pickup from Sapporo on Day 1 (pleaseconfirm hotel details) & drop-off inSapporo on Day 7 (last nightaccommodation not included)Fill up your water bottles at this voluminous springknown for its abundance & pure tasting water owing tocenturies of filtration from the substrata of the Mt.Asahidake volcanoPace of TourPersonal PreferencesSampleAsahidakeFreshwater SpringSplurgeNature Activities,Accommodation,Gourmet,Health &RelaxationYour Custom-Made Tour ItineraryDay 1: Higashikawa & Asahidake OnsenPick-up in SapporoOur guide will be waiting at the lobby of your hotel at8:30 am to begin the tour; please confirm hotel detailsDrive toHigashikawaEstimated driving time is approx. 2 hrs. 30 min.Higashikawa CraftSitesThe town of Higashikawa outside Asahikawa is famousas a handicraft village, especially in pottery, woodwork& photography, with a burgeoning café scene as wellLunch inHigashikawaChoose from a wide variety of small restaurants, manywith original twists on classic Japanese staplesincluding soba, udon, ramen & moreHokkaido Nature Tours2-6 7-83 Ishiyama, Minami-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, JapanTravel License No.: 3-718( 81)11-592-3959Day 2: Tenninkyo Gorge, Sounkyo Gorge, Cape Notoro& AbashiriTenninkyo Gorge& Hagoromo FallsSnowshoeingExplore the neglected Tenninkyo Gorge with itscolumnar joint cliffs, waterfalls and an easy snowshoeingnature trail to the frozen Hagoromo (Angel Dance) Falls,which at 270m is Hokkaido’s highest waterfallDrive to SounkyoEstimated driving time is approx. 1 hr. 30 min.Lunch at SounkyoOnsenRecommended: Beer Grill Canyon for Italian Japanesefusion with a focus on locally sourced ingredientsSounkyo Gorge 8Frozen WaterfallsSnowshoeing TrailBeginner-level snowshoeing along the frozen SounkyoGorge, spotting frozen waterfalls, Ezo-deer, eagles andother wildlife in the best gorge in HokkaidoDrive to AbashiriEstimated driving time is approx. 3 hrs.Page 3 8

HNT Private Custom-Made Tour Itinerary: Winter Wonderland Sample TourSAMPLE / 4 paxRecommended Dates: 7 Day Tour, Mid-December - Late MarchCape NotoroSightseeingA classic cape with a lighthouse, with panoramic views ofthe Sea of OkhotskHotel Check-in,Onsen & DinnerOne of Hokkaido’s most remote destinations, Abashiri ison the Sea of Okhotsk and is surrounded by lakesHotel Check-in,Onsen & DinnerRausu, famed for seafood, wildlife & hot springs, islocated within the UNESCO World Heritage ShiretokoPeninsulaOvernight: Rausu (dinner & breakfast included)Overnight: Abashiri (dinner & breakfast included)Day 4: Rausu, Notsuke Peninsula & Yoroushi OnsenDay 3: Abashiri, Utoro & RausuRausu WinterNature CruiseCruise through the waters off Rausu, in search of driftice, Steller Sea Eagles and other sea lifeRausu LocalProducts Market &LunchCheck out the variety of local marine products, such askelp, crab, uni and salmon, then enjoy lunch upstairswhere seafood is the specialtyDrive to NotsukePeninsulaEstimated driving time is approx. 1 hr. 45 min.Abashiri PrisonMuseumOROkhotsk RyuhyoMuseumThe most feared prison in all of Japan during the MeijiRestoration Period – we’ll see the living conditions thatprisoners persevered throughORLearn all about drift ice at this modern museum ineastern Hokkaido, the southernmost place on earthwith drift iceUtoro Scenic Drive &WaterfallsEnjoy a coastal drive to Utoro, with tall cliffs &plunging waterfalls along the seaside roadNotsuke PeninsulaWildlife SpottingThis sand spit peninsula becomes a wildlife refuge inwinter, with scores of deer, Hokkaido Red Fox &Steller’s Sea EaglesShiretoko UNESCOConservation Center& Local ProductsMarketBe introduced to the many faces of ShiretokoPeninsula, with a fascinating 20 minute movie aboutthe flora & fauna at Hokkaido’s only UNESCO WorldHeritage site, then check out local products at theadjoining Michi-no-Eki (local products market)Drive to YoroushiOnsenEstimated driving time is approx. 1 hr. 15 min.Ryokan Check-in,Onsen & DinnerLunch in UtoroFamed for fresh seafood from its legendary waters,Utoro is the place to try a variety of top seafood itemsA unique experience in staying at one of Hokkaido’s besttraditional Japanese ryokans with a chance to spot therare Blakiston’s Fish Owl & Japanese sableDrive to RausuEstimated driving time is approx. 2 hrs.Rausu FishingVillages Scenic DriveDrive along the famed Rausu coastline, passing remotefishing villages and stunning seascapesHokkaido Nature Tours2-6 7-83 Ishiyama, Minami-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, JapanTravel License No.: 3-718( 81)11-592-3959Overnight: Yuyado Dai-Ichi Ryokan or similar (kaiseki dinner & breakfastincluded)Page 4 8

HNT Private Custom-Made Tour Itinerary: Winter Wonderland Sample TourSAMPLE / 4 paxRecommended Dates: 7 Day Tour, Mid-December - Late MarchDay 5: Akan Lake District & Tsurui VillageLake MashuSightseeing & CraterRim SnowshoeingFrom the viewpoint of Lake Mashu - a conical volcaniclake rated among the world’s clearest waters - we’ll goon an easy snowshoe hike along the crater rim formore incredible views and wildlife spottingLunch in TeshikagaRecommended: Teshikaga ramen, the local specialtyMt. Iou GeothermalParkExperience the active volcanic area of Mt. Iou, wheresulfur vents billow from the groundLake KussharoSunayu & KotanWild OnsenTake a foot bath at this unique beach onsen, whereonsen water rises up as you dig a hole in the sand;nearby is Kotan no Yu Wild Onsen, dramaticallylocated on the shores of Lake Kussharo (separatedbathing areas for men & women with basic changingfacilities; bathing suits permitted; bring your owntowels); these are also winter nesting spots forwhooper swans & Mallard ducks, and visitors can walkright up to the birds!Drive to TsuruiVillageEstimated driving time is approx. 1 hr.Hotel Check-in,Onsen & DinnerTsurui Village is one of Japan’s most famous villages,mainly because of the successful efforts of the locals insaving the tancho cranes from extinctionDay 6: Tsurui Village, Kushiro Marshland & KushiroTsurui VillageCrane SpottingDrive through the village where crane feeding startedover 70 years ago in one of the best conservation effortsin Japan’s history; today we can often spot the Tanchored-crowned cranes grazing in the fields and roosting inthe waterways outside the villageKushiro MarshlandCanoeingGo on a 1- hour canoe ride surrounded by the frozenmarshland in Japan’s largest marsh, observing a varietyof wildlife & birds with a professional river guideKushiro WashoMarket & LunchSample some of the freshest seafood in Hokkaido, with ahuge variety of sashimi that you can choose per slicedirectly from the venders, or choose from a variety ofother seafood dishesKushiro MarshlandObservatoryTake in the wide panoramic views of Japan’s largestprotected marshland, a chance to spot wildlife such asthe iconic Tancho cranesAkan InternationalCrane CenterThe top site for crane watching, with the open fields andmountain vistas perfect for photography; a short andinformative documentary about the dramatic history ofnear extinction and yearly life cycle of the cranes, alongwith English subtitles, is also availableDinner in KushiroChoose from a variety of recommended local restaurantsspecializing in seafood and Robata-yaki (Japanese BBQ)Hotel Check-inA remote port town in eastern Hokkaido with greatseafood and lots of fishermen cultureOvernight: Tsurui Village (dinner & breakfast included)Overnight: Kushiro (breakfast included)Hokkaido Nature Tours2-6 7-83 Ishiyama, Minami-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, JapanTravel License No.: 3-718( 81)11-592-3959Page 5 8

HNT Private Custom-Made Tour Itinerary: Winter Wonderland Sample TourSAMPLE / 4 paxRecommended Dates: 7 Day Tour, Mid-December - Late MarchTour PriceDay 7: Shikaoi, Obihiro & SapporoDrive to ShikaoiEstimated driving time is approx. 2 hrs. 15 min.Dogsledding atShikaoiGet pulled by a team of dogs on a 10 kilometer trailwhile a lead snowmobile gets perfect shots of you as amusher; full instruction, guiding and safety briefingincludedDrive to ObihiroEstimated driving time is approx. 30 min.Lunch in ObihiroObihiro is famous for butadon, or braised pork on rice,owing to the many pig farms in the Tokachi regionRyugetsu SweetpiaGardenSee the factory production line at this famous desserthouse, then sample & purchase sweets in the gift shopDrive to SapporoEstimated driving time is approx. 3 hrs.Mitsui Outlet MallLast-minute international & Japanese brand-nameshopping in the outskirts of Sapporo (if time permits)Drop-off in SapporoUnfortunately, this marks the end of our tourtogether . . . until next time!Hokkaido Nature Tours2-6 7-83 Ishiyama, Minami-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, JapanTravel License No.: 3-718( 81)11-592-3959Tour Price (based on 4 pax) 342,900 ppSales Tax 34,290 ppTotal Tour Price 377,200 pp5% Off Early-booking Tour Price* 358,300 pp* Tour price is per person based on 3/4 star accommodation; please inquire directly forexact quotes for groups other than 4 pax and/or other accommodation standards* 5% Early-booking discount available for tours booked 3 months prior to the tour dateWhat is included in this tour Tour guided by an English-speakingnature guide Private transportation in a 4wd vehicle Entry and participation fees for allactivities listed in the itinerary 6 nights of 3/4 star hotel/ryokanaccommodation, with at least 1 night at atraditional ryokan with kaiseki dinner 5 hotel/ryokan dinners Daily hotel/ryokan breakfasts Hot springs entry fees and taxes Quality photos provided following thetourWhat is not included in this tour Daily lunches 1 Dinner Wi-Fi (please ask us about mobile WiFi or SIM card rental from New ChitoseAirport)Page 6 8

HNT Private Custom-Made Tour Itinerary: Winter Wonderland Sample TourSAMPLE / 4 paxRecommended Dates: 7 Day Tour, Mid-December - Late MarchSample Hotels for HNT Custom-Made Tours543Zaborin RyokanKuramure RyokanUmi no Bettei Furukawa RyokanJR Tower Hotel Nikko SapporoThe Windsor Hotel Toya Resort & SpaKi NisekoLake Shikotsu Tsuruga Resort Spa Mizu no UtaAkan Yuku no Sato TsurugaLake Toya Nanokaze ResortSapporo Grand HotelNew Furano Prince HotelYunokawa Prince Hotel NagisateiDai-ichi Takimotokan ResortAsahidake Yumoto Yukomanso RyokanNatulux HotelHotel Niseko AlpenAsahikawa Park HotelLake Toya Sun Palace ResortKushiro Castle HotelIbis Styles SapporoAir Terminal HotelToya Kanko HotelHNT Guiding PolicyNisekoOtaru / AsarigawaNoboribetsuSapporoLake ToyaNisekoLake ShikotsuLake AkanLake ToyaSapporoFuranoHakodateNoboribetsu Onsen ResortAsahidake Onsen ResortFuranoNisekoAsahikawaLake ToyaKushiroSapporoNew Chitose AirportLake ToyaPolicy & Payment InformationWhat to BringInsulated boots winter jacket / snow pants / leggings / winter hat / thick gloves /muffler / non-cotton socks / thermal layers Ice grips for bootsParamount for HNT Tours is the safety and wellbeing of our guests. Our extensiveexperience in the mountains of Hokkaido and internationally gives us a profoundrespect for nature, and we may be forced to alter a tour itinerary if we encounteradverse conditions that may put our guests at risk. All tour activities in theitinerary are subject to modification depending on safety conditions. Your safety isour top priority.Payment MethodsPlease specify your preferred payment method for the 50% deposit:1. Domestic Bank Transfer (no additional charges other than remitter fees)2. International Bank Transfer (subject to bank fees of 4,000 per transactionin addition to remitter fees)3. PayPal (subject to PayPal fees of approximately 4% per transaction)Deposit & Cancellation PolicyA minimum 50% deposit must be received in order to confirm your tour with us atHNT. Any cancellations by any participants made prior to 30 days before the startof a tour are eligible for a 50% deposit refund (e.g. appx. 25% of the total tour price).Any cancellations by any participants made within & including 30 days before thestart of a tour are not eligible for a deposit refund. Remainder payments can besettled in advance of the tour (2 weeks prior preferred, bank transfer/PayPal) ORin cash (yen only) upon pick-up on Day 1 of the tour. Please note that tourcancellations made due to government mandated travel bans on/by Japan vis-avis the guest’s Country of Residence will be eligible for more lenient refund policies(please inquire for details).Please request our HNT Essentials Checklist after booking your tour. If you haveany questions, ask us!Hokkaido Nature Tours2-6 7-83 Ishiyama, Minami-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, JapanTravel License No.: 3-718( 81)11-592-3959Page 7 8

HNT Private Custom-Made Tour Itinerary: Winter Wonderland Sample TourSAMPLE / 4 paxRecommended Dates: 7 Day Tour, Mid-December - Late MarchDisclaimerWe take great care in creating fantastic tours for our guests which are custommade to match their preferences. We will endeavor to follow the itinerary to thegreatest possible extent. However, if changes to an itinerary must be made due toweather conditions, guest safety concerns or unexpected delays during a tour, HNTis not responsible if aspects of a tour cannot be achieved. If aspects of a tour aremissed due to reasons beyond the guest’s control (such as weather related,unannounced closures, etc.), a refund will be provided for any missed activities,not including any cancellation fees imposed by hotels, operators or others.Awards, Recognition & Social Media2020/21 Luxury Travel Guide (LTG)Private Tour Company of the Year, Global Awards2019 Travel & Hospitality Awards Winner (THA)Nature Tour Company of the Year, Japan2018 Travel & Hospitality Awards Winner (THA)Tour Company of the Year, Hokkaido, Japan2017-2020 TripAdvisorCertificate of Excellence / Travellers’ Choice Awards2017 Luxury Travel Guide (LTG)Shortlisted, Asia & Australasia Awards2016 - Present: All Nippon Travel Agents Association (ANTA)Member, Hokkaido, JapanWhat Our Guests are Saying“The most enjoyable and relaxing holiday we’ve everexperienced!” – A.W. (Indonesia)“Absolutely brilliant! I would recommend these guys toanyone who wants to see the REAL Hokkaido. I waslooked after with the utmost care and every one of myneeds were met.” – U.Y. (England)“I can’t speak highly enough of the organization: Aprofessional guide service with a human touch, you won’tgo wrong with Hokkaido Nature Tours!” – Chris Tharp(America), National Geographic Traveller UKHokkaido Nature Tours2-6 7-83 Ishiyama, Minami-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, JapanTravel License No.: 3-718( 81)11-592-3959Page 8 8

HNT Private Custom-Made Tour Itinerary: Winter Wonderland Sample Tour SAMPLE / 4 pax Recommended Dates: 7 Day Tour, Mid-December - Late March P a g e 3 8 Hokkaido Nature Tours 2 -6 7 83 Ishiyama, Minami ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan Travel License No.: 3-718 ( 81)11-592-3959 Guest Information Name & No. of Guests Activity Preferences Pace of Tour

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