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ISOINTERNATIONALThis is a preview of "ISO 18400-104:2018". Click here to purchase the full version from the ANSI store.STANDARD18400-104First edition2018-10Soil quality — Sampling —Part 104:StrategiesQualité du sol — Échantillonnage —Partie 104: StratégiesReference numberISO 18400-104:2018(E) ISO 2018

ISO 18400-104:2018(E) This is a preview of "ISO 18400-104:2018". Click here to purchase the full version from the ANSI store.COPYRIGHT PROTECTED DOCUMENT ISO 2018All rights reserved. Unless otherwise specified, or required in the context of its implementation, no part of this publication maybe reproduced or utilized otherwise in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, or postingon the internet or an intranet, without prior written permission. Permission can be requested from either ISO at the addressbelow or ISO’s member body in the country of the requester.ISO copyright officeCP 401 Ch. de Blandonnet 8CH-1214 Vernier, GenevaPhone: 41 22 749 01 11Fax: 41 22 749 09 47Email: copyright@iso.orgWebsite: www.iso.orgPublished in Switzerlandii ISO 2018 – All rights reserved

ISO 18400-104:2018(E) This is a preview of "ISO 18400-104:2018". Click here to purchase the full version from the ANSI store.Contents PageForeword.vIntroduction. vi123456Scope. 1Normative references. 1Terms and definitions. 1Overall investigation strategy. 54.1General. 54.2Zoning. 74.3Types of investigation. 74.3.1General. 74.3.2Preliminary investigation. 104.3.3Exploratory investigation. 114.3.4Detailed investigation. 114.3.5Supplementary investigations. 114.4Conceptual site model. 124.5Preliminary risk assessment. 12Sampling strategies — General aspects.135.1Sampling objectives. 135.2Scope of the sampling strategy. 135.3Designing the sampling strategy. 145.4Principal sampling situations. 155.5Representative and sufficiently representative samples. 165.6Characteristics of the spatial distribution. 175.7Statistical aspects. 185.8Uncertainty of measurements caused by sampling and analysis. 185.9Safety and environmental protection. 195.10 Barriers to sampling. 195.11 Timing of investigations. 19Sampling strategies — Key aspects and concepts.206.1Statistics and geostatistics. 206.1.1General. 206.1.2Statistics. 206.1.3Geostatistics. 206.2Approaches to sampling. 226.2.1General. 226.2.2Judgemental sampling. 226.2.3Systematic sampling. 236.2.4Convenience sampling. 236.3Average properties. 246.4Types of samples. 246.4.1General. 246.4.2Disturbed and undisturbed samples. 246.4.3Spot (single) samples. 256.4.4Cluster samples. 256.4.5Spatial (composite) samples. 256.4.6Selective samples. 276.5Number of samples. 276.5.1General. 276.5.2Number of samples at discrete sampling points. 286.5.3Number of cluster samples. 286.5.4Number of composite samples. 286.6Sample sizes. 29 ISO 2018 – All rights reserved iii

ISO 18400-104:2018(E) This is a preview of "ISO 18400-104:2018". Click here to purchase the full version from the ANSI store.7896. 29Practical considerations. 30Deciding how many samples to take.327.1General. 327.2Basic situations. 337.3Determining average concentrations. 337.3.1General. 337.3.2Using spatial composite samples. 347.3.3Using spot samples. 357.3.4Determining relation to threshold limit. 357.4Finding (hot spots and) areas of interest of a specified minimum size. 357.5Sampling for particular purposes. 367.5.1Determination of background values. 367.5.2Waste classification. 367.5.3Supplementary investigations for remediation. 367.5.4Validation of remediation and other works. 37Sampling strategies for in-ground sampling.388.1Approach to sampling. 388.2Sampling patterns. 388.2.1General. 388.2.2Potentially contaminated sites. 398.2.3Hot spot detection, site investigation design and sampling. 408.3Types of samples. 418.4Sampling depths. 428.4.1General. 428.4.2Potentially contaminated sites. 428.4.3Sampling in relation to the groundwater profile and aquifer. 438.5Size of samples. 448.6Number of samples. 458.6.1General. 458.6.2Number of samples at individual sampling points. 458.6.3Number of composite samples. 45Sampling of above-ground deposits.469.1General. 469.2Sampling patterns. 469.3Types of sample. 469.3.1General. 469.3.2Convenience sampling. 479.4Sampling depths. 479.5Size of samples. 479.6Number of samples. 47Annex A (informative) Basic statistical concepts.48Annex B (informative) Sampling patterns.54Annex C (informative) Assessment and modification of sampling uncertainty.68Annex D (informative) Examples of sampling for particular purposes.72Annex E (informative) Scale of sampling.77Annex F (informative) Determination of size and number of samples and increments.82Annex G (informative) Statistical methods for estimating soil parameters.90Annex H (informative) Geostatistical methods for sampling design and evaluation of soilquality. 103Annex I (informative) Sampling strategies for risk assessment. 119Bibliography.

ISO 18400-107, ISO 18400-202, ISO 18400-203 and ISO 18400-206, cancels and replaces the first editions of ISO 10381-1:2002, ISO 10381-4:2003, ISO 10381-5:2005, ISO 10381-6:2009 and ISO 10381-8:2006, which have been structurally and technically revised. The new ISO 18400 series is based on a modular structure and cannot be compared to the ISO 10381

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