• Description: QUESTION BANK (MATHEMATICS),CLASS-VII CHAPTER-1 RATIONAL NUMBERS SECTION - A(1Marks) 1.What do you mean by a rational number ? 2.Find the absolute value of 8 7. 3.Find the standard form of 21 42. 4.Every integer is an whole number.(True/False) 5.Which of the following is not a rational.

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DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL, JHARSUGUDA QUESTION BANK SUB –MATHEMATICS CLASS – VI Natural numbers and whole numbers Section A – 1 mark each 1. Which is the Roman numeral of 49? a)XCVII b) XLIX c) LXXIX d) XCI 2. What is the smallest whole number? a) 0 b) 1 c) 9 d) none of these .

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for DAV Nationals in Lawn Tennis at Ghaziabad, and brought back a Bronze Medal for the school. She had won a Bronze Medal in DAV Nationals in Lawn Tennis at Haridwar as well in the year 2017. Besides she strongly participated in the School Nationals in Lawn Tennis held by School Games Federat

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DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL , GEVRA PROJECT Class : XII Question Bank 2019-20 MATHEMATICS Q.1 If tan-1x tan y 4 then cot-1x cot y equals (i) (ii) ) (iii) ) (iv) Q.2 The value of

The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test standards with which automobile manu - facturers must comply are determined by bodies such as ISO, SAE and JASO. Additionally, most manufacturers also develop and specify their own custom EMC tests to meet a wideranging – and fast evolving – set of requirements. The need for a flexible test resource has never been greater Automotive .