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Structured Prediction - svivek

• Global learning algorithms • One feature vector per outcome • Each outcome scored • Prediction = highest scoring outcome Structured classification • Global models or local models • Each outcome scored • Prediction = highest scoring outcome • Inference is no longer easy! • Makes all the difference


management (Cavus & Sharif, 2014; Degeng, 1989). Meanwhile, learning outcome is explained by two dimensions, precisely, actual outcome and desired outcome. Talking about actual outcome, it is defined as outcome that has been achieved through the use of certain strategy on certain condition (Hartini et al., 2017).

Overview of Risk Adjustment and Outcome Measures for Home .

graphical comparison of an agency's actual outcome (1) with its expected outcome (using a "national" comparison group) and (2) with its risk-adjusted outcome for the prior year. An enumeration of the outcome measures with a brief rationale for why the current group of 41 outcomes was selected is provided in Section 5 of this document.

Modul - Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Islam

akuntansi musyarakah (sak no 106) Ayat tentang Musyarakah (Q.S. 39; 29) لًََّز ãَ åِاَ óِ îَخظَْ ó Þَْ ë Þٍجُزَِ ß ا äًَّ àَط لًَّجُرَ íَ åَ îظُِ Ûاَش


Leuk Daek Area Development Programme Design FY13-FY15 Page 6 1 Programme summary 1.1 Programme profile National Office Name World Vision Cambodia Programme Name Leuk Daek Area Development Program Programme Goal Children are healthy, completed quality basic education and live in peace. Programme Outcomes Outcome #1 Outcome #2 Outcome #3

Mapping Learning: A Toolkit

across the top (the x-axis) and learning outcomes listed down the left side (the y-axis). As depicted in Table 1, a mark is made in the box where a course addresses an outcome. Learning Outcomes Course1 2 3 Learning Outcome 1 X X Learning Outcome 2 X Learning Outcome 3 X X Table 1: A basic curriculum map

Specification for the Professional - Wine School

The WSET ® Level 2 Award in Spirits Contents 2-6 Introduction 7 Qualification Aims 8 WSE T® Level 2 Award in Spirits 9 Learning Outcome 1 10-12 Learning Outcome 2 13 Learning Outcome 3 14 Learning Outcome 4 15 Recommended Tasting Samples 16 Examination Guidance 17 Multiple-Choice Examination 18 Sample Examination Q

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each year in the budget process is keeping us on the path towards reaching the SDS outcomes. Priority Area 1: Economic Key Outcome 1: Macroeconomic Resilience Increased and Sustained Key Outcome 2: Agriculture and Fisheries Productivity Increased Key Outcome 3: Export Products Increased Key Outcome 4: Tourism Development and Performance Improved

Jim Rohn: The Keys To Success Book Summary

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BI 101 Syllabus - Oregon State University

BI 101 course outcomes indicate what students are expected to learn while participating in the course and these outcomes are matched with weekly course activities, student products, and assessments. Each learning outcome (1, 2, 3) has sub-outcomes (A, B, C) that specify how the general outcome can be applied in BI 101. Outcome 1. Recognize and ...

Voting with CP-nets using a Probabilistic Preference Structure

an optimal outcome from a PCP-net (most probable optimal outcome and the optimal outcome of the most probable CP-net), obtaining four approaches, each of which can be seen as a voting rule that take as input a pro le of individual CP-nets and outputs a winning alternative. We show that the output of the sequential voting method with majority for

Outcome of Endodontic Surgery: A Meta-analysis of the .

Literature—Part 1: Comparison of Traditional Root-end Surgery and Endodontic Microsurgery Frank C. Setzer, DMD, PhD, MS, Sweta B. Shah, BDS, DMD, Meetu R. Kohli, BDS, DMD, Bekir Karabucak, DMD, MS, and Syngcuk Kim, DDS, PhD Abstract Introduction: The aim of this study was to investigate the outcome of root-end surgery. The specific outcome