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1. Smart City Challenge Submissions and Finalists 7 2. Miami’s Smart City Operations Center 25 3. Seven Smart City Domains 32 4. Smart City Domains and Pyramid of Innovation 33 5. Three-Phase Smart City Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation Framework 34 6. Phase 1 Key Steps 35 7. The Design-Thinking Process 36 8. Phase 2 Key Steps 38 9.

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Smart City | Smart Nation. 5 . Smart Environment . For a Smart City to live up to its name, using technology to foster sustainable growth is essential. This means leveraging technology to maximize the efficient use of precious resources and encourage sound choices by all players. This includes not only city-owned


ASSESSING SMART CITY INITIATIVES IN THE MEDITERRANEAN REGION 7 3. SMART CITY PROJECTS SMART CITY PROJECT’S CHARACTERISTICS A Smart City Project (SCP) is a project that generates a characteristics of urban Figure INNOVATION SCPs should promote environments of technological cooperation (platforms) for the

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Smart City Considerations Smart City is one concept of many that contribute to the safety, growth, and innovation within the City and around us. Smart solutions help us deliver public services and offer a suite of programs with immense potential. We have also learned smart solutions require new considerations in the

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10 NATIONAL LEAGUE OF CITIES TRENDS IN SMART CITY DEVELOPMENT 11 Trends in Smart City Development Hence, a smart city is a city that has developed some technological infrastructure that enables it to collect, aggregate, and analyze real-time data and has made a concerted e"ort to use that data to improve the lives of its residents.


2 NYKYTILA-ANALYYSI SMART CITY LABIN OHJELMISTA, HANKKEISTA JA PROJEKTEISTA Smart City Lab on Tampere3 vastaus Tampereen kaupungin Smart Tampere –ohjelmaan. Smart City Lab on Tampere3-korkeakouluyhteisön tutkimuksen ja koulutuksen koordinaatiomalli Smart Tampere-ekosysteemille.


WHAT IS A SMART CITY? To begin to scratch the surface of what a smart city is, it’s critical to fully understand the term “smart.” The term has come to be known as the de facto label on all things digital. Nearly anything with wireless connectivity has been labeled “smart.” That’s because new technology enables users to

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What is a smart city? The term “smart city“ was coined towards the end of the 20th century. It is rooted in the implementation of user-friendly information and communication technologies developed by major industries for urban spaces. Its meaning has since been expanded to relate to the future of cities and their development.

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Smart Lighting. By automatically dimming public lighting when no pedestrians or vehicles are present, smart lighting can save power and reduce light pollution while still keeping neighborhoods safe. Smart lighting has begun to be rolled out in cities such as San Diego and Barcelona7 as part of a larger Smart City initiative.

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to technology suppliers to Smart Cities, Smart City program managers, academics researching innovation and Smart Cities, and disability organizations and advocates working to make innovation and Smart Cities more inclusive. This Playbook has been designed to complement other tools that make up the . Smart Cities for All . Toolkit.

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Funding and financing smart cities 5 What is a smart city? The convergence of technology and infrastructure provides a workable construct for smart cities that forms the basis of this discussion. This construct places the smart city at the center of traditional infrastructure. Its connection to and


The Smart Cities movement has garnered tremendous attention from local government . leaders over the past five years, but what do we mean by a “smart city” or a “smart community”? For some communities, becoming a smart city is all about technology and integrating it into the daily operations of local government departments. It’s having

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Agreement – The written contract between the City and the Contractor covering the performance of the Work. 2. City - City of Tracy, California, acting through the City Council or other duly authorized agents. 3. City Council - The City Council of the City of Tracy. 4. City Regulations - All written laws, rules, and policies established by the ...

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Abstract—Smart cities use information and communication technologies (ICT) to scale services include utilities and transportation to a growing population. In this article we discuss how smart city ICT can also improve healthcare effectiveness and lower healthcare cost for smart city residents. We survey current literature and introduce

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Introduction to Smart Software Manager On-Prem Cisco Smart Software Manager On-Prem (SSM On-Prem) is a Smart Licensing solution that enables customers to administer products and licenses on their premises, instead of having to directly connect Smart Licensed enabled product instances to Cisco Smart Software Manager hosted on

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History of New York Smart Schools Bond Act. 2014 – Governor Cuomo called for $2 Billion technology investment in schools November 2014 – Public approval of the Smart Schools Bond Act 2015 – Development of Smart Schools Bond Act guidelines April 2016 – Smart Schools Review Board was assembled June 2016 – First group of Smart School Investment ...


SMART TV Smart TV Type Non Smart Non Smart Non Smart Apps Panel N/A N/A N/A Web Browser N/A N/A N/A VESA Standard VESA Mount (mm) 200ⅹ200 200ⅹ200 200ⅹ200 Connectivity Mobile to TV - Mirroring, DLNA N/A N/A N/A Bluetooth Music Player (Mobile → TV) N/A N/A N/A Samsung SMART View N/A N/A N/A Feature EPG Yes Yes Yes BT HID Support N/A N/A N ...

Aberdeen City Autism Strategy and Action Plan 2019-2022

Aberdeen City’s Autism Strategy is a whole life strategy, which has been co-produced by Aberdeen City Council (ACC), NHS Grampian, Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership (ACHSCP) and other partners. The current strategy and action plan is being revised following updated outcomes and priorities detailed by the Scottish Government

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Through the Smart City Challenge, the Department committed up to $40 million to one winning city. In response, cities leveraged an additional $500 million in private and public funding to help make their Smart City visions real. And, in October 2016, Secretary Foxx announced an additional $65 million in grants to support community-driven

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Good Strategy + Good Strategy Execution = Good Management 17 Illustration Capsules 1.1. Starbucks' Strategy in the Specialty Coffee Industry 8 1.2. Microsoft and Red Hat: Two Contrasting Business Models 16 2. Leading the Process of Crafting and Executing Strategy 22 What Does the Strategy-Making, Strategy-Executing Process Entail? 24

CDTFA-105, District Sales and Use Tax Rates

10-01-2014: Newark (City) City of Newark Transactions and Use Tax (NEGT) 0.50%: 04-01-2017: San Leandro (City) City of San Leandro 2015 Transactions and Use Tax (SLDG) 0.50%: 04-01-2015: Union City (City) City of Union City Transactions and Use Tax (UCGF) 0.50%: 04-01-2011

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The smart city is a modern myth, a dream for our time. It’s an archetype and an ideal, formed in the realm of our collective unconscious. It’s a magical place we long for, a vision shimmering in the distance and yet embedded deeply in our psyche. For those of us who love cities, the smart city is where

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developments in smart city projects. The defining characteristic of this tier is the development of a digital ecosystem in and around the city’s digital infrastructure, with the result that new products, services, businesses and government revenue opportunities are created on the smart city platform .

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Smart City Solution Guide 1 About this document The purpose of this document is to serve as a reference guide to the solutions that Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides to smart city customers. This guide presents use cases, business drivers, technical requirements and a solution overview along with ALE’s value proposition for each solution set.

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• As of Q1 2018, IHS Markit - smart city intelligence market tracker, tracks over 100 cities of the United States which have at least one smart city related project. • About 14% of the US cities have publicly announced their involvement with smart city related projects. 47% of them responded to the survey that was conducted via

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Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Smart Policing Initiative. Upon being awarded that grant, the Kansas City Police Department, in partnership with the University of Missouri - Kansas City, initiated a foot patrol project covering some of the most violent crime "hot spots" in the city. Smart Policing Initiative . begins… and then transforms

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ration is a distributed system of smart disks. In such a system, smart disks are connected through an interconnection network. One of the smart disks may be assigned as a central unit for coordination purposes, but all the applications are distributed among the smart disks. If parallelism in such a system can be exploited efficiently, systems ...

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1.2 City Recognition The City Manager, or any person or organization duly authorized by the City Manager, is the representative of the City of San Ramon, hereinafter referred to as the "City" in employer employee relations. 1.3 Dues Deduction Members shall provide written authorization on a form provided by the City, for


Smart City because it is growing, mid-size city experiencing increased urbanization and density development. Chattanooga is a Growing, Mid-Size City . The total population of Chattanooga, including Red Bank, TN and East Ridge, TN, is 200,304 people (see Table 1). This population total is inclusive of Red Bank and East Ridge because these


Smart technology is a key piece of the solution. But smart city projects come with price tags. And many smart technologies are relatively new and haven’t established the kind of track record financiers want to see, which makes securing capital investments even more chal-lenging. Happily, there are numerous financing tools available to help

Barking and Dagenham Growth Strategy 2013-2023

how growth will be unlocked through utilising a range of tools and methods. this strategy sets out how this will be done and how we will deliver our Community strategy objectives. 6 | Barking and Dagenham Growth Strategy Barking and Dagenham Growth Strategy | 7 London’s newest OppOrtunity Dagenham Business Centre the strategy’s objectives ...

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The “smart city” concept initially referred to initiatives that use digital and ICT-based innovation to improve the efficiency of urban services and generate new economic opportunities in cities. With the proliferation of smart city initiatives around the world (Box 1.1), greater attention needs to be paid to whether the ...


Smart City cybersecurity and privacy challenges and risks. Purpose Advances in information and communication technologies (ICT) and the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) devices are enabling municipalities’ development and deployment of Smart City capabilities and solutions. Municipalities are leveraging

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Smart City, in everyday use, is inclusive of terms such as ‘digital city’ or ‘connected cities’. Cyber-physical innovations feature prominently in Smart Cities, particularly as cyber-physical technologies are increasingly added to existing infrastructure and built into newly constructed infrastructure. Removing the cyber-physical ...

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SMART’s professional transit management staff is supported by the City of Wilsonville’s Finance, Legal, Community Development and Project Management staff. These City Departments work together with SMART to ensure the transit system has the necessary technical, financial, and legal


City’s Official Plan which states, "A key city-building principle is that public buildings, parks and open spaces should be open and accessible to all members of the public." A multi-year implementation strategy to make City facilities accessible to persons with disabilities will be provided for City Council’s consideration later this year.

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Some city authorities in other countries are further along in the use of smart mobility technology. London exploits vast amounts of data about how people move across its transportation network to better manage traffic throughout the city. A central system pulls data from 9,200 buses, 6,000 traffic signals, and 1,400 cameras, and adjusts signals to

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• In Kansas City, Missouri, the Kansas City Police Department planned and implemented a comprehensive focused deterrence strategy, which was associated with a 40 percent decrease in homicides and 19 percent decrease in gun-related aggravated assaults. BJA believes that several coreelements must be in place to support a successful Smart


chief executive officer of the City, with the duty to oversee the administrative affairs of the City. The Mayor proposes the City budget, appoints City department heads, and has veto authority over most legislative and budgetary matters. The nine-member City Council has legislative authority in the City, including approving the