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Geneva 1 Cemetery Locale Location Church Affiliation and Remarks Adoniram 66 - SE T1N, R23E, Sec 28 former site to Adoniram Baptist Church, established c. 1880; approximately 60 marked and 55 unmarked graves; first known interment: infant Whiddon (B. & D. 1886); last known interment: Della R. Mims (1914- 1986); Elmore, Lollie, Howell, Pate, Rivenbark and Spikes are also found here (4) (18) (19 .

avocational passions, hobbies, leisure, limitations, illnesses past or current socio-economic status past or current work status or profession intellectual qualities, interests country of origin, regional or community affiliation learning preferences past or current educational status political affiliation

You can book Park reservations for your entire travel party, so long as they are of the same affiliation. –Park reservations for travel party members who are not of the same affiliation must be booked in separate transactions. You must book Park reservations for each day

Madison 2 . Cemetery Locale Location Church Affiliation and Remarks . Booker 25 - 1 - NW T2S, R2W, Sec 8

Nom du Club : N Affiliation du Club : N . lorsqu’ils résultent de la privation de jouissance d’un droit, de l’interruption d’un service rendu par une personne ou un bien meuble ou immeuble, de la pert

institution that a student be allowed to continue affiliation and may, for reasons deemed sufficient by the Academy itself, discontinue affiliation. . The most noticeable difference between resumes and CVs is the length. The student’s resume should . Students should take adva

Exempla St. Joseph Hospital 1835 Franklin Street Denver, CO 80218 2/10: Current Affiliation Agreements ACTIVE as of 3/3/2021 Fallon Health Weinberg 461 John James Audubon Parkway Amherst, NY 14228 F

especially if the affiliation group is small and socially cohesive.1 Affiliation networks tap into how interactions are organized around various ‘‘social foci” that transcend physical proximity, and are important in generating and sustaining social ties (Feld, 1981). Using affi

Randolph 2 Cemetery Locale Location Church Affiliation and Remarks Calvary 174 - SE T20S, R11E, Sec 24 Calvary Baptist Church, organized in 1858; approximately 35 graves; first known interment: Milford Ezra Lipham (1898-1971); Brown, Burke, Calhoun, Cofield, Craven, Powers, Ramsey, Springer, Sutton, Tenna

Butler 1 Cemetery Locale Location Church Affiliation and Remarks Andress 58 - NE T10N, R15E, Sec 13 approximately 20 graves; first known interment: the unmarked grave of William Andress (1778-1841); last known interment: John Pollard (1858-1943); Bentley, Henderson and Mosley are also found here (37) (43) Antioch East 23 - NE T11N, R15E, Sec 32 Antioch East Missionary Baptist Church, organized .

Temple Beth Shalom E-mail address: Affiliation: Reform Address: 5089 Johnstown Road, New Albany, OH 43054 Website: Phone: 614.855.4684 Temple Israel Rabbi’s name: Rabbi Misha Zinkow Contact name: Elaine Tenenbaum E-mail address: Affiliation: Reform Address: 5419 East Broad Street,

Russell 1 Cemetery Locale Location Church Affiliation and Remarks Abercrombie 25 - NE T16N, R30E, Sec 4 . Jackson, James, Johnson, Key, King, Long, Pollard, Puckett, Samuel, Smith, Thomas, Torbert, Tyner, Washington and Wilson are common to this active cemetery (32)