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Exercise Center Break Areas with Vending Machines 4. USNTPS Indian Navy/Air Force French Navy/Air Force Royal Navy Royal Australian Navy Canadian Forces Japanese Forces Royal Air Force Royal Swedish Air Force Royal Australian Air Force . Israeli Air Force Swiss Air Force German Air F

b. Air Force Forces (AFFOR) METOC Organization 3 c. Air Force Weather Support to Joint & Air Force Organizations 3 d. Air Force METOC Capabilities: Personnel and Equipment 6 e. Air Force METOC Data Sources 12 f. Air Force Weather Products and Services 13 g. Key Air Force METOC Organizations Contact List 20 2. USA METOC 26 a. Background and .

Department of the Air Force: 57*0704 Family Housing, Air Force 57*0810 Environmental Restoration, Air Force 57X1999 Unclassified Receipts and Expenditures, Air Force 57*3010 Aircraft Procurement, Air Force 57*3011 Procurement of Ammunition, Air Force 57*3020 Missile Procurement, Air Force

58 AIR FORCE Magazine / May 2016 Acronyms & Abbreviations AABactivated 1935. Named for Lt. Col. Frederick I. Eglin, Army Air Base AAFRG (ANG), RPA operations; 309th Aerospace Army Airfield AB Air Base ABG Air Base Group ABW Air Base Wing ACC Air Combat Command ACG Air Control Group ACS Air Control Squadron ACTS Air Combat Training Squadron ACWHistory: Air Control Wing

the Air Force (AF) Antiterrorism Program. This AFI applies to all military and civilian Air Force personnel, Air Force Reserve Command and Air National Guard units and other individuals or organizations as required by binding agreement or obligation with the Department of the Air Force. The authorities to waive wing/unit level requirements in .

Sergeant, formerly known as the Senior Enlisted Advisor (SEA) AFAF: Air Force Assistance Fund (charity fund raising for AFAS) AFB: Air Force Base . CDC: Career Development Course . AFI: Air Force Instruction (regulations) CDC: Child Development Center . AFIT: Air Force Institute of Technology . CE: Civil Engineer . AFLC: Air Force Logistics .

AFI 36-2201, Air Force Training Program. This Air Force Instruction (AFI) applies to Total Force – Active Duty, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard (ANG), and Department of Air Force Civilian. Ensure that all records created as a result of processes prescribed in this publication are maintained in accordance with AFMAN 33-363,

Seventh Air Force in Saigon was under operational control of MACV for operations in South Vietnam and Route Pack 1 (the southern part of North Vietnam), but 7th Air Force was controlled by PACAF for operations in North Vietnam (Route Packs 5 and 6A). Air Force wings in Thailand were part of 13th Air Force in the Philippines, but were under the

The Air Force participates in terminology standardization at the unilateral, joint, and multinational levels. Collectively, these programs are referred to as the Air Force Military Terminology Standardization Program. Air Force The Air Force Military Terminology Standardization Program provides terminology unique to the Air Force mission.

2 The primary purpose of the Air Force One diagram is to — F describe how Air Force One is designed to maintain security for everyone aboard G present the kinds of tasks the president completes aboard Air Force One H illustrate how the communications equipment functions aboard Air Force One J show that Air Force One is designed to meet the needs of the president and his staff

In addition to Active Duty (AD) personnel, this publication applies to Air Reserve Component (ARC), the Air Force Reserve (AFR) and the Air National Guard (ANG), . Management of Records, and disposed of in accordance with the Air Force Records Disposition Schedule (RDS) located in the Air Force Records Information Management System .

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