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interview constructed to assess the language difficulties they encounter during international flights. There were 12 pilots representing American, Continental, Delta, and United Airlines, for a total of 48 airline transport pilots (ATPs). These pilots were assumed to be repre-sentative of typical U.S. airline pilots flying interna-

Factors affecting Airline Scheduling Decision (MACRO level) Market Demand (all PAX not same), Fleet composition, Location of crews, Maintenance bases, cracking. Six planes had cracks, the FAA says. After SWA became aware it hadn't made the inspections, the airline continued to operate the 46 planes on an additional 1,451 flights.

preceding text, a similar catastrophe of fateful aloha airline flight 243 has been discussed in detail. History of Aloha airline flight 243 2. According to (National Transportation Safety Board, 1989, p. 1), on April 28, 1988 a Boeing 737 from Hawaii based Aloha Airlines was scheduled for many interisland flights to different Hawaii destinations.

including airline reservation systems, global distribution systems, payment acquirers, departure control systems, flights operations software, airline specific business rules and commercial agreements, to support airlines critical decision by transforming revenue accounting data into actionable financial and commercial reports.

airports (resulting in the PC Miler dataset described below). AIRLINE ORIGIN AND DESTINATION SURVEY (DB1B) The Airline Origin and Destination Survey is a 10% sample of all airline tickets collected by the Office of Airline Information and the Bure

profitable for your airline and more consistent for your customers. As the heart of your airline, your reservations system presents multiple revenue-generating opportunities. Our solution provides advanced customer management tools that help your airline market more efficiently, increase sales and effectively manage every channel of distribution.

OF THE YEAR. airBaltic received the 2019 ATW Airline Industry Achievement Award as the Market Leader of the Year and became the first airline to win the award two years running. ATW 45th annual Airline Industry Achievement Awards are the most coveted honour an airline or individual can receive to recognize excellence in the air transport industry.

of airline yield management. With the development of a single-leg booking simulation, we can isolate most of the external and indirect factors that influence an airline's overall revenue. We perform a number of simulations under different scenarios to estimate the real revenue impacts of airline yield management.

Airline Reservation Systems (ARS) used to be standalone systems. Each airline had its own system, disconnected from other airlines or ticket agents, and usable only by a designated number of airline employees. Travel agents in the 1970s pushed for access to the airlines „systems. Today, air travel

of internet airline reservation system. (Jarach, 2002) In Hong Kong, there are internet airline reservation systems done by different parties, i.e. airline company (such as Cathay Pacific), travel agents (Wing On Travel, Morning Star Travel), or online travel agents (such as Priceline, etc.

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