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Biographies A biography gives facts about a person’s life. It is not written by the subject of the book but by an author who has done their research and knows a great deal about that person. Biographies are written in the third person and can be written about someone who is no longer alive. A biography is a life story written in chronological order. It can include information about when and .

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book about a little boy who wants to go to the moon. Of course, during the reading, Christopher was eager to ask . and talents of gifted Black students and a list of high-quality pic-ture book biographies are presented. . will find it easy to make connections between the biographies of African American individuals and all cur -

Biographies (as at 29 October 2019) Dr Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Scottish Government Catherine Calderwood has been the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland since 2015. Catherine qualified from Cambridge and Glasgow Universities and continues to work as an obstetrician at a regular antenatal clinic at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. As a junior doctor she worked .

Biographies of regional and centre directors Regional directors Paul Johnstone – North of England Professor Paul Johnstone was director of public health for NHS North of England and substantively the regional director of public health for Yorkshire and the Humber since 2002. Paul has worked in many parts of the NHS, as a hospital doctor, GP and manager. He previously volunteered and worked .

BIOGRAPHIES James Brown b. 3 May 1928, Barnwell, South Carolina, USA. Brown claims he was born in 1933 in Macon, Georgia. "The Hardest Working Man In

Year 5/6: Biographies – Joseph Briggs Lesson 1 Duration 1 hour. Date: Planned by Katrina Gray for Two Temple Place, 2014 Main teaching LO: To be able to recognise the features of a biography Cross curricular links: Literacy Q What is a biography? Link to the Greek prefix of ‘bio’ meaning ‘life’ Q What do you think are the features of a biography? Class teacher to make a list of pupil .

PRESENTER BIOGRAPHIES. MDPH Commissioner Remarks: Cheryl Bartlett, RN Commissioner . MA Department of Public Health . Cheryl Bartlett was named Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in June 2013. As Commissioner Ms. Bartlett chairs the newly appointed Prevention and Wellness Advisory Board, which oversees a 60 million Prevention Trust Fund – the first of its kind in .

APPENDIX I ARCHITECTS AND DESIGNERS’ BIOGRAPHIES Architects at the University of Stirling 1.1 Robert Matthew Johnson-Marshall and Partners Robert Hogg Matthew was born in Edinburgh in 1906 and was educated at the then Edinburgh Institution (now Stewarts Melville College). He trained to be an architect at the Edinburgh College of Art, gaining his diploma in 1930. Upon graduation Matthew .

Biographies This MSc programme is delivered by academic researchers and industry professionals of considerable expertise and experience. Professor Lorraine Hanlon, BSc MSc PhD MInP Lorraine Hanlon is Associate Professor of Astronomy in UCD and worked at the European Space and Technology Research Centre (ESTEC) in the Netherlands as a research fellow for 4 years. She is an active researcher in .

BIOGRAPHIES Opening session Walter Radermacher Mr Walter Radermacher was appointed Director General of Eurostat as of 1 August 2008. Walter Radermacher, previously the Head of the German Statistical Office (Destatis), has held a wide variety of posts during his thirty-year career there, notably in the fields of environmental and economic statistics. He has been President since December 2006 .

Biographies . Carlos ALVAREZ OECD D EVELOPMENT C ENTRE Deputy Director Carlos Alvarez is Deputy Director of the Development Centre of the OECD since 2010. He has developed his professional career in the field of competitiveness and innovation policies, holding positions of highest responsibility for the Government of Chile, among them, Vice Minister of Economy (20042006) and Executive Vice .