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Classifications included in the Salary Administration Plan are placed in a salary grade based on a point factor method of job evaluation. Each class is evaluated on specific factors and receives a total point value. Each salary grade has a . 11/10/2018 11/23/2018 11/30/20

Salary & staffing trends Based on our survey almost two-thirds of employers (64%) experienced increased business activity over the past 12 months, . 2016 Hays Salary Guide 2016 Hays Salary Guide 5 MARKET OVERVIEW & TRENDS 70% SAID BUSINESS ACTIVITY WILL INCREASE IN THE NEXT 12 MONTHS 40%

8 METRICS FOR WORKFORCE PLANNING VISIT US ORGCHARTPRO.COM Salary and Headcount Rollup Reference M-103 What it is Salary and Headcount Rollup totals employee salary cost by the entire organization as well as by business unit, division or department. Salary rollups are commonly broken into employee and contractor/third party totals. Why use it

East Central Iowa Cooperative East Texas Oilfield Service Easter and Associates Eaton Corporation Plc Edward Jones EK Farms El Campo Spraying El Reno Public Schools Elanco Enterprise Job Title Average Salary Low Salary High Salary # Accounting 45,090 24,000 57,500 18 Business Analyst 52,530 35,000 76,000 34

with performance management based on results. A New Work Week. 2022 Salary Guide 6 The effect the pandemic has had on the mental health of Australians is well documented. Wellbeing and . Business Support 2022 Salary Guide . 2022 Salary Guide 12 Occupation Title Low High Retail Junior Buyer 90,000 110,000 Senior Buyer 130,000 180,000

2021 SALARY GUIDE NATIONAL BASE SALARY AVERAGE BASE SALARY BY EXPERIENCE LEVEL 10TH PERCENTILE 90TH . Business Operations Specialist 44,244 132,748 56,304 46,254 65,341 82,434 . Director of Project Management 88,947 191,022 130,690 90,474 126,686 159,650

The Salary Survey report is published three times a year—January, July, and October—by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 62 Highland Ave., Bethlehem, PA 18017-9085. . SALARY PROJECTION 2020 SALARY PROJECTION % CHANGE Computer Sciences Engineering Math & Sciences Social Sciences Humanities Business Communications .

Technology professionals endured a second straight year of nearly flat salaries, according to Dice's 2010-11 Annual Salary Survey. Tech workers, on average, garnered salary increases of about one Despite the marginal increase, there are glimmers of the business recovery within the study. Nearly half of those surveyed (49%) received a salary increase

Administration, Master of Business Administration in Executive Leadership, Master of Business Administration in Finance, Master of Business Administration in HealthCare Administration, Master of Business Administration in Human Resources, Management degree and Master of Science in Sport programs.

Master of Business Administration: Global Executive M.B.A. Master of Business Administration: Human Resource Management M.B.A. 3 Master of Business Administration: Management Accounting M.B.A. 3 Master of Business Administration: Project Management M.B.A. 3 Master of Business Administration: Public Accounting M.B.A. 3 Master of Business .

CIMA Botswana part qualified salary survey 2010. CIMA salary survey 2010 – Botswana Executive summary 1 Main findings 3 Salaries and bonuses 3 Sector 3 Job role 3 Future 3 Recruitment and retention 4 Satisfaction with salary and benefits 4 Benefits received 4 Importance of benefits 5

Leadership Team (ELT) approval) based on a market assessment. Adjustments to salary ranges do not trigger an across the board increase for employees. Advancement through the salary range is based on individual performance. The ranges are wide enough to provide flexibility with salary management, so the University can recognize and