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3 Spring Semester February 8 First Class Day (MCM & PTD) February 15 First Class Day (OCE) February 19 Last Day to Add Courses (MCM & PTD) February 26 Last Day to Add Courses (OCE) February 26 Last Day to Drop Courses with no record (MCM & PTD) March 5 Last Day to Drop Courses with no record (OCE) March 22-26 Spring Break (MCM & PTD) April

Foundation Year Course Exemptions and Transfer Courses Full and part-time Foundation Year students may qualify for a Foundation course waiver or transfer of some courses. Students may also be able to transfer courses from a graduate MSW Program another graduate

Level 1 certificate consists of 3 courses (9 credits) and may be completed in 4 months/1 semester. It prepares persons for entry-level, semi-skilled positions within the industry. Level II certificate consists of 6 courses (18 credits): the 3 courses comprising Level I 3 additional courses. The L

Last day to drop 1st 8-week courses with no grade reported on transcript. Last day for 50% refund for full semester courses. Last day to drop a full semester course with no grade reported on transcript. Last day for “W” final grade in full semester courses. 1st 8-week online courses end at 11:59 pm CS

- 2 English courses and 1 Chinese course for university language requirements (18 credits) - 6 common core courses in 4 Areas of Inquiry (36 credits) - A choice of 15 courses as elective courses, or

Success in developmental English courses differed based on the course approach. Students were more successful in lecture-based courses over online courses and in courses that did not have a common final. Specifically: o A higher percentage of students success

High School Checklist Freshman year Create 4-year high school plan This plan should include all courses suggested to be college-ready (4 English courses, 4 mathema cs courses, 3 science courses, 3 s

school’s Senior Staff Assistant in order to process the new online Travel Expense Report (TER) upon completion of travel. Travel Courses Travel Courses are faculty-led domestic or international travel experiences that are credit bearing. Guidelines for domestic travel courses differ from international ones, as detailed in the following sections.

Jan 27, 2020 · Summer is also a good time to get your Gen Ed courses out of the way, as well as focus on those hard-to-get-into courses that are often required for your major. Be sure to check out our online courses too. . ACCT 251 Financial Accounting Online 5 ACCT 252 Managerial Accounting Online 5 ACCT 301

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required thirty-eight (38) semester hours of biological science courses. B. Completion of at least five (5) laboratory and/or field courses in biological science. In addition to the three required laboratory courses, two additional courses designated by an "L" or a "C" must be taken. C.

01P0 Community Education Gen Revenue from tuition charged for Community College courses (non-credit, general interest courses). 01R0 Extension Classes Gen Revenue from tuition charged for credit courses offered through the Division of Continuing Education (I.e., credit courses offered outsid