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Board Endorsed Courses There are two types of Board Endorsed Courses - Content Endorsed Courses and School Designed Courses. 1. Content Endorsed Courses (CEC) have syllabuses endorsed by the Board of Studies to cater for areas of special interest not covered in the Board Developed Courses. 2. Schools may also design courses to meet student needs.

CONTENTS Introduction to Business 3 International Business 3 Corporate Governance 3 Business Law 4 Business Research Methods 4 Business Ethics 5 Business Economics/Accounting 5 Business Communication 5 Business Statistics/Decision Sciences 6 Business and Management Information Systems 7 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 8 Project Management 8 Operations Management/Supply Chain .

Board Developed Courses (minimum 6 units – usually 3 courses) 2. Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses. Students may choose from Category B NESA (New South Wales Education Standards Authority) courses - that can be studied at Erskine Park High School, or TAFE. 3. Board Endorsed Courses. These are courses that the NESA has approved

In year 1 and 2 the students learn the basic, foundation and compulsory courses according to the weightage given by the HEC. These courses include i) Compulsory courses, ii) Core Courses from Zoology, iii) Supporting Minor Courses from Botany and Chemistry and iv) Elective Courses e.g., St

What Are Advanced Placement Courses? 4 The Basics AP courses are college-level courses offered in high school. Courses reflect what is taught in introductory college courses. Students take AP Exams at the end of the course, measuring their mastery of college-level work.

This business management course covers a range of basic skills and principles that will assist in preparing you for a career in the corporate world. Business Management Courses Brochure 10. Course code CER4048-08 Duration 8 months Requirements No matric Course subjects Legal Principles Management Principles

NC COMMUNITY COLLEGE COURSES NC A&T STATE UNIVERSITY COURSES CHM 271 Biochemical Principles Pre-Major/Elective CHEM Elective Biochemical Principles AET 121 or Computing Technology BUED 110 or Business Computer Applications BUED 210 COMP 120 or Computers and Their Use CST 101 or. Subject Code

Management) at the University of Fort Hare, M.B.L. (Personnel Management) at Unisa's School of Business Leadership and B.P.L. at the University of the Orange Free State. The pressing need for diploma courses in personnel management is partially met by Unisa's and the Institute of Personnel Management's courses. The demand for qualified staff .

55. BBM - Book Keeping and accounting Library of 03 Courses 56. BBM - Ancillary Services Library of 02 Courses 57. BBM - Risk Management Library of 03 Courses 58. BBM - Technology and Security Library of 04 Courses 59. BBM - HRM and CSR Library of 02 C

Level 1 certificate consists of 3 courses (9 credits) and may be completed in 4 months/1 semester. It prepares persons for entry-level, semi-skilled positions within the industry. Level II certificate consists of 6 courses (18 credits): the 3 courses comprising Level I 3 additional courses. The L

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Cost accounting & management control 30 4 4 Management of Information Systems 30 4 4 Operations management 15 1,5 1,5 Project management 15 1,5 1,5 Legal environment & business decision making 30 4 4 Business