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DRESSLER CRIMINAL LAW OUTLINE I. INTRODUCTORY POINTS A. Sources of Criminal Law. 1. Common Law. 2. Statutes Derived from Common Law. 3. Model Penal Code. 4. (Bill of Rights) B. Criminal Law v. Civil Law 1. Criminal a. Defendant is punished (incarcerated) b. The criminal conviction itself say

Bridging the Gap between Law and Society LAW AND SOCIETY The law regulates relationships between people. It reflects the val ues of society. The role of the judge is to understand the purpose of law in society and to help the law achieve its purpose. But the law of a so

resume-SLS STEVEN L. SCHWARCZ Duke Law School Box 90360 Durham, N.C. 27708 (919) 613-7060 (919) 613-7231 (fax) e-mail: [email protected] LAW TEACHING Stanley A. Star Distinguished Professor of Law & Business, Duke University School of Law, since 2004; Professor of Law, 1996-2004 (teaching courses

partner in the law firm of Myser & Davies for over 25 years practicing in criminal law, family law, school law, municipal law, corporate law and personal injury. He has represented several school districts in Belmont County and served as the Law Director for the City of St. Clairsville.

Boyle’s law Charles’ law Gay-Lussac’s law Combined gas law Dalton’s law . Practice Ideal Gas Law Worksheet: 1 – 4 (page 8 in packet) Gas Stoichiometry . Work the following problems and identify the gas law used; be sure your answer includes units! 1. A gas

Student Exploration: Boyle’s Law and Charles’s Law Vocabulary: absolute zero, Boyle’s law, Charles’s law, Gay-Lussac’s law, Kelvin scale, pressure Prior Knowledge Question (Do this BEFORE using the Gizmo.) A small helium tank measures about two

Elements of Law (not open to LL.M. students) Property Spring semester, 5 credits Upper Level Curriculum Theupper‐level curriculum consists of in a variety of areas of practice, including immigration law, intellectual property, international law, family law, public law, criminal law, and corporate and securities law.

Intellectual Property law, E-commerce law, Media and Entertainment law, Telecommunications law, Commercial law and Corporate and Securities law. He has authored several articles and papers in the above-mentioned areas of law, including Legal issues in E-commerce, Legal implications of Hyperlinking and Liability of Internet Service Providers.

FAMILY LAW AND YOU The Family Law Act is the main law that deals with divorce, disputes about children and property matters. All children are covered by the Family Law Act, no matter where in Australia they live or who their parents are. The courts that can make decisions under the Family Law Act are federal courts called Family Law Courts.

Cambridge Family Law c/o The Faculty of Law 10 West Road Cambridge CB3 9DZ United Kingdom Surrogacy: Is the law governing surrogacy keeping pace with social change? Submission by Claire Fenton-Glynn and Jens M. Scherpe on behalf of Cambridge Family Law 1. Introduction 2 2. The law is outdated 2 3. The law is effectively unenforceable 3 a.

Introduction to Sharia law 7 Primary sources of Sharia law: The Quran and sunnah (hadith) 8 Secondary sources of Sharia law 8 The schools of Sharia law 9 Islam and the fundamental right to life 10 2. Crime and justice: application of the death penalty under Sharia law 11 Categories of penalties in Sharia law 11 Qisas crimes: Murder 11

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